Nicholas Reece talks ‘High Treason’ striving to Secede Victoria from Australia

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Feature Image: Nicholas Reece wants Vexit… Victoria Secession from Australia.

Gordons Steps Victoria

Gordons Steps no longer Australia under Reece Plans. With no Defence Force, Victoria can be easily invaded by Communist China. Such is the illogical emotional stupidity of Mayor Nicholas Reece, who should be sacked for his treasonous objective.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

Melbourne no longer an Australian City under Reece Vexit Plan


Nicholas Reece talks ‘High Treason’ striving to Secede Victoria from Australia

Olivia Day for Daily Mail Australia reported on the 19th of April 2022 a serious subject for all Australians, titled, ‘Melbourne mayor calls for Victoria to Leave Australia and strike out on its own with Dan Andrews as PM because it is always ‘ripped off’ by Canberra’.

Allan Ivarsson comments… First of all, let’s get something straight. Every State in Australia may have grievances about Canberra’s budgeting, in which case they raise intelligent common-sense challenges by economic negotiated challenges. As a matter of ‘Australian Patriotic Duty’, they do not make noise to incite violent unrest and discontent by encouraging their State to secede from Australia, just because they are not happy about Federation Budgeting. Instead, they act responsibly by raising concerns about Budget Deals for their State and are not afraid to be publicly open about those challenges. But they do not as responsible ‘True Blue’ Australians talk ‘High Treason’ by spitting the dummy wanting to secede their state from Australia.

In one move Nicholas Reece by his demand proved he is an incompetent Australian Politician, and by the fact that Daniel Andrews supports such a secession strategy proves that he supports such a treasonous idea. How do I know this is true? ‘Silence is Approval.’

Daniel Andrews did not reprimand Nicholas Reece’s treasonous noise and made it clear by his silence he approves of the idea that Victoria should secede from Australia and that he should become the PM of an independent country called Victoria with its own flag and perhaps a new country name.

Such thinking by traitors, enemies of Australia must not ever be tolerated, not now, not ever. If Reece claims he was just making noise and did not mean it, he is a liar. A person’s belief system is the reason for their thinking and behaviour and if he said it, he meant it. His statement is more than just noise.

And now we move forward to review more…

The sub-headline of this report jumped off the page… ‘Victoria’s deputy mayor has called for southern state to separate from Australia.’ (i)

Nicholas Reece said it was in best political and financial interests of Victorians.’ (i)

A.I. comments… Reece is a liar. A Victorian Country would become poorer and more financially unstable, whatever problems States have they would become financially weaker and as a separate country. The Australian Military Defence Force would not be required to defend Victorian’s when Communist China invades their small country. Victorians would perish under the rule of Communist Dictatorship. In short, Nicholas Reece is an idiot and so is Daniel Andrews for failing to publicly denounce Reece’s treasonous statement. And I make it clear it is treasonous to demand secession from Australia.

Victoria should break away from the rest of Australia because it is constantly shortchanged by federal government funding, Melbourne’s deputy mayor claims.” (i)

Nicholas Reece, who was a senior advisor to former prime minister Julia Gilliard, said Victoria was ‘ripped off’ in this year’s federal budget.” (i)

A.I. comments… This explains why Julia Gilliard was so incompetent, she listened to idiot incompetent Reece for advice.

“He said it was time for Victorians to consider separating from the rest of the country for ‘our own best interests.” (i)

A.I. comments… Only ignorant Australians would naively support treasonous thinking Nicholas Reece. No Patriotic ‘True Blue’ Australian would ever commit the act of betraying Australia deserting the ‘Australian Code of Honour and Loyalty’ to their Country. The exception at present is Reece. And it seems Daniel Andrews supports his thinking. Why? Because ‘Silence is Approval.” And it seems Andrews likes the idea of becoming PM of Victoria a weak seceded country.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Canberra needs to know Victorian’s are sick of being screwed over, he [Reece] said in a column for The Age; ‘Radical options are on the table, including a Vexit!(i)

A.I. comments… With reference to Reece claims “Desperate times call for desperate measures and Radical Options are on the table” … my response is simple… if Victorians foolishly followed this treasonous Reece idiot… I would support ‘Civil War’ against Victoria to wipe out all traitors of Australia. Now in counter-defence of protecting Australia to stand united as one Nation, I would without hesitation support the execution of all traitors that desert Australia to satisfy their own greed for independent power.

Is that counter challenge against Reece, radical enough in desperate times?

“Reece outlined a series of reasons for the split, beginning with Victoria deserving a better share of the country’s ‘financial pie’. (i)

“He said despite being home to 26 per cent of the population, Victoria was allocated less than six per cent of new infrastructure funding worth $3.6 billion.” (i)

A.I. comments… This overview claim statement by Reece means nothing to any intelligent person. If Reece had intelligence, he would encourage Daniel Andrews to publicly present a needed Budget in detail of their financial vision for Victoria. Where is the common-sense Budget Vision? And then he would review the complete Federal Budget for all Australian expenditure. Finally, he would then challenge the excess expenditure and wrong allocation spend by the Federal Government to fight for a bigger financial share of the pie. But Nicholas Reece was not smart enough to do this. The effort of work involved was too onerous for him. And he is a Mayor? No doubt an incompetent Mayor that needs investigation of his performance. And I bet Daniel Andrews does not have a good, detailed budget presentation for the Public View.

In whinging copout, Reece chose to spit the dummy and call for Vexit, secession of Victoria. But Reece himself is a coward and like Putin would sacrifice others and would not fight to the death in a Civil War. Secession means ‘Civil War’.

“Reece said new GST arrangements meant Victoria would lose $1.1 billion every year – money that could fund hundreds of teachers and frontline workers.” (i)

A.I. comments… Hang on… Every State would experience GST changes, if there is a concern about GST then all States in Unity need to present their concerns about GST to the Federal Government. Vexit will not fix anything in a smaller country, its citizens would become poorer and more overtaxed.

Reece failed to talk about the elderly, the disabled, the health system, law enforcement costs. All he was concerned about was teachers and so-called frontline workers, which is a loose term word, for any of the people, with no accurate sense of definition and their rights. His statement was vague and incompetent. His remarks said nothing, no detail proof, no accurate evidence examples. All of his political statements are wishy-washy comments, revealing his incompetence not only as an adviser to Julia Gillard but also as a Mayor. The people of Melbourne should fight to have this treasonous creep expelled from his position as Mayor.

If Daniel Andrews supports Nicholas Reece, recommendations for Vexit, he should be sacked by the Victorian People as Premier of Victoria.

Nicholas Reece claimed, Queensland and NSW were getting a better financial deal but he failed to back his claim with any factual evidence. His propaganda statements were shot from the hip using phony spin knee jerk reactions. Reece is all mouth; he cannot deliver what I previously tabled he must do. He does not have those skills.

“Reece admitted in his piece that, in reality, the state wasn’t going to leave the Commonwealth of Australia any time soon.” (i)

A.I. comments… Reece is right, much to his chagrin that Vexit will not happen soon. The truth is that talking secession from a country is an act of ‘High Treason’ and such people like Nicholas Reece cannot ever be trusted again. He must apologize publicly to all Australians for his treasonous statement. And he must be permanently expelled from all Political Seats. We cannot ever tolerate people that choose to talk treason. He failed to do the right thing and talk solutions as I tabled earlier.

I am a ‘True Blue’ Australian loyal to Australia and shall always strive for corrective action ahimsa solutions to all problems to the best of my ability, which is now highly skilled.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Australian Patriotic Songs which Traitor Nicholas Reece Rejects…

These below songs will no longer apply to Victorians under the tyrannical PM leadership of Socialist Daniel Andrews and his Deputy Nicholas Reece. Vexit has by decision deserted Australians. Such would be song of truth if Reece had his wicked way.

Let us pray the majority of Australians have the patriotic spirit to stand for Australia and reject Victorian Traitors who like Reece want Vexit.

For ‘True Blue’ Australians I post these great Aussie songs.

Under Vexit the Australian National Anthem no longer applies to Victorians they can choose a new Anthem called ‘Rubber Duck’ a song about the decline of Victoria, triggered by Reece and Andrews who just Quacked.

Allan Ivarsson 2022