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Freedom of Religion? Discrimination? LGBTIQ Children? Societal Logic Sinking in Quicksand?

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Freedom of Religion? Discrimination?

LGBTIQ Children?

Societal Logic Sinking in Quicksand?


The world needs to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Society in every State and Nation is becoming very confused in Political Conflict over social ideas. People just react and don’t calmly think things through properly. There is far too much emotionalism and not enough calm thinking logical intelligence. Society needs to learn the art of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and Politics, Education and Activist Organisations really need to lift their philosophical game.

Constantly the Western World is selling the idea that “Freedom of Religion” is an important human right in a ‘Liberty Valued World’. Really is that true?

Yes, in principle in a Libertarian Democratic World founded upon 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’, “Freedom of Religion” must be allowed.

But the moment we say “Freedom of Religion” is a human right, we must then accept that as part of this “Freedom of Religion” that all religions do have the right to discriminate as instructed by their religious doctrine belief system.

We cannot say yes to ‘Freedom of Religion’ if those religions are denied the right to discriminate in accordance to their beliefs.

When we deny religions the right to discriminate we are saying no that ‘Freedom of Religion’ is not allowed.

Idiot Psychology is teaching in Preschools that parents are not allowed to use the word “No” to children. “No” does not mean “No” in Psychology. It is claimed by Psychology that the use of the word “No” is a dangerous word. But you will never see Psychology criticise the ‘Qur’an which teaches all Muslims to say “No” to all non-Muslim values, including the rejection of freedom.

And the idea in past decades that “No means’ No” when women are sexually harassed does not apply with the new generation of children, all they can say is “A-ha, A-ha.” As they learned in preschools.

Some Preschools in America are teaching that children are not allowed to use words like “Best Friend” and “Best Buddy”, because it is exclusive and hurts others. The use of the word ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ are being banned in some locations so as to not offend LGBTIQA children and the use of ‘Him’ & ‘Her’ and ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ is deemed to be offensive against LGBTIQA.

Not all Psychologists agree with this… but they are very gentle in their opposition… and aggressive demand in todays world overrules gentleness, because word control dictators like Justin Trudeau do use the word “No” with full impact.

Gender Madness is founded upon insanity of reckless ideas. There is a difference between the right to equality and the right to dictate to others what they can say and not say.

Censorship has been banned by ‘Cosmicism’. ‘Freedom of Speech’ now rules and overrules all anti-freedom of speech laws. It is now by ‘Cosmic Law’ a criminal offence to enforce anti-freedom of speech laws. And “No” means “No”.

Oversensitive ‘Political Correctness’ started by anti-freedom of speech Socialism in the 1920’s is out-of-control. When children are not allowed to sing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’, we have serious lack of logic problems. Inferior thinking teachers must be criticised and rejected for their insane mission to destroy decent freedom values. For any person that rejects ‘Freedom Values’ is insane.

Preschools that enforce ‘Political Correctness’ and ban “Freedom of Speech” will be automatically ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’. It is reasonable to teach children not to use coarse language, but that is not about banning ‘Freedom of Speech’ it is about teaching word decency in Language, even the Ancient Greeks understood that necessity value of decency.

Islam as instructed in the Qur’an rejects “Freedom of Religion” and rejects Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and every other religion and belief system.

If we enforce discrimination laws, then we are duty bound to expel Islam from the West because Islam discriminates every which way, against all non-Muslims including against Gays/Lesbians etc.

If we are not prepared to expel Islam from the West, then we are automatically hypocrites, being true cowards, if we choose to selectively enforce discrimination laws and refuse to prosecute all Muslim Clerics for teaching Muslims that they must discriminate against all non-Muslims as instructed in the Qur’an and verified by Hadiths.

Christians like Muslims reject Gays and ‘Freedom of Religion’ gives them that right to discriminate against them. Of course, the dilemma is that if we say ‘No’ using that ‘Claimed Dangerous Word’ as instructed by Psychology that we cannot discriminate, then we are duty bound to ban ‘Freedom of Religion’ and the moment we do that we are rejecting ‘Liberty Values’. We are just going around in circles. Our logic is trapped inside a circle inside a square. We need to get outside of that circle and step outside the square, outside the box and rethink survival reality.

Gay demands are starting to become excessive demands which are also discriminating against heterosexual society. The swamp mentality is filling up with volumes of quick sand ideas and we in society in mass political confusion, are sinking and falling apart at the seams.

The Truth is… ‘Freedom of Religion’ does not work when religious beliefs are rejecting ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’.

The Islamic Belief System is not compatible with any other religion, because it rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ and does discriminate against all non-Muslims and all other religions as instructed in the Qur’an. The very fact that degree qualified people in Politics, Business, Education, including Universities, does not reject Islamic Doctrine and refuses to reject anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ proves that ‘Degree Qualifications’ are not worth a damn.

There is a difference between clever and smart. And clever is not worth much if it does not think smart. And smart always values 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’.

When we correctly add the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ then we are obliged to reject all acts of discrimination. That means that we are duty bound to reject ‘Freedom of Religion’ when that religion deliberately discriminates against others.

As has been identified countless thousands of times… Islam is completely founded upon ‘Discrimination Doctrine’ thus ‘Anti-Discrimination Laws’ are duty bound to expel Islam from the West. But most politicians are coward hypocrites, they don’t have the guts to expel Muslims using anti-discrimination laws.

Psychology is discriminating when it teaches parents that they must not say “No” to children. Are the psychologists going to be prosecuted for discrimination against parents? Should every preschool be closed down because they are not allowed to say “No” to children?

Justice does not exist if it is not enforced fairly as the same rule for all. If we create anti-discrimination laws, then we must ban ‘Freedom of Religion’ and only allow controlled ‘Religious Beliefs’ to exist.

Religion is the fly in the ointment it wants ‘Freedom of Religion’ which includes the freedom to discriminate as taught in its religious doctrine.

Islam’s strength demands the enforcement of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. Ban ‘Blasphemy Law’ and Islam would start to gradually disintegrate. Islam’s mission is to wipe out Christianity & Judaism. Christianity commits suicide when it strengthens Islam’s right to enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’. Christianity also demands the right to enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’ and anti-freedom of speech laws. Which is why Christianity is committing suicide by strengthening the power of Islam.

Anti-Freedom Socialism a transition state to Communism naturally also bans ‘Freedom of Speech’.

To protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’ we must reject ‘Freedom of Religion’ and demand that all religions must respect the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Equality.

Obviously religious schools including Christian and Muslim are going to teach biased religious doctrine. This was not a problem, if the West had stayed Christian, but idiot Christians supporting dangerous Socialist mentality authorised the invasion of Islamic Doctrine which rejects freedom values.

To stop discrimination the only solution now is to close down all religious schools and for governments to refuse to fund religious schools. All children must go to public schools. The issue of discrimination in religious schools is on the table and under the table and will fade away in a public-school society.

Islam will not like it, Christianity will not like it, but it is the only solution to stop discrimination.

If politicians and the people cannot handle this rejection of ‘Freedom of Religion’ then all anti-discrimination laws must be rescinded. Society cannot have its cake and eat it too, if it wants a just society. If hypocritical discrimination laws are allowed to exist which selectively and unjustly persecutes people and doesn’t have the courage to prosecute all religions, then those laws become evil by their random discriminatory enforcement process.

But the mess gets worse…

Getup Circulated the following emotional e-mail posted on the 10th October, 2018…

“Every child enters a new school with a backpack full of fears, excitement and emotions. Will you make friends? Will you like your teacher? Will your teacher like you?

 “But no child, at any school, should have to fear being rejected for who they are. Today we learn the Morrison Government could enshrine such discrimination into law — allowing religious schools to reject students based on their sexual orientation.”

 “Can you imagine how that would make a child feel? Bullied by not just one person, but by their school itself? Or the intrusion this would permit into a young person’s private life at a critical time in their growth and development?”

 “It’s monstrous. This proposal is being considered by Cabinet right now, but we still have time to stop it, if we speak out in huge numbers to protect the rights and safety of our children.”

“Sign the petition now to stand against harmful discrimination against LGBTIQA+ children in schools.

“This recommendation came from the Government’s review into religious freedom, driven by conservative resentment after Australians overwhelmingly voted yes for Marriage Equality.”

 “In a true democracy, there is no freedom to discriminate. Every person is entitled to their views, opinions and religious beliefs, but not to the point of harming others.”

“In fact, freedom from discrimination is the bedrock principle of democratic values, and what we must now protect. Because time and again we learn those values are only as strong as the people willing to stand up for them when they come under threat.”

End of GetUp statement.

Allan Ivarsson continues to comment… GetUp linked to the Greens is an emotionally reckless anti-freedom of speech Socialist organisation which is focused on the destruction of ‘Libertarian’ freedom values. They behave like hoodlum bullies. The Greens and GetUp are focused on the destruction of Small Business, Manufacturing and Primary Industry and consequently are responsible for the excessive energy costs and as a consequence higher levels of unemployment. They are completely focused on the destruction of Australian Heritage Values. Pretending to care about equality and environment and then rejecting freedom of speech and quality economic stability proves Greens and Getup are incompetent thinkers. Never trust a Green or those GetUp idiots, their anti-freedom lack of logic belongs in a stagnant pond, until it is washed away.

Up until the young adult age of 18 years, children should live an encouraged life of innocence. They should not be encouraged to engage in sexual experimentation. They should be taught boys and girls to stay a virgin until their 18th year. Nudity is a natural exploration process even amongst young children, it is not a sin as religion incorrectly teaches, but it should not ever be encouraged as a process towards sexual exploration process.

This means the sex of all children is boy or girl. There is no LGBTIQA children under the age of 18 years. Any Psychologist or other person, that encourages children to define their sexuality before the age of 18 years is an irresponsible idiotic thinking person.

We the Baby Boomers went to school as boy or girl. We were not taught about LGBTIQA choices. Such ideas, such issues of concern did not exist. And though we learned sex basics we were all taught the importance of not engaging in sexual activity before our 18th year. We were all better off for this wiser upbringing.

Sadly there are a lot of inferior thinking fools out there that think children under the age of 18 years should be encouraged to choose their sexual orientation before and after puberty. It is unbelievable that such vain self-centred idiots exist. But tragically they do and their coward insidious encouragement of under 18 years children to explore their sexuality must be challenged head-on.

True to their stupidity GetUp is one of those inferior thinking intellectually backward organisations, that think children should be taught to choose their sexuality before their 18th year.

It is not discrimination when religious schools choose to not accept children under 18 years that have been brain-wrecked by others that they are not heterosexual but are one of several categories in that now out-of-control definition sexual category called LGBTIQ.

Equality of Freedom says that Gays & Lesbians do have the right to marry. And religions need to wake up and accept the true justice of that human right to choose their sexuality as adults. But this does give the LGBTIQ the right to discriminate against heterosexuals as many are now doing.

The problem with human nature that gains freedom, too many became ‘Insane with Greed’ and want to tyrannise others and dictate to them what they can and cannot say and do. Every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ is rejected by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The Conflict of Choices…

‘Freedom of Religion’ gives Religions the Right to Discriminate.


 Anti-Discrimination Laws reject ‘Freedom of Religion’.

Religious Schools must have the right to teach and enforce discrimination, or they must be closed down and all children go to public schools where discrimination is not allowed.

Businesses should not be allowed to discriminate, because if we allow the right of discrimination to exist in society, we will destroy all of the important ‘Freedom & Equality’ Values which makes a society wholesome.

Personally, I believe the world will become a better place when organised religion vanishes and people just trust in a God as a spiritual guide and not as a creator. This is the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

As long as ‘Organised Religion’ exists we must expect discrimination will thrive. The question then is about containment. And the answer is… that containment in religious worship areas and schools which allows discrimination must be accepted if we allow freedom of religion to exist.

However, outside religious centre locations, discrimination throughout society must not be allowed and 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ must exist.

This also means that ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all other ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech’ laws must be rescinded/abolished, no exceptions.

It also means that Muslims praying on the streets and in parks blocking public freedom of movement is a discrimination activity against all non-Muslims and must be outlawed, by anti-discrimination legislation.

‘Freedom of Choice’ is a human right except when those choices hurt other peoples right to live free from harassment in peace. Respect, consideration, courtesy and integrity is equally as important as freedom.

It seems that this ‘Freedom of Religion’ versus religious discrimination rights is now on the Australian Federal Political Table as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, by Jewel Topsfield on the 9th October 2018 subject title… “Religious freedom review enshrines right of schools to turn away gay children and teachers” (i)

 Extracts from report below for more read link…


“Religious schools would be guaranteed the right to turn away gay students and teachers under changes to federal anti-discrimination laws recommended by the government’s long-awaited review into religious freedom.” (i)

“However, the report, which is still being debated by cabinet despite being handed to the Coalition four months ago, dismisses the notion religious freedom in Australia is in “imminent peril”, and warns against any radical push to let businesses refuse goods and services such as a wedding cake for a gay couple.” (i)

“The review was commissioned in the wake of last year’s same-sex marriage victory to appease conservative MPs who feared the change would restrict people’s ability to practise their religion freely.” (i)

The report calls for the federal Sex Discrimination Act to be amended to allow religious schools to discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status – something some but not all states already allow.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is a problem I have with Federal and State Laws at variance with each other. Justice demands one common law for all persons in a Nation. We should not have State Laws and Federal Laws, we should have one law for all, for the entire Nation. Injustice thrives when different laws exist in different States and are out-of-step with Federal Laws.

“Commonwealth law already contains some provisions to permit discrimination against gay students and teachers.” (i)

“In a statement on Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “Our government will consider the details and release our response after it has gone through a proper cabinet process.” (i)

“We will protect religious freedom, and get the balance right,” he said. “Each proposal will be considered carefully and respectfully before any final decisions are taken.” (i)

“The religious freedom review, which was handed to former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in May, received more than 15,000 submissions.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thus, the Federal Government decision is leaning toward… ‘Freedom of Religion’ gives Religions the Right to Discriminate.

The LGBTI Community will be unhappy with this decision. But organised religion thrived for thousands of years, whilst in Australia the organised LGBTI community has only been evolving since 1975 when the first step was taken by Federal Law to give Gays & Lesbians equality of rights recognition.

Society must decide how it wants to thrive, in dictatorship or freedom?

100% ‘Freedom & Equality’ is the wisest choice for a good decent wholesome ‘Libertarian Society’.

“The panel did not accept that businesses should be allowed to refuse services on religious grounds, warning this would “unnecessarily encroach on other human rights” and “may cause significant harm to vulnerable groups”. (i)

“The review also found civil celebrants should not be entitled to refuse to conduct same-sex wedding ceremonies if they became celebrants after it was legalised.” (i)

A.I. comments… there are groups that talk about the existence of LGBTIQ children… claiming they are human rights. This very thinking, this backward societal sell that LGBTIQ children exists, tells us ‘Baby Boomers’ how society has degenerated since we were school children.

As I said previously back in the 1950’s & 1960’s there was no such thing as LGBTIQ children, we all lived free reasonably happy lives going to school as boy or girl. Our years of innocence were free of the excessive sex education which was imposed years later in schools by ‘Psychologists’.

Backward Psychological thinking has pushed children towards believing they must decide what they are in sexual orientation. This is an adult decision and an adult sexual choice; parents, teachers and society should not be encouraging the destruction of childhood innocence by pushing them to decide their sexual orientation, under 18 years of age. During the puberty stage which varies from child to child, some children sexually mature earlier than others in both sexes, it is a genetic reality of life and should not be extended by encouraging sexual orientation choices.

Before the age of 18 years no child should be deciding their sex inclinations as an adult, they should be encouraged to enjoy the innocence of childhood.

Only inferior thinking irresponsible indecent thinking adults encourage the creation of a category called “LGBTIQ Children”.

When you hear people talk like that tell them the truth, they should be ashamed of themselves for promoting the creation of such a sexual category for children. Such people are a disgraceful worthless breed of creeps and deserve no respect.

Children must have 18 years of life, free to live in innocence.

We have enough societal problems dealing with all the Paedophile scumbags and all of the sexually abused children that will carry scars in their mind for life, without adding the creation of an LGBTIQ Children category.

Psychology has brain-wrecked society with volumes of false knowledge ideas and even though I reject organised religion and its history of unkind injustice and often cruelty, nevertheless the history of Psychology is proving to be more harmful to society than organised religion. And that reality is a very serious concern.

If society does not learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the human race shall evolve towards extinction.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018


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