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The Insanity of Impeachment & Back-Stabbing

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The Insanity of Impeachment & Back-Stabbing


Americans and Australians have gone wild too often with excessive emotional reactions. Americans cry out demanding ‘Impeachment’ of American Presidents. And in Australia Political Leaders in the Labor and the Liberal Party have been specializing in backstabbing the leaders voted in by the people. This backward hysterical mentality has been raging in Australia and America for several years and must be stopped by the rules of decency, dignity and honour. Without manners in behaviour, respect of others, we are nothing as human beings. We can agree to disagree calmly, finally delivered by the people’s decision at voting time.

Apathy loses, courage of conviction founded upon freedom values and justice wins.

Volumes of prejudiced articles and comments have been flying around the Internet on websites, social media and even on e-mails calling for impeachment of American Presidents past and present, in the chair.

This insane nonsense must stop. The values of democratic decisions are under attack as a constant, when people demand that voted in leaders by the majority people, must be expelled before they finish their term in office.

Whether we like the leader or not, the people, the majority, right or wrong, voted the leader into office, whether he/she is the Prime Minister or a President. The rights of the people to decide must always be respected, even when they get it wrong at voting time.

Voted in Leaders must be allowed to finish their term of office in their appointed position as leader of their country. The stability of a free country depends upon stability in leadership. We cannot protect freedom values if we the people and other idiot politicians in Parliament or Congress, are focused on denying leaders the democratic right to finish their term of office.

If a leader fails to deliver their promises to the people whilst in office, it is simple at the next election… vote them out of office.

I don’t always agree with the people’s majority voted leader at election, but I respect the peoples’ right to decide by majority vote, and I will support that leader until the next election. I do retain the right to criticise decisions and ideas and openly speak against an idea, action or law that I deem to be incorrect or very wrong. That reality is… freedom of speech privilege, which belongs as an eternal human right to every person on earth and in space.

Overseas in anti-freedom of speech Britain… Theresa May has betrayed the people by not only rejecting the eternal human right to freedom of speech, but also rejecting Brexit, which was voted in by the people. Democracy voted by the people demanded that Britain leave the European Union. And Theresa May true to her ‘Totalitarian’ commitment has overruled the values of democracy to enforce her own dictatorship. Her behaviour opposing freedom and democratic values is ‘Gangsterism’, no different to Mafia methods. The difference is that the Mafia is honest about its methods whereas coward May is not honest, she hides behind the image of pretending to care about the British people.

In Australia, the three main Federal Parties, Labor, Liberal and Greens are all supporting the destruction of ‘Freedom of Speech’. All politicians in these parties are yellow scared, afraid to allow 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ to thrive in Australia. Meanwhile amongst their own parties’ traitors backstab the Prime Minister voted in by the people. Both Labor and Liberals are good at launching such treachery and betrayal of the peoples right to vote for their leader at election time.

We will never build strong Nations if we keep backstabbing our leaders. And demands for impeachment in America is a backstabbing tactic. We must change and respect our voted in leaders’ rights to finish their voted in term of office.

Socialists specialise in backstabbing, they oppose the essential freedom values of democracy and 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’.

The number one enemy of ‘Freedom Values’ in Western Nations are Socialists.

Anti-freedom apartheid Islam is a very serious concern, its dictatorship ‘Sharia Law’ behaviour is disgraceful and tyrannical every which way. To stop Islam, we must stop mass immigration of Islamic Doctrine into the West to preserve Western Freedom Values.

But the real secret to stopping the expansion of Islam around the world is to outlaw ‘Blasphemy Law’ in every country around the globe. Yes, ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be banned. And all forms of anti-freedom of speech laws, must also be outlawed, no exceptions.

To stop Islam, we must overthrow Socialism which rejects ‘Freedom Values’ and rejects a ‘Libertarian Capitalist Free Trading Society’.

The only way we can eliminate ‘Poverty’ around the globe is by the evolutionary creation of free world societies founded upon Capitalism and Democracy.

There is no place for anti-freedom belief systems in a ‘Free World’ society and Socialism must be stopped. Socialists fear freedom of speech because they and their insane ideas would topple and crash, in a true freedom founded society.

Most people value freedom. Only fools support different forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Many Muslims in Islamic Nations are trapped they want to live free, but ‘Blasphemy Law’ denies them the right to reach out and enjoy freedom and equality values. Eliminate ‘Blasphemy Law’ and Islam shall gradually disintegrate… its binding strength will fall apart at the seams.

The way to defeat bad ideas is to create better ideas and only ‘Freedom of Speech’ can achieve that goal. We cannot solve problems if we do not have the controversial freedom of speech right to say what we believe.

If we say the wrong thing, if we get it wrong our credibility is hurt, but we can recover our image, by simply learning by our mistakes and upgrading our thinking and communication skills on a continuous path of persistent self-improvement every day of our life.

Personal self-evaluation is an essential process throughout our life, every true professional understands this principle.

Exchange of information and ideas helps strengthen our insight and understanding.

There is no place for impeachment and backstabbing in a freedom society.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018



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