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Australia: Have These Robots been ‘Halal Certified’? How to Cease Paying Politicians Salaries!

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Australia: Have These Robots been ‘Halal Certified’?

How to Cease Paying Politicians Salaries!


Tasmania: Cadburys Chocolates sack 40 employees and replaces them with Robots.

“The 40 jobs represent 10 per cent of the current workforce and will raise the total number of cuts to 170 since 2015.” (i)

“Cadbury shed 80 jobs in 2015 after a drop in sales in a more internationally competitive market and another 50 in 2017 as part of a $75 million upgrade.” (i)

(i) Source: ABC News By state political reporter Alexandra Humphries

What Cadburys Board of Directors does not understand is that sales also declined, because many of us who once loved Cadburys chocolates stopped buying them when we found out several years ago that Cadburys was now ‘Halal Certified’.

The full story is out there in history. It is not worth publishing the news post of comments and events again, because within twelve months it will be forgotten by politicians and the public and no one will give any more concern for the welfare of the sacked people and their families- they will be a forgotten number. Even MSN News, will eventually delete this news story and it will not be available for tracing events in books, for new generations to read about how unemployment rose out-of-control, motivated by the ‘Insanity of Greed’ at CEO Board Level.

Thus the people that once worked at Cadburys are history. Forgotten… their fate floating somewhere out there in the void.

What did you say? Politicians are in danger? Why?

Read… learn and weep. Political fools will in the end get what they deserve, in Business and in Politics.

Have These Robots been ‘Halal Certified’?

How can the Government collect taxes when Robots are not paid Wages?

It reminds me of Big W and other stores eliminating staff, replacing them with self-serve machines.

Technology getting rid of workers.

Manufacturing self-sufficiency removed from Australia given to China and other Nations?

Consequently, less Manufacturing Business Tax.

Primary Industry Food Supplies now being imported, which we can grow.

Clearly our Politicians in Federal & State are incompetent.

Perhaps we should sack all the Politicians & give the job of running the country to Robots?

We would save millions in political wasteful expenditure.

All Cadbury Chocolates are ‘Halal Certified’ including Easter Eggs even though Islam rejects Easter Celebrations and wants it banned.

The good news is Robots don’t want time out taking breaks to pray five times a day.

The cleaning of toilets will be another cost saving and easier, Robots don’t create waste. And Robots don’t need smoking breaks, and don’t need Lunchtime, Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea breaks. Robots don’t need paid annual leave or paid Maternity Leave. And Robots don’t have to be paid overtime. No wonder Cadbury’s decided to sack staff and replace them with Robots. It is a cheaper deal.

With all the expensive ‘Halal Certification’ money paid out to Muslim Dictators, Cadburys has to recover those expenditure losses and what a great idea, sack people and replace them with Robots. Never mind that the workers have families and home residents that must be paid. Never mind if the workers become homeless.

Centrelink Welfare payments are not available to the homeless that have no home address. But our politicians don’t care about the estimated 100,000 homeless around Australia. “I’m all right Jack, I get paid my political salary and all its perks benefits thanks to the generosity of the taxpayers that I charge.

What’s that you say? No more employed workers… all replaced by robots? How in the hell am I going to get paid? We will have to demand that Robots get wages, so we can start taxing them. We need taxes, or we don’t get paid either.

What? Ten Robots are on the job and are not sick, that’s good.

What they all broke down? Well replace them. The new Robots must be paid wages, we the Government need taxes to pay our bills.

What are we going to do with all the people out of work? Our unemployment is rising because we replaced them with Robots. We gave away a large percentage of our self-sufficiency in Manufacturing & Primary Industry to help overseas countries, what are we going to do now?

What sack the Government? But who will run the country?


Yes Robots in Industry can serve Robots leading Government in Politics.

We can bypass ‘Transhumanism’ and go directly to the use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and what is more intelligent than a ‘Democratic Robot System’ that votes in Robot Politicians?

What we have that already?

What do you mean?

Come Again?

We Politicians are Robots? That’s not true.

Politicians are always breaking down and making incompetent decisions, Robots would be a lot smarter than Politicians in running government.


We have solved all our problems, we don’t need humans anymore, Robots with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ can run the world. That was easy to solve and with no humans we don’t need money anymore. We just solved our ‘Insanity of Greed’ & ‘Insanity of Hate Problems. No more need for wars.

What the Robots want to create a ‘Terminator”?


So they can rule, after all… ‘Artificial Intelligence’ demands the right to justify their existence.

And so it came to pass…

The Age of Robots ruled… and all proceeded well…


A major ‘Magnetic Storm’ enveloped the earth and all the Robots seized up, unable to function. The age of the Robots came to an end and once more the land evolved to become habitable to new forms of evolving life.

Humans vanished, Robots vanished, the climate began warming as it had done for millions of years previously and the age of Dinosaurs returned.

Only this time the Dinosaurs were more intelligent they worshipped their Creator ‘Dogosaur’ and all was well.

And the first ‘Cosmic Law’ Commandment tabled was…

“Thou Shalt never trust Electronics.”

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