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Decline Syndrome & Midway World War II

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Decline Syndrome


Barbarians invaded Ancient Rome during the last period of its ‘decline’- the real reason for Rome’s decay was due to apathy, ignorance, stupidity and corruption within, gradually over two hundred years. The government failed to protect its people and the people failed to stay alert and identify the ‘decline syndrome’ that was evolving in their society caused by wrong thinking.

I use the words ‘decline syndrome’ to define a state of thinking and behaviour, which all societies, organizations and civilizations experience, when they become intellectually lazy, naïve, emotional and apathetic. Rome died within, before it was destroyed from without.


During its peak, Rome experienced two hundred years of relative peace. No great civilization since has ever enjoyed such a time range of peace. At least this is true of all known-recorded civilizations. The question of Atlantis still exists with insufficient information. The ‘decline syndrome’ scenario now exists in every nation in the world today. And ‘Western Modern Civilization’ has never known two hundred years of relative peace. And may become in history books, one of the shortest most advanced technological civilizations ever to exist- simply because it lacked ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Human nature has not changed much over thousands of years. There were characters that wrote Graffiti in Roman times. And suicide notes written centuries ago read in emotion, as though they were written yesterday.

Psychology and religion has not solved our problems, only a major change in our ‘Belief System’ can save us. Blue Light is the way…

“Nothing in the world can endure forever.” #

# Source: Unknown Roman author recorded in Pompeii 79 AD. Written on a room wall shortly before the town was destroyed by volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius.

Pompeii Italy

At its historical climax, Rome thought its world order would last forever. Roman and Greek society has influenced the foundations of what ‘Western World’ is today. Roman laws, architecture, alphabet, numerals and many values are linked to that which we are. English, Spanish, Italian and French language all partially evolved from Latin Roman language. Each language evolved into its own cultural tongue as other contributions added to the evolutionary language process. Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome have been very strong foundation influences on our western evolution. If Rome and Greece could fall, so can we. Humans must change the way they think or become extinct. Roman history was mostly violent and evil, and even today we are no different- nothing has really changed. Our methods are simply different, and we disguise and cover-up bad behaviour, more than did ancient times. Many of us naively call our society civilized, but that is false knowledge. We have a long journey ahead of us before we become civilized in terms of that which is truly right codes of behaviour and is true decency. What we call decent is not good enough. Until we all learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we will never as a society achieve true higher values of decency.

To Stop the ‘Habit of War’ we homo sapiens must change the way we think.


We will never live free until every ‘Belief System’ that rejects ‘Liberty Values’ is vanquished.

Midway World War II


(Revision 1:2017)

By Author

“This strange and tarnished victory only proves to me the subhuman stupidity of warfare in our age of science and industry; the technology and the means now dwarf the results. Either war is finished, or we are.”

Robert Mitchum 1988

Source: The above valid statement was made by the character played by Robert Mitchum in the mini-series film ‘War and Remembrance’, author Herman Wouk, the sequel to ‘Winds of War’.

Yes, it is true…the key to elimination of the habit of war can only be found through ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. We humans must change our belief systems and choose a new wiser path… we must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The habit of war shall continue until 90% of the global population learns P.I. Humans must unlearn reams of false knowledge belief systems. We must as a majority change through children’s education; failure to change our belief systems and failure to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ shall result in the extinction of humanity.

‘Cosmic Law’ on ‘Survival Wisdom’ is absolute: “Change, adapt or perish”.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all failed to stop the habit of war, in fact, too often these Abrahamic creeds, in their history, deliberately started war… so much for their claimed values of love and kindness, in their claimed religions of peace.

There is one key difference behind the wrong thinking of each of these creeds.

Judaism in ancient history waged war on tribes in their region, in the name of their God. But they were not instructed to wage war against all unbelievers for centuries thereafter. This ancient war attack, does not excuse their wrong thinking and bad behaviour, but it explains a key difference in teaching, compared to that of Islam.

Christianity waged war in the Crusades, in self-defence against Islamic Invasion, which moved northward to conquer Europe. And the evil Christian Inquisition did not follow any Biblical text, authorising violence, they simply were cruel and vicious by their own illogical insane thinking, which rejected the love/kindness teachings taught by Jesus. Nowhere in the Bible, are Christians taught to kill all unbelievers.

True enough, there are ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Torah and Old Testament, but these are more about ancient wrong laws and evil unjust cruel punishment thinking and behaviour, like the evil laws and punishment process of Islam, as enforced in ‘Sharia Law’ and commanded in the Qur’an.

It should be noted in recap, that the enforcement of punishment for ‘Apostasy, Blasphemy and Heresy’, by all creeds is an anti-freedom of speech evil act.

The major difference between the Qur’an and the Torah and the Bible is that the Qur’an instructs all Muslims to wage ‘Jihad War’ against all non-Muslims forever, until all unbelievers are forcibly converted to Islam or killed. Thus, Islam is the only Abrahamic Creed committed to waging ‘Habit of War’ forever. And for that reason, anti-freedom apartheid Islam, must be permanently outlawed, and denied the human right to freedom, because the Qur’an rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ and rejects ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’. And the proof of that truth exists in the heart of Islam, namely the totalitarian country of Saudi Arabia.

If Muslims want to enjoy quality of life freedom, they must choose to become ex-Muslims. If they refuse to change their anti-freedom mentality belief system, then they do not deserve the right to live in a ‘Liberty Value’ society and thus must be expelled from that society.

There is no nice war. In war, both sides are cruel and vicious… it’s war! The very existence of the ‘Habit of War’ must be stopped and to achieve that objective, all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be outlawed, and ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ must be always protected and preserved as a human right, void of harassment by bullying and lawsuits.


I trust the sincerity of Buddhism, far more than the Abrahamic Creeds, and so did genius Jew, Albert Einstein.


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