Allan Ivarsson 1969 20 years old.

Little did I know then… what was ahead of me.

My tough adventurous life in the years ahead was not for the feint-hearted.

In a discussion with an Australian engineering friend recently, I answered his comments about talking to people. And this is my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ of what I said to him…

I don’t discuss my work and philosophy with neighbours, I avoid such difference of opinions for reasons of peace. My son Daniel and my wife Jan are the only ones who know how I think. And I don’t discuss such subjects with other relatives and friends and children that do not have the interest or skills to discuss such depth. Lew, you are the only local I talk to… and you are still distance away.” [500 Ks] [We worked together for five years in Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand for five weeks in 1999.]

People know I have a website. If they want to learn they can read. Morrison has to be replaced. Problem is… by who?”

Climate Change is not my concern, we have far more serious survival issues to resolve. Remember when we were young, we were taught don’t discuss religion and politics at social gatherings.”

Lew correctly commented, “The difference in reporting in Australia, 100% different views. It’s like they are reporting on two completely different people who said two completely different things.”

I answered… “News Media is still engineered by opinion. My work is founded upon opinion. All writing including in books is influenced by opinion. The question for everyone in their thinking… “which opinions are right and which are wrong?”

This overview philosophical presentation in interface adds to our common-sense understanding of reality.

And now another brief story…


Dangerous Stunt

For several years, I lived as a young working adult, with my parents at Unit 1/65 Garfield Street, Five Dock, Sydney suburb NSW. The units were built as a two-storey block above garages. I had my 21st Birthday in that unit. My Grandfather and I were close, he was suffering from lung cancer, but he insisted that he wanted to be there for my 21st Birthday. It was the last time we Ivarsson’s, three generations were together in Australia. He passed away in 1970 at the age of 69 years. I miss the good times we enjoyed as family during my first 21 years.

One day on the weekend in the afternoon… an elderly lady who owned the unit next door to us on the first storey accidently locked herself out of her unit, her keys were inside, and the balcony door was unlocked. Her front door was on the opposite side of the building.

I decided to climb out of our Dining Room window to reach her balcony so that I could open her door. All the balconies were made of brick, not metal.

The span distance between our outside windowsill to her balcony edge were level to each other and the distance was equal left to right, to my outstretched arms and legs. I was six feet three inches tall with a long reach in arms and legs. Like a spider on a wall facing a brick wall, I stretched across the wall and pulled myself over into her balcony, with only my fingers and toes as grips. If I had fallen backwards, I would have fallen one storey onto cement and no doubt would have been killed.

When my parents came home and I told them about my adventure, my mother was horrified. It was not until my elderly years, that when I looked back on my experiences, that I felt uneasy about the crazy challenge that I actioned. It could have easily become a disaster. During that moment of time my life hanged on a thread by the grips of my fingers and toes.

What possessed me to do this dangerous stunt, has always in later years concerned me. It was a miracle that I survived my next few years of living dangerously. I took too many risks and in 1975 after an accident which almost cost me my life twice, I was forced to start changing.

In 1984, I started to review my wild years since 1970 and began to realise I had a destiny to fulfil. And thus, my work for finding the truth about existence and ideas started with dedicated focus. During my previous years, I read widely to educate myself, but from 1984 I became very committed to learning the truth, because I knew that all the hundreds of belief systems around the globe, past and present were riddled with wrong false knowledge ideas. I became determined to figure out what was the right path to live by. I knew Atheism, New Age and all the Cults and Religions on earth were a dead end, a no through road which did not lead to higher intelligence.

Still wild after the accident I began to gradually change to a new way of thinking.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


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