Cards on the Table


A Reflection about Love

The following reflection written by A.I. was inspired by Elsa Schieder, Canada when she wrote in November 2015…

“A few months ago I sent you I Welcome Love. More recently, it was the very romantic Always Forever. Love as we wish, it would always be, romantic, tender, head over heels in love…

“This month, it’s Cards on the Table, a song about…

“Trying to live as much as we’re able, cards on the table, not doing our best, to keep cards close to the chest.” For complete words & song…

A lifetime friend responded on the 14th November, 2015…

Hi Allan,

Just read your email and you certainly have nailed life ……we don’t get a rehearsal…. we get the real deal…….

Cheers Jo

This is the e-mail…

Allan Ivarsson comments: Everyone needs love and every person, man and woman, has different ways of dealing with love, some responses are good, some not so good. People that share a moment of love may stay together happily forever, or they just move on like ships in the night, docked together for awhile, until it is time to sail in a different direction. No person of non-violent, non-vindictive nature is in the wrong, it’s just that both persons are sailing through life in different directions. Sometimes, people that should have been together for life have had to move away in a different direction from each other, because the time of meeting was sadly too early or too late, or because duty and responsibility demanded a different destiny for one or the other, or both. This event often happened to people in war years, the pressure of duty pulled couples apart.

Here’s the thing, enjoy life as best we can, share friendship with each other, during our journey called ‘life’, don’t expect too much from each other, simply communicate as best we can. And when it’s time to move on, let go with grace. Love is not just looking at each other, love is sharing friendship and those whom travel together for life, do so, because they are looking in the same direction together. They bond in unity, because their lifestyle is compatible. This does not mean they all have the same interests, but as friends through love, they share each other’s interests and become one friendship, one team, one very caring loyal couple, so strong in conviction that as time passes the unity becomes so eternal that nothing can defeat them. They never surrender each other, even after death do us part.

Life is risk taking, and the wiser calculate their risks carefully. The unwise gamble. There is no future in gambling, it leads us into a world of instability, we live enough risks without gambling our existence. The way of wisdom is to travel calmly through life, sharing and enjoying friendship, we either click together as friends or we do not. Friendships and close relationships cannot be made to happen, they just do or they don’t exist. When people travel different paths, no one failed, no one did wrong.

The only thing which is truly wrong in life is vindictiveness, nastiness, lack of calm, unethical behaviour and violent response. When people do the right thing by each other, but are travelling in different directions, parting of the way, it happens because their star of destiny, the light within, is calling them to follow a different path. Walter Rinder in 1970 wrote “Love is an Attitude”.

My wife Jan, the other night, said to me, “Remember that movie ‘Return to me’, where is it?” Being the librarian, I went to our A-Z library and we enjoyed together, watching a romance comedy from the heart, a story of sadness, good fortune and finding ones way again. ‘Return to me’ released in 2000 C.E. –a beautiful inspiring story, directed by Bonni Hunt (Dave), starring David Duchovny (X Files) & Minnie Driver (Circle of Friends), plus many other old time favourite support actors now in elderly years, whom supported romance and enchantment of the young.

I don’t play cards, oh I tell a fib, when I was a young infant, I played ‘Fish’ and ‘Old Maid’. I once, a month before my near death accident in 1975, when I worked as a truck driver and truck loader for IPEC, was invited to an all-night gambling game. I went out of curiosity, for I never feared new experience, this is how we learn. I read the room at the location of the gambling card table at 8 pm. Poker was the game, and I told all the players that win or lose, I am leaving at 2 am. When the moment of time came after the last hand, I said, “Well goodnight guys…time for me to go.” As I stood up, a man opposite me responded in a loud intense voice, “You can’t go, you’ve got all of the money.”

“I am going,” I said, “You were told earlier.” “No you’re not,” he said as he stood up. “Who’s going to stop me?” I said. The NSW State Transport Manager at the table spoke firmly, “I’d like to see this. Who is going to stop him?” As I looked silently hard into his eyes, the man that challenged me said nothing, and just quietly sat down and I left.

That was my first and last gambling card poker game; I learned, I enjoyed the experience and then moved on into my next adventure. My overview training about poker, came from James Garner, Maverick. I don’t gamble my life, I love, I learn, I share, I exchange, I take calculated risks and then I move on. That is life, living the challenge, the adventure, sharing friendship and understanding, is what makes life great and true.

We are not all destined to travel through life together, hence when we meet, we enjoy the moment and then listening to our own drummer, we march forward living true as guided by our star of destiny.

Open mind, the way of ‘Cosmicism’ forever learning, explores ‘Cards on the Table’… we each must choose, what we like and don’t like.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2015

 Author’s Note: ‘Cards on the Table’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 14th November 2015.

PS. Did you know my wife’s previous name was Houston, and two of our sons from a melded family are Houston?

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