Communist Xi Jinping Beijing Lied.

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Feature Image: Gangster Xi Jinping

Communist Xi Jinping Beijing Lied.


Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction

11 Mar 2013

“Eve of Destruction” is a protest song written by P. F. Sloan. Barry McGuire recorded the track in July 1965. It was released by Dunhill Records and was an instant hit reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September of that year.

I would not call this a protest song. It is the wrong word. This song is a valid warning song that we homo sapiens must change the way we think. Or we will create our own extinction. Albert Einstein also warned us that we had to change our thinking.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Ps. I have given humanity the philosophical tools to change our thinking, it is the most advanced intelligence ‘Belief System’ in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. And I have given you ‘Cosmic Law’. Question is… how many of you are smart enough to use the advanced skills I use. ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ is the right path to save humanity from the ‘Eve of Self-Destruction’. There is no place for any form of ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology’ in the Universe.

Master Philosophical Intelligence

Master in Summary Philosophical Intelligence

Overview Transcript of above Xi Jinping/Allan Ivarsson statements for those that wish to copy.

Eryk Bagshaw SMH reported on 1st, July 2021… (i)

“The party last year recorded its highest rate of growth since Xi came to power in 2013. The official figures, which cannot be independently verified, said membership had grown by 2.4 million to more than 95 million members in 2020.” (i)

[A.I. comments… It was 92 million Communist members, now 95 million out of 1.4 billion oppressed people.]

“China’s President Xi Jinping has told thousands gathered in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square that the Chinese Communist Party has altered the development of the world.” (i)

“Celebrating 100 years since the founding of the CCP, Xi on Thursday said the Chinese people had stood up under the leadership of the Party.” (i)

[A.I. comments… By the use of cruel violent force. Over 80 million pro-freedom Chinese have been murdered since Mao seized power in 1949. Including 1 million Tibetans and now arresting free Chinese in Hong Kong.]

“This great transformation of China from a poor and backwards country laid down the fundamental conditions necessary for realising national rejuvenation,” he said. (i)

[A.I. comments… of 1.4 million Chinese the majority of the people are still poor only the Communists have climbed out of poverty.]

“Only socialism could save China and only socialism with Chinese characteristics could develop China.” (i)

[A.I. comments… China is not Socialism; China is Marxist Communism.]

“Xi said China had cast aside a century of humiliation and was now carving out its own place in the world.” (i)

[A.I. comments… enforcement of ‘Totalitarianism and the ‘Habit of War’ is not the path to escape humiliation. It is the opposite; the oppressed Chinese people have been persistently bully humiliated by the evil dictatorship of Communism. Xi Jinping Beijing lied.]

“Through tenacious struggle, the party and the people showed the world that the Chinese people had stood up and the time when the Chinese nation could be bullied and abused by others was gone forever,” he said. (i)

[A.I. comments… There was a brief period when through trade some Nations did bully parts of China, not all. But the Ancient History of China, never tolerated invasion and successfully defended itself. And even pre-Communist China, lived free.]

“The Chinese people solemnly declare to the world that the Chinese people are not only good at destroying an old world, but also good at building a new one.” (i)

[A.I. comments… Destroying the right of the people to live free, is not building a better world. Life of oppression is not good. In fact, the emotion of humiliation is being imposed upon the people. The 1989 massacre of peaceful students pro-democracy Chinese at Tiananmen Square proves Communism is evil. Two million Chinese protested on the streets in Hong Kong (2019-20) marching peacefully against the not peaceful invasive takeover of Communism.]

“The centenary celebrations were opened by flyovers of China’s newest stealth fighter jets, the J-20, shots from 100 cannons and thousands singing “Socialism is good” and “Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China” in unison.” (i)

[A.I. comments… Threatening the world with authoritarianism does not make China great. It does the opposite. It makes China a tragic disgraceful Nation and shames the Ancient History Heritage of the Chinese people.]

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