‘Communist Beijing’ Threatens Taiwan again II

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Feature Image: TAIWAN ‘Cultural Village’ which ‘Communist Beijing’ wants to destroy.

‘Communists do not respect the kind peaceful philosophy of Buddhism.

‘Communist Beijing’ Threatens Taiwan again II

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World War III Logistics

We Aussies are bound by ‘Code of Honour’ to defend Taiwan’s right to live free of ‘Communist Dictatorship’.

Failure to support Taiwan’s right to live free is an act of cowardice.

Warning to Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping you have a choice talk to me and listen, or I will walk over you and smash your credibility to smithereens. Do not make the mistake many Aussies and Yanks are making by underestimating me. My skills are the most advanced on this planet. I have been specially trained unto death. I never lost a fight, not on the streets when I was young, nor in the academic business world. Not in the courts and not in fights with Truck Unions.

I do not care about wealth, which makes me more frightening than those who are obsessed with greed. I do not care about fame or trophies; I only care about gaining more knowledge and living dynamic for eternal victory. I cannot be defeated. Talk to me in writing, I have given you this opportunity previously. If you are afraid of me that is your loss.

All my work in old age as a mentor is given to the world free as ‘Social Capital’ to help the young live free as I enjoyed during my younger years. Every person that values love and peace deserves the right to live free in an ahimsa altruistic society of decent values.

Xi Jinping, I use the most advanced intelligence in the world, far superior to the philosophical political methods used in the ‘Free World’ and in the ‘Islamic World’ and in the ‘Marxist Socialist Communist World’.

Xi Jinping your time in history is running out.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

CHAT with Allan Ivarsson

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/taiwan-reports-largest-ever-incursion-by-chinese-air-force/ar-AAP3kyv?

A brief report by Ben Blanchard hit the table titled, ‘Taiwan angered after largest ever incursion by Chinese air force.’ (i)

TAIPEI (Reuters) – “Taiwan sharply criticised China on Saturday after Beijing marked the founding of the People’s Republic of China with the largest ever incursion by the Chinese air force into the island’s air defence zone.” (i)

“Taiwan says it is an independent country and will defend its freedom and democracy.” (i)

“China has been wantonly engaged in military aggression, damaging regional peace,” Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang told reporters on Saturday morning.” (i)

“China’s latest mission came less than a day after its government launched an attack on Taiwan’s foreign minister, evoking the words of revolutionary leader Mao Zedong to denounce him as a “shrilling” fly for his efforts to promote Taiwan internationally.” (i)

“China has stepped up military and political pressure to try and force Taiwan to accept Chinese sovereignty.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… ‘Chinese Communists’ revere evil Mao Zedong, a coward in history that preyed upon the unarmed, the weak, the elderly, women and children. He was responsible for the cruel murder of over 80 million mainland Chinese including one million Tibetans since 1949 and since 1950 in Tibet.

(ii) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/taiwan-rebukes-china-over-record-fighter-jet-incursion/ar-AAP3Tag

AFP reports… ‘Taiwan rebukes China over record fighter jet incursion.’ (ii)

“Beijing marked its National Day on Friday with its biggest aerial show of force against Taiwan to date, buzzing the self-ruled democratic island with 38 warplanes, including nuclear-capable H-6 bombers.” (ii)

A.I. comments… 38 warplanes is correct, the 39th plane was an early warning aircraft.

China… views the island [Taiwan] as its territory and has vowed to one day seize it, by force if necessary.” (ii)

A.I. comments… I have talked about this violent threat against Taiwan previously. It is not China making the threat, it is ‘Communist Beijing’ which represents by ‘rule and orders’ their creation of a ‘Communist China’ of 1.4 billion Chinese people, the majority of whom want to live free of the oppression of ‘Communism’, just like Taiwan lives free. Only 95 million Chinese are ‘Communist Members’, the rest of the Chinese people are living oppressed, void of the right to ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Mao failed to conquer Taiwan and only succeeded in conquering Mainland China in 1949 and Tibet in 1950. Now evil Beijing wants to invade Taiwan and murder every man, woman and child that resists or becomes collateral damage in an aggressive war invasion by Beijing to seize Taiwan.

Australians, New Zealanders and Papuans need to wake up. If Beijing succeeds in conquering Taiwan, we will be the next invasion targets because ‘Communist Beijing’ wants ownership control of us.

World War III Logistics

If ‘Communist Beijing’ invades Taiwan, we must have the courage to recognize and act accordingly that ‘World War III’ has begun. There is no place for cowards, we must all fight young and old, men women and children unto death.

‘Communism’ must face full force war resistance, there is no place for traitors and cowards.

Taiwan’s Population near 24 million.

Australia’s Population near 26 million.

New Zealand’s Population near 5 million.

Papua New Guinea Population 9 million.

Total of 64 million people including children to fight ‘Communist China’.

Allies supporting Australia

AUKUS Security Alliance [Australia, United Kingdom & United States]

Australia 26 million.

United Kingdom 68 million.

USA 332 million.

Total of AUKUS Alliance is 426 million.

Other Allies opposing ‘Communist Beijing’ are…

Japan 126 million.

South Korea 51 million.

Philippines 111 million.

France 65 million.

India 1,393 million.

Total other Allies opposing ‘Communist Beijing’ is 353 million plus India 1,393 million equals on our side another 1,746 million ready and willing to fight ‘Communist Beijing’ unto death.

That makes on our side fighting for ‘Freedom’ against ‘Communism’ 2,210 million that ‘Communist China’ must face in WWIII.

[2.2 billion allies facing 1.4 billion Chinese of which a least 50% of ‘Mainland Chinese’ do not want to live under the rule of ‘Communist’ dictatorship. This eternal resistant during a WWIII fight will weaken ‘Communist Beijing’.]

Other countries that may foolishly support ‘Communist China’ are…

North Korea Population near 26 million.

Malaysia Population near 33 million.

Indonesia Population 276 million.

‘Putin Russia’ Population 146 million.

Total additional risk threat against allies… 481 million.

North Korea would be wiped out in WWIII.

Malaysia and Indonesia would, lose heavily in this war if they foolishly support ‘Communist Beijing’. Why? Because Communists hate religions and Malaysia and Indonesia are Muslim Nations and Communists hate Muslims, proof lies in the way they treat the Muslims in ‘Mainland China’.

‘Putin Russia’ would be making a big mistake becoming involved in a WWIII in the Pacific Region. What Vladimir Putin has failed to comprehend in his friendship with Xi Jinping is that ‘Communist Beijing’ ambition is to become the world’s number one Superpower that rules the World and Space. To achieve this objective ‘Communist China’ must rule all other Nations including all other Communist Nations which includes Russia.

The dumbest move ‘Putin Russia’ could make is to support ‘Communist Beijing’ in WWIII.

All of the other countries in the South Pacific or South Asian region could swing either way in support of the allies or ‘Communist Chinese’. A World War would sort them out quickly. As for the European Nations their involvement would depend on their investments in the South Pacific and Southern Asia Region. Germany might support the allies, depending upon who is the leader.

Afghanistan Population near 40 million.

The Taliban in Afghanistan may foolishly support ‘Communist Beijing’ who wants to invest in Afghanistan, to gain ownership of this country.

Canada Population 38 million.

Which way Canada would swing depends upon its leader. Justin Trudeau. He is not a coward as he has in the past demonstrated that fact, but his political decisions sometimes are too gentle.

“In 2012, he [Trudeau] climbed into a boxing ring in Ottawa for what was ostensibly a televised charity match but was really a fight for his political future.” #

# https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-22/canada-pm-justin-trudeau-does-not-win-majority-election-gamble/100480160

Australian Politicians need to lift their game and stop working at ‘incompetent level’. I have written about this previously… our Politicians and CEO’s are still naïve and asleep neglecting essential priorities, which I have tabled previously, which they and local media journalists have proven by their stupidity, they are too intellectually lazy to read.

As I have reported previously…

“Democratic Taiwan’s 23 million people live under the constant threat of invasion by China which views the island as its territory and has vowed to one day seize it, by force if necessary.(ii)

“Under President Xi Jinping, Chinese warplanes are crossing into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone (ADIZ) on a near daily basis.” (ii)

Note: ‘Air Defence Identification Zone’ (ADIZ)

“The ADIZ is not the same as Taiwan’s territorial airspace but includes a far greater area that overlaps with part of China’s own air defence identification zone and even includes some of mainland China.” (ii)

Taipei… “China has been bellicose and damaging regional peace while engaging in many bullying acts,” Premier Su Tseng-chang told reporters Saturday. (ii)

“Mass incursions used to be rare.”

‘But in the last two years Beijing has begun sending large sorties into Taiwan’s ADIZ to signal dissatisfaction at key moments – and to keep Taipei’s ageing fighter fleet regularly stressed.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Now my readers know why I have been increasing my pressure against Xi Jinping since March 2021. He is the culprit threatening war… his thinking is excessively aggressive; he has become vain and obsessed with power for its own sake. Hence, I shall continue to challenge him to write to me through ‘Chatline’. So far, he is afraid to talk to me. But if he does not, by early 2022, I shall increase the pressure of challenge even more. I am not afraid to face him in academic battle. I have over fifty years’ experience in academic fighting and several years in my youth in street fighting. In the academic world, I am a Professional, I never lose a fight- there is a reason for this result, but only those who study my collected written works will be able to figure out why.

“China [Communist Beijing] claims the strait [Taiwan Strait] as its own waterway, along most of the disputed South China Sea. Most other nations view them as international waters open to all.” (ii)

“Beijing [Xi Jinping] has ramped up pressure on Taipei since the 2016 election of President Tsai Ing-wen, who views the island as “already independent” and not part of a “one China”. (ii)

A.I. comments… Tsai Ing-wen, spoke the truth. Evil Mao Zedong failed to conquer Taiwan and now evil ‘Communist Beijing’ is forcibly striving to steal territory it has no right to possess.

“Last year, Chinese military jets made a record 380 incursions into Taiwan’s defence zone, and the number of breaches for the first nine months of this year has already exceeded 500.” (ii)

A.I. comments… this bully aggression against Taiwan by ‘Xi Jinping Communist Beijing’ is a persistent evil action, void of honour. As I recorded previously, “Xi Jinping unjustly claims that it is inevitable they will conquer Taiwan. My response, Australia and USA are duty bound to fight to the death for the ‘Freedom Rights’ of the people of Taiwan. If we lack the courage to fight for ‘Freedom Values’, we are not worth a damn as human beings and deserve to be conquered, oppressed, enslaved and killed by evil ‘Communist Beijing’. There is no place for cowards in a good decent ‘Free World’.

I believe the Ancient Greek Spartans, Romans and Vikings were right without courage we are nothing.

Gangster Communist Beijing has no right to claim ownership of the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait. It was reported in several sources that Britain sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait recently for the first time since 2008. Subsequently…

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army accused Britain of acting out of “evil intentions to sabotage peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” (Condensed Reference) of (ii)

“Freedom of Navigation” is an eternal ‘Freedom of Right’ upon the seas, only Pirates in history have attacked peoples right to freely navigate in peace. And only war in history has denied people the right to freely navigate void of attack.

A.I. Comments… The Communist Beijing Government lead by Xi Jinping has been threatening Free Taiwan for the last two years, that bully activity is evil. Furthermore, it was the ‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army’ that murdered thousands during the 1989 ‘Tiananmen Massacre’ and has since 1949 murdered over 80 million people that simply wanted to live free in peace. ‘Communist Beijing’ are deceitful hypocrites of the evilest type of people on this planet.

The history of the ‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army’ has so far proven since 1949 that they are only brave as organised military gangsters against unarmed helpless people, that is elderly, women and children and unarmed men. I have nothing but contempt for the ‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army’ that is not worthy of respect and I have no respect for the Communist Gangsters that rule Beijing, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Tibet and now want to violently invade ‘Free Taiwan.’

I think the following comments sum up the bully determination of ‘Communist Beijing’ ruled by Xi Jinping, to standover all other Nations.

Alexander Huang, associate professor at Tamkang University in Taipei said he believed the latest aerial incursion was not just about sending a message to Taiwan.” (ii) [A.I… “Agreed.”]

“There’s three other carrier attack groups in the region, two American and one British,” he told AFP.” (ii)

“China is sending a political message to the US and UK on her national day: Don’t mess around in my area.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Whilst we are reminded that Canadian, French, Australian, UK and USA warships have all during recent years made voyages through the Taiwan Strait and suffered protest from Xi Jinping Communist Beijing; it must be remembered that Xi Jinping has ordered Communist Chinese submarines and warships to cruise around the Australian Continent and to also bully harass the Philippines and Japan and India in the Himalayas by the CPLA. Beijing sees nothing wrong with threatening and harassing others but does not like it when others let ‘Communist China’ know… “we will not be bullied.”

(iii) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/at-39-aircraft-china-sets-new-high-for-taiwan-defence-zone-incursion/ar-AAP4TiB?

This (iii) link is verification of above news link (i) & (ii) understanding.

“Taiwanese fighters scrambled against 38 Chinese aircraft in two waves on Friday, the Taiwan Defence Ministry said. It said Taiwan sent combat aircraft to warn away the Chinese aircraft, while missile systems were deployed to monitor them.” (i)

“The first wave of incursions comprised 18 J-16 and four Su-30 fighter jets plus two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and an anti-submarine aircraft, while the second had 10 J-16s, 2 H-6s and an early warning aircraft, the ministry said.” (i)

Thus ends another threat by Xi Jinping Communist Beijing against Taiwan.

The following wisdom poem is rejected by ‘Communist Beijing’ because it allows ‘Freedom of Speech’ and encourages ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Equality’ which lives the ahimsa way in peace.

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