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I AM BACK… Countdown has begun. Chemotherapy in Progress

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Allan Peter Ivarsson January 2017




I AM BACK… Countdown has begun.

Chemotherapy in Progress

 Readers, Friends & Family,

I am back, for the next 12 months, I will fade in and out in postings. I have not permanently left the table, but I am currently fighting Cancer Lymphoma and have a very aggressive form of cancer Non-Hodgkin type.

It began in September 2018, when my left knee began to seriously weaken, impairing my ability to reasonably walk. Through medical review, we identified the obvious, the knee needs replacement, but it was not until December 2018, the first warning of cancer raised its ugly head.

Being on Warfarin Care (Coumadin) after a second blood clot on the lungs in 2012 added to my survival struggle.

Deterioration of health became clearly evident by late January 2019. A series of medical tests and scans, over February identified that I have a life threatening very dangerous aggressive form of cancer.

Backed by the support and encouragement of two very good doctors plus several other doctors, a fightback program has been established. It is not the first time I have faced death, but it is the most challenging. I was given 3 hours to live at the age of 26 years in 1975, I beat that threat, but this fight will be a longer battle. I cannot defeat this cancer, it will eventually take me out, but with the guidance of good medical advice, which I am constantly receiving I can delay it.

In April 2019 I was sent to two different hospitals, stage one and two for the beginning of ‘Fightback Cancer’. I have started Chemotherapy which is the only scientific method available to the world at present. Sadly to delay cancer takeover, Chemo process kills good cells and seriously reduces resistance against germs and all other infectious threats that our body normally resists and rejects.

Thus we must continue the research and development of cancer problems and solutions that will one day turn the tide to stop the unjust cruelty imposed by cancer. We homo sapiens have the ability to stop and defeat this terrible affliction. But it shall be a very long struggle for human kind. Many other non-human good animals are also victims of cancer.

Our so-called perfect imaginary God Creator did not do a very good job of creation, which is why I follow a more advanced, more powerful spiritual God of Creation, whose power thrives in the eternal spiritual world and not in the physical world. I have written many things about this difference in my universal records but that understanding requires readers to research and study my books. Most degree qualified people in the world in my generation of time do not have the ability to do that yet, but that will gradually change decades into centuries, after my death.

For now I am focused on fightback against cancer, not to stop my death but to give me a few more years to help guide society around the globe to escape the out-of-control anger that is raging at present, which if not checked in, will eventually destroy the existence of the human race.

In 2007 I started the essential very important evolution of the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Use its common-sense power and wisdom and it will guaranteed- save homo sapiens from extinction.

Anyone who refuses to learn the significant power of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is very vulnerable throughout their life to setbacks, misery and premature death. Don’t trust on luck, ‘Think Safety Think Survive’ without fear of learning with complete ‘Open Mind’. There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in the Universe, starting with Planet Gaia that which we humans call ‘Earth’. And there is no place for any form of ‘Fixed Dogma’ in Politics, Religion, Philosophy or any other ‘Belief System’. The future of survival of humankind needs the evolution of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ there is no other path. Any person or organisation that tries to use other ‘Belief System Paths’ will in the end fail.

This is not a statement of suggestion; it is a fact.

Toss all conspiracy theories and all doomsday paranoia into the garbage bin, deal only in provable beyond all doubt facts.

Use Science and Cosmic Philosophy as companions under the umbrella of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and you will have the opportunity to rise past ‘Enlightenment’ into ‘Ascension’.

To understand more you must read all my work and extract the jigsaw pieces, the first clues and connect the dots to higher understanding. Those who make the effort to do this will rise higher in understanding than those who don’t.

Being first born generation Australian from a Scandinavian historical background I shall use ‘Australia’ as my springing board to help guide the Universe to find its ‘Ahimsa Balance’ founded upon a Universe, starting with Planet Earth/Gaia that will enable all Altruistic life, human and non-human to survive wisely more harmoniously together.

Australia has great potential, but its politics needs to lift its game in leaps and bounds to help the world become a better place.

We must also draw from the wisdom of the ages often buried under avalanches of false knowledge ideas and misguided belief systems.

And we must continue to wade through the historical errors of every society, ancient and modern, taking a keener interest in the rights and wrongs of thinking in America, China and India. A wealth of wisdom and wrong thinking thrives in these Nations.

The history and wisdom of Russia, Europe, Africa and South America and the Islands around the world must be also explored. Wisdom stands alone it is out there find it and use it. This is a part of the essential process for the evolutionary expansion of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

My spirit came to planet earth to do a job, the critical path job has been completed. You need to simply learn it. What I give the people of earth from now on is just a bonus in higher understanding, you must help complete the task, generation after generation, by building upon the foundations of higher understanding I have given you.

I am not a Prophet there is no such thing, I am not a Guru, I am not a Manifestation of God, there is no such thing, I am simply a ‘Messenger of Time’ nothing more, nothing less.

There is as I have written many times a difference between being ‘Clever and Smart’. Most people out there are ‘Cleverer’ than I am, but I am Smarter’. I have been given the eternal gift of understanding the ‘Big Picture’ of all eternal existence, I have shared some of that insight with you in my writings, the rest you must find for yourself.

I have also advised that when ‘Reality and Ideality’ face each other, reality is true. Ideality is only a vision of ideas, and ideality can be good and right thinking or it can be dangerously wrong in vision. Learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to identify how to know the difference.

 If you don’t believe in my guidance advice that is your problem, not mine. Refuse to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and homo sapiens will lose- guaranteed.

I shall leave this planet, leaving a trail behind of more insight, I trust some of you shall at least strive to learn and understand it. For the survival of the human race may be sitting partly on your shoulders, throughout each new generation.

Each person’s contribution in life does make a significant contribution to the betterment of the nature and character of human society.

It’s your call… upgrade your higher understanding or do nothing and stay in the position of always thinking second best.

I wish you all the very best in this journey called life.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2019 70 years

Ps. Problems can only be truly solved in a ‘Free World’ of Thinking. Without freedom, nothing can be wisely solved in a just and satisfactory way for the evolution of a happier kinder culture.


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