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Australia: Melbourne Pre-School ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ Why?

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Pre-Schools vary in space activity layout.

They are places of fun learning for all young children before entering higher school age years. Children under the age of 18 years, need to enjoy a life of innocence free from abuse of sexual harassment, cruelty and political activism.


Australia: Melbourne Pre-School ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ for using ‘Child Activism’ to make ‘Political Adult Statements’.


The use of children to make ‘Political Activist Statements’ is an emotional blackmail tactic to win support from naïve adults. It is not relevant as to whether the activist cause is right or wrong, just or not just, true or false; there is no ‘Cause’ which justifies the use of ‘Child Activism’ to push an agenda onto the public table.

 The use of children in ‘Political Activism’ is denying children the right to enjoy 18 years of innocence and freedom from ‘Political Activity’. In effect, children encouraged and pushed into ‘Political Activism’ are being denied the right to live free in childhood from the unjust pressures of Politics and Causes, be they good or bad objectives. The responsibility of dealing with political issues is with adults, young and old, over the age of eighteen years. Children under the age of eighteen years must not be pushed or encouraged to participate in ‘Political Activism’ not now, not ever.

 Under ‘Cosmic Law’ it is a criminal action to use children in ‘Political Activism’.

 It’s a sad day when we can no longer trust Pre-Schools to do the right thing.

 Anti-Freedom Socialism has infiltrated the Pre-School system.

 First Pre-Schools introduced ‘Socialist Political Correctness’ by banning the singing of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” demanding that the children must now sing “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep”. And then Pre-Schools included the instruction that teachers and parents must not say “No” to children, because ‘Socialist Psychology’ deems the word “No” to be a dangerous word and therefore must not be used.

 Finally, a Melbourne Victoria Pre-School has decided to use ‘Child Activism’. This manipulation of ‘Children’ in ‘Political Activism’ engineered by Adults will expand if it is not stopped.

 Political Correctness is anti-freedom of speech imposed by enemy ‘Socialist Forces’ focused on the destruction of ‘Freedom Values’.

 Using innocent Four & Five-year-old Children who think it’s just a fun game and have no understanding of what this ‘Political Activism’ is about, is a disgrace.

 It is also an abuse of a child’s right to live free of ‘Political Pressures’ until their eighteenth year.

 The following image slides were tabled on Facebook by Australian Organisation ‘Rite-On’.

 More information in another article is available on this ‘Rite-On’ link hereunder…

 Response comments by Allan Ivarsson are tabled under each continuous slide statements


A.I. comments… Teacher Catherine Sundbye is very wrong in her use of ‘Child Activism’ at Pre-School to promote her cause convictions. If she chooses in the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ to stand up for the children of Nauru that is her right. But she does not have the right to engage the use of children in her ‘Political Activist’ mission. And for that reason… C. Sundbye must be strongly criticised for her bad irresponsible behaviour.

 Sundbye and the Brunswick Kindergarten Pre-School has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ for denying children the right to live free of ‘Political Activism’. There is no excuse for the adult bad behaviour of using children in ‘Political Activism’ like puppets that have no understanding of what they are being involved in.

 The issue of the subject of the refugees in Nauru is linked to the stopping of the Islamic Invasion of Boats into Australia. The people of Australia do have the right to say “No” to the invasion of Muslims who are not coming to assimilate but are coming to conquer us from within. And that fact is easy to prove.

 Sundbye said, “What would you say to the politicians who won’t let the refugees in?” But it is not just politicians saying “No”many Aussies are saying “No” to the invasion of the boat people, parents and children, because the refugees are not pro-freedom Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikhs, Atheist, Irreligious folk fleeing Islamic Conflict zones. The refugees are anti-freedom Muslims that came by boat using the excuse of being desperate for a better life, but in reality, are coming here to conquer Australia from within.

 Many Muslims living in Australia have openly admitted they intend to ‘Islamize Australia’ and replace all our laws with ‘Sharia Law’.

 Read books ‘COMPENDIUM I, II, & III & ‘Insanity of Hate’ & ‘Flat Earth’ to gain more understanding about ‘Islam’s destruction of ‘Freedom Values’ mission. The information about the ‘Dark Truth is out there’ for any person that has the courage to learn the truth.

 As in all conflicts, children are always victims of wars, violent or non-violent. Sadly they are often collateral damage in a conflict. Children do grow up and if these Muslim children on Nauru are being brain-wrecked by Muslim parents to reject ‘Freedom Values’ as taught by instructions in the Qur’an, then Aussies do have the right to be concerned about the endangerment of ‘Australian Freedom Values’ when these children achieve adult age.

 It is far too simplistic to just say these children are harmless. A Lion Cub is harmless until it grows up and then it becomes dangerous when it is allowed to run free. Naïve people allow their altruistic emotions to block their logic, which denies them the common sense to look at the big picture which will expand into a bigger concern when children grow-up.

 The needed further study of Nauru Refugee concerns is a separate close look home-work activity and cannot be addressed in this paper which is focused on the serious concern of the wrongful use of ‘Children in Political Activism’.

 Remember… anti-freedom Socialism and anti-freedom Islam both specialise in the ‘Art of Deceit’.

 One thing is true before we move on… a person’s ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. And before any Nation imports refugees they must check out the belief system of the adults caring for the children. Anti-Freedom Islam is not compatible with the ‘Free World’ not now, not ever and any person in the West that cannot comprehend that truthful reality is very naïve and intellectually backward.


A.I. comments… The Parents that were supportive of their children being used in ‘Political Activism’ are not very smart. These parents can be easily manipulated by Socialism and Islam. One parent used the justified excuse that “Kids really do understand more than we give them credit for”. That common use adage is true in some senses of a child’s existence when they are young, but it is not true in more complex issues like Mathematics, Communication, Science, History, Politics, and Economics etc. I mean children need eighteen years to learn basics and as adults we keep learning into old age unto death. That is if we make a lifetime effort to try and keep learning on a continuous improvement path. Adages often have limitations in communication use, as I revealed in my fiction humorous book story ‘The Ant and the Frog’ published at

 Fortunately, there are childhood experts that are genuinely concerned about the use of children in ‘Political Activism’. Not all Social Workers and Psychologists are as idiotic as ‘Politically Correct Socialist Psychologists’.

 It is claimed that “Blue can symbolise sadness and depression” but that idea is not true and is a dark invention in the minds of negative thinking people.

 I wouldn’t want my children being lead by teachers that claim the colour ‘Blue’ symbolises sadness and depression. Injecting negativity into the minds of children is very irresponsible. The colour ‘Blue’ surrounds us, only idiots would teach children that ‘Blue’ is a sad depressing colour. Police often wear ‘Blue Uniforms’; do children brain-wrecked with negativity grow up believing that all ‘Police’ are sad and depressive individuals? Never trust a police officer because they wear blue? Where do these idiot teachers come from? Mars or Venus?

 Over the years several people have asked me the following question… “What is Blue Light?” The words ‘Blue Light’ mean ‘Peaceful’. Blue Light is in our consciousness ‘Blue Planet’, ‘Blue Sky’, and ‘Blue Water’. Blue is a tranquil, cool, calm colour. Blue Light gives us a sense of wisdom that it is wiser to ‘stay cool calm and collected’ always during life’s struggles, hardships and constant challenges. The interfaced values of honesty and integrity are key blue light qualities. (i)

Blue colour inspires the spirit of truth and higher intelligence, but only unto those who feel its essence. The colour blue reminds us of the importance of good communication and the essential flow of positive enthusiastic energy. The calm nature of blue light inspires rest and peacefulness. Blue is a colour of contemplation, the way of tranquil spirit. Blue light encourages loyalty, teamwork and unity. Inner peaceful thinking inspired by the essence of blue light helps us overcome emotional turmoil. (i)

Blue Light encourages freedom of spirit and is a source of devotion focused on caring about others and what is right. Blue is a universal healing colour, which through calm spirit helps us by inspiration to overcome obstacles and great difficulties. A blue light personality can become part of any person who chooses to live by the influence of its essence. (i)

Blue Light is the essence of spiritual love, which inspires compassion and encourages the way of wisdom. Blue is the essence of belief that ‘God is Love’. When children through the years learn the way of calm inner peace, they will accelerate their learning abilities rising higher in achievement. For only through inner peace, the way of ‘Blue Light Essence’ that which is ‘God of Creation’, can we truly rise above our natural talents and achieve more than our dreams. (i)

(i) Book COMPENDIUM III ‘Cosmic Philosophy’


A.I. comments… Of course it is not about running a scare campaign, but it is using children in ‘Political Activism’ and that activity/action is very wrong and unethical behaviour and abuses the trust children should have in adults to do the right thing by them.

 Infant Children do not have the ability to grasp the political issues associated with the Nauru Refugee Camp or any other political issues for that matter. The use of children in this Pre-School Political Activism is definitely a misuse of Adult Power over children.

 The teacher was very wrong in what she did and to walk soft excusing her actions and to refuse to be hard in criticism is also not acceptable behaviour. Children deserve protection from adults who are encouraging the use of child activism. If we adults walk soft on this very serious concern, more Child Activism will become operative and adults will use children to satisfy their own vain obsession to win a political fight regardless whether the objective is right or wrong, just or unjust. Such irresponsible behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever. Children deserve protection of their right to live free in innocence and walking soft against those that transgress denying children their right to live free of sexual abuse and political abuse is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

 Children can learn about fairness, justice, kindness, love, manners and respect without being dragged into ‘Political Activism’. Just because adults believe in a cause, does not mean it is right. Children need the right to make their decisions after their eighteenth year as adults. Under the age of eighteen years children are in training, including learning how to be nice, respectful, caring and sharing.

 If parents choose to explain their political views to older teenage children that is their right. But school systems should not be brain-wrecking children into ‘Political Activism’ and should never approve of such activism in schools.

 As I wrote previously in ‘Debates & Podcasts’ dated May 14 2008…

 One of the lowest thing a parent can do is drag their children into a street protest, focused on brain-wrecking their children’s thinking, which too often, rejects good wholesome truth, choosing the path of lack of logic and lack of emotional intelligence. (ii)

Good decent parents do not involve under eighteen years old children in street protests. Every child has the right to live their first eighteen years, free of abuse, free of sexual harassment and free of political and religious false knowledge brain-wrecking indoctrination. Only self-centred inferior thinkers encourage their children to become immersed into adult behaviour, whilst they are still children. Children deserve eighteen years in time, to enjoy their childhood, living a life of reasonably good innocence, true to the right all children to live free and experience the guidance of love, peace, encouragement, integrity and caring good will. Sadly, too many children are denied the right to enjoy childhood, due to the insidious dark nature of many adults, including sadly too often, their wacko parents. (ii)

(ii) Book COMPENDIUM III ‘Cosmic Philosophy’


A.I. comments… A child being familiar with seeing their parents making donations to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is an observation experience, like being familiar with environment, play toys, relatives, friends and animals they see at Zoos or elsewhere. But understanding the politics of a concern which requires more than just an opinion statement is not in the grasp range of young children. Parents that think their young children can understand the detail of political issues are indeed very naïve.

As for children learning to be ‘Empathetic’ that is a constant learning curve right throughout the first eighteen years of their life. And even their empathetic instincts will be challenged throughout their teenage years. Every child responds different to problems and challenges and that includes amongst siblings in families. There is no magic formula for every child. There are just basic values and caring concerns that must be imparted to all children. There is no perfect right way in raising children. What works with one child, does not always work with another child. But one thing is true, children must not ever be encouraged to participate in ‘Political Activism’. Any adult that cannot comprehend why this reality-based ethics rule is essential and very important is not very intelligent.

Cosmic Law states…

  1. Thou shalt not allow children under the age of 18 years to be involved in political activism.
  2. Thou shalt not allow Schools to encourage children to be active in ‘Political Demonstrations’ of any form at any age, including in Kindergartens.
  3. Thou shalt protect all children’s right to live free up until their eighteenth year void of being used in ‘Political Activism’.
  4. Thou shalt remember that it is an act of treason against God, decency, children, humanity, and freedom to encourage children to be engaged in ‘Political Activism’ under the age of eighteen years.

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