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USA: Passed Forward Video…”Donald Trump Stands for Freedom”

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Video H/T: The Great BNI Courtesy of one of BNI’s regular readers.

Listen to the end music… “I Want To Be Like The Donald Trump”

Joe Dan Presents 29:50 minutes of must watch controversial entertainment, ending with many great musical clips of musical dance movies that represent ‘Freedom Values’, which I an Aussie have watched over the last sixty years, many times during the 1960’s & 1970’s 20th Century on ‘Black & White’ TV and later many films in amazing colour TV, later VHS tapes, later again in the 21st Century on DVD’s and even ‘Blu-ray’.

This video will be enjoyed by those that treasure “Liberty” and hated by those that reject the right to live free of Socialist & Islamic Tyranny. 


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