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Anti-Freedom of Speech Greens Fight to Brain-Wreck Children’s Minds and Manipulate their naïve Parents

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Quality of Time with Family is reduced when young under 18 years of age children are encouraged to participate in Political Activism. Being used as pawns in a chess game to satisfy the agenda ambitions of the Anti-Freedom Socialist Green Movement. 


Trolls are smarter in mythical imagination than Greens that are only useful as background decorations and in trick photography. 


Anti-Freedom of Speech Greens Fight to Brain-Wreck Children’s Minds and Manipulate their naïve Parents


In a news report titled “‘More Learning, Less Activism’: Morrison Urges Students Not To Protest Climate Change.” Published by 10 Daily on 26th November 2018. (i)

“Scott Morrison has been labelled “out of touch” for angrily condemning a national student strike to protest government inaction on climate change.” (i)

“The prime minister implored children to stay in class rather than protesting things that “can be dealt with outside of school”. (i)

“Each day I send my kids to school and I know other members’ kids should also go to school, but we do not support our schools being turned into parliaments,” Morrison told parliament on Monday.” (i)

“What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools.” (i)

“Morrison furiously reacted to Greens MP Adam Bandt during question time about the protest, dubbed the Big School Walkout for Climate Action.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Scott Morrison is absolutely correct in denouncing children being involved with political activism. Greens MP Adam Bandt’s encouragement and approval of school children being involved in political activism proves that Bandt is an idiot or he has a Gestapo Mentality and wants to control the minds of children. Hitler used this technique of encouraging children to be manipulated and organised into political activism. Anti-Freedom Islam also uses this method, focused on teaching children to reject all freedom values as instructed in the Qur’an, verified by Hadiths.

“Hundreds of Australian school students are vowing to put the books away and converge on MP offices and parliaments around the country this Friday.” (i)

“Mr Morrison began his answer to Bandt’s question by saying climate change is a “very real and serious issue” that demands attention.” (i)

“He said the government was acting on climate change through initiatives such as the emissions reduction fund and the renewable energy target.” (i)

“We are committed to all of these things, but I will tell you what we are also committed to – kids should go to school,” Morrison said. (i)

“Bandt said he had met with some of the students involved and backed their actions.” (i)

“The PM is unbelievably out of touch with young people, not only in Australia but around the world,” he said. (i)

“These students want a leader to protect their future, but they got a hectoring, ungenerous and condescending rebuke from someone even worse than Tony Abbott.” (i)

A.I. comments… In the last comment by Bandt we see the truth, he hates Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison and the entire Liberal Party and wants to destroy the better wiser objectives of the Liberal Party so that the anti-freedom Socialist Greens can take control of Australia.

“Hundreds of Australian school students are vowing to put the books away and converge on MP offices and parliaments around the country this Friday.” (i) ? These school children are being manipulated by adults. Children do not traditionally get involved in ‘Political Activism’ until they are incited and brain-wrecked by adult encouragement.

Clearly there are a lot of irresponsible adults encouraging children to become political activists before they are even old enough to vote. This encouragement of children to become political activists by idiot irresponsible parents and political troublemakers like the bully Greens proves that another form of ‘Totalitarianism’ is on the rise determined to conquer all Australians from within and dictate to them what they can and cannot do. This political hooliganism must be stopped! When politicians like Greens MP Adam Bandt start encouraging children to become involved in ‘Political Activism’ it proves that the Greens are striving hard to impose a form of ‘Green Gangsterism’ upon all Aussies that value ‘Freedom’.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition spokesperson Laura Sykes said Morrison had shown “irrational outrage” to students who care about their education.” (i)

“It was shocking see our prime minister condemning students as young as eight, who are sacrificing a day of schooling to stand up for a safe climate future,” Sykes told AAP. (i)

“When young people try to have a voice in politics, Scott Morrison is shutting them down, yet he’s happy to listen to the coal lobby and big corporations who continue to profit from making climate change worse.” (i)

“Events are planned in all capital cities, along with about 20 regional areas.” (i)


A.I. comments… Australian Youth Climate Coalition? The existence of this ‘Youth Climate Coalition’ founded by adults proves that adults are deliberately preying upon the minds of children to brain-wreck them into becoming involved in political activism. This reality is disgraceful. And people like Laura Sykes should be ashamed of themselves for encouraging the manipulation of children’s minds.

There is a difference between a youth of 18 years and older compared to child youth of under 18 years of age. But of course that is an obvious, which is why realty-based ethics must exist as guidelines and must be strengthened even more to protect the rights of children to live free of political responsibility until their voting age of 18 years.

Some would call this reality-based ethics ‘Moral Law’ a sense of decency.

The AYCC was founded in 2006. Gemma Borgo-Caratti is the current National Director in Carlton Victoria.

 Anti-Freedom GetUp and Greenpeace have been involved in partnership in 2009 with this AYCC organisation. And it has been alleged that ‘Borderless’ George Soros a dangerous enemy of the ‘Freedom Values World’ has been donating money to help GetUp succeed in its anti-freedom of speech devious agenda’s. Be careful folks who you call friend it can in the end bite you back.

 It is claimed that the AYCC has a membership of 150,000 plus… but I don’t trust those figures. The IPA was founded in 1943 and in common-sense intelligence they are a lot smarter than all ‘Climate Change’ organisations and their membership numbers are a lot lower and truthfully accurate.

 GetUp claims to have a very large membership following, but I treat those claims as being doubtful. There are many deceptive organisations that claim to have thousands of followers that do not exist. I sense there is something very sinister behind the motive lines of many of these ‘Green’ Socialist Organisations. More intel work must be done to expose their true hidden agendas.

I don’t have any problem with an organisation working with 18 year old youths and older, but I do have a very serious problem with them encouraging under 18 years of age children to be involved in ‘Political Child Activism’. I don’t care how nice an adult person seems, there is no rightful place for ‘Child Activism’ in a decent caring honourable society.

Read my previous article on this reality… “Australia: Prime Minister Scott Morrison Correctly Rejects Child Activism” Link below…

I do disagree with the way the entire political world is handling this ‘Climate Change’ concern. The thinking and behaviour of people is emotionally overreactive and is using the wrong subject heading in dealing with survival concerns about these issues and more. The subject of ‘Climate Change’ shall keep going around in circles with very little progress because the subject is being tackled incorrectly. I have written about this previously in overview, in other articles, but there is more to be done. And it starts first outside the political arena not in it.

The subject of caring for our planet is called “Gaia Management” not ‘Climate Change’ but Greenies don’t understand this reality yet.

The allegation by Sykes that Morrison had shown “irrational outrage” is the most insidious deceitful allegation I have read during the last few weeks. By her attack against Morrison she is promoting “outrage” and I am “outraged” by the stupidity of her belief that it is okay to involve children in political activism. Laura Sykes thinking is a disgrace.

“It was shocking see our prime minister condemning students as young as eight, who are sacrificing a day of schooling to stand up for a safe climate future,” Sykes told AAP? Really?

What a load of crap. Morrison did not condemn children as young as eight. He simply rejected ‘Child Activism’ and said that they should be going to school, not becoming involved in political activism. Scott Morrison is right. Sykes is making dishonest very unscrupulous remarks and only dummies would believe her mindless garbage.

Scott Morrison should be talking to the Coal Lobby and to Corporations, if he was not doing this, he would be irresponsible.

The problem with the inferior thinking Greens is that they want to destroy ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’ and replace our ‘Freedom Valued System’ with the imposition of ‘Green Gangster Dictatorship’. And Sykes clearly by her comments supports the evolution of this Green Dictatorship.

“Events are planned in all capital cities, along with about 20 regional areas.”? Who organised these events? An eight year old child dragged into political child activism? Not likely? These events were organised by adults that use children to push their political agenda onto the public table. We can bet that Sykes is involved in this activism manipulation of children.

Manipulation of children in war zones sending them armed with explosives to blow themselves up with enemies is a common tactic by totalitarian coward forces. And in peace time conditions inside a country, totalitarian forces like the coward Greens are now stooping to the low level of manipulating children and pushing then into ‘Child Activism’ by using ‘con techniques’ brain-wrecking their minds.

It is cowardly to manipulate children into political activism.

How low can the Greens get?

I have no respect for the Greens Period.

There is no place in a decent honourable society for the use of ‘Child Activism’.

Allan Ivarsson



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