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Civil War: Violence is out. Calm Intelligence is in.

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Civil War: Violence is out. Calm Intelligence is in.

Allan said it on the great American BNI…

Over the years, I have witnessed a lot of people make emotional comments, on Websites and Social Media sites, in many Western Nations, to the meaning of… using different words… “We need to solve this by Civil War.”

The purpose of this post is to send a message… the days of Civil War solutions is over. A Nuclear War will destroy Nations, a Civil War will destroy one Nation. The result is the same… societal wipe out.

When people get excited by ‘Civil War’ ideas… it reminds me of 1936 ‘Gone With The Wind’ book & film by Margaret Mitchell, when the story opens up with young Southern naïve guys getting excited with the prospect of fighting in a war, with no understanding of the consequence of such reckless thinking enthusiasm.

I referenced one of the characters in this Mitchell’s book in my illustrated story of the Ant and The Frog, a humorous philosophical adventure, available in colour Paperback or in Kindle Amazon. com. The paperback is more expensive, but it looks great as a collectors book.

The following conversation on BNI, reveals different points of view some supporting the creation of violent resistance. And this was my response. This subject is very important because we must all change the way we think.

It is easy to get too emotional and enthusiastic for ‘Civil War’ solutions but such thinking is not wise. Violence is out. Calm Intelligence is in.

Each person has to figure out what they believe… I trust you will choose wisdom and survival common sense.

Important Societal Discussion: Starring… Allan, Paul, Linda & JAI

Allan Ivarsson says…

December 14, 2018 at 1:09 am (i)

The comments by the people in these German interviews, tells me what I know about all the common people in every Western Nation, no exceptions. For every person that understands reality, there is one that is completely naïve and there is another that is obsessed with ‘Totalitarian Mentality’ and there is one fool that thinks we can solve it by ‘Civil War’ violence.

How can we protect freedom when there are so many stupid thinking people in all our Nations?

It is no longer just about coward idiot incompetent Politicians, it’s also about the backward mentality of the people. We must all look in our backyards, even amongst family & friends, we are surrounded by apathy, naivety and lack of courage.

We need to deal with stupidity in ideas period.

paul dimino says…

December 14, 2018 at 2:45 am (i)

I am the fool that states the only way to get rid of them is with a civil war, you on the other hand are one of these people who think you can find a solution if you talk. I lived in their countries fought them in wars and know how they think, they believe it’s their right to persecute any and all that do not follow Islam, they do not change and integrate, they do not inoculate their children they are left over from the middle ages, and when their numbers are high enough they will take over that is their M.O. Tell me if they are trying to escape war and persecution why do they always want to change the country they come too, to be more like the country they came from? Sharia law, Muslim only areas and don’t accept any foreign change? No the Muslim people belong in Muslim only countries but because Europe lets them live off welfare for life they will come and change the country to their liking, do you know they have Muslim patrols that go to their homes and make sure there is no western influence they rip toilets out of bathrooms and make them live by traditional Muslim ways, I can go on and on about how Muslims end game is to spread Islam crush all who do not believe but you will see for yourself.

Allan comments… I didn’t comment on his Muslim observations as I have dealt with that concern many times in my books, alongside other subjects, not about Islam. His concerns are valid. And Politicians in the West do need to wake up and learn the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’.

Paul is right… Muslims belong only in Muslim only countries, because ‘Totalitarian Sharia Law’ & anti-freedom of religion Qur’an instructions is not compatible with freedom valued societies. They will never assimilate because the Qur’an & Sharia Law forbids it.

 And certainly Paul is right we cannot reason with Muslims that are brain-wrecked by the fixed dogma of anti-freedom Islam. They will not listen, they will not change.

 When I mentioned Intelligence is in, violence is out. I was talking about the West not Islamic Countries. Islamic Nations are a write-off they will not change. Paul was right about that reality.


 My focus right now is dealing with ‘Civil War’ mentality. In the West we foolishly let Islam invade, now we cannot use genocide that is an insane despicable idea. But we can close the gates on acceptance of Muslim Migration. If they Muslims want Islam they must stay in Islamic Nations. And we can reject their anti-secular apartheid oppressive demands and stop acceptance of their Islamic behaviour in the West.

 We can create laws to stop their demands and we can create a law to permanently expel all ‘Jihad Muslims’ causing trouble, from our Nations. We can close down No-Go Zones and eliminate Muslim Sharia Law Patrols. But such controlled force must not be ‘Civil War’ action, it must be enforced by Police/Military Action enforced by Government Legislation. We can reclaim lands lost to the West by elimination of ‘Sharia Law’.

 All No-Go Zones are no longer safe zones of freedom values and the Government of each country has lost control of that territory and no longer owns that land. In short, such dangerous sections of territory have seceded from the Nation and that unsafe status is an unacceptable loss of portions of country and must be reclaimed by whatever degree of legalised force is necessary.

 Secession of land inside a Nation must be stopped. And where ‘Sharia Law’ is allowed to exist, secession is in process to become a ‘Land of Islam’ which rejects all non-Muslims.

 There is no place for people in a ‘Free World’ that are committed to persecuting and bullying others, be they relaxed laid-back Muslims or Non-Muslims that value freedom of thought and movement in safety. We can bring charges of sedition against all Islamic Leaders, including Imams that persist in teaching anti-freedom doctrine and we can close down enemy anti-freedom Islamic Organisations in our Nations like that insidious Islamic Organisation called CAIR in America.

 We need ‘Expulsion Legislation’ to close down Islam.

 Western Democracy is founded upon ‘Freedom Values’. Islam is founded upon Anti-Freedom Values. For that reason Muslims must be denied the right to vote because their belief system rejects “Freedom Values” as instructed in the Qur’an and ‘Sharia Law’.  

People foolishly claim that in the name of “Freedom of Religion” Islam has the right to practice their religion freely. Problem is that that the Qur’an & Sharia Law rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’. Take a hard look at Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam, they do not allow ‘Freedom of Religion’ or ‘Freedom of Speech’ or Equality Rights of Gays Period.

 We always know when a person’s intelligence is lower when they refuse to recognise that Islam rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’ and refuses to assimilate with non-Muslims and accept our Western Culture. ‘Jihad Muslims’ do want to change our culture by dictatorship and any person that cannot recognise that truth is not too bright.

 ‘Jihad Muslims’ come in two forms ‘Violent Jihad’ & ‘Non-Violent Jihad’, the latter like CAIR and many other Islamic Organisations use our laws against us to oppress and persecute ‘Freedom of Speech’ by the use of bully Gangster Law Suits, enforced by Greedy Lawyers and incompetent Judges and Socialist Politicians and naturally Muslim Politicians.

 We can say “No” to the United Nations and the European Union and reject acceptance of Muslim Migration. This fight process is… Violence is out. Calm Intelligence is in.

 We have the right of self-defence when we are attacked that is all. Physically Defensive is different to being physically offensive.

Linda Rivera says…

December 14, 2018 at 11:34 am (i)

Paul, Yes. Muslims are NOT escaping war!

They are bringing WAR into our nations. And are paid with PERMANENT WELFARE by Western leaders to do so. They wage DAILY SOFT JIHAD. Once Muslim numbers become higher, Daily Jihad will turn into ALL OUT WAR against non-Muslims.

For all the people who may not, and DO NOT want war, war is UNSTOPPABLE! HUGE WARS are going to wage all across our nations.

It is the 1,400-year story of the MILITARY-POLITICAL BLOOD CONQUEST CULT of Islam. And commanded by the BLOODTHIRSTY Quran. All Western governments and intelligence agencies know this.

Britain’s patriotic Enoch Powell understood this. Enoch warned that RIVERS of BLOOD will RUN in our STREETS.

Highly organised, highly trained, civilian defense groups must be formed immediately in all Western nations.

Allan comments… Linda is America, British born, she is a very strict Christian Church attendee. And to her credit will visit Synagogues.

Allan Ivarsson says…

December 14, 2018 at 7:44 pm (i)

Linda, take a step back & start thinking wisely. You have no street fighting experience with fists, let alone with combat in ‘Civil War’.

I have said it to you before, if you really want to fight… draw a circle of thirty miles where you live and go and talk to all Christian Church leaders Catholic & Protestant to encourage them to unite as one against Anti-Freedom Islam. And in turn encourage them to unite their congregation against Islam.

Keep accurate minutes of all your discussions with time and dates for creation of reports on progress. Do this and it will open your eyes more about Church Christianity. I would be very surprised if you succeeded in gaining support of all Christians within a thirty-mile circle of your residence.

Linda Rivera says…

December 15, 2018 at 10:26 am (i)

Allan, I mentioned the necessity of civilian DEFENSE groups which is a very wise thing to do!

However, you completely MISUNDERSTOOD my comment!

Our side DOES NOT WANT WAR!!! Islam does!

Islam is a MILITARY-POLITICAL CONQUEST Cult that CONQUERED 56 Nations by the Sword. Western governments and intelligence agencies know that. And on that understanding, Western GOD HATER leaders colonized our Christian nations with Muslims.

Why would you think that Islam has changed? Islam has NOT changed and never will.

The Armenian Genocide was not that long ago where MILLIONS of Christian innocents were savagely slaughtered, horribly tortured, mass raped, hung naked on crosses, etc.

A UK Daily Mail article said that the atrocities committed on the Christians by the Muslim Turks were so terrible that they were worse than ISIS.

Ruthless EU dictators and British leaders are EAGER to flood Britain and Europe with mega millions of Muslim Turks as well as Muslims from Africa and elsewhere.

Allan comments… Linda has not read any of my books. If she read them alongside learning other subjects, she also would learn I have a very strong understanding of the tyrannical danger of Islamic Doctrine to the West. And BNI knows me well and recognises my strong opposition to anti-freedom apartheid Islam.

Linda suggested I misunderstood her comment, but her opening writing said ‘Yes’ to Paul’s suggestion that Civil War was the only solution.

The idea that all Muslims want war is wrong. I created two different words throughout my writings, ‘Jihad Muslim’ & ‘True Muslim’. ‘Jihad Muslims’ create conflict by use of political or violent force. They use lawsuits to oppress us and our right to freedom of speech. They demand the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ to silence us. They demand segregation rights to reject assimilation with our Western Culture. The demands of Muslims must be outlawed, they must assimilate or be tossed out of the country permanently. Coward Politicians are a serious problem in every Western Nation and must be sacked by ‘Freedom Loving’ voters. We do not want tyrant bully cowards in political leadership seats.

‘True Muslims’ are peaceful but in times of conflict will support ‘Jihad’ which still makes them potentially dangerous enemies to all non-Muslims.

Many Muslims, not all, just want to live in peace and if they were free to live in peace, without the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’ or ‘Sharia Law’ and without the bully dictatorship of Muslim Clerics, or Muslim Patrols standing over them and invading their homes, they would within three generations let go of the strict instructions of Islamic Doctrine and gradually assimilate and accept western style culture and dress codes. Yes, they would eventually even learn to be comfortable with the bikini.

But that does not mean I trust Muslims, I don’t. We cannot ever trust someone that clings to acceptance of a totalitarian creed, whether they want peace or war, because those that believe in dictatorship creeds can turn upon us without warning. The history of the Civil War in Lebanon is proof of that reality. When Muslim neighbours killed their Christian non-Muslim neighbour friends.

Allan Ivarsson says…

December 15, 2018 at 3:48 pm (i)

Hi Linda, thank you for your reply. Whilst we may disagree at times, I assure you I have the highest respect for you.

I do understand what you have tabled only too well. That is why I have published 8 books so far and more will follow.

But I don’t think it is wise to create civilian defence groups. They would need billions of dollars of financial aid to match the resources, equipment & skills of the Military Police & the Military. And that will never happen. They would be outclassed & outgunned and would lose.

We must change the way we think & fight different, using ahimsa methods. We cannot rely on religion to unite they have already proven by majority that they will not challenge Islam or Socialism.

If incompetent misguided Psychology can infiltrate the Government, Law & Order, Education and the Military so too can we infiltrate these organisations with new better wiser ideas.

There is no other way… Civil War will lose. And fighting on the streets in protests has again and again failed to create change. Socialist Politicians are not listening. They are not the left, they are anti-freedom Socialists that are using Islam to weaken the West. And Islam is using Socialism to gain a stronger advantage.

In the end Socialism & Islam will battle each other. But that won’t help us, in the end Communism will march in and take control of weak Nations. And Communism does not care about Muslims period.

We have to think smarter and change the way we think if we want to protect freedom values. Violence is out. Calm Intelligence Infiltration is in.

Allan Ivarsson says…

December 14, 2018 at 7:30 pm (i)

Paul look at the history of civil wars over the centuries around the world. They did not achieve much, loss of life was high, destruction of homes and famine was a disaster. Nothing much changed for the better.

The Crusades were successful because entire Nations united against a common enemy, in much the same way we united against a common enemy in WWII. But Civil Wars are about people in a country fighting each other. All that results are chaos & destruction & failure. If the whole country united and rose up against Islam it would be a win-win. But 50% of the people in every Western Nation will never engage in a Civil War against Muslims and are more likely to support them in a fight against Civil War agitators.

Learn human nature know and understand it before you enter into a civil war. Even in Ancient Civilizations betrayal was high. No group can win a coup or ‘Civil War’ without the complete support of the Police & Military. Look around the world in every Western Country, I don’t see such unity. Organisation of creation of ‘Civil War’ plans would be smashed by ‘Intelligence’ before it could even mobilize itself.

The American Civil War was a theatre of war that had the best chance of one side or the other winning. The complete South versus the Complete North. Consequence? More American lives were lost in that Civil War than all the Americans that died in WWI & WWII, Korea & Vietnam combined. And the South was completely destroyed and ripped off by the evil Carpetbaggers for decades. The South in ruins suffered endless poverty & famine. For what? Problems which could have been gradually solved by common-sense thinking.

America today is the only country in the Western World that has guns in the hands of citizens capable of fighting a reckless ‘Civil War’. But Americans would still lose because not all Americans are united to stand up against Muslims. And now the weapon fire power of Police in USA is often as strong as the weapons of the Military. A ‘Civil War’ in America now would fail if 100% of the non-Muslims were not united as one backed by the Police & the Military.

Anyone that tries to launch a Civil War in today’s age of technology and advanced weapons would be committing suicide. And the name of the game is winning. Homo Sapiens must change the way they think if they want to continue to live free. Problem is far too much apathy exists and too many people are intellectually lazy & that includes Degree Qualified people that passed in a specialization and refused to keep exploring and learning about the ‘Big Picture’ of Reality versus Ideality.

The Democrats & The Republicans are not united as one against anti-freedom Islam.

For every Christian that opposes Islam, two Christians want to be friends with Islam and one Christian does not want to get involved.

Those who start a ‘Civil War’ even in America will not survive long. The people in the USA are not even united against Islam and the same problem exists in every Western Nation.

To defeat all the creeps in bed with Islam, we must become smarter and use tougher ahimsa methods. There are lots of ways to defeat those in bed with Islam. We have to take them out first before we will defeat Islam.

That is why I decided in 2013 to rise up against anti-freedom Socialists, because they are encouraging open gate acceptance of Islam & the destruction of freedom values.

The problem with all the great activists around the world is that they are not working together as one team in communication, they are all doing their own thing in the ‘Resistance’ which is why they are losing ground and several since 2013 have already closed down.

I have published eight books so far, encouraging a new way of fighting, but if people cannot keep up with me, they lose. I have not got time to waste with people that refuse to learn.

Paul, I am confident you have the courage but use it wisely.

Linda Rivera says…

December 15, 2018 at 10:38 am (i)

Hi Allan, just read your comment after typing up my comment to you.

I know very well that any group of people who attempted a civil war would be COMMITTING SUICIDE. They would all end up shot dead or imprisoned. I KNOW that.

I know that the planned EUROPEAN UNION ARMY will act against, attack, and imprison non-Muslim innocents who don’t SUBMIT — DON’T OBEY EU commands.

The EU ARMY will be joined by UN troops.

Allan Ivarsson says…

December 15, 2018 at 4:08 pm (i)

Hi Linda, I saw this after my last reply. I agree. That is my fear the EU & UN uniting in takeover ‘Dictatorship’. Already forms of totalitarianism exists in ‘International Law’ & ‘Rights of Humanity’ Groups. Not one of these organisations are getting it right because they don’t have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Human rights in the OIC conflicts with Human Rights in other organisations.

Countries must rule themselves. We do not need International Law or the United Nations. Countries must negotiate with each other as they did in Ancient Times.

The UN 1945 dream of creating world peace failed miserably because the UN allowed ‘Totalitarian Belief System’ Nations to join the UN and thus destroyed peace within the UN. And the UN will continue to flounder in incompetence.

Just Another Infidel says…

December 14, 2018 at 8:26 am (i)

That may sound noble; it isn’t going to solve the problem just handing the enemy money. Is violence always the answer? No. Should it always be the first resort? No. But it is foolish to think it isn’t necessary at all though as sometimes it is. Sometimes people have to defend themselves.

They are invaders and making demands in countries they shouldn’t even been in. All they will do is destroy and hurt others. You can’t just hand invaders money! Not only would it drain other countries, you would be funding the enemy which will allow them to get even more weapons and supplies. They are not interested in talking or being civil. They out right said they won’t stop until everyone has either converted or died. This has been going on for centuries, they aren’t going change if they hadn’t by now.

So yes, I think the only solution for many is to fight back. They already declared war and their goal is to take over. Look what they do in other countries? They try to force countries they invade to change for them.

Allan Ivarsson says…

December 14, 2018 at 9:54 pm (i)

JAI, “You can’t just hand invaders money!” Agreed. But it’s a German problem, not my problem, they must deal with it. And they won’t win by using street violence. They have to get rid of Merkel. But how many Germans will vote her out?

How many Canadians will vote out treasonous Trudeau, who is giving money to Muslim terrorists? It’s up to the Canadians to deal with it.

The British have traitor Theresa May and they still have not dealt with her treachery. The only resistance was Britain First, and they were gaoled. The problem is the Labour Party is worse than the Conservatives also in bed with Islam. And the Christian Church leaders did not protest the gaoling of ‘Freedom Fighters’ Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen & Tommy Robinson.

My concern must be first dealing with Australian Problems, but even most Aussies are not making the effort to read my reports. I am a member of the IPA since 2011, fighting for elimination of 18C anti-freedom of speech legislation. I also support the ALA who rejects 18C. I have published reports on 18C on my website, early this year, which has been permanently published in COMPENDIUM I in Paperback & Kindle, which was also published in my book ‘Insanity of Hate’ in 2017. And most Aussies are too lazy to read this report.

Websites don’t last… books do.

Morrison said recently that eliminating 18C anti-freedom of speech legislation will not create jobs. Furthermore he is thinking about creating anti-freedom of speech against religion at the level of ‘Blasphemy Law’. He opposed the UN open gate migration plan but that is all. If we voted for Labor or the Greens that will be worse, they would sign the Migration Pact.

I have written volumes of information, but if the people refuse to read and educate themselves, then they lose.

There is a big difference between dying for your country in war against invaders to dying on the streets as a logistics, a name to be quickly forgotten, because of the apathetic people that will not educate themselves by reading, and certainly will not back up a person in a street fight.

The name of the game is winning. Losers are written off and forgotten.

The article report… GERMANY is offering payoffs to Muslim migrants to get them to leave the country. (i)

End of discussion on Civil War… something to think about.

Remember the adage… “Look before you leap.”

Think wisely, the name of the game is winning. There is only one time it is justified to risk your life and that is when you are striving to save the lives of others, or your back is against a wall and you have no choice but to fight for your right to live free.

 Without freedom, we are puppets, zombies, the walking dead. Loss of freedom is worse than death. Civil War is senseless when we are outclassed and outgunned. We must think wiser and smarter. Religion will not save us. Atheism & Psychology is incompetent. The only way to protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’ is by learning ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. There is no other way.

Think safety, think survive, think ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, think Calm Courage, think Pragmatically, use logic not worship, never revere any one or any religious ritual process.

Never surrender thy eternal right to live free.

Those who refuse to open their mind by reading widely to view the ‘Big Picture’ can easily be conquered by tyrants.

Allan Ivarsson 2018


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