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Who is Allan Ivarsson? V… Reflection

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My Sister Linda & I back in September 1971, a year after I began my ‘Quest for Truth’.

When I was a Stamp Dealer on Thursday Nights & Weekends for 5 years 1977-1982

I sold the Stamp Shop in 1982

I worked as a ‘Purchasing Officer’ & later ‘Materials Supply Manager’ 5 days a week in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company when I ran the Stamp Shop part-time. In 1985 I was appointed in the same manufacturing company as ‘Production Planning and Inventory Control Manger’. As a Stamp Dealer, I purchased stock on Saturday, with money, I didn’t have, sold half the stock on a Sunday to pay for the purchase and kept the rest of the stock for gradual retail sales. The cheques passed each other on the Monday and everybody was paid. Such a method required very strict discipline backed by 100% accuracy; I was good at it, because self-discipline always guided my life. That appointment to ‘Production Planning’ changed my destiny forever and lead me down an even more dynamic path of incredible experience. I lived a dynamic life since I left school in 1965, but the adventures kept expanding and increasing the older I became as I accepted more challenges. I was always backed by my mentor called ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ I never suffered from depression. I have no regrets, except one, the 1975 accident, when I had too much courage and not enough safety common sense. There is a fine red line between courage and stupidity as I learned in late 1975.


Nov 15 1975 me Allan Ivarsson Lewisham Hospital 'C' Ward with two broken legs

Photograph taken when I was in Ward C Lewisham Hospital Sydney, November 15, for three months with two broken legs, from late October 1975 and six weeks later a blood clot on my lungs, which almost cost me my life. At three am I was given three hours to live by doctors and nurse. And I responded, “Like Hell”, I called out, “Nurse I need pen and paper”. The nurse said, “What do you want that for?” And I replied, “Because I am going to write!” I wrote every idea that went through my brain for the next 12 hours to stay awake and thus I survived, by toughness in mind. Everything I wrote was discarded into the rubbish bin except one poem. “The Last Epitaph” which I kept and published years later. And thus my desire to learn how to write began.

Who is Allan Ivarsson? V


Existence is a Jigsaw


It took me forty years of thinking, research and varied experience, to figure out in overview the big picture. I had to wade through volumes of belief system crap, struggling to always keep an open mind to find truth. Although I have studied much detail, I will not live long enough to finish it. I now believe every belief system must go on the table for scrutineering. The only thing I trust is proven path fact science, wisdom and using Canadian Dr. Elsa Schieder’s words ‘reality-based ethics’. The idea that a God Creator will protect us is a myth- we are alone in the struggle of life, like all animals, human and non-human. All false knowledge & fixed dogma must be gradually dumped into the garbage bin. Philosophy & Science as comrades backed by Communication & Mathematics as tools, is the key to truth and progress. All skills evolve from these foundations in one way or another, including art. Which is what ‘Cosmicism’ is about, it is completely open ended, forever changing and adapting as new insight is discovered. It has no fixed dogma and is dynamic.

There is no one right way starting point, existence is a ‘jigsaw’, all the pieces evolve and slowly come together, each piece forever evolving and expanding, adding to the big picture which knows no limits, no end, no final truth. Even the big picture keeps expanding. The best way to understand this vision is to overlay in the mind, a big clear template of all human records, against a clear template of the universe. The universe is larger than all our total comprehension records and like the universe, our knowledge is constantly expanding. Our knowledge is our ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ linked to existence, the universe, which is forever expanding. The Universe is the eternal creation process, and life evolution is part of that process, founded upon chaos events (order within disorder) that cannot not be forecast by the human mind. No supernatural being is controlling it, we are just part of that automatic forever changing process. Even space that looks empty to the human eye is not empty. For many, existence is mind boggling, but it’s not really, if we think outside the square. I am at peace, content with my sense of awe with the mystery and wonder of it all. Existence never ends, it just changes in form as a constant. The Truth can only be found and experienced in a society ‘Liberty’ based, which values in total, freedom of speech and choice, void of fixed dogma. Even Atheism often traps itself into fixed dogma, unable too often, like Theism, to think outside the square.

There is no meaning and purpose in life except that which we create for ourselves. It is the challenge of existence that gives us meaning and purpose. How we manage challenge, defines whom we are and the nature of our character. Our belief systems good and bad are the reason for our thinking and behaviour. Hence, it is very important that our belief systems evolve in the right way in harmony with the reality of existence. We must flow with cosmic nature, adapt and change as the universe demands by chaos process.

We need young people that have open mind to run with ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as a learning curve tool. Until people grasp the ‘Cosmic Vision’ I shall just keep reaching into the Universe, gradually tabling my insight, hoping one day someone out there will recognise the full power of the cosmic message I am tabling. Most powerful ideas take many decades to evolve, people are often slow to grasp, and are afraid to learn to change their fixed dogma ways. But change in the end does come, good and bad, history has proved that is true. If it wasn’t for the roadblocks of religion, humankind would be far more advanced, than we are now, hundreds of years further ahead in the evolution process.

I write both soft and hard, soft to encourage evolution and hard to wake people up, even when it offends. I don’t believe in political correctness, I believe in putting the truth on the table and saying it the way it is.

The Cosmos forever changes, in the flow of all existence, physical and spiritual.

Blue Light is a journey which never ends.

“Any kind of absolute belief system, is fundamentally flawed.” #

Andy Serkis 2014

# Source: Tabled as a remark, by A.S. in a review titled ‘Andy Serkis Rediscovering Caesar’. Which was an extra brief 9-minute spinoff presentation, inspired by the remake film ‘Planet of the Apes’ series, founded upon its own unique originality version, called “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (2014). The director of this good film was Matt Reeves. Stars: Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke and more excellent actors, too many to list.

Keri Russell was also excellent in those three fun films… 2007 ‘Waitress’ & 2013 ‘Austenland’ & 2007 ‘August Rush’. Yes, I like Keri Russell as an actress.

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