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Australia: Prime Minister Scott Morrison Correctly Rejects Child Activism

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Australia: Prime Minister Scott Morrison Correctly Rejects Child Activism


Socialists encourage the brain-wrecking of children insisting that is okay to encourage children to be participating in political activism.

Intelligent parents do not encourage or allow children under the age of 18 years to become involved in political activism period.

Irresponsible parents do allow their children to be involved in political activism.

It is disgraceful behaviour when parents take their children to street demonstration protests.

Foolish parents that encourage their children to be involved in activism under the age of 18 years do lack basic common sense.

Children need 18 years of innocence focused on enjoying life free from political pressures and need to simply work during school hours interface after hours homework on upgrading their education in preparation for adult life.

To gain good employment opportunities a young adult does need an education, they do not need the distraction of being involved in political activism during their childhood.

The issues of politics and causes is the responsibility of adults it is not the responsibility of children.

Only vanity, the feeling of being seemingly important will motivate some misguided children to become actively engaged in political activism before their right to vote as a young adult. Parents that don’t stop their children from being involved in political activism should be ashamed of themselves.

As I told my young working adult children in their early twenties, many years ago, focus on learning do not get too involved in opinions. You don’t even know who you are until you reach the age of 33 to 35 years of age. Until the age of 35 years, every person is on a steep learning curve, it is the hardest part of their life until they find their balance and come to understand themselves and what is right for their own self.

Sadly, the intellectually lazy may live their whole life into old age and don’t ever come to terms with their own self. They remain ignorant forever; that end result is a self-imposed tragedy.

Amongst Chinese Communities wisdom still prevails, children respect their elders and recognise they have a lot to learn. Chinese children don’t focus on activism, they focus on persistent constant upgrade of their education and skills… that is why many Chinese Children are proving to be more efficient and effective in career skills as young adults and are thus making it difficult for Westernised children to keep up with their higher wisdom standards of thinking.

Respect for Seniors and the Elderly is a guiding light of good manners and sense of decency amongst Chinese Communities, the West needs to lift its game and teach their children the same common-sense codes of thinking and behaviour.

There is no place for political activism in school education. There is no place for vanity in school education, children are there to learn, not be involved in obsessions of self-importance.

Encouragement recognition rewards are earned in sport and education achievements. There is no place for political activism amongst children.

Any adult parent that cannot understand the importance of this reality-based ethics code is not worth much as a human being.

Cosmic Law states…

“Thou shalt not allow children under the age of 18 years to be involved in political activism”.

If people cannot comprehend the reason for this ‘Cosmic Law’ they are not too bright.

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