Bible Wisdom, Climate Change, God, Guns, Nuclear Weapons, Channelling, ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and Music… Overview Exploration

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Feature Image: Noah’s Ark

Once upon a time… there was a ‘Great Flood’ around the Earth… it was a ‘Climate Change’ Event. Regardless of whether you believe in the story of Noah or not. One thing is true… there was a great flood.

Climate Change has been happening for over Three Billion Years on Planet Gaia/Earth.

Economic Strangulation caused by Greed and Panic.

The only lifeform on Planet Earth that naively believes they can control climate change are idiot human beings, i.e. homo sapiens. During the early 21st Century, coward climate change activists rose in a human wave of panic around the globe and began spending trillions of taxpayers money around the globe to reduce CO2 an essential survival gas of the planet.

The people went crazy in every Nation, especially in Britain, Europe and Australia. They failed to comprehend that CO2 Carbon Dioxide and O2 Oxygen are essential survival gasses for all life on this amazing planet, in one of thousands of galaxies in the vast regions of the Universe.

Because of the ‘Panic Mentality’ of these fanatics, societies suffered, poverty, misery and panic because they failed to simply manage ‘Pollution’ problems around the earth and learn how to wisely terraform all barren land and manage water supplies. These humans were clever for since the 19th Century they learned how to harness the natural resources of energy on earth and from space. But they were not Philosophically Smart.

Humans want to terraform Mars and they cannot even terraform Earth. The only exception is Les Vegas USA. And it took the effort of Criminals to invest in creation of that terraforming achievement. Governments are incompetent in the art of Terraforming Earth, in the name of building Self-Sufficiency.

Sadly, greed to control the mass population of the common people was launched by the wealthy people in societies around the globe, who used the ‘Panic Minds’ of limited ignorant thinkers to get rich from the ‘Panic Movement’.

The wealthy to get richer, used the naïve minds of the common people, and attempted an anti-freedom conquest agenda of controlling CO2, pretending to themselves they were right; thousands believed they could control climate change. The model idea was a lie. Tens of thousands of poorer folk in desperation supported the idea because they were terrified of climate change.

Hundreds of Politicians cashed in on the global panic to make more money and strengthen their powerbase to control the people by the use of Authoritarianism anti-freedom ideology.

Renewable Energy’ became a misused power control weapon against the people without firing a shot. Economic Hardship became the Result.

Intelligent people published articles, treatises and books about the myth of ‘false knowledge’ about ‘Climate Change’ which in the foolish name of ‘CO2 Reduction’ suggested that the poorer people were doing great things to save the planet by stopping ‘Climate Change’.

These stupid thinking people failed to manage ‘Pollution’ of the planet and continued in the name of ‘Renewable Energy’ to destroy more land and wildlife corridors to save a planet that was slowly dying not because of ‘Climate Change’ but because of ignorance, incompetence and negligence. This process became known as ‘Green Murder’ which was correctly described in a book as “A Life Sentence of Net Zero With No Parole” by talented Ian Plimer an Australian Professor Geologist who published the book ‘Green Murder’ in 2021. A book which all the panic motivated ‘Doomsday Mentality’ people around the world failed to read, and the ‘Greedy Wealthy’ making billions of dollars out of the ‘Panic Hysteria’ continued happily to keep the people poorer by constantly marketing the phony idea that we humans cannot survive if we do not reduce the essential survival gas of CO2 on our planet.

Plants need CO2 Carbon Dioxide to survive, they create O2 Oxygen for all other lifeforms, and without these two essential companion survival gases all life would perish. But the ignorant are not listening they are trapped in their own prison of panic.

Ignorance is evil. Why? Because Ignorance allows evil to exist.

Apathy Creates Ignorance.

People are often controlled by planting the seeds of panic. The Chinese Communists and the Wealthy are dangerously very good at using this panic tactic to increase their wealth and power.

Allan Ivarsson 25th August 2022

And now we move forward exploring other ideas, many of which were tabled in the Bible, an often misunderstood book, by Atheists and Religious people around the globe.

Bible Wisdom, Climate Change, God, Guns, Nuclear Weapons, Channelling, ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and Music… Overview Exploration

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Things we should read… Truth, Good & Bad must be read using Wisdom.

Ignorance is Evil because Ignorance allows Evil to exist.

Normie Rowe still haunted by war

“I just held him and I pulled my pistol out and put it to his head…and I thought what have I turned into?” In 1968 Normie Rowe was the Australian King of Pop but his life changed forever when he was conscripted to the war in Vietnam. Fifty years on, he is still haunted by the experience.”

Corrective Action Calmly fixes wrong thinking & behaviour. Sometimes living Tough, Sometimes solving easy. There is no such thing as too onerous. Every Problem is a Solution when caring altruism is used in company with Common-Sense. Without Wisdom and Courage we are handicapped. Education uses the art of being clever. But being clever is worthless if we are not also smart with common-sense.

Even Scientists might be clever to identify the existence of ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Anti-Matter’ and ‘Black Holes’ but creating it is not smart. Clever can be stupid. Scientists who strive to recreate ‘Extinct Animals’ may be clever but they are not smart. The balance of Life and the Universe does with birth and extinction of all creatures, often act unjustly, including ‘Homo Sapiens’, if they are foolish to continue the ‘Habit of War’.

Creation of Weapons of Destruction may seem clever, but it is not smart.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

Transcript of Slide with comments by Allan Ivarsson

Interesting read… a lot of statements in the Bible are common-sense insights.

In several sections of my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’, I have referenced several times my final question, “Where do all ideas come from?”

Science cannot accurately answer that question. But deduction observations throughout history and cultures can identify coincidences in evolution of ideas and instinctive insights.

The big mistake is that for thousands of years people believed a ‘God Creator’ made everything. But that was an understandable error because it took over 100,000 years for the evolution of science to prove that ‘God Creator’ does not exist.

But this is not ‘Atheism,’ it is ‘Cosmicism’ because evidence does exist that a ‘Spiritual God’ exists void of ‘Physical Powers’. To understand how this reality works you need to learn the most advanced intelligence in the Universe, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which I identified over forty years from 1984-2024 and coined its name in 2007.

‘Cosmic Consciousness’ and ‘Communication Channelling’ process does work & does exist. To learn more, read more teachings about P.I. It is easy to learn if you have the will to learn higher insight.

‘Prayer Power’ & ‘Mediation’ & Automatic Writing are Channelling skills, when we know how to use them wisely, which I mastered over forty years.

Be the eye of calm in a storm. May Peace, be with you always.