America: Biden/Harris Watch

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Over the next four years this series will be focused on a ‘Freedom Protection’ Watch of the USA Democrat Agenda of Socialist Policies, Ideas and Actions.

There is no place for anti-freedom ‘Totalitarianism’ of any form in a ‘Free World’ Society.

As an Australian I shall be watching because when freedom is under attack in America, it does also directly and indirectly influence the potential destruction of ‘Freedom Values’ in Australia.

This Free Series given by Allan Ivarsson as ‘Social Capital’ to the Public, is recorded to help protect the important need of education that must always be focused on protection and preservation of ‘Liberty Values’ for every generation.

Survival of Freedom must be managed. The Eternal Existence of Freedom does not just happen. It is the duty of every new generation as an eternal preservation to make sure that all descendants are born free.

It is advised that all Nations learn from the Mentor teachings of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ to help eliminate the ‘Habit of War’ and ‘Poverty’ and help build a better ‘Quality of Life’ world of Peace and Goodwill founded upon the eternal essential values of ‘Freedom’ in Speech, Choice and Equality provided such choices do not do deny anyone else the same rights.

Allan Ivarsson 2020


In the beginning of the Donald Trump Presidency, as from January 20, 2017 when he assumed office, ‘Liberty Values’ still existed in America until January 2021. What will exist in the years ahead depends upon the wisdom or lack thereof of the Young Generation of Americans.

And also depends upon whether anti-Freedom Socialism, or anti-Freedom Communism or anti-Freedom ‘Sharia Law’ succeeds in gaining control of America, due to the apathy and cowardice of youth, who failed to work hard to defend their right to live free.

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The ‘Cold War’ & ‘Hot War’ against anti-freedom ideology Marxist Communism has been raging since 1917. Communism must be stopped. Never trust a Marxist Socialist Communist. Not now. Not Ever.

The History of Men is founded upon Mateship that which includes Friendship, Equality and Loyalty Fighting for the right of people to always live free.

“Lest We Forget.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Watching the Joe Biden Kamala Harris Presidency

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