Cosmic Law Code of Silence on Public Prayer

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Cosmic Law Code of Silence on Public Prayer

Cosmic Law states…

  1. Thou shalt not call to prayer on loudspeaker at any time on any day of the week.

2. Thou shalt respect the right of people to sleep in silence during the night and morning and afternoons of any day and shall pray for guidance in silence. Remember many shift workers must sleep at different times, day, and night, respect their right to sleep in peace.

3. Thou shalt remember that it is an act of treason against God, decency, children, humanity, and freedom to deny people the right to sleep in peace, void of the harassment of public loudspeaker sound.

4. Thou shalt not broadcast the superiority of one religion over another.

5. Thou shalt remember that Allah did not dictate the Qur’an to Muhammad.

6. Thou shalt remember that Allan Peter Ivarsson, appointed ‘Cosmic Messenger of Time’ by God in 1961, proved in his 2017 book ‘Flat Earth’ as instructed by God that Muhammad lied and is not a Prophet.

7. Thou shalt never forget that there is no God Creator, and that Spiritual God Commander-in-Chief of the Universe is greater than Allah.

8. Thou shalt never forget that God is a Spiritual God of love and peace and does not approve of the use of violence.

9. Thou shalt not pray or kneel before God, Man or Mammon, Animals, or Idols in any form.

10. Thou shalt not seek salvation, for the way of God is the way of altruistic ahimsa, the way true to Karma of decency and goodwill, the ahimsa path that leads to eternal life. When we live this path, the way, the consequence, the result, the Karma, is automatic deliverance to the door of freedom in eternity.

11. Thou shalt never forget in repetition that there is no Allah/God Creator, and that Spiritual God of kindness and love denounces the way of violence, by ‘Cosmic Law’.

12. Thou shalt true to the eternal spirit of Karma through Government police control, arrest any person that disobeys the code of silence in prayer by using loudspeakers. No permit to break the code of silence shall ever be given in any decent society.

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