Xi Jinping Lied About ‘Freedom Values’

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Mao Zedong the Framed Butcher, revered by Xi Jinping who Cruelly Murdered over Eighty Million Chinese People, including One million Tibetans since 1949-1950.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/china-ambassador-tells-australian-protestors-no-such-thing-as-absolute-freedom/ar-AAYOxtQ?

The most controversial challenge Allan Ivarsson has ever written against Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping Lied About ‘Freedom Values’

Aka. Xi Jinping Lied in his Definition of ‘Freedom Values’ to Xiao Qian who lied to Australia like a Puppet Parrot.

“Freedom of speech is different from absolute freedom,” Xiao said. “In this world, there’s no such thing as absolute freedom. Freedom is freedom within rules and law.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Read the truth… about Xi Jinping Philosophical Deceit below.

Never forget that our Philosophy is how we think and act and thus because Xi Jinping thinks wrong, he also acts wrong in his decisions and oppressive orders and thus by his allegiance to anti-freedom ideology Communism Jinping is a dangerous enemy of ‘Freedom Values’.

Must read below to become smarter.

The Guardian Post by Daniel Hurst ‘Foreign Affairs and ‘Defence Correspondent’ reported on 24th June 2022 that “China ambassador tells Australian protestors ‘no such thing as absolute freedom”. (i)

“China’s ambassador to Australia has declared there is “no such thing as absolute freedom” as he defended his country’s human rights record during a speech in Sydney.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The Puppet Parrot Chinese Ambassador lied as he tabled the words of Xi Jinping President of ‘Communist China. Xi Jinping Communist Beijing reveres Mao Zedong who is responsible for the cruel murder of over eighty million people including one million Tibetans. Xi Jinping denies that evil violent history by Mao.

Xi Jinping denies the history of the 1989 Massacre of Tiananmen Square of Pro-Democracy Chinese people not only in the square but also in surrounding Provinces. In short, Xi Jinping is a liar.

If we refer to the ‘Ten Commandments’ there are genuine laws which deny people the right to hurt others. Of course, by common-sense no one should have the freedom to deny others the right to live free in safety.

‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’ which does not harm or deny other people’s freedom is an absolute eternal human right. No one has the right to abuse ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the right to live and move freely in public places.

Xi Jinping has a history of oppressing the Chinese people denying them the right to ‘Freedom of Speech’. People are jailed for life if they criticize the Chinese Government and its dictatorship policies. Since 1949, the Communist Party has murdered millions of people who used ‘Freedom of Speech’ opposition against anti-freedom ideology ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’.

The people in Hong Kong were unjustly oppressed by the orders of Xi Jinping. Persecuting people, denying people the right to ‘Freedom of Speech is a denial of human rights. The Communist Party since 1949, does not have a good human rights record, they are all liars when they claim they have a good record.

Xi Jinping, the Ambassadors and other representatives persistently lie about their appalling human rights records. Like the Massacre of Tiananmen Square, they deny it happened and the new younger Chinese Students are in education process not taught about the incidents of violence against Chinese people. The ‘Dark Violent’ History of the Chinese people since 1949 is deliberately hidden from the young new generation, they are taught that ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ is a great wonderful ideology and that idea is a lie.

Australians do not listen to the unjust anti-freedom complaints of Xi Jinping and his puppet parrot Ambassadors and other Representatives of Beijing who are committed to destroying world freedom and creating a global ‘Communist Authoritarian World’. In reality, in Communist China the only person who has ‘Freedom of Speech’ is Xi Jinping, every person that reports to him does not have ‘Freedom of Speech’ and must be careful of what they say lest they be deposed and jailed. A Political System founded upon fear, afraid to speak feely is an evil political system.

Taiwan correctly rejects Communist leadership defending their right to live free in a democratic process. They have been living free since 1912. Mao failed to conquer them. Now evil Xi Jinping wants to rule Taiwan just like he has now taken control of Hong Kong. The difference is that the Taiwanese people are armed and willing to fight to the death for their right to live free of the oppressive tyranny of Despot rule Communism.

It is the duty of every person in the free world to defend the rights of Taiwan to live free. And contrary to what Xi Jinping says Taiwan does not belong to Communist Beijing.

“Facing repeated interruptions from protestors, Xiao Qian [born November 1964 is Chinese ambassador to Australia in this position since January 2022. He previously served as Chinese ambassador to Indonesia and before that Hungary.] said on Friday there was no reason the two countries should be enemies but they should respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity – phrasing that indicates Australia should be moderate in its comments about Taiwan and Hong Kong.” (i) [Latter Statement by Qian is nonsense.]

A.I. comments… This latter comment is a copy of Xi Jinping demand that we should accept the oppressive tyranny imposed upon Hong Kong and planned for Taiwan. As I said previously, Xi Jinping is the only person who has ‘Freedom of Speech’ not even the Ambassadors for Communist Beijing have ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege. No one in the PLA has ‘Freedom of Speech’ they must all obey higher ‘Command’. Past Generals in the PLA that challenged higher wrong thinking policies and orders have been removed from leadership position and jailed for daring to speak the truth.

Communism acts like a tyranny of Ants obey and be expendable for the collective, when it suits the objective of the colony. This is a sad style of oppressive existence.

There is no way, I will obey Xi Jinping’s demand that we must cease use of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and refuse to criticize the wrong thinking and behaviour of the ‘Communist Chinese Party’.

Xi Jinping claims we should respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, but that is not true. Xi Jinping does not respect Australia and does want to invade us, only USA is protecting us, from being invaded at present.

Taiwan as a free country is not a part of Communist Beijing China sovereignty as Xi Jinping falsely claims. We do have the right to support Taiwan’s right to live free. And we do have the right to criticize the Communist Party for oppressing the Chinese people and denying them the right to live free in a pro-democratic process.

“He [Xiao Qian] described the meeting between China and Australia’s defence ministers in Singapore earlier this month as “very significant”, after the freeze on high-level talks lasted more than two years.” (i)

A.I. comments… I would like to read an accurate report of what was said on both sides of the fence. mmm… “very significant”? I don’t believe it. His remark sounds like a ‘con’ to me.

The Xiao Qian meeting in Singapore sounds like a ‘Buy Time Meeting’ for Communist Beijing to work persistently on its objective without firing a shot to gain control of the entire South Pacific including in the end Australia & New Zealand, if we are stupid enough to submit to the tyranny of anti-freedom ideology Marxist Socialist Communism.

Yang Hengjun and Cheng Lei

Writer Victims of Communist Chinese entrapment injustice.

Xiao disclosed that diplomats were in “very intense communication” about the Australian writer Yang Hengjun and the Australian journalist Cheng Lei, who have been detained in China over national security-related accusations.” (i)

A.I. comments… Yang Hengjun and Cheng Lei are both Australian citizens, arrested and held as prisoners in Communist China. These arrests and imprisonment of men and women, proves no Australian can safely visit Communist China. Anyone like me, a hardcase writer would be a target by Xi Jinping Communist Beijing for daring to openly in public criticize the treacherous anti-freedom behaviour of Communist Beijing Government.

“Addressing a public event at the University of Technology Sydney, Xiao made the case that there was “greater potential for cooperation” between the two countries, including on climate change.” (i)

A.I. comments… Another ‘con’ on claiming China will co-operate on ‘Climate Change’. China has 3,543 Coal-Fired Plants and has no intention of getting rid of fossil fuel.

The only way Australians can be accepted as cooperating with Communist Beijing China is to submit to acceptance of Marxist Socialism Communism as a ruling anti-freedom ideology. We would be irresponsible as Moral Individuals if we did that. Yang Hengjun and Cheng Lei are both Australian citizens, and we are all duty bound to demand that Xi Jinping Communist Beijing, releases both of them to return to Australia.

“But he [Xiao] was interrupted at least four times by protestors, who shouted to “stop the genocide” in Xinjiang and “Tibet remains colonized”. One asked: “How about freedom of speech in China?” (i)

A.I. comments… Three Cheers for these protestors… they all tabled valid common-sense questions and serious truthful concerns.

“Xiao said it was his pleasure to address the event “although there are different views” and they “should be expressed in a way that is appropriate”. (i) [Different Views are not allowed in Communist China, if a person disagrees with unjust State Laws’ they are eliminated, jailed for life or executed.]

A.I. comments… Yes, Xiao is right in choice of words, we must all express our ideas in ways that are appropriate. Problem is that ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ ideas of what is appropriate is vastly different to what decent people in the West consider to be appropriate. Xi Jinping perception eliminates any person that speaks against Communism. Jinping is the only person allowed to enjoy ‘Freedom of Speech’, everyone else is forbidden to disagree with him at the penalty of imprisonment or execution. Justice, truth and decency is denied in mainland Communist China.

Not one Communist Chinese person including Xi Jinping has the ability to match my skills in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. I can outperform every person on this planet using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ written communication skills, using Gaia Language that does not have P.I. Not Brag. Fact. If a person has learned P.I. we will be on the same page using the same dynamic sheet of music even when our skills abilities are different.

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It is good for me that Xi Jinping underestimates my skills level. I know Western Politicians underestimate my ability. And the mainstream media is afraid to quote my name. But that suits me fine, it gives me the edge advantage.

“Freedom of speech is different from absolute freedom,” Xiao said. “In this world, there’s no such thing as absolute freedom. Freedom is freedom within rules and law.” (i)

“Xiao said audience members “should respect the law and order” and “keep quiet while we’re speaking”. (i)

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A.I. comments… The rules of decency I learned as a child was that it is good manners to listen and learn what others are saying by being courteous in silence and not to boo and heckle others whilst they are speaking. But people must always have the right in ‘Free Speech’ to calmly agree to disagree in ideas.

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Xiao Qian is talking like a puppet parrot because he is saying what Xi Jinping has instructed him to say to the West. He is not allowed to disagree with Xi Jinping. The penalty for disagreement is lifetime imprisonment or death.

It is true there’s no such thing as absolute freedom, because ‘Cosmic Law’ starting with ‘The Ten Commandments’ teaches laws of decency. And it is true ‘Freedom is freedom within rules and law’. But here is the ticketThose laws must allow difference of opinion and allow people to peacefully agree to disagree. And they must allow people to vote in their ideas with majority vote ruling a society. It is not truthful decent justice when people are fined, jailed, tortured and killed for their opinions.

Constantly in Communist China decade after decade, good people have been arrested, jailed, tortured and killed for their pro-democracy opinions and criticism of Communist Government Policies and wrong thinking unjust rules.

Xi Jinping and the Communist Party believes they are above the ‘Law of Decency’ and that they have the right to persecute people that disagree with them. Xi Jinping thinks it is his right to invade Taiwan and destroy the right of the Taiwanese to live free in a democracy. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Xi Jinping does not have the right to deny people ‘Freedom of Speech’ and to ban what they say, when their comments are not violent towards others and do respect the right of others to difference of ahimsa opinions. It is a war crime to deny people the right to peacefully use freedom of speech.

The Marxist Socialist Communism perception of what is ‘True Freedom’ is twisted, dark and aggressive towards every person that disagrees with their fixed dogma forceful authoritarian rules. There is no justice in such an anti-freedom ideology dictatorship. And such despot dictatorship is a Crime against decency and the right of people to live safely free in peace.

Xi Jinping vainly believes he is above the ‘Humanitarian Moral Laws of Decency’. He believes he has the right to oppress every person on this planet. ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ thinking, is not acceptable thinking and behaviour, not now, not ever, and for that reason by ‘Cosmic Law’, Communism has been outlawed by every person that uses the most advanced intelligence in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Xiao walk soft diplomatic tactics is playing us by a ‘Big Con’ to give Xi Jinping time to conquer us without firing a shot. Only gullible fools will fall prey to these Communist manipulation tactics.

“The moderator, Prof James Laurenceson, brought up the cases of “UTS alumnus Dr Yang Hengjun and Cheng Lei, who, like me, is a University of Queensland graduate”. (i)

“Laurenceson, the director of the Australia-China Relations Institute at UTS, noted Cheng had been “cut off entirely from communicating with her family, including her two young children”. (i)

“Laurenceson asked the ambassador if he could understand why Australians would feel it was “perfectly reasonable for the Australian government, for example, to not entertain an extradition treaty with China, or to warn Australians visiting China about the risk of arbitrary detention”. (i)

A.I. comments… Such is the inhumane treatment of Communist behaviour ordered by Xi Jinping.

The valid question Laurenceson tabled to Xiao… “Is there any message of hope that you can give to those Australians who are worried sick right now about their loved ones?” (i)

But Xiao defended the secrecy about the specific accusations against Yang and Cheng and urged Australia to respect China’s legal system. The ambassador said national security-related cases were not necessarily heard in open court in other countries, either.” (i)

A.I. comments… In other words, Xiao Qian is covering up the injustice of the arrests of Australians Yang and Cheng whose guilt is only criticism of ‘Communist Government Doctrine’ and who foolishly visited China again expecting to be safe in their birth home of China.

No one is safe visiting China who is not pro-Communism. Even Chinese people who are pro-democracy and pro- ‘Freedom Values’ in China are arrested, jailed, tortured and killed because they reject the anti-freedom ideology of ‘Chinese Marxist Socialist Communism’.

Xi Jinping refuses to openly discuss the ‘Communist Party’ crimes of Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, and the unjust massacre of Millions of Chinese people by Mao Zedong who also invaded Tibet an independent peaceful Buddhist culture in 1950. Over a million Tibetans have been murdered by Communists. Xi Jinping specializes in ‘Coverup’ choosing the weak excuse that all arrests of people who use ‘Freedom of Speech’ are guilty of a breach of security-related cases. The rule of Xi Jinping is that no one has the right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ because as he said to Xiao and others“Freedom of speech is different from absolute freedom,” Xiao said. “In this world, there’s no such thing as absolute freedom. Freedom is freedom within rules and law.” (i)

Under Communist Law, no one has the right to challenge unjust laws. Injustice is in ‘Lockdown’ forever enforced. Such laws are signs of intellectual madness. Thus, Communist Beijing Rules are not acceptable.

Under Communist lack of common-sense logic supported by Xi Jinping orders, there is no such thing as ‘Freedom of Speech’ which dares speak the truth, and criticizes Communism and dares demand the right to live free in a Pro-Democracy Government like Taiwan, Australia, USA and other Western Nations.

Whatever Xiao Qian says as ambassador to Australia, we can truthfully state that he is a Puppet Parrot of Xi Jinping and for that reason cannot ever be trusted to deal with Australia in an honourable way.

And Point Blank two Chinese writers that may have been born in China did become Australian Citizens in their young years and are thus Australians. Xi Jinping has no right to jail Australian Citizens and is subsequently guilty of an ‘Act of Aggression’ against Australians and must receive demands from our Government in a persistent high pressure action for the release of both these people.

My concern is how tough and courageous are our Politicians to stand up strong against Xi Jinping? Joe Biden President of USA is a wimp when dealing with Xi Jinping. I have witnessed early this year Biden’s weak communication live with Xi Jinping who walked over the top of him.

Xiao copout response to avoid truthful answers to Australians

“For the individual case of the Australians in China, first of all, there’s been very intense communication between China and Australia through the diplomatic channels – in Beijing and in Canberra,” Xiao said. (i)

“These are individual cases and the Chinese relevant authorities are dealing with the cases according to Chinese laws and regulations.” (i)

A.I. comments…. Xiao Qian deliberately clings to the idea that Chinese laws and regulations are a justice law process. But such laws are not justice when they oppress ‘Freedom of Speech’ and arrest people simply for what they say. And in the case of foreigners like Australians Yang and Cheng, if they don’t like what they said, the justice solution is expel them from China and send them safely back to Australia.

The real truth is that Xi Jinping refuses to respect people’s right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and is determined to oppress every person and make them Chinese or Foreigner obey his anti-freedom ideology Communist rules of dictatorship, including his Ambassadors and Foreign Representatives.

Fact: Xi Jinping & Allan Ivarsson are Enemies.

Fact: Xi Jinping is nothing more than a Communist Gangster.

Fact: Allan Ivarsson ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ founder of the most advanced intelligence on Planet Gaia/Earth called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is the only person that is not afraid to criticize Xi Jinping openly in written public statements.

Fact: Xi Jinping is afraid to write to Allan Ivarsson through his Website ‘Chatline’ in Gaia Language/English.

I have given Xi Jinping ‘Cosmic Law’ orders knowing full well he would disobey those orders, as posted below, but now for history it is a matter of permanent record that Xi Jinping rejects the right of people to live free in speech, choice and equality. If Xi Jinping invades Taiwan or any other Nation like ‘War Criminal’ Putin invaded Ukraine, Xi Jinping will be charged by A.I. with being a ‘War Criminal’ and history will document that truth forever as a crime against ‘Free Society’.

If Xi Jinping is not afraid of me, he will be. I was appointed by ‘God of Creation’ at the age of 12 years in 1961 to do a job, I have done the important job that I was instructed to do.

Xiao played down the risk of arbitrary detention – something that the Australian government specifically warns about in its travel advice for China. As long as people respected the rules and laws, there was “no reason for them to worry” in China.” (i)

Xiao Qian lied to the Australian Government, true to the deceit Xi Jinping instructed him to deliver.

How long would I last if I visited China? Answer, I would be shot on arrival. Because I am the only person that has correctly attacked in writing Xi Jinping and truthfully accused him of being a Gangster, Despot and a Coward. I have tabled why he is a Coward like Putin. It is easy to prove. But most of my written records are only read by ‘Communist Beijing Intelligence’. Most Politicians in Australia and USA are too lazy to read my collective works.

Anytime Xi Jinping wants to come to Sydney to Fight me in a Televised Boxing Ring under ‘Marquis Queensbury Rules’ as gentlemen, I will be there to fight him in my last fight.

If our fight stops World War Three, then the suffering unto death will be worth every second of the battle. Him & Me in Battle is the right solution.

Allan Ivarsson sitting on his ‘Walker’ during COVID Lockdown 3pm Monday 30th of August 2021 in a Shopping Mall.

“Laurenceson also raised the concerns of “folks in Australia’s Uyghur diaspora who have been saying for several years that they cannot reach friends and family members caught up in detention facilities in Xinjiang, or they don’t want to contact them because they are worried, they are being surveilled.” (i)

“Xiao repeated the Chinese government’s argument that “terrorism is a serious challenge” and “necessary measures have been taken” in Xinjiang.” (i)

A.I. comments… I know from my years of study that there are evil Muslims that obey the Satanic Verses in the Qur’an and Hadiths. But like Christians blind faith in ‘Roman Christianity’ there are Muslims who are misguided to believe that Islam is a good creed. There are like Christians many Muslims that want to live in peace. I personally do not trust any Muslim or Christian that blindly believes in their religious book and refuses to reject all the ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Bible and the Koran, which are falsely claimed to be the words of God/Allah Creator.

Whilst I am critical of ‘Sharia Law’ and “No Go Zones”, there are millions of peaceful Muslims that hate violence. Xiao’s claim using the words of Xi Jinping “Terrorism is a serious challenge” and that “necessary measures have been taken in Xinjiang” is deliberately ignoring all the peaceful Muslims who like peaceful pro-democracy Chinese people, just like Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Confucianism adherents are only complaining against the oppression of anti-freedom ideology ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ dictatorship. Provided people do not launch acts of violence against others abusing their ‘Freedom Privilege’ they have the right to believe in ahimsa belief system ideas and use free speech.

The West has accepted good Muslims and outlaws criminal Muslims just like non-Muslims are outlawed when they create crimes. But Xi Jinping abuses even the nice Muslims just like they abuse Chinese people who are pro-democracy and value Freedom in Speech, Choice and Equality like in Taiwan and in Western Nations.

Xi Jinping has no sense of justice, decency, honour and integrity in freedom values and those countries doing business deals with ‘Communist Beijing China’ like PNG, Solomon Islands, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, USA and others need to wake up and get wise about the dark philosophy of Jinping mentality. Xi Jinping and the Beijing Government cannot ever be trusted to be reliably honourable in deals. Why? Because the doctrine of Communism is violent by creed and cannot ever be trusted.

My mission is to continue to fight against ‘Communism’ and drive its evil philosophy into non-existence. And thus, my first objective is to fight for the right of all Chinese people and Tibetans to live free as a democratic culture in much the same way Taiwan, lives free.

“Xiao said… there was “no reason that we cannot coexist peacefully when we respect each other”. (i)

A.I. comments… but Xi Jinping and his puppet parrots cannot comprehend that no decent person can ever respect and trust an oppressive anti-freedom ideology government, not now, not ever.

We must coexist in peace because that is common-sense. But ‘Freedom Values’ and anti-freedom ‘Communism’ will never be compatible in agreement and therefore we will never trust and respect each other. How can Freedom coexist with an ideology that rejects freedom values? They cannot. Such disagreement can only do by wiser logic not to engage in violent conflict with each other, because it is insane to engage in war. But trust will never exist between ideologies that are the opposite to each other, on the other side of the fence.

Xiao said respect for each other’s ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity, political system and development mode’ were ‘just some of the basic principles for sound and healthy relationships between two sovereign states.” (i)

A.I. comments… If that Communist belief was true in Communist Beijing, they would not be building a ‘Superpower Military PLA Force, in Army, Navy and Airforce’ with the goal of ruling the world and eliminating all ‘Freedom Values’ to be replaced by Authoritarianism.

It was recorded in Australia…

“I take ideas seriously and I’m serious about my principles and I’m not flippant about what I believe. Life is serious – so take it seriously and take what you believe in seriously. That’s my message to everyone – but it strikes a chord with young people because adults spend their time making excuses for young people rather than telling them to be serious.” (ii)

“Not surrendering your principles is as important as having principles in the first place. Brendan O’Neill puts it nicely. “If anyone says, “I believe in freedom of speech, but…” you should disregard all the words before the ‘but’ – they obviously don’t believe in the principle of freedom of speech.” (ii)

Jordan Peterson 2018 on his first visit to Australia.

Source” Extract quote from Letter to IPA Members dated 16th June 2022 by John Roskam Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

A.I. comments… As Brendan O’Neill correctly said above reject words before ‘but’ when is falsely claims they believe in freedom of speech. And that is what Xi Jinping teaches

“Freedom of speech is different [but] from absolute freedom,” Xiao said. “In this world, there’s no such thing as absolute freedom. [but] Freedom is freedom within rules and law.” (i)

Now we can accurately tell Xi Jinping and his Puppet Parrots like Xiao Qian, that their phony claim that Freedom in Communist China is good Freedom is a blatant deliberate lie.

Why should we respect a country that persistently lies and oppresses their own citizens?

Xiao will never be smart enough to comprehend my above question.

“I absolutely support the territorial integrity of Australia,” Xiao said, before offering what he conceded may be an imperfect example. “Tasmania is part of Australia – no one should ever challenge that.” (i)

A.I. comments… There is good reason why Tasmania is part of Australia, because the complete Australian Continent history evolved as one ‘Free Nation’ in speech, choice and equality, since 1788 ‘First Fleet’ landing. The basic ideology of Australia is ‘Freedom Values’.

Xiao was tabling a mild dig on behalf of Xi Jinping that we Australians should not be challenging China and supporting Taiwan as an independent country. Xi Jinping claims Taiwan belongs to Mainland China and it did in 1912 until 1949 when evil Mao Zedong conquered the unarmed people of China to cruelly oppress them with evil Marxist, Socialist Communism anti-freedom doctrine. Mao failed to conquer Taiwan. When mainland China becomes free again then China and Taiwan may become one under the freedom valued guidance encouragement of Taiwan. But this cannot happen whilst ‘Communist Beijing’ refuses to convert China to once more a ‘Freedom’ Nation. As I instructed in ‘Cosmic Law’ by order of ‘God of Creation’.

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We are duty bound by Codes of Decency and Honour to always defend Taiwan’s right to live free and Communist Ideology has no right, not now, not ever to oppress Taiwan into submission by the rule of Authoritarian Dictatorship.

Xi Jinping is so wrapped up in his own vanity that he cannot comprehend that his reverence of evil Mao Zedong is wrong and that it is an unjust oppressive objective to conquer Taiwan to destroy its right to live free, which is an evil agenda and must be opposed one hundred percent.

Xi Jinping is so afraid of losing face that he desperately strives to achieve his objective of cruelly conquering the people of Taiwan. He must be stopped; it is a matter of ‘Moral Principle’ and codes of decency and honour to stop the destruction of freedom values. If we don’t, Xi Jinping will renege on his friendship with Australia, after he has conquered Taiwan, when it suits his mission objective and come to gore us to expand his dominance control of the South Pacific. Do not underestimate the dangerous mentality of Xi Jinping and his mission to rule the World and Space as the number one anti-freedom Superpower.

Xi Jinping cannot ever be trusted.

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Xiao said there was “every reason for China and Australia to be friends and partners, rather than adversaries, or even the so-called enemies”. (i)

“He [Xiao] said Australia and China should “properly handle differences” so that they did not affect the overall relationship between the countries.” (i)

A.I. comments… All nice ‘rosy words’ by Xiao Qian, but Xi Jinping is the one who in early 2020 spat the dummy and banned a lot of our overdependent trade with Communist China. He threatened us and bully harassed us for two years. In short, Jinping reneged on his Trade Deal in 2015, which inferior thinking politicians rushed into sign, with their eyes filled with greed and political points they were going to make for Australia.

The Aussie Politicians sacrificed all Australian Manufacturing, Self-Sufficiency one Industry Type after another. I consider all the Politicians are guilty of betraying the Australian people.

I have provided evidence that every Prime Minister since Whitlam inclusive 1975, have betrayed Australians by allowing our Military Defence Force to breakdown into a weak Defence Force. And the Chinese Women in China’s military force are tougher and better trained than all young Australians that have never been trained in military forces. In short, most Australian youth, men and women are wimps and can easily be conquered by the Chinese Women. China does not need the tougher Chinese Military Males; the Women can conquer us.

We even sacrificed our Utilities and are now in an expensive disadvantage because of ‘Green Mentality’. The incompetent mad Greens are destroying our Energy Supply system. The Greens are deemed by me as being Public Enemy Number One. I will not give Adam Bandt any ahimsa quarter.

We used to once make great clothing in Australia but now we buy in junk. Pajamas are poor in material quality and elastic and only last two years. Once upon a time clothes would last ten years in good quality.

I have always opposed all trade import and export with Communist Beijing. But Greed, Incompetence and Stupidity opened the gates and allowed ‘Trojan Horse’ activity to roll straight into our country. Even ASIO didn’t bother to raise the alarm to stop Australian Property being leased and sold to ‘Communist Chinese Companies’ that all reported to Xi Jinping Communist Beijing China.

ASIO did not report concern about the incompetent negligence of our ‘Military Forces’ by all of our PM’s since 1975.

In a recent survey report on Australian attitudes on young and middle age range, the survey revealed serious concerns. I will talk about the ‘Military Age’ Australian young 18 to 24 years… 32% said they would stay and fight if China attacked us. 40% said they would leave the country [like cowards, traitors.] and 28% did not know what they would do because no one taught them in school education, ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ to be Patriotic, loyal to your Nation and Fight to the Death for the right to live Free. In Logistics, we can safely assume half of these Australians will choose to fight, whilst half will run like cowards. So, what we have is a high probability amongst the younger generation of 18 to 24 years that 46% will fight the Communist Chinese invasion and 54% will run like yellow belly cowards.

I kid you not because of incompetent deadbeat politicians our youth are weak and need to be forced to serve 3 years in the military services, in Australia, not overseas, no exceptions, no privileges for the wealthy and the sports famous to escape training service. But it will not happen because the majority of our Politicians Men and Women are incompetent cowards. Julia Gillard as PM supported sending women into overseas battle zones as ‘Combat Women’ in the name of equality but she has never fought on the streets in a fight or in the Military Services, she is a typical coward. Have you read my book ‘Combat Women’? No, I bet you have not. Have you read my Website Posts on ‘Combat Women’? No, I bet you have not. Well, the ignorant can be easily conquered by Communist Beijing and I will not lose a moments sleep over all the coward weaklings wiped out by Communist PLA. And those of us not afraid to fight to the death against Chinese Communist invasion know that even as we die in battle that we Aussies are the valiant brothers and sisters in arms and all the rest are coward traitors.

# Every young man and woman should serve three mandatory years training in one of all Defence Force Groups, between the age of 21 years and 24 years. Rich or poor, educated or not, everyone must learn basic defence training. No one must be allowed to cop out. All University training must be put on hold until their three years of military service is completed. Not one young person should be exempt from Conscription training and not one of these conscripts should be sent overseas. All training is for home self-defence against invasion. After three years military service those who want to apply for regular career in the military can then make an application. The rest can go back to civilian life with the satisfaction that if Australia is invaded, they will know what to do. # Source: “Is Australia Ready for War? II Why Not?

A friend said to me, “what can you do during invasion”, because I am 73 years of age, now crippled in a Walker and I replied true, I am handicapped, but I can still sit and fire a Machine Gun in a fixed location. Better to die in battle than to become a slave of oppressive tyranny. Victory or Death.

Allan Ivarsson

9th July 2021

72 years Old.

My last days of walking with Forearm Crutches- Canadian Anatomical with Ergonomic grips since December 2010. I had this photograph taken, some with my wife after we had been to a Funeral of an excellent neighbour since we met in 1992. He passed away at the age of 91 years. I miss him always. By August 2021, I became reluctantly a ‘Walker Man’. I don’t like it, but it is what I have to do. If I fought in the Boxing ring, I could stand for three minutes then I am finished forever.

When I fought in Sydney on the streets against Hoodlums two or more, in the 1970’s during my 20’s, I never went looking for trouble, but I never ran, I expected the unexpected and fought, with good fortune, I never lost a fight, but then I was young and trouble only came my way because I travelled alone sometimes into rough territory. I never used weapons, I used fists only. To me in peacetime conditions, guns, knives and other weapons are for cowards and I hate cowards and traitors.

I still have a lot of stories to write down, here are some of them…

I am too bogged down since early 2020, writing against Xi Jinping ‘Communist Beijing’, fighting against anti-freedom ideology ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’, which must be phased out as a ‘Government Political Aggressive Anti-Freedom Philosophy’. Working people don’t have the time to do the research work, I do in retirement as a cripple. But they do have some time to leisure read guidance. This important survival knowledge is for them to read.

I will say to the young ones lift your bloody survival training game and self-sufficiency skills rapidly, beware, if you don’t ‘Communist Beijing PLA Forces’ will wipe you out. Do not procrastinate, toughen up, train hard and be ready for combat, survival struggle, the Communists are not backing down, they are barbaric conquerors. Remember Ukraine!

Xi Jinping Communist Beijing supported Vladimir Putin’s cruel invasion of Ukraine, killing, men, women, children and babies.

Yes, I know, I write as a ‘Hardcase’ because the violent Communists are threatening us. Wake Up Young Australians, toughen up and became serious survivors. For those fools that think they can flee overseas, take a harder look, the entire West is being threatened, there is no longer anywhere to run. Fight or Die!

Am I putting the boot into Australians, you bet I am, real bloody hard. I have zero tolerance for wimps.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

1968 Allan Peter Ivarsson 20 years

Allan Peter Ivarsson January 2017 68 years