Abortion: Ignorant Australian Women Demonstrate instead of calmly resolving concerns by common-sense due process in Seminar Discussions

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Family Love

The Treasure of Being Born and Loved.

The Joy of Life.

“Thank you for letting me be born with love.”

“I love you, Mum.”

Happy Days.

Good Mothers are Proud of their Pregnancy.

The Wonderful Footprints of Life.

“Don’t Forget Me.”

“I’m coming… soon.”

The Joy of Pregnancy with Love.

“Be Kind to me.”

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10975257/Roe-v-Wade-protests-break-Australia-residents-demonstrate-against-decision.html?

Occasional Demonstration signs say something intelligent but most of them are emotional nonsense statements, which proves the creators of these placards are not too bright. Ignorance is not a virtue.

Abortion may sometimes with good reasons be necessary. But Abortion should not ever be an alternative solution to Contraception Methods. This is called ‘Moral Law’ codes of decency.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

My opinion Treatise for Information and Debate -don’t forget to read the important links.

Abortion: Ignorant Australian Women Demonstrate instead of calmly resolving concerns by common-sense due process in Seminar Discussions.

Aidan Wondracz for Daily Mail Australia and Australian Associated Press published on the 2nd of July 2022, the following title, Protests erupt across Australia in solidarity with American women as 27 US states move towards banning or criminalizing abortions: ‘No uterus, no opinion’. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… “Erupt” is the correct word, like an out-of-control volcano. These mindless ignorant Australian women true to anti-freedom ideology doctrine like Marxist Communists chose to block freedom of movement on Australian streets to support their own egomaniac limited intelligence on the streets. Their placard signs are riddled with illogical statements which proves how stupid many of these inferior thinking women are. No intelligent man would want a relationship with these second-rate thinking women.

What is happening in America on the battle subject of ‘Abortion’ is not an Australian problem. But now that Australian women have involved Australia in an ‘American Civil Conflict’, it means that if ‘American Law’ enforces tougher Abortion Laws, it will force Australia down the same road and all of these protesting women on Australian streets will get what they deserve ‘oppression’ for inventing an ‘Abortion Conflict’ which does not exist at present in Australia until these stupid demonstrating females started the conflict.

The blow dealt by the US Supreme court limiting access to safe abortions has shone a light on the situation in Australia as protestors take to the streets in solidarity. Thousands of people have already turned up at marches in Brisbane and Adelaide, and big numbers are expected in Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday. Supporters are also expected to voice discontent in Perth, Hobart, Wollongong and Rockhampton on Saturday, and in Launceston on Sunday.” (i)

A.I. comments… Australia had no ‘Abortion’ concern on the table until under-the-table Communists manipulated a lot of idiot Australian women to protest on an American problem.

That is why Xi Jinping constantly criticizes the West because so many fools misuse their freedom, abusing the privilege, by unjustly harassing society on subjects which are not about freedom values. The ‘America Law’ decision has not been imposed on Australia so why are these idiot females rocking the boat. The answer is because Xi Jinping in undercurrent wants to smash the credibility of our free nation. These stupid Australian women have let Xi Jinping play them in his political chess game.

‘Xi Jinping Beijing Intelligence’ is watching us daily. When the time is right, and we are plagued by a mass of demonstrations that is when Xi Jinping will invade Australia. As for all the demonstrators they will be caught out with their pants down as the Communist PLA ‘Peoples Liberation Army’ and Navy and Airforce attack Australia. And I will not have any sympathy for the demonstrators they will get what they deserve, elimination. My concern is for the intelligent Australians that do not want involvement in Australian idiotic demonstrations like ‘Climate Change Activists’ and ‘Abortion Activists’ etc.

We have not lost our right to live free, hence, there is no reason to demonstrate.

Workers Strike Protests are not Demonstrations, they are valid ‘Strike Actions’ for better wages and work conditions.

“The movement has been sparked by the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade that has seen 27 US states move toward either banning or threatening to criminalise abortions.” (i)

“While much of the attention is on America, there is still work to be done on abortion access at home, contraception and safe abortion providers, MSI Australia says.” (i)

A.I. comments… Now that the female demonstrators have opened the door of conflict on Abortion in Australia, they may lose advantages they had previously. The conflict in America was caused by Christians who rejected Abortion and the Catholic Church is very opposed to abortion. It will be interesting to see how many Australian Christians fight like American Christians to ban Abortion. The current demonstrations in Australia has just started a conflict battle, which would not have happened, if the Australians had stayed out of the American civil conflict.

Now Xi Jinping is laughing at us and justifying his argument that ‘Freedom Values’ must be wiped out.

“The events taking place in the US are devastating for human rights. Fortunately, we are not at risk of having abortion bans in Australia [So why are the female idiots demonstrating?] but we do need increased access and equity to abortion care services,” MSI managing director Jamal Hakim says. (i)

A.I. comments… I have published the subject of Abortion in Australia, but Australians were not interested in reading it. Now they are in panic stations worrying about Americans who must solve their own problems. It is not our right to tell Americans what they can and cannot do. We can discuss different cultural philosophies, but each society in each country must make its own societal decisions.

It is true that ‘Abortion is a Healthcare Concern and that ‘Healthcare is a Human Right.’

It is true that the Christian History of Abortion for many years treated women unjustly accusing them of shame, dishonour and ruled their lives with bully stigma, just like they mistreated children as ‘Bastard Children’ and mistreated unwed mothers. It is also true that ‘Stolen Children’ were not just taken from Aboriginal Mothers, they were taken from many thousands of Caucasian white mothers. Christians have a Dark History of bad behaviour including brutally flogging people and executing others for ‘Blasphemy’.

I have a very low opinion of Christians they have a history of two millenniums of cruel unjust persecution of millions of people and they still support the existence of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ supporting Islam’s cruel persecution of people for ‘Blasphemy’.

It has been suggested that Abortion is not a debate, but that is not quite correct. There is still a question of when it is right to abort a child or not. I have dealt with that concern over four years ago but Australians refused to read it. Their ignorance and inaction back then proves that they lack logical review of problems and are more focused on drama queen protest theatrics, rather than on common-sense decent solutions. I have no respect for emotional lack of intelligence outbursts.

No one wins debates. Both sides walk away with the same conviction still. Life is about majority vote for what rules and laws they want to live by. Such decisions are not always founded on decency and justice and moral law truth.

The dark history of banning abortion as enforced by dictator Christians, criminalized abortion and forced women to illegally have abortions and suffer cruel surgery by butcher illegal doctors. Many tragic deaths occurred and women that survived were maimed for life.

But the problem does not end there. During my lifetime I have known several women who as young girls were sexually raped by fathers, step-fathers, brothers and cousins. One woman I knew fell pregnant to her father and had to give birth and adopt the child out.

I know of two generations of women who were victims of sexual abuse in other people’s family circles. Sadly, I became skilled on this subject during my twenties in the 1970’s. I was able to detect when women I met had been victims of sexual abuse and that was true even when the women, I met were just platonic friends. I was told by a woman who had been married previously twice that she was surprised how I recognised that she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. She said my previous husbands never knew about my experience. The truth is bad experience scars never go away they are with a person for life. In rape, in war, in cruelty and torture and accident, memories linger forever. Some people rise above bad experiences, others live with the stress of bad memories and unforgettable experiences forever unto death.

I don’t need incompetent psychology, I use the most advanced intelligence in the world to understand human nature, it is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ not Psychology is the key to learning and understanding human nature, wisdom and codes of decency and honour.

It is not about winning; it is about higher education and sharing better understanding to help society evolve to a more wholesome wellbeing sense of good values and fair awareness of truth void of fixed dogma dictatorship.

Winning that is not understood why, ends up like Roe v Wade USA, victory then overturned decades later because society did not establish across the board wholesome wellbeing values and understanding.

The issue of people coming to Australia on temporary visas for abortion care is a separate humanitarian subject. This is not about Australians, it is about people who want care, some genuine, some setup to manipulate using abortion to migrate to Australia. That is a Policy Government decision and is not about Australian rights on Abortion.

As for the subject of ‘Reproductive Rights’ do not lose site of the ‘Moral Healthcare Rights’ of the ‘Unborn Child’. There is a point of time when Abortion becomes Murder and it is not the right of mothers to kill an unborn child. Read my previous treatise on Abortion reposted dated July 10, 2020, originally published on January 22nd, 2018, and published in my book COMPENDIUM 1 2018. Women refused to read this treatise around the world which reached into 96 countries. Australian women marching in this anti-freedom demonstration all refused to read it. Such is their high level low life self-centred selfish ignorance.

What happened to the right to contraception to avoid the tragedy of abortion?

Click Here to Read.

‘Healthcare’ is not just about abortion it is about ‘Humanitarian’ Care Rights of every person on this planet.

I published an electronic kindle book on this subject through Amazon on August 8th, 2017, reaching into many countries around the world, including even Japan & India. The ‘Health Care’ Publication was published on my website March 20, 2020, titled ‘Medannuation’ a Societal Health System, which includes retired ‘Pension Age Support’ published under ‘Cosmic Law’. [I wrote this Health Care Publication in 2003 and talked about it to a local newspaper in 2006, which is evidenced in a newspaper clip in my presentation.]

Not one Politician in Australia, America, Britain, New Zealand and Canada got off their incompetent arse and read this important Medannuation project. As for the people of every Western Nation they are equally as apathetic and ignorant like our politicians.

Click Here to Read.

Click Here to Read.

Every person in Australia marching in demonstration for Americans are ignorant inferior thinking idiots, they refused to read this ‘humanitarian’ essential ‘Medical Health System’ document.

Not one American has ever in past years demonstrated on the streets of America for Australian rights. We Australians lost our ‘Freedom of Speech’ rights by the unjust enforcement of 18C. I have previously published reports on that concern as well. Aussies are apathetic and ignorant. Only a few have bothered to read this treatise. They would rather be bullied by unjust anti-freedom of speech laws.

Click Here to Read.

Not one American has marched on the streets of USA protesting against Communist Xi Jinping’s constant threats towards Australia.

Not one of these women in these ‘Australian Abortion’ demonstrations has bothered to get ‘Combat Women’ trained for the coming invasion of the ‘Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army’ of Australia’.

The Military Trained women of Communist China are a lot tougher and better combat skilled than the women in Australia, they have the skills and ability to wipe out every woman marching in all these Abortion Demonstrations.

Am I angry? You bet I am, I have a zero tolerance of Demonstrations which abuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege and block freedom of passage of people on the streets and roads and in parks.

This Abortion demonstration is not about genuine ‘Workers Strikes’ for better wages and conditions it is about selfish people who seek to oppress others and deny them freedom of movement on our streets.

Previously, we have had ‘Climate Change’ Activists misusing ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege.

‘Marxist Communism’ does deliberately under the table, encourage these Demonstrations so that they can weaken our society and eventually take control.

How do you think Mao got control of 1.4 billion Chinese people in 1949? The ‘Communist Party’ movement started decades before 1949 after the 1917 ‘Communist Revolution’ in the Soviet Union. If you think Australia cannot fall under the hammer of Communism you are not too bright. Right now, because of all the incompetent ignorant young Australians, men and women, there is not much to stop Xi Jinping from invading us.

Only USA is protecting us and President Joe Biden is an incompetent weak-minded wimp. Previously, I have listened to him in communication with Xi Jinping and Jinping walked over the top of him in communication. Joe Biden lost my respect when I watched how he handled his too soft communication with Xi Jinping.

Roe v Wade was a landmark 1973 decision where the US Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution of the United States protects a person’s liberty to have an abortion.” (i)

It was overturned by the conservative majority court last month – paving the way for US states to go their own way.” (i)

A.I. comments… The decision has been seen by over 27 American States so far as being a move toward banning abortion and criminalise abortions.

The thing that amazes me with American and Australians, I have not read one mainstream news report that questions the right of ‘Supreme Courts’ to deliver ‘Precedent Decisions’ which overrule the voice of the people and Congress and Parliament Decisions.

The staged court in 1973 made one decision and then the staged court in 2022 made an opposing decision. Neither decision was approved by Congress. People like wimps, politicians included, let Court decisions overrule the decisions of the majority of the people. A referendum by vote of the people was not raised to challenge the Supreme Courts Decision and now both opposing decisions make the ‘Supreme Courts’ in history look like a gigantic hypocrisy.

I am the only person using the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ who is challenging the right of the ‘Supreme Court’ to overrule Congress/Parliaments right to make laws, which have been approved by the people by election vote, Referendum or Plebiscite vote.

The real truth is that ‘Supreme Courts’ have been given too much ‘Precedent Power’ which can deny the people the right to govern themselves through Congress/Parliament and it is time to stop the misuse of power by ‘Supreme Courts’. The job of Supreme Courts should only be to ensure the entire legal system, including lower courts are operating in support of ‘Laws’ approved by the people’s voted representation in the ‘House of Representatives’ and the Senate of every Nation.

It is time to curb the ‘Supreme Court’ power.

All the people in the ‘Free World’ need to wake up and learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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Transcript of A.I. comments on slide.

This is an American problem not Australian. Now more demonstrations will abuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ Privilege and block Australian streets denying people ‘Freedom of Movement’ void of harassment.

These vain self-centred selfish demonstrators are actioning this anti-freedom totalitarian protest to satisfy their own vanity and lust for power in much the same way despots fight to oppress others.

It is an act of treason to deny people freedom of movement on the streets.

In Communist China which is planning to invade Australia all of these demonstrators would be shot dead.

There is a solution set up ‘Political Boxing’ rings and make every demonstrator fight in the ring under ‘Marquess Queensberry Rules’ to defend their ideas and I guarantee the majority are cowards and will run the other way.

I have no respect for bullies, cowards and traitors. And most of these demonstrators are all three.

I have a zero tolerance towards ‘Mob Rule’.

A.I. comments… Why are they traitors? I say it again… Because denying people freedom of movement in public places is an abuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege and thus is an act of treason, betrayal of the right of the people to walk and drive free of bully harassment.

Hence, I repeat…

There is a solution set up ‘Political Boxing’ rings and make every demonstrator fight in the ring under ‘Marquess Queensberry Rules’ to defend their ideas and I guarantee the majority are cowards and will run the other way.

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