Australia Day Conflict is Dividing Australia

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This ‘Australia Day Conflict is Dividing Australia’ online presentation was Published in 2019 Paperback book COMPENDIUM V printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

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This Internet Overview tables alternative names. But these names are not official names. The names ‘Survival Day’ & ‘Invasion Day’ are false knowledge names created by anti-Australian activists who are focused on the elimination of Patriotic ‘Australia Day’ Celebrations. These anti-Australian troublemakers also reject the memory march of ‘Anzac Day’.

‘True Blue’ Australians stand in firm support of the right to celebrate ‘Australia Day’. The dates of when the ‘First Fleet’ landed cannot be disputed. History cannot be changed. We must not deny history; we must stand united and get on with the building of a stronger free nation. True we have problems, but problems can be solved if we use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and pragmatic common sense. There is no place for misguided activism which seeks to divide all Australians and force us into a state of foolish conflict.

The question of when to celebrate ‘Australia Day’ is a reasonable question but in reality, the logical day is the landing day of the ‘First Fleet’ on the 26th January 1788.

The decision of what date ‘Australia Day’ should be celebrated can only be decided by the Plebiscite Vote of the People; no politician has the right to change the date without majority approval of the people.

Captain Phillip did not treat the Aborigines cruelly, he did the opposite he treated them with kindness.

Phillip also had to adopt a policy towards the Eora Aboriginal people, who lived around the waters of Sydney Harbour. Phillip ordered that they must be well-treated, and that anyone killing Aboriginal people would be hanged. Phillip befriended an Eora man called Bennelong.” #

# Source:

Imagine if Australia had not been founded by the British Government. How would the Aborigines have been treated today if Islamic Indonesian Belief System had invaded and taken control of this Southern Land? The aborigine culture would have been wiped out and forced to convert to Islam.

Imagine if China had invaded this land and conquered it, the Aborigines would again have lost their culture and would have been forced to submit to the dictatorship of anti-freedom Communism.

Imagine if the Japanese on the Kokoda Trail had not been stopped by the ANZACS, Australia would have been invaded and the Aborigines would have been enslaved by the Imperial Japanese Government. Be careful activists against Australia Day & Anzac Day you are off track.

It is fortunate for the Aborigines that Britain did land on these shores in 1788. The survival of the Aborigines would have suffered far more if another culture had succeeded in invading this Island territory.

Australia Day Conflict is Dividing Australia


“Indigenous leader Warren Mundine has pleaded for an end to the ‘disgraceful’ debate over Australia Day.” (i)

“Warren Mundine supports changing the date from January 26”. (i)

However, he condemns all the abuse tabled by both sides for and against Australia Day celebrations.

“This all needs to stop,” he told Sydney radio 2GB.” (i)

“It irritates me that every time it comes up, every year, you get the same old people coming out and arguing the same old cases, trying to divide the country when we should be actually trying to work together.” (i)

“Mr. Mundine… argues Aboriginal people in remote communities have bigger issues to worry about.” (i)

“He criticised the Greens for pursuing the move, and individual councils and councillors pushing to make a decision on what is a national issue.” (i)

“If you want to make us feel good, then let’s start dealing with the unemployment, the health and the education of Aboriginal people rather than dealing with this issue.” (i)

Mr. Mundine said the fact he was getting attacked, even though he supported the move, showed how “bizarre” the debate had become.” (i)

(i) SBS News report… ‘Disgraceful’ Australia Day debate needs to stop: Warren Mundine.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

I agree with Mr. Mundine, this debate is dividing our country and is the wrong thing to do.

Asians, Blacks, Browns, Whites etc. all deserve equal respect, except those who reject 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’ Values. There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in any decent society.

I don’t agree with Mr. Mundine that we should change the Australia Day Celebration date, but I respect his right to disagree with the current celebration date.

As I have said previously in treatise Attack’, no Australian has the right to change the date. The date can only be changed by ‘Plebiscite’ voted by majority of the people. Politicians do not have the right to change the Australia Day celebration date without the majority approval of the people.

As for anti-freedom of speech Socialist Green dictator Richard Di Natale, he is true to his tyrannical views a disgrace and an enemy of ‘Freedom Values’. His political agenda is to constantly divide Australia and push Australia into excessive higher energy costs, and to block the essential prosperity strength of ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Free Trade’, which creates better employment opportunities. He opposes ‘Freedom of Speech’ and supports opening the gates to encourage an increase in anti-freedom invasion of ‘Jihad Muslims’ that seek to ‘Islamize Australia and force all races, including Aborigines to submit to Islamic Doctrine dictatorship.

Di Natale is deliberately supporting the division of Australia using this ‘Australia Day’ conflict as a catalyst to weaken Australian strength as one Nation. I classify the ‘Green’ movement in Australia as enemies of ‘Freedom Values’.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale is adamant the date of Australia Day will change within the decade despite government backlash against a campaign to shift celebrations.” (ii)

“The minor party leader yesterday announced a push to move Australia Day from January 26 would be a top priority for the Greens this year, pledging to use the party’s representatives in local government to influence how communities mark the occasion.” (ii)

Di Natale in this statement proves he is determined to impose ‘Totalitarianism’ upon Australia. His bully mentality, leans towards hooligan behaviour in his dictatorship determination. If the date of Australia Day is changed without the Plebiscite majority approval of the people, those political persons who alter the date will be charged by ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ not only as ‘Gangsters’ but will also be charged with treason against the people of Australia.

Warren Mundine said… “If the Greens were fair dinkum, they would concentrate on these issues rather than something that is not going to make a difference to anyone.” (ii) Refer (i) for issues Mr. Mundine referenced.

(ii) ‘Australia Day Date ‘will change this decade’ by Liz Burke.

Wrong does occur in Australia. And it has happened throughout Australian history. As for ‘Stolen Children’ blacks were not the only victims of mistreatment, many white children were also stolen. Check out history of how so-called ‘Bastard Children’ were treated, by vindictive Christians; ‘Stolen from unwed mothers’.

Refer comment about ‘Bastard Children’ in book ‘Flat Earth’ subject ‘Moral Law’. Note comments about how Christians behaved when ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ stage musical was presented in Sydney 1972.

Captain Arthur Philip was kind towards the Aborigines right from his first day of landing on the 26th January 1788.

Incidents of evil cruelty by some new Australians cannot be denied. But likewise the history of kindness and good behaviour cannot be denied. We must learn from the rights and wrongs of history. But we must never persecute the descendants because of the wrong thinking mistakes of some ancestors.

History cannot be changed; we must move forward.

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