Communist China Flag should always now be Flown at Half Mast

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Communist China Flag should always now be Flown at Half Mast because the ‘People’s Law and Order System’ is now ruled by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ a system of oppressive injustice, approved by President of Communist China Xi Jinping.

Half-Mast is a sign of grief and mourning for all the Chinese people now regularly victims of injustice by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Judgement Decisions. Even Judges can now be victims of injustice by AI ruling.

Xi Jinping is ruthlessly ‘Clever’ but not ‘Smart’.

Comment by A.I. versus AI In other words, Allan Ivarsson versus Artificial Intelligence 14th July 2022 Australia time.

Artificial Intelligence Injustice now Rules the Oppressed 1.4 Billion Chinese People.

Ruled by Machines.

Communist China Flag should always now be Flown at Half Mast

Why? Because I Allan Ivarsson, mourn in my heart for the oppressed people in China, being denied the right to live free in speech, choice and equality, too often experiencing unjust treatment by the anti-freedom ideology of Marxist, Socialist Communism.


Xi Jinping Communist Beijing Corrupts Justice by Use of Artificial Intelligence Machine Authoritarianism.


Artificial Intelligence Injustice now Rules the Oppressed 1.4 Billion Chinese People.


On the 14th of July 2022, Chris Pleasant for MailOnline, posted a serious concern report, titled, ‘China uses AI to ‘improve’ courts – with computers ‘correcting perceived human errors in a verdict’ and JUDGES forced to submit a written explanation to the MACHINE if they disagree.’ (i)

Subhead lines jumped off the page…

  • China has been developing a ‘smart court’ system since at least 2016, aiming to increase ‘fairness, efficiency, and credibility of its judges.
  • Artificial Intelligence is now helping run courts, supreme justices said this week.
  • AI suggests new law, drafts legal documents, and alters ‘perceived human error.
  • Judges must consult the AI on every case, and if they reject the machine’s recommendation then they must submit a written explanation. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… ‘Smart Court’ there is no such thing when it uses ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to make judgement of cases. The process of Judges and Juries in a Court System may be flawed but a ‘Court of Appeal’ is used to correct errors in decisions, which creates injustice. No Fast Track Computer System AI process can ever replace the altruistic human character striving to do the right thing in justice process in a ‘Free World Society’.

Of course, in an anti-freedom ideology like ‘Communist China’ even the justice system by human decision is still riddled with injustice and wrong decisions triggered by unjust oppressive ‘Communist Laws’. The use of A.I. simply increases the high risk of more unjust decisions. I have not looked at Chinese Law, but it should have a right of appeal. Though such an appeal process probably will still be unjust in decision because it rejects the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and jails every person that Criticizes the Communist Beijing Government, including those who strive for Pro-Democracy Government.

Now let’s review the serious concerns as tabled in this essential news report by Chris Pleasant.

“China is using artificial intelligence to ‘improve’ its court system by recommending laws, drafting documents and alerting ‘perceived human errors’ in rulings.” (i)

“Judges must now consult the AI on every case by law, Beijing’s Supreme Court said in an update on the system published this week, and if they go against its recommendation, they must submit a written explanation for why.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thus, even Chinese Judges can now be unjustly persecuted for their special privilege ‘Freedom of Speech’ decisions even when their decisions are correct and just.

Xi Jinping dictatorship thinking and behaviour is a disgrace.

“The AI has also been connected to police databases and China’s Orwellian social credit system, handing it the power to punish people – for example by automatically putting a thief’s property up for sale online.” (i)

A.I. comments… Even if the alleged thief is innocent, the IA Machine charges the thief, male or female as guilty and sells the thief’s property. This use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Machine is a corruption of justice and for that reason is an evil system, typical of Marxist Socialist Communism Negative Unjust Political Economic Philosophy.

The world must ban Marxism anti-Freedom ideology. And teach every Student in High School and University why Communism must be banned forever. ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not give people the right to abuse ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying the eternal human right to live free. In other words, ‘Freedom Values’, does not give people the right to support anti-Freedom Ideology and bully oppress others, and for that reason it must be a crime to support Marxist Socialist Communism, throughout the entire ‘Free World’. The only way to protect ‘Freedom Values’ is to Outlaw every person that supports the use of anti-freedom ideology.

Freedom of Movement Human Rights

‘Freedom of Speech’ does not give people the right to make ‘Death Threats’. It is an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’ to make ‘Death Threats’.

‘Freedom of Speech’ does not give people the right to march on the streets in demonstrations for causes that is not supported by a majority of the people, denying other people freedom of movement on streets and in parks. Blocking ‘Freedom of Movement’ on Streets and in Parks is an abuse of ‘Freedom Privilege’.

‘Freedom of Speech’ does not give people the right to ‘Mass Pray’ in Streets or Parks denying others ‘Freedom of Movement’ on the streets.

People only have the right to demonstrate in ‘Totalitarian’ countries for the right to live free.

People only have the justified right to Strike in Public Action, when fighting for better Wages and Health Safety Conditions.

Only Convoys which keep moving along roads can be justified in protest because they are not blocking peoples ‘Freedom of Movement’ right.

And only ‘Annual Celebration Parades’ approved by Government can be allowed to slow down people’s movement during annual events.

Such is preserving ‘Freedom of Movement’ Justice.

Back in 1964, when I was a ‘High School’ student, it was mandatory textbook reading to study the George Orwell Book ‘1984’. I remember thinking then, “I wonder what 1984 will be like.” It was that year 1984 that I started designing a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ to protect the right of humans to always live free. As I have written previously, I coined ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007 and set the final completion date as being 2024.

Zhou Qiang is focused on imposing the use of IA in the Chinese Courts supported by Xi Jinping.

“Beijing has hailed the new technology for making ‘a significant contribution to the judicial advancement of human civilization’ – while critics say it risks creating a world in which man is ruled by machine.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Critics are right. A world in which homo sapiens are ruled by Machines is not an acceptable society. Xi Jinping’s approval of using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to rule Law and Order including Judges decisions proves that Xi Jinping is an incompetent idiot and is an enemy of the Chinese People; Xi Jinping is guilty of betraying all the Chinese people including Communists and Pro-Democracy people. In short, Xi Jinping’s decision to use AI to rule Judges is an act of ‘High Treason’.

“China has been developing a ‘smart court’ system since at least 2016, when Chief Justice Zhou Qiang called for technology to be used to improve the fairness, efficiency, and credibility of the judicial system.” (i)

A.I. comments… There is no such thing as a ‘Smart Court’ system, not now, not ever. Human beings are often clever but not all in a social system are smart enough to learn the most advanced intelligence of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to make them smarter and certainly in an anti-freedom ideology country like ‘Communist China’ justice process will never be smarter or clever when people are denied ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Zhou maybe clever with all of his degree qualification but he is not smart.

Zhou studied civil law at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, China. Zhou Qiang obtained a Master’s Degree in [Chinese Communist] Law in 1986. He joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during his studies, in 1983. Zhou supports the Communist Party idea that Pro-Democracy must not be allowed and that ‘Freedom of Speech’ must be outlawed and enforced by imprisonment of anyone that uses ‘Freedom of Speech’ to reject anti-freedom ideology Marxist Socialist Communist Doctrine.

Chief Justice Zhou Qiang sense of justice is corrupted by wrong political philosophy belief system. In an Authoritarian Society, Justice will not ever rule fairly. And now he is corrupted by the not even clever idea that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Machines can create a better Justice System. That idea is a lie. There is no such thing as a perfect justice system, not now, not ever.

Zhou Qiang proved he approves of anti-freedom ideology forceful dictatorship using bully authoritarian rules by making the following statement to the ‘Supreme People’s Court’ meeting on January 14, in 2017.

Zhou said… We [China’s Courts] must not use the Western idea of ‘Judicial Independence’. We must resist the Western Idea of ‘Constitutional Democracy’ and ‘Separation of Powers’. #

“These”, Zhou said, “are erroneous Western Notions that threaten the leadership of the ruling Communist Party and defame the Chinese Socialist Path on the rule of law. We have to raise our flag and show our sword to struggle against such thoughts. We must not fall into the trap of ‘Western Thoughts’ and ‘Judicial Independence’. We must stay firm on the Chinese Socialist Path on the rule of law.” #

Zhou was born 25th of April 1960, in Huangmei county, Hubei province. Sadly, he evolved in education locked into belief in anti-freedom Communism.


“That has meant introducing robot receptionists to courthouses to offer online legal help, automatic voice recognition recorders in courtrooms that has eliminated the need for transcribing, and ‘virtual courtrooms’ where cases can be heard online.(i)

A.I. comments…This Machine World Court System is wide open to persistently delivering unjust decisions and thus persecuting hundreds of people to thousands every year. A world ruled by ‘Artificial Intelligence Machines’ is not a safe fair justice system society. This enforced vision by Xi Jinping and Zhou Qiang is a disgraceful nightmare for the Chinese people, never living a safe lifetime existence, free of the danger of being persecuted by injustice.

The agenda ‘Communist Beijing’ has for the world as a Superpower controlling Space and the Globe, is to rule everyone by Machines. This is like a nightmare science fiction movie coming to life in virtual reality dictatorship rules.

We in the ‘Free World’ must strongly, fight for the right of the Chinese people to live free of Machine Tyranny’, if we do not, inevitably ‘Communist Beijing’ will strive to conquer us by Machines. There will be no end to this ‘Machine Madness’ if Communism is not stopped.

“China has even introduced a highly specialized ‘internet court’ that deals with cases related to the virtual world – such as online loans, domain name disputes, and copyright issues.” (i)

“It has led to the creation of huge databases where information on all cases – almost 100,000 per day -are uploaded.” (i)

A.I. comments… Given that the Chinese People are denied ‘Freedom of Speech’ and access to the ‘Free World’ Internet, this suggests to me that all the creative ideas by the Chinese people are regularly oppressed, to their surprise, and their creativity sadly suffers restrictions. And now those restrictions are being managed by Machines with injustice climbing higher in Communist Chinese Society. How can Chinese people enjoy a happy stress free existence when they are constantly bullied by the dictatorship of Communist Law?

Now the people in China are ruled by MACHINES.

“Artificial Intelligence’ has now been plugged into those databases with the aim of learning from those cases and then spitting out judgements and recommendations for new laws based on what it finds.” (i)

A.I. comments… A Machine with no sensitivity or altruistic feelings void of a Conscience and Ethical Values and with no code of honour is now ruling the lives of 1.4 Billion Chinese people, which includes 95 million Communist Party Members.

Next this dangerous ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will recommend ‘Nuclear War’ with the ‘Free World’ instructing the Chinese people to fight us and create a ‘Nuclear Winter’ that will make everyone on Earth extinct like the Dinosaurs.

Communists in China, North Korea and ‘Putin Russia’ are insane, guaranteed MAD for ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’. Starting with China, this crazy Communist belief system must be stopped!

Question is… How many Politicians in the West have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and the skills to stop the insanity of ‘Communist Anti-Freedom Ideology’?

“Instead of merely collecting data, it means the AI is now making decisions on behalf of judges who must justify themselves if they want to overrule it.” (i)

A.I. comments… Who needs Judges with Machine Ruling Artificial Intelligence? Judges in China will inevitably be redundant.

And Machines not humans will report to Zhou Qiang ‘Ruler of Machines’ what a great achievement!

No more people reporting, just Machines Dictating… imagine how soon even the position of Chief Justice will be an ‘Artificial Intelligence Machine’.

I look forward to seeing Zhou Qiang become redundant because of his ignorant stupidity.

“An AI prosecutor has even started charging people in Shanghai with crimes it believes they have committed, the South China Post reports.” (i)

AI believes people are allegedly guilty. What an unjust attack system.

With a little bit of luck Communist China will disintegrate from within through the process of incompetent unjust, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (i)

“And linking the AI up with China’s social credit system means it can punish people who refuse to comply with judgements – such as blocking a person refusing to pay a fine from purchasing plane or train tickets.” (i)

A.I. comments… This fine process in the West is linked to different Government Departments issuing the fines and most people who are guilty just pay the fine. Only the genuinely innocent and the foolish guilty take it to court.

The IA Process in China is an incompetent unjust system. A lot of Chinese people will be unjustly persecuted by ‘Machine Artificial Intelligence’.

Zhang Linghan, professor of law at the China University of Political Science and Law, warned the rapid rise of AI risks creating a world where man is ruled by machines.” (i)

“Humans will gradually lose free will with an increasing dependency on technology,” she argued in a paper recently published online. (i)

“We must be alert to the erosion of judicial power by technology companies and capital,” she added. (i)

A.I. comments… Wow! It is great to read a Chinese person who uses common-sense in logic, void of the ignorant stupidity approved by Zhou Qiang & Xi Jinping.

South China Morning Report on use of AI in Law and Order Process in China.

Stephen Chen in Beijing posted on the 13th of July 2022, for the South China Morning Post (ii) information about Xi Jinping’s approval of using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for controlling Law and Order and Judges Decisions.

Sadly, the SCM Post is riddled with incompetent popup add interruptions which erases the report, it is a very painful to read what is being entirely recorded as news information.

Much of the information is recorded above in the report by Chris Pleasant, hence I am only exploring anything in SCM that was different to what was tabled previously above.

South China Morning Post Headlines jumped out onto the table in between its popup adverts.

“China’s court AI reaches every corner of Justice System, advising Judges and streamlining punishment.” (ii)

Smart court’s electronic reach allows the system to access police, prosecutor and government databases and integrate with China’s social credit system.” (ii)

“Chinese law professor warns, “We must be alert to the erosion of judicial power by technology companies and capital.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Not Smart… Clever. It may be a Clever Tactic to use Artificial Intelligence to control Police, Prosecutors, Defence, and Judges but it is not Smart. In fact, the decision to use ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to control Law and Order Decisions is irresponsible and Stupid.

Erosion of judicial power? Scary idea, every which way.

“A report on the use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in China’s court system says it has cut the workload of judges by more than a third.” (ii)

A.I. comments… That is not a good achievement when as a consequence of Machine Decisions, the hidden workload of ‘Incompetent Injustice Rises Higher’ because of incorrect decisions, not vetted by anyone, except a heartless machine. Allowing a Machine to make decisions about justice is a crime in itself. And is not a fair deal on either side of the court process.

The human mind with good altruistic common-sense humane logic is far wiser than a Communist Machine that has been programmed using AI to restrict people’s right to ‘Freedom in Speech, Choice and Equality.’

“Artificial Intelligence’ has been used in all corners of China’s legal system and has a role in every verdict, according to the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing.(ii)

A.I. comments… In other words, ‘Communist Authoritarian Anti-Freedom Laws’ downloaded into ‘Artificial Intelligence’ instructs a ‘Heartless Machine’ to persecute people with unjust verdicts, founded upon unjust Laws, founded upon anti-freedom wrong thinking ideas.

The smart court SoS (system of systems) now connects to the desk of every working judge across the country,” said Xu Jianfeng, director of the supreme court’s information centre in a report published on Tuesday in Strategic Study of CAE, an official journal run by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.” (ii)

The system, powered by machine learning technology, automatically screens court cases for references, recommends laws and regulations, drafts legal documents and alters perceived human errors, if any, in a verdict.” (ii)

A.I. comments… “Perceived human errors?” No judgement is allowed to let anyone free, who is only guilty of using ‘Freedom of Speech’ in a Society which disagrees with ideas and policies that criticize government rules, thinking and behaviour. The Massacre at Tiananmen Square in 1989 proved the intolerance to ‘Freedom of Speech’ by Communist Beijing Government. And the jailing of people in Hong Kong 2021 for using ‘Freedom of Speech’ to criticize ideas and government thinking and behaviour, proves how unjust the law process is bottled into Machine ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Hence, ‘True Justice’ will never exist in any Communist Chinese Court.

This IA Machine trained Dictatorship simply does not care about the people’s right to be innocent until proven guilty, because the logic of guilt is dictated into an uncaring Machine that does not know how to identify the difference between compassion and truthful justice.

“Trust is earned not given in the human world. In a heartless AI Machine Society, “Trust cannot ever be earned,” because Machines make mistakes and will not recognize their mistakes.”

The Communist IA Machines are programmed to support the Rule of anti-freedom ideology and do not recognize the right of people to ‘Freedom in Speech, Choice and Equality. And for that core reason, ‘Justice in a Communist Court’ will never truly exist. The entire Court Process ruled by Machines is Corrupted into denying ‘Freedom of Human Rights.

Critics say judges adhere to the AI recommendation to save the trouble of challenging the system, even though the artificial intelligence might select less suitable reference material or law for the case.” (ii)

Previously… “Instead of merely collecting data, it means the AI is now making decisions on behalf of judges who must justify themselves if they want to overrule it.” (i)

A.I. comments on AI Machine decision dictatorship process… When a Machine decision demands that “Judges must justify themselves if they want to overrule it”, what are Judges going to do when they know they are being oppressed by Machine Authoritarianism? Even if they are right in rejecting the ‘Machine Decision’, they are not going to fight ‘Machine Dictatorship’ when they know they can be sacked from their job position and even jailed for striving to do the right thing by their conscience and sense of decent duty to ‘Justice Results’.

Thus, founded upon justified fear, the Chinese Judges will be forced to accept the wrong thinking incorrect decisions of the ‘AI Machine Decision’ and the ‘Crime of Injustice’ Forcibly imposed upon the people in Courts will savagely increase. And Xi Jinping is fine with this because it puts the problem under the table and a solution unjust or not, is swept away with no one wiser to know the truth except the hapless victim. Such injustice is inhumane and a treacherous crime against the people of the state.

Cosmic Law on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Machine Decisions clearly states…

  1. Thou Shalt not use AI Machine Decisions to dictate Rules of Thinking and behaviour.
  2. Thou may use AI Process to sort information and history and current legislated laws by Government.
  3. Thou Shalt not demand that Judges and the common people obey AI Machine Decisions.
  4. Thou Shalt allow people the ‘Freedom of Choice’ to decide for themselves how they should think and behave.
  5. Thou Shalt always table Government Legislated Law as an instruction law which must be respected and obeyed until it is changed, by government leaders decision and not by AI Machine Decision.
  6. Thou Shalt allow the people the ‘Freedom of Speech’ decision to question and challenge laws which are deemed unjust and incorrect by any individual person in society.
  7. Thou Shalt allow by Majority Voted Rule any changes to Law which are deemed to be in need of Corrective Action Changes.
  8. Thou Shalt not ever persecute a person for having the courage to question and challenge laws which are deemed by the individual to be wrong unjust thinking.
  9. Thou Shalt always understand that all Laws are designed to protect the safety and wellbeing of all the people in a society, including from unjust behaviour and unethical practices.
  10. Thou Shalt by Code of Honour and Decency ensure these Cosmic Laws are respected and obeyed lest people fail to protect society from unwanted unjust bad Karma i.e., Result/Consequence.

These ‘Cosmic Laws’ rapidly recorded by me, Allan Peter Ivarsson, were dictated to me through ‘Automatic Writing Channelled’ to me from ‘God of Creation’ Commander-In-Chief of the Universe on the 17th of July 2022 completed at 7:41 am Australian Time.

If you do not understand why I have the skills to quickly do automatic writing, it is because you have not read my Profile Records including Profile VIII and my collected 40 years written work between 1984 to 2024.

Now I shall move forward towards Conclusion of this essential treatise on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Machine Decisions.

“It is too early to sell the smart court system as a panacea,” said Sun Yubao, a judge with the ‘People’s Court of Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone’ in Jiangsu province in a paper published in the Chinese – language journal ‘Legality Vision’ this month.” (ii)

A.I. comments… No, it is not too early to sell it or oppose it as a solution. It is not a ‘Smart System’. It is a foolish misguided system. ‘Clever Machine Technology’ can do amazing things, but one thing Machines cannot do is use a Conscience and a Caring Sense of Decency, Honour and Humane Sensitivity, guiding Wisdom and Freedom Values.

This decision to allow AI Machine Decisions to control Justice Process is not Smart it is encouraging Injustice and Incompetence in Decisions, which can unjustly deliver countless not truthful verdicts of Punishment upon people. Or release guilty people that should have received just levels of punishment.

Only people through the human mind as Jury and Judges can through sense of Decency and Conscience make the best informed correct decisions in a ‘Court of Law’.

Xi Jinping and Zhou Qiang are both foolish wrong thinkers for believing that ‘AI Machine Justice Decisions’ is the right thing to do. They are both… Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Sun Yubao correctly said… “We need to reduce the public’s high expectation of artificial intelligence and defend the role of a judge. AI cannot do everything,” he wrote. (ii)

According to the Supreme Court Zhou Qiang Mentality… “AI delivers the rule of law to a great part of China, where there are significant differences in regional development, government and income.” (ii)

As I (A.I.) have said previously about ‘Degree Qualified People’ in the West many are clever but they are not smart or wise. Zhou Qiang has proven to me that observation in the past about the West is also true about the East. Many Degree Qualified People’ in the East are clever but they are not smart or wise. And that observation includes in ‘Communist China’.

“It also said society had saved more than 300 billion yuan (US$45 billion) during the same period – equal to about half of total lawyers’ fees in China last year.” (ii)

A.I. comments… A society is not saving money if the process delivers unjust verdicts. Any savings offset by unjust decisions is not a genuine savings, it is a tragic cost in erroneous judgement by a MACHINE.

300 billion yuan saving’s? Really? Or did Zhou Qiang pull this phony Rabbit out of the Hat savings to justify the unjust reason to use AI Machines to control law and make incorrect decisions? But they are saving money supporting ‘Unjust Machine Decision Process’. This implies that down-the-track, Communists will not need Judges and Lawyers they will be out of work as Machines take control of prosecuting and defending people. With such progress Beijing Government will not need positions currently held by Xi Jinping and Zhou Qiang.

The entire country of ‘Communist China’ can be ruled by Machines. Science Fiction becomes an achieved Prophesy.

Remember Xi Jinping driving along in his car watching ‘Military Marches’. Based on AI Machine Learning Decision Making, Xi Jinping as President will be replaced by an AI Machine as President and when Military Marches take place as event in Beijing, a MACHINE riding in a car will be watching with pride its marching military force to be sacrificed in war.

Crazy? yes, Science Fiction is like that but sadly, some science fiction ideas have recklessly in thinking come true, even when story ideas are different.

It is claimed that this engineering project has by Machine Decisions made a significant contribution to the advancement of human civilization. But that idea is a lie. It does not identify the thousands of people charged before the court that have been oppressed unfairly by Machine Decisions. Their cases just get buried and hidden, no one ever knows the dark truth about injustice. These victims just get written off with no right of appeal and become a lost victim of injustice dumped into oblivion by the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ system. And no one cares. How can they care when history of injustice just gets buried.

Is this the kind of ‘Human Civilization’ we want? Machines Ruling Us? No Way!

It has been written as said, “AI has not always been welcome in a court, according to some judges.” (ii)

But the idea behind the use of AI Machines is that all Judges that oppose the system, can be simply sacked, out of work for unjust reasons. Is that the programmed civilization we want? No Way!

Previously…Zhang Linghan, professor of law at the China University of Political Science and Law, warned the rapid rise of AI risks creating a world where man is ruled by machines.” (i)

Zhang Linghan continued to comment… “This could improve efficiency and fairness to a certain degree, but “Humans will gradually lose free will with an increasing dependency on technology”, she said in a paper published in the domestic peer – reviewed journal Law and Social Development.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Yes, shared information through a National informed Court System available to every court through a central “brain” system in Beijing would help improve efficiency and fairness in the justice system as information process, throughout the country in all provinces, but it would all be negated by the automatic unjust decisions tabled by AI Machine Learning and Decision Process.

Technology will not destroy free will when used as information research process but it will destroy free will if the information is delivered as orders, absolute instructions that discourage people from challenging it and demand that the orders be obeyed.

Zhang Linghan continued to comment… “The smart court system, built with the deep involvement of China’s tech giants, would also pass too much power into the hands of a few technical experts who wrote the code, developed algorithms or supervised the database.” (ii)

We must be alert to the erosion of judicial power by technology companies and capital,” she added. (ii)

A.I. responds… Zhang Linghan seems to be strengthened by common-sense logic in her thinking, I trust that is consistently true.

Linghan concern is valid, too much power in the hands of tech giants passing down to technical experts can be a serious concern. Like I keep saying year after year, being clever does not make people smart. To become smarter, every person must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and live its ahimsa dynamic ideology with enthusiasm for its humanitarian codes of thinking and behaviour to avoid negative thinking and corruption mentality.

It is imperative that all technical experts always have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to ensure good just decisions are always made.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Transcript of above FB Slide comments by A.I.

Huge errors are being implemented by Communist use of AI in law decisions. People forget that A.I. is founded in its rapid decision logic on what it has been instructed to use as its philosophical political judicial guidelines instruction.

In other words, its decisions are founded upon anti-freedom ideology instructions, justice is twisted to serve the authoritarianism of the state and actually becomes an unjust process.

It is an increased inhumane unjust persecution process. If Xi Jinping is not found guilty of persecuting people for using ‘Freedom of Speech’ by AI, it proves that instructions fed into AI are unjust and corrupt in justice process.

And if AI does not have the ability to free all the people jailed unjustly in Hong Kong and in all the Provinces for using ‘Freedom of Speech’ Criticism of Communist Government Policies, it proves AI is flawed with unjust program instructions.

If AI does not overrule Xi Jinping plans to invade Taiwan, it proves that AI is rigged with unjust instructions. AI is just being used by Xi Jinping to support his agenda of ruling all the people including Judges by the ‘Totalitarian’ rule of Oppression of the People.

Such is the evil misuse of AI by Xi Jinping.

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