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Connection II… Hello Universe

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Allan does not compete against others… he competes against himself.

This brief introduction simply reviews the next evolutionary stage of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ book published in COMPENDIUM I available at and

My quality Paperbacks are not cheap, because they are printed in colour on white quality paper, with a Glossy Cover and in larger than traditional book size. The size is 8.5″ x 11″ for all books. Easy to read, and are excellent ‘Collector’s Items’.

These books for use by all adult readers are also designed as University Level Textbooks for all Students studying ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Belief System’ Analysis subjects. Seniors in High Schools are capable of comprehending the subjects contained in the COMPENDIUM ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ book series.

The use of the words ‘Blue Light Defiance’ Series means that criticism of ideas in ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ simply challenges other traditional mindset beliefs.


Page 1

Welcome to the Dimension of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ – a world of thought with a difference.

This Compendium Series, a fun adventure of ‘Think Tank’ experience for those who love to learn more input, crosses into numerous fields of insight and understanding on the eternal quest by ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ to collect the jigsaw puzzle pieces of the ‘Big Picture’ which is never ending, forever expanding knowledge, in all subjects of life.

Each volume explores ideas, good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, just and unjust, on its journey into the Cosmic Universe, the wonder of infinite existence, which is expanding both in the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions.

To be left behind void of understanding, not knowing the true nature and history of existence and the reason for life, which gives us meaning and purpose, is a very sad karma.

We can continuously improve the quality of our life, simply by being open in mind, not afraid to think outside the square of the square. Those persons strengthened by the wisdom of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ have the best chance in life of being truly successful and happy.

Personal Development begins with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ can-do confidence which values 100% ‘Freedom of Speech, Choice and Equality’, founded upon ‘Strength, Honour and Chivalry’ committed to the protection and expansion of altruistic values of caring decency towards all ahimsa life.

Your mind will never be the same again on your journey of ascension past enlightenment, through the infinite insight of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ which uses Science as a companion and explores History, Modern and Ancient, including Pre-History, on its continuous essential journey for higher understanding.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

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‘Cosmic Libertarianism’


‘Blue Light’ Defiance Series… The most controversial books ever written, since Charles Darwin ‘On the Origin of Species’.

Contents of Book COMPENDIUM I

‘Blue Light’ …


1984-2024 Evolution period of ‘Cosmicism’

All ‘Blue Light Defiance’ records…Categories…

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Who is Allan Ivarsson?

Father’s Day Memory

 Calm, Love, Peace

Special Dedication

  1. Philosophical Vision
  2. Connection… Hello Universe
  3. Islamophobia & Kafirophobia
  4. Abortion versus Gestation Period
  5. Hypocrisy of the Australian 1961 Marriage Act
  6. Gays & Lesbians
  7. Islam, Totalitarianism & Freedom of Religion
  8. Blue Light Mission Statement
  9. Creeping Sharia Law in Australia (2017)
  10. Transhumanism
  11. Populism, Philosophical Intelligence & Self-Sufficiency
  12. Polygyny
  13. Scary Freedom of Speech
  14. Offensive
  15. Bikini, Hijab, Mini-Skirt, Underwear, Niqab, Burqa
  16. Blunder (2017)
  17. Christianity
  18. The word ‘Marriage’ by whose definition?
  19. Countries that have Legalised Same-Sex Marriage
  20. The Gay Marriage Thing
  21. Islam
  22. Bali Islamic Indonesia
  23. The ‘Racist Card’
  24. Now Here… Electronic No Staff Retail Stores
  25. Prophesy (1984)- The Danger is still Expanding…
  26. Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Choice
  27. Cosmic Law – Overview in colour slides
  28. Philosophical Intelligence
  29. Street Rallies & Parades – Overview in slides
  30. Blacklist Policy Guide
  31. The 1975 Australian Racial Discrimination Act
  32. Let’s put 18C to the test…
  33. I don’t like hate, but it is an understandable emotion
  34. Justin Trudeau ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’
  35. Paul Golding & Jayda Fransen
  36. BNI
  37. The shameful behaviour of Roman Christianity still hangs over us…
  38. A 19th Century North American Indian Challenges Christianity
  39. Sydney is the Islamic Capital of Australia
  40. Ancient Egypt Teaches Love, Peace & Kindness
  41. It’s Okay to Disagree – No Offence Taken

All authentic books, printed by are signed off last page of book with a Watermark Image of Allan Ivarsson 1991 Group Scout Leader.

Page 3 Introduction…

‘Blue Light’ … The ‘Insanity of Hate’ around the globe is sadly running out-of-control. This madness must be stopped. ‘Hate Speech’ is wrong, but banning it is also wrong. There is a better way, using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and respecting common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’.

A large percentage of University Degrees are worthless pieces of paper. How do I know this is true? Every degree qualified person that supports any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and opposes ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a worthless human being and is not respected by ‘Cosmicism’. Their degrees are not recognised by those with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

A good person with a ‘Valid University Degree’ always opposes all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ and defends the human right to Equality and ‘Freedom of Speech’. If they don’t stand for ‘Freedom Values’ their degree is not worth a damn.

“Freedom of Speech” is an eternal human right and no-one has the right to ban ‘Freedom of Speech’ not now, not ever.

“Equality” is an eternal human right and no-one has the right to ban ‘Equality’ not now, not ever.

“Freedom of Choice” is an eternal human right and no-one has the right to stop “Freedom of Choice” if such decisions are not harmful to self and others.

Those persons that refuse to stand up for the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Equality in Rights’ are not worth much as human beings.

Those persons that propose and enforce ‘Legislated Laws’ that restrict or ban ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Equality of Rights’ must automatically be classified as outlaws, being enemies of ‘God, decency, children, humanity, freedom and their country.’

Pragmatic common-sense, ‘Societal Safety and Health Practices’, is the only rules that should constrain ‘Freedom of Choice’ foolish decisions.

But then that is truly survival common sense. But who said all persons have the commitment to use common sense? That is our societal problem. We must educate children in survival common sense, and hope the majority grow up wisely in their thinking and actions.

All forms of crime prevention, law and order regulations and all opposition to forms of totalitarianism, comes under the high-level umbrella of good decent corrective actions, to protect wholesome ‘Freedom, Equality and Societal Safety and Health Practices’ by ‘Cosmic Law’, starting with the pragmatic common-sense simple words… “Thou Shalt Not….”

Legislated laws are excessively overcomplicated riddled with loopholes, different perceptions and legal interpretations, encouraging injustice and abusive misuse of law, to bully others into submission, by far too often vindictive greedy individuals.

The average person can understand the ‘Cosmic Laws’ of the ‘Ten Commandments’ and all legislated laws should be equally defined as easy to understand. The ‘Ten Commandments’ come under the logical umbrella heading of ‘Societal Safety and Health Practices’. And likewise, ‘Occupational Safety and Health Practices’ comes under the same Societal Umbrella.

There is no place for hate in a good wholesome society, but it is reasonable to dislike and reject ideas and behaviour.

And certainly, all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be rejected, criticized and condemned. All forms of crime threatening individuals and society, is a form of totalitarianism. For only a ‘Free World’ can enjoy a wholesome quality of life existence, and that fact as many of us keep saying, in every generation, “Is just plain common sense.”

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2018 NSW Australia

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