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Profile Insight Series includes Photographs

 I to VII

 Organised in 2018 to help readers understand the character of the writer before and after he started his ‘Quest for Truth’ in 1970-71.

 He is not interested in writing an autobiography and includes comments and stories about his life experiences when it helps others understand how his ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ evolved over the years. He learned through trial and error in his young years up until his 35th year of life and then it began to become clear to him, why the history of homo sapiens has been so marvellous and so tragic throughout thousands of years, century after century. All of our ‘Belief Systems’, Philosophical, Political and Religious have been riddled with mistakes in wrong thinking, founded upon naïve fixed dogma mentality, motivated by greed and lust and fear, ignoring the higher wisdom and understanding of ‘Open-Mind Intelligence’, which has been discovered and identified over centuries, in ‘Ancient and Modern Times’, but has never been brought together as one ‘Dynamic Philosophy’ which is completely ‘Open-Minded’ always striving to think outside the square of the square, searching, exploring and researching ideas good and bad, light and dark, right and wrong, true and false, just and unjust.

 To learn the truth about existence of life, of homo sapiens, of the Universe and of Beliefs and Ideas we must have courage. ‘True Intellectual Courage’ does not exist in those individuals that cling to fixed dogma ideas afraid to think with complete open mind about reality.

 To succeed in higher understanding, past ‘Enlightenment’ rising in ‘Ascension’ requires not only ‘Courage’ but also a lifetime of persistent determination backed by a ‘Can Do’ caring ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ motivated by ‘Willpower’ to never surrender to acceptance of ‘False Knowledge’ & ‘Deceit’ which too often flows with ‘Fixed Dogma’, which constantly uses ‘Abrogation Choices’ interwoven with right and wrong ideas, afraid to reject the darkness of wrong thinking. And thus confusion, treachery, violence and misery slashes blindly out at life, without any thought of consequences.

 To succeed in finding truth we must create a world, a society by evolution process of 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality.

 It is common-sense that pragmatic survival laws deny a person the right to freedom of choice, which may hurt other ahimsa life forms, human or non-human.

 And thus ‘Cosmic Law’ guides us backed by Wisdom.

 Many of those basic common-sense laws start with the ‘Ten Commandments’ that which is ‘Cosmic Law’.

 Karma is the result, consequence of good and bad choices, decisions. How we think is the reason for our actions. Our ‘Belief System’ or lack thereof is the reason for our behaviour. It has never been about Psychology of Mind. All thinking and actions is motivated by ‘Philosophy Ideas’ which can be discerned by the cause i.e. our ‘Belief System’.

 Until society grasps that reality… real solutions for the betterment of life, shall never progress satisfactorily. Ups and downs is not progress, we can only truly go forward by continuous improvement along the way… founded upon ‘Reality-Based Ethics’ that which some in the past have called ‘Moral Law’.

 To win the rules of Decency, Manners, Integrity, Chivalry and Honour must always prevail.

 Allan uses his spiritual guide, “God of Creation”, not imaginary ‘God Creator’, as his eternal mentor to identify that which is ‘Truth’ and that which is ‘Deceit’.

 There is no God in the Universe with Physical Powers that is now easy to prove thanks to the evolution of Science. This is not ‘Atheism’ this is ‘Cosmicism’.

 Learn ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ which used ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ it is the way…



39 Years

20th August 1988

As I have briefly written previously in another book, I am not interested in writing an auto-biography. Such books too often become boring, and inevitably become archived in history, rarely read or referenced. Most end up in the garbage bin. This to me is a waste of time and energy. I would rather stay focused on the importance of Philosophy, Science, History and other subjects. After our death, we are just a logistics communication nametag that is all.

I believe profiles and resumes are important so that we readers understand a bit about the character, author of books, and other skills. For this reason, I write only inserts throughout my books to identify my character, how it evolved and interfaces to the open-minded dynamic belief system I now treasure. And experiential stories are tabled that add to the light of understanding, and the evolution of my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’, and how it became such an eternal never-ending concept. ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is a continuously evolving, self-improving ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ which is a journey of the mind, beyond the current world of fixed dogma beliefs.

I believe in the power of auto-suggestion and at the risk of being repetitive to emphasize key words and ideas, I make no apology for recap statements.

I have never cared about fame, fortune, trophies, prizes or awards.

I never seek donations for my Internet/E-mail written work, I pass it forward freely as ‘Social Capital’ and only accept copyright royalties from my books. I am not wealthy and don’t need it. Vanity and Greed has no place in my life. As a rule of wisdom, I never telegraph my next move. Surprise is an asset, in fun and for survival.

Whilst my electronic kindle books are cheaper and better royalty margins for me, I encourage you to buy the colour printed paperback editions to own as a collector’s item. All books are printed with glossy cover and the size of the books is 8.5 x 11 inches in size. I don’t make much on paperbacks, the printing costs are expensive, but they will serve you as a collector’s item.

Since the age of 12 years, I lived for the challenge, the adventure of learning and experience. My success is being dynamic, able to reinvent myself constantly, able to walk in cold… know nothing about a subject and master its pragmatic common-sense elements. I can change and adapt without fear or complaint.

My focus is ‘Truth, Justice and the Right Way, striving to do the Right Thing, living the Decent Way. I value, Honour, Integrity, Chivalry, Kindness, and Courtesy which interfaces with Good Manners, meaning I respect life and give goodwill to others, and value the essential wholesome qualities of ‘Freedom and Equality’ and the importance of ‘Courage’.

I have never suffered from depression or writer’s block, because I learned at the age of 21-years the power of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’. I love clean comedy, dancing and music from all ages of time.

I don’t mock people that behaviour in comedy acts, in Gay Mardi Gras, on film and images and in writing is a disgraceful way to behave. If I speak against someone, it is with serious conviction, no mocking included. It is wrong ideas and bad behaviour that I challenge, which needs corrective change.

I reject fixed dogma naïve vanity ideas of ‘Personal Development’ concepts being taught in the early 21st Century. Likewise, I reject the fixed dogma of Atheism & Theism & New Age Cults. And I reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’, including Communism, Fascism, Islam & Socialism. And I detest cruelty towards animals of all species, including humans.

I deliberately work under the radar of 21st Century Mainstream Media to avoid roadblocks.

“Trust is earned, not given” and mainstream media has a constant habit of betrayal of trust, and failure to do the right decent thing, founded upon integrity, reality-based ethics, and the constant protection of ‘Freedom and Equality Values’.

Using ahimsa methods, I will not give enemies of freedom, truth and justice any quarter.

I have a zero tolerance towards human litterbugs, and those persons that oppress ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ & ‘Freedom of Equality’, and those vindictive Organisations that in a state of hypocrisy, use ‘Hate Speech’ to oppress ‘Hate Speech’.

I don’t care about popularity. When the survival pressure is turned on high, fans run for self-preservation cover and friends are usually running the other way. It is better for a man to walk alone than rely on people that lack courage. There are two kinds of courage, physical courage and philosophical courage. The latter is in even shorter supply than the former.

As I repeat again and again… “Trust is earned not given”. I don’t trust cowards. They will betray us under pressure.

I would rather be friends with a person of open minded courage, with whom we disagree on occasions, than be friends with a person who is always agreeable and lacks courage.

As my children from a melded family know… “Family is not about blood. Family is Loyalty”.

A person’s ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. To know a person, first we must know their belief system, without that insight, we know nothing about that person.

Opinions, right or wrong, are not worth a damn, if we don’t have the calm courage to write and speak under our own full name, state and country. Pen name comments and opinion articles belong in the garbage bin, because no-one cares about such beliefs. All problems and solutions in society are philosophically political, and right or wrong, it takes courage to make a public stand for what we believe.

Politicians don’t take any notice of pen names, they only listen to real people that have courage of conviction. It is easy to observe that pen names are never brave enough to table their ideas in public. Pen names always table excuses, why they will not post their full name, state and country, when tabling ideas. They might as well be silent, no one in leadership seats is listening. Internet Social Media constantly posts thousands of slides, true and false in ideas, but the author hides out of sight, as anonymous. It is pointless making statements, if you don’t have the courage to be open in your beliefs.

Knowing human nature has been my career since 1970, I am very highly skilled in the art of subtle persuasion and philosophical strategy. But I only use those skills for good, to encourage destiny to follow its true wholesome karma.

I specialise in dynamic thinking and living experience, my life history verifies that fact. Even my family and friends don’t know me as well as they think they do. To know me, you must read all my books.



19 years old, Allan & friend Tobogganing March 1968 Tweed River NSW.

(The River is located approximately 10 k’s (6.2 miles) before Northern Queensland Border.)



Brief Overview

Allan Peter Ivarsson’s writing style varies dynamically, which becomes evident in his records. He can write simply or with complexity. He can write like a razor blade cutting through false knowledge crap, giving no ahimsa quarter to ideas. His style can change to poetic inspiration, description presentation or at other times with a sense of humour using a light easy reading style. He can dramatically change and write at academic level and face-off against ideas or cheer on in agreement.

He loves ‘Classic Style’ writing as recorded by the ancients and modern, before the 20th Century. He never suffers from writer’s block or depression, he feels no boundaries and does not recognise restrictions; however, he strives to be respectful and considerate of others without sacrificing truthfulness.

He is a caring gentleman that hates fighting and violence but is not afraid to fight when he has no choice. He is gentle with good people and iron-souled when dealing with enemy ratbags and political/business incompetence.

Allan is armed with ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, advanced skills in the ‘Art of Persuasion’ through his Sales experience in hard and soft sell. He began his verbal communication training at the age of twelve years, in early 1961, at ‘Ball Room Dancing’ Five Dock, Sydney and began learning the ‘Art of Street Approaches’ with girls at fifteen years of age, successfully becoming a professional master of the technique at the age of 21 years.

He was hired by parents as a professional escort in 1970, to look after their daughters taking them to Wedding, Balls and other social events. Sometimes, he was hired by the girls themselves. He worked for ‘Escort the Right Way’: “Are you lonely, are you blue, we have someone waiting for you?” He was employed because he could dance, water ski, play tennis etc. and knew how to communicate tactfully and courteously. He also had done boxing and knew how to fight and protect.

He walked into a country town five hours’ drive north of Sydney, into Taree in 1970 and walked out three weeks later with successful sales and over 300 girls’ names and addresses, ten percent acquired by street approaches, during his first 3 days in Taree. Ninety percent by referrals, after completion of successful sales presentations. In his first executive job in a finance company he was hired because of his skills in persuasion. He mastered the art of cold canvasing and sold successfully to people, door to door, selling soft drink and later fruit juice for home delivery, when they had told other University Students, “No!”

Allan mastered the ‘Art of Sales by Objection’.

He won a trip to Hayman Island Barrier Reef for photographic coverage of the Opera House festivities in Sydney 1973.

He became skilled in Retail Management, Philatelic Dealing and Manufacturing Logistics, Marketing, Warehousing, Purchasing and Production Control Planning. And held senior seats as MRP2/Kanban Consultant & Materials Manager, Chairman of Public Relations and Communications, followed by Chairman of Steering Committee and Project Team leader in different Management positions and held the position in the Scouts as Group Leader of Scout leaders and Cub leaders.

As the years rolled forward his communication skills advanced to Public Speaking, trained by Toastmasters –Castle Hill Sydney, a businessman’s formal suit and tie disciplined branch… and finally he began to learn how to write at the age of 35 years in 1984. He taught himself- he has no formal qualified education skills and has never attended writing skill courses- he is self-taught all the way in everything, except for his MRP2/Kanban Class ‘A’ World Class training which was delivered to him by Americans. After his training, he knew how to walk into any company and identify the strengths and weaknesses of any business. He became computer skilled after growing up in a manual working world.

He does not have a university degree, nor did he gain a Higher School Leaving Certificate; over the years he had degree qualified people reporting to him and he trained them in the art of success.

His project management skills are a natural gift, which served him well during his junior and senior executive career, which he acquired during his first year of high school, he always got 98% to 100% for project marks in school but was no good in exam rooms.

Outside of successfully striving to own his home, Allan did not care much about money, he was more interested in living the adventure, the challenge that is what gave his life meaning and purpose.

His Danish father a very brave Sydney Police officer in the Water Police, Flood Rescue and Rescue Squad once proudly said to an old-school mate friend Aldo Gortani, a year before he passed away in 1999… “Allan has done a lot of different things.”

Allan’s dynamic story, included boxing, street fighting, heavy vehicle trucking, including oil tankers, axeman and bush rock landscape gardener; the hard life he leads was unplanned, it just evolved and thus ‘Cosmicism’ was born. His profile is so dynamic that it is another story in its self. At times, Allan wonders why he took this road and he still does not know that answer…he just wonders why?

Why ‘Blue Light’ Was Written

I have never been interested in chasing fame, fortune, awards, degrees and popularity.

Though I have enjoyed the company of many casual friends throughout my life, I have travelled like a ‘ship in the night’ simply passing by on my journey search, my ‘Quest for Truth’.

I live for the challenge, this is what gives my life meaning and purpose. Looking at my medical history during my youth and at my near-death experiences eight times during my adult life, my existence for some unexplainable reason has been a living miracle. I should have died at birth and many times thereafter. If I was a believer in ‘angels’ I would have said, I have a ‘guardian angel’ but I think not. I simply believe my spiritual guide, ‘God of Creation’ taught me how to survive for a specific reason. Why I still don’t know.

‘Blue Light’ is written for myself in the spirit of the 1943 Fountainhead– by Ayn Rand’s tale of uncompromised individualism. I am simply sharing with you my evolving ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ and what I learned. Can you comprehend Blue Light? When we think we know- we do not know? The more we learn the less we will know. Welcome to the cosmic roundabout.

In Memory…

Aldo changed his name from Gortani to Gortan in his 21st year to support his love of Australia.




Allan Ivarsson with Aldo Gortan September 2011. Both of us began together in Kindergarten 1954 and with other mates travelled through Primary & High School together. We had many great times and wild times. I remember our car drag race in 1966 on the streets of Abbotsford, Sydney, in the early hours of the morning. We were nuts!

I had to wear glasses since I was 6 years old. After laser surgery in 2013 at the age of 65 years, which cost $8,000, I never have to wear glasses again.

Technology is amazing. But now we humans have to become smarter in our philosophical thinking. Being Clever is not good enough. Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we are still handicapped.



A keen film enthusiast, Allan loves watching good American, British and Australian films. From the silent era to sound… his favourite being Charlie Chaplin… 1940 ‘The Great Dictator’ being Chaplin’s first full sound flick. Appreciating the evolution of film in the Al Jolson 1927 ‘The Jazz Singer’ the first talkie, silent film, with sound music and several talking events. The Gene Kelly 1952 ‘Singing in the Rain’ great romance, humour musical film, introducing further, rising star Debbie Reynolds, is a classic reminder of the problems, beginning with the transition from silent to sound film production.

The excellent James Stewart 1953 film ‘The Glenn Miller Story’ with talented June Allyson, tells the true life romance of Glenn Miller with his music orchestra and his wife. An amazing great man. In the film an appearance by Louis Armstrong reminds us of his presence in excellent films like Grace Kelly 1956 ‘High Society’, musical, romantic humour, a remake of the 1940 Cary Grant, not musical, ‘Philadelphia Story’ and Armstrong’s powerful voice delivery in the Barbra Streisand 1969 ‘Hello Dolly!’ musical, romance, funny film.

Allan said… “I remember going alone into Sydney one afternoon, to watch this great spectacular “Hello Dolly” film, as I did with the Audrey Hepburn 1964 ‘My Fair Lady’ and Julie Andrews 1965 ‘Sound of Music’ and Clint Eastwood 1969 ‘Paint Your Wagon’ and other fantastic films.”

Allan from the age of 15 years, preferred to go to the theatre alone, without his mates, because his focus was to enjoy the moment, not be distracted by other attitudes. This ‘Fountainhead thinking’ was to become a true part of his character for the rest of his life. During his wild years in Sydney, he always preferred to stand alone on the streets at night, and face hoodlums without backup. He trusted his own instincts, as he did not believe that his mates were tough enough to back him in a fight; he came to that conviction after his first street fight in 1971 outside Cabramatta RSL near midnight, one Saturday night, when a stranger covered his back, whilst his friend Bruce did nothing. He went into wine bars, pubs and discos alone and made casual friends for the night, during his adventures on the streets of Sydney. He lived often like a ship in the night passing by, meeting a lot of great people and then disappeared looking for another adventure.

Allan said, “I like people, but most have limited minds and I find that it is difficult to meet dynamic people that can truly think outside the square with open mind, and it is difficult to find people that have true open minded courage that are not afraid to stand up and be counted, even when the odds of winning are against them. For that reason, I chose often to walk alone, for I listened to a different drummer, whose inspirational music guides me with caring courage and conviction in my heart and soul.”

“I consider myself very fortunate thanks to the invention of VHS tapes and later DVD’s. I gained the opportunity to catch up on all the great films that were made since the 1920’s silent era, and occasionally some odd pieces made before the 20’s.”

“I saw a lot of films that my parents never knew existed and I saw great films my grandparents never ever saw. And I know my children and grandchildren whom are caught trapped in the new technology world, are not likely to take the initiative to watch the great history of films I and other film enthusiasts like I, have seen.”

“I gained good communication training from films, studying scripts, dialogue, human nature, philosophy of thought, humour, dos and don’ts, project set layouts and photographic special effects. And enjoying great music when presented. That’s life living the experience, the adventure, the challenge, by always being dynamic and adaptable, not saying no to wholesome good experience. And for that reason to stay happy with peace of mind, I always reject horror films and excessive violent films. A world of peace, love and fun, is inspired by great happy entertainment.”

This is a fractional part of… who is Allan Ivarsson?



ALLAN IVARSSON 19 years March 1968 learning to Water Ski on Tweed River near Coolangatta Qld.


1969 Allan Ivarsson 20 years. Taken at Water Ski Gardens, Wiseman’s Ferry, Hawkesbury River, NSW Australia. (Darkroom processing, printing, A4 enlargement, done by A.I.)

Allan Ivarsson is founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. Join the movement share the way.


A.I. is a ‘Hard Case’ thinker, he specialises in dealing with reality and ideality. He rejects ‘Political Correctness’ with the contempt it deserves, and always endeavours to say it the way it is.


He stands for ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’ as an absolute human right and rejects all anti-freedom dictatorships.


Allan is a professional in writing, global research and study, philosophical analysis and project management. He analyses thinking of people by exploring their belief system, their emotional level of intelligence, and their communication skills. He does not look at grammar, he looks at ideas, and looks for pragmatic common sense. He rejects Psychology and instead uses the spiritual and logical power of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. His youth sales background and his basic training in sales by objection has served his career well. In fact, he succeeded, without a University degree, because of his sales and communication training and his project management skills.


Allan wrote to friends on Facebook when they were writing to each other, discussing likes and dislikes in art. His friends ticked like, when in conclusion of the discussion, with which they were all in harmony with each other; Allan wrote…


“Words are limiting, and there are so many ways to express and explain things, just like in art.”


Coming Out in The Open…



Back in early 1988 at the beginning of my thirty ninth year, I was taught by a ‘Contract Manager’ Keith J. Heuston to be a man of ‘Mystery’ if I wanted to be successful in the ‘Senior Executive World’. I realized this was good advice and I adapted accordingly. Heuston was in semi-retirement and he was originally in his last seat the ‘General Manager’ of ‘Arnotts Snack Foods’. As my boss, he held the contract seat of ‘Materials Manager’ and I reported to him in my last ‘Junior Executive Seat’ as a ‘Manufacturing Planning Manager’ at ‘Sterling Pharmaceuticals’ in Ermington Sydney.

Eight months later in September 1988, I was employed with a company car and a ten thousand dollar increase in salary in my first ‘Senior Executive Position’ at ‘Ainsworth Consolidated Industries’ as ‘Materials Manager’ with thirty-two people reporting to me. Thus, began my successful ‘Senior Executive Career’ in several companies thereafter as a Materials Manager/MRP2/Kanban Consultant and Contractor in Class ‘A’ World Class Manufacturing Logistics, in Electronic Industries, followed by hands on Consultant in Cable and Insulation Industry.

My wife Jan Houston, now Ivarsson, a ‘Financial Accountant’ whom I met on the 15th August 1987, we were married on the 3rd March 1990, was by coincidence working at Arnotts years earlier and her boss reported to Keith Heuston.

Jan 42 years 23rd July, 1988

Jan Ivarsson 23rd July 1988

I continued to live as a man of ‘Mystery’ until my 65th year on the 26th December 2013, when I decided it was time to end the mystery and to gradually put the truth on the table so that readers can understand how ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ evolved and why it happened. The essay I wrote in 1994 titled ‘Mystery’ unfolds more about ‘Blue Light’. Being republished … coming soon…

Since 1970-71 when I went on a ‘Quest for Truth’ originally as a Christian, I encouraged people to underestimate me, as I knew that to succeed it was important that I kept a low profile in the intelligence stakes. This gave me the constant opportunity to test people and organisations, thus to learn human nature, other ‘Belief Systems’ and philosophies and thereby strengthen my understanding of reality.

Yes, I analyse peoples character, by their belief system, their attitude and communication skills and their philosophy. Even people who claim to not like philosophy are still philosophers, whether their philosophical beliefs are simplistic or complicated. I learned through the study of films made from the 1920’s through to 2014 plus, how to identify people in their youth to old age, even when their physical appearance has changed so much. I read their eyes and listen to their voice to identify who they are. The eyes and voice are like fingerprints.

When fighting for our right to live free it is important that we all understand the following wisdom…

Moving forward… a mini-essay with a difference…

There is no easy overnight victory to defeating anti-freedom apartheid Islam; this fight with Islam shall rage at least another three hundred years. To stop ‘Islamization of the World’ every generation must be trained about the ‘Dark Truth of Islam’ -but education about reality is not enough to stop Islam.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the world is now divided in two for or against Islam, no one can survive in a neutral position just sitting on the fence. The reason for this reality, is because Islam as instructed in the Qur’an, rejects assimilation and demands the right of dictatorship over everyone. Islam claims that all unbelievers are inferiors and must be punished for rejecting Islam.

To defeat Islam, their critical path power play, the strategic binding force which holds Muslims and the coward left Dhimmis together, must be smashed to smithereens. Only the decay of the belief system nucleus binding force of Islam can gradually topple Islam and its strangle hold on the World.

All the current ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ education, reporting and resistance tactics are important essential activist actions to wake up the people, but these movements are not enough to stop the expansion of Islam.

The heart of Islam must be taken out…the core of ‘Islamic Belief System’ must be discredited by rule of secular ‘Liberty Based Constitution Law’. Islam will not begin to disintegrate until the central power of Islam is shut down. It is like stopping a nuclear reactor from exploding, the core must be closed down.

Islam is not compatible with the ‘Free Western World’, not now, not ever.

The core of Islam acting like superglue holding Islam together is “Blasphemy Law”.

Outlaw all anti-freedom of speech laws, including “Blasphemy Law” and Islam shall gradually disintegrate. Many Islamic Leaders know this and are afraid of banning “Blasphemy Law”.

Lest We Forget

If a ‘Belief System’ has true strength of character, it does not need any form of anti-freedom of speech law to protect it.

Allan Ivarsson 2018 #

# Source: Child Brides’





My Sister Linda & I back in September 1971, a year after I began my ‘Quest for Truth’.

When I was a Stamp Dealer on Thursday Nights & Weekends for 5 years 1977-1982

I sold the Stamp Shop in 1982

I worked as a ‘Purchasing Officer’ & later ‘Materials Supply Manager’ 5 days a week in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company when I ran the Stamp Shop part-time. In 1985 I was appointed in the same manufacturing company as ‘Production Planning and Inventory Control Manager’. As a Stamp Dealer, I purchased stock on Saturday, with money, I didn’t have, sold half the stock on a Sunday to pay for the purchase and kept the rest of the stock for gradual retail sales. The cheques passed each other on the Monday and everybody was paid. Such a method required very strict discipline backed by 100% accuracy; I was good at it, because self-discipline always guided my life. That appointment to ‘Production Planning Manager’ changed my destiny forever and lead me down an even more dynamic path of incredible experience. I lived a dynamic life since I left school in 1965, but the adventures kept expanding and increasing the older I became as I accepted more challenges. I was always backed by my mentor called ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ I never suffered from depression. I have no regrets, except one, the 1975 accident, when I had too much courage and not enough safety common sense. There is a fine red line between courage and stupidity as I learned in late 1975.


Photograph taken when I was in Ward C Lewisham Hospital Sydney, November 15, for three months with two broken legs, from late October 1975 and six weeks later a blood clot on my lungs, which almost cost me my life. At three am I was given three hours to live by doctors and nurse. And I responded, “Like Hell”, I called out, “Nurse I need pen and paper”. The nurse said, “What do you want that for?” And I replied, “Because I am going to write!” I wrote every idea that went through my brain for the next 12 hours to stay awake and thus I survived, by toughness in mind. Everything I wrote was discarded into the rubbish bin except one poem. “The Last Epitaph” which I kept and published years later. And thus my desire to learn how to write began.

Existence is a Jigsaw



It took me forty years of thinking, research and varied experience, to figure out in overview the big picture. I had to wade through volumes of belief system crap, struggling to always keep an open mind to find truth. Although I have studied much detail, I will not live long enough to finish it. I now believe every belief system must go on the table for scrutineering. The only thing I trust is proven path fact science, wisdom and using Canadian Dr. Elsa Schieder’s words ‘reality-based ethics’. The idea that a God Creator will protect us is a myth- we are alone in the struggle of life, like all animals, human and non-human. All false knowledge & fixed dogma must be gradually dumped into the garbage bin. Philosophy & Science as comrades backed by Communication & Mathematics as tools, is the key to truth and progress. All skills evolve from these foundations in one way or another, including art. Which is what ‘Cosmicism’ is about, it is completely open ended, forever changing and adapting as new insight is discovered. It has no fixed dogma and is dynamic.

There is no one right way starting point, existence is a ‘jigsaw’, all the pieces evolve and slowly come together, each piece forever evolving and expanding, adding to the big picture which knows no limits, no end, no final truth. Even the big picture keeps expanding. The best way to understand this vision is to overlay in the mind, a big clear template of all human records, against a clear template of the universe. The Universe is larger than all our total comprehension records and like the universe, our knowledge is constantly expanding. Our knowledge is our ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ linked to existence, the universe, which is forever expanding. The Universe is the eternal creation process, and life evolution is part of that process, founded upon chaos events (order within disorder) that cannot be forecast by the human mind. No supernatural being is controlling it, we are just part of that automatic forever changing process. Even space that looks empty to the human eye is not empty. For many, existence is mind boggling, but it’s not really, if we think outside the square. I am at peace, content with my sense of awe with the mystery and wonder of it all. Existence never ends, it just changes in form as a constant. The Truth can only be found and experienced in a society ‘Liberty’ based, which values in total, freedom of speech and choice, void of fixed dogma. Even Atheism often traps itself into fixed dogma, unable too often, like Theism, to think outside the square.

There is no meaning and purpose in life except that which we create for ourselves. It is the challenge of existence that gives us meaning and purpose. How we manage challenge, defines whom we are and the nature of our character. Our belief systems good and bad are the reason for our thinking and behaviour. Hence, it is very important that our belief systems evolve in the right way in harmony with the reality of existence. We must flow with cosmic nature, adapt and change as the universe demands by chaos process.

We need young people that have open mind to run with ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as a learning curve tool. Until people grasp the ‘Cosmic Vision’ I shall just keep reaching into the Universe, gradually tabling my insight, hoping one day someone out there will recognise the full power of the cosmic message I am tabling. Most powerful ideas take many decades to evolve, people are often slow to grasp, and are afraid to learn to change their fixed dogma ways. But change in the end does come, good and bad, history has proved that is true. If it wasn’t for the roadblocks of religion, humankind would be far more advanced, than we are now, hundreds of years further ahead in the evolution process.

I write both soft and hard, soft to encourage evolution and hard to wake people up, even when it offends. I don’t believe in political correctness, I believe in putting the truth on the table and saying it the way it is.

The Cosmos forever changes, in the flow of all existence, physical and spiritual.

Blue Light is a journey which never ends.

“Any kind of absolute belief system, is fundamentally flawed.” #

Andy Serkis 2014

# Source: Tabled as a remark, by A.S. in a review titled ‘Andy Serkis Rediscovering Caesar’. Which was an extra brief 9-minute spinoff presentation, inspired by the remake film ‘Planet of the Apes’ series, founded upon its own unique originality version, called “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (2014). The director of this good film was Matt Reeves. Stars: Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke and more excellent actors, too many to list.

Keri Russell was also excellent in those three fun films… 2007 ‘Waitress’ & 2013 ‘Austenland’ & 2007 ‘August Rush’. Yes, I like Keri Russell as an actress.


Allan Ivarsson is the world’s first Cosmic Philosopher. Allan is a Scholar of Life. Allan a defiant philosophical rebel, is the living sequel to W. Somerset Maugham’s ‘Razor’s Edge’.

“There is an immutable truth…

“Intelligence is a lot less valuable, if your enemies know you have it.”

Tom Selleck 2014

TV Series Story: ‘Insult to Injury’ Airdate: 3rd July 2014… ‘Blue Bloods’ Season Four.



15th April 1974

A lot of people around the world are far clever than Allan Ivarsson, but Allan is philosophically smarter and understands the secret of good solutions and the art of Class ‘A’ World Class Project Management. Allan I. is the ‘Einstein’ of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. Not brag… fact! Allan can walk in cold, study any non-mathematical subject, any problem, any issue and work out pragmatically using common sense the right solution to the concern. He knows how to walk into any Corporation and identify the strengths and weaknesses of every department, in any business, specialising in Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail. To succeed he uses the advanced intelligence of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, the art of ‘Channelling’ and the evolving concepts of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ (1984-2024). Allan is like a blind man that can hear better than a man or woman who can see, can hear. Allan is a Consultant.

Allan has an above average high success rate of being accurate in his forecasts on political and corporate thinking and behaviour, after he does his homework. Even religions and cults are too often political forces like anti-freedom apartheid Islam. Why? Because, the secret of understanding is about belief system philosophy, not psychology. Allan is not interested in publishing projections, except sometimes for entertainment, interfaced with fictionalised stories. Mostly he used this skill for personal advantage in decision making process during his executive career and now in old age, for philosophical review.

Because of an unplanned accident at birth by a doctor, Allan suffered a slight brain injury and came very close to becoming an epileptic, he suffered from a minor form of epilepsy, at the age of 8 years, which frightened him in the middle of the night, as he struggled unsteadily to walk into his parent’s bedroom for help, called ‘Petit Mal Seizure’ from the French meaning “little illness”, a term dating back from the 18th Century. Modern medical science in the late 1950’s & 60’s saved him from becoming an epileptic. He was cured by his 18th year.

To offset his difficulty in remembering things when he was addicted to a salvation drug by prescription by Doctors in his fight to avoid ‘Epilepsy’ Allan developed a very strict discipline of filing and retrieving information, which became an asset for him even after he escaped drug addiction and regained his capacity to remember things.

Consequently, his speed was slower, his IQ lower and thus his ability to pass exams, even when he knew the work, blocked him from the success of passing exams. And yet his project management skills in ‘High School’ which was never credited to end of year exam finals, were constantly running at marks of 98% to 100% delivery performance. It was this project skill, plus his communication ability to speak well as a persuasion seller of ideas that helped him build a successful career path of very above normal dynamic skills. He later through his studies of philosophy, history, science, business and some politics and economics helped him develop self-trained excellent above average communication skills. A lot of degree qualified people cannot match his ability even though many have higher IQ than Allan. It was through his struggle to learn the higher truth, the big picture about life and the Universe that Allan identified the rare existence of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and thus coined this name in 2007. Allan compensated his handicap by self-training in absolute discipline and diligence. He was rated in 1961, first year of ‘High School’ as being above average in ‘Administration Skills’ and below average in ‘Mechanical Skills’. Which proved to be true throughout his life.

Allan does not have a University Degree; no University can teach him what Allan knows through dynamic experience and highly disciplined self-training. Hopefully that will change one day when Universities establish the subject skill of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as a mandatory degree qualified skill with every course.

An accident in 1975, when he was 26 years and 10 months, subjected Allan to a life of constant pain, every second of every day, this experience combined with his ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, made him tough. He never suffered from depression, has never suffered from writer’s block and has never been afraid to face and learn any challenge, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Allan is very loyal to those who stand with him as a friend, he is fun loving, he is very iron-souled when fighting opponents, using ahimsa methods of persistently giving no quarter. He fights for ‘Truth, Justice, Freedom and the Right Way’.

Allan in his younger years in his age of twenties and thirties, when he fought in street fights against hoodlums, never lost, because he learned how to persistently keep coming in hammerhead attack, even when his enemy was a better fighter, Allan still won. This persistence became his measure of how to win fights on the streets and in academic management corporation battles. He never stopped fighting until he won. Allan never went looking for trouble, but when incompetent wrong thinking people or corrupt people or bullies strived to oppress him, others and right ideas, with wrong thinking, Allan quickly did his homework and fought until he won, that is the character of his nature and more.

Training in Martial Arts did not exist during his young years in Sydney, 1950’s, 1960’s & 1970’s.

Fighting was done with fists. Most hoodlums still used fists only, bare skin fighting was still the code of honour on the Sydney streets. Those that used weapons and their feet were deemed as being cowards.

During his last five-year Senior Executive assignment before he retired from the Manufacturing Industry, changing course, a Manufacturing Manager once complained that Allan’s e-mails were too long. Allan looked at all points of view and wrote in a style that answered all questions including expected disagreements and challenges. Allan did his homework thoroughly up front to stop challenges and conflicts.

He answered the Manufacturing Managers complaint… “True but have you noticed I put the fight to bed first round. There are no more challenging e-mails.”

In meetings Allan often concluded his presentation when no one challenged his delivery with the closing words… “Silence is Approval”.

The meeting usually became more quiet, because most managers had never heard that statement tabled.

Ps. I was called up for Conscription into the Australian Army for Vietnam in 1969 because I turned 20 years on the 26th December 1968. I did all the physical checks and was rejected on Medical Grounds. I was very upset that I was rejected. Because the reason I was denied entry into the Military was because of my childhood ‘Petit Mal Seizure’. I didn’t come to realise it at the time but years later, I learned the dark truth about some of the horrors of the Vietnam War and that theoretically, I was fortunate that I was denied the right to go to war.

I felt humiliated by the rejection and it shook up my confidence temporarily. Hence, to prove myself to myself, I took up Boxing to learn not only basics about fighting but also how to take a physical hiding. Consequently, I drifted in the years ahead into trouble spots on the streets of Sydney and street-fights became an essential self-defence action at times.

I also started taking too many other dangerous risks which finally caught up with me in October 1975, after a bad accident, whilst climbing two-storeys.

The twist to this story is that many years later in 1984 when I was 35 years old a doctor discovered that I was drug addicted by the drug cure and that I was cured of this childhood ailment when I was 18 years of age. Idiot degree qualified different General Practitioner Medical Doctors kept subscribing the drug to me over the years and never asked questions. When I asked this wiser Indian Doctor who questioned the need for the drug, why I was suffering from the shakes, he said, “Because you are addicted to the drug. It saved you years ago, but now you need to slowly over two years wean off the drug, reducing the consumption gradually.” I said, “What happens if I go cold turkey and stop taking it?” He said, “You will suffer greatly with the shakes for three to six months.” I said, “I will do it tough and get off the drug immediately.” I did it and to overcome the physical stress, I went to a gymnasium and took up weight lifting. Within six months I defeated the drug addiction and kept up gym weightlifting training until my fifty-fifth year and I only stopped, because I started clearing dense Australian bush on our 12 acre property that not even Wallabies could jump through. First, I cut walking paths, then I cleared wider circles of land over the years, widening the circle and square sections. Finally clearing two acres of land. And creating walk ways through the bush. I did this using the pioneer 19th Century way, using only axes, hand saws, mattocks, picks, shovels, rakes and a wheel barrow, mostly for clearing rubbish, dug out tree roots and for moving bush rocks.

Later I built many Bush Rock Gardens and thus began learning the art of landscaping with dry walls ‘Bush Rock’. I created a haven for bird wildlife and the first small birds moved into our gardens in 2007, by 2012, the numbers increased substantially, even small finches migrated into our gardens along with blue wrens and honey eaters.

Eventually the Kookaburra’s came in, they now liked the land. I could hear them in the distance, but it wasn’t until after 2004 they started to visit the new area, I had created. They created homes in the gum trees, I left to grow. After the arrival of the Kookaburras the Black Crows i.e. Currawongs, left the area as the Magpies also moved in. The Magpies and Black Crows fought aerial battles, which looked like scenes out of World War I plane battles, void of gun fire. The Magpies always won the fights. Magpies and Kookaburras never clashed. They seemed to respect each other’s space. The thing that intrigued me the most is that the small black Willie Wagtails with white breasts/underparts on the ground gave the larger Magpies a hard time if they got to close to each other when searching for food. And the Magpies simply backed off and gave them room to feed.

We could not afford Tractors and we did not have bullocks like they used in the 18th Century, and I could not use a Chainsaw because of my bad leg, falling was a common experience and I could throw an axe away from me when falling, but a chainsaw could turn upon me. So I reasoned if the pioneers could work tough so could I. And I did this on a bad left leg, that has been in pain, 7/24 since 1975 at the age of 26 years.

Thus I became very tough and never rejected physical or mental hardship.

I often wonder, if I had gone to Vietnam would I have returned wiser and healthier and better off than the pain of the accident I endured for the rest of my adult life, or would I have been maimed or killed? The answer is blowing in the wind.


Allan Peter Ivarsson

Scout Group Leader Investiture 1991


The following extract is from a philosophical story I wrote in 1993 titled ‘Consciousness’ published originally in 2003. It is a channelled conversation with my ‘Spiritual Guide’ a ‘Messenger of Time’ Mentor that helped me solve my problems and gave me an understanding of how to solve any concerns that troubled me. My character is the ‘Scholar of Life’. In my early writings, I also played the character of the ‘Student of Ideality’ and the ‘Pupil of Understanding’. Each character often talked to the other. I took the book off the market in 2010 for it was time for a rewrite in the light of the final understanding I gained in 2007 to 2008. The original book is being broken down, some has been republished, more work has to be done. Some has been permanently deleted. I was not happy with all my work, some needed change in the light of higher understanding I gained by 2008. Read 1994 ‘Mystery’ which I published in 2003 and republished on my website in 2018 and shall soon be published again in the COMPENDIUM Series. Just follow my Amazon.com published work that represents my final authorised version of my thinking at the end of my life in elderly years. In youth we make mistakes as we grow older, we learn more wisdom. Sadly some people live their entire life into old age and never learn wisdom. That reality has always made me ask the question, “Why?” And I believe the answer is that they lived their life governed by ‘Fixed Dogma’ beliefs or were just simply apathetic and intellectually lazy to the end. And that realisation makes me feel sad for them. What a waste of life to live and never learn how to think with open mind and think dynamic outside the square of the square. What a waste of life to die and never know higher truth.

 The ‘Messenger of Time’ opens the next stage of conversation in ‘Consciousness’…

 “To protect your inspirations unlearn your inhibitions, unlearn your atheist beliefs, unlearn your fixed religious beliefs, and start again. Remove your emotions from the quest for truth; develop diligence and dedication in commitment to finding truth, living its essence, free of prejudice, researched with pragmatic objectivity. Teach behaviour codes of integrity, ethics, chivalry, and ultimate codes of behaviour. Learn higher standards, and teach self-discipline, and discipline, in good habits, right attitude, and right communication. Develop calm conviction even when faced with a barrage of aggressive conflict.”

“If you desire self-confidence, (mind-confidence), you shall acquire it. A person who lacks desire and self-motivation will never gain true confidence. You must believe in yourself. Confidence begins to develop when you decide to become positive in mental attitude. But remember desire for self-confidence is not enough. You must add to this desire a determined commitment of supported persistent effort, backed by courage of conviction, that is, an unsurrendering affirmation that you will work towards strengthening your confidence. To gain confidence you must identify your apprehensions, and inhibitions. You must meet the challenge and face your fears. Strive to conquer all fear. This is not easy, but it can be achieved. Evolve your confidence be patient with yourself. Do not expect change overnight. Confidence grows wiser with age and experience.”

“Water and wind consistently with the passing of time… will wear away the rockface of an Oceanside cliff carving into it a new form. Similarly, you can with persistence wear away your fears and carve yourself into a new person, strengthened by confidence. Your final victory will be that moment of time when you have complete confidence to face any challenges that confront you during the remainder of your life.”

“Do you remember your life upon earth, when as a young man you felt afraid?” The Messenger asked.

“Yes,” the Scholar answered, “I remember. When I was 17 years of age, I was terrified of heights. Every time I walked across a bridge, I sensed the sides of the bridge vanishing. All I could see was water before me, and I was falling. I did not like this fear, so I decided to deal with it for once and for all. During my eighteenth year, 1966, I started in the summer time to dive of the lower section of the tower in Ryde swimming pool. As I got better at diving, I gradually went higher up the tower. The weeks passed by, my confidence grew, and I still could not dive very gracefully, and sometimes flipped over on my back as I hit the water. A sore back should have deterred me, but it did not. Obsessed to beat my fear, I climbed higher until, by the end of summer, I reached the top of the tower. I looked down; it seemed a long way to the water. I hesitated and then determination took over. I have gone too far and practiced too long and hard to back down now. I decided to just jump straight into the water. Splash! I hit the depths sinking fast to the bottom of the pool. Slowly I surfaced, it seemed like I was forever under the water but in reality, it was just brief seconds. I climbed the tower and jumped again. Then on the third time I dived headfirst. “This is great,” I thought; now I had confidence. And although over the years I had a healthy respect for the danger of heights, I never felt the fear of heights again. I had conquered my fear. After this day I was diving off bridges and climbing one-storey and two-storey buildings to unlock home units when ladies young and elderly had locked themselves out. It eventually caught up with me in my twenty-seventh year, I fell at the age of 26 in October 1975 two-storeys broke both legs and was given three hours to live. I met this challenge too and beat it. I’ve looked death in the eye- I will never surrender.”

The accident changed my life forever as my destiny changed course.

“But the story does not end here. When I was twenty years old, I was troubled by my growing fear of getting hurt. I was never allowed to play football as a child, and I was not allowed to do boxing when I first felt the interest at sixteen years. I was not allowed to own a pushbike. And I rarely gained the opportunity to ride anyone else’s bicycle. So I was not aspiring with confidence. I decided to join the Army. I was called up for National Service in 1968. But they would not take me. I was knocked back on medical reasons- I found out fifteen years later that the so-called health complaint was a mistake. I did not have a problem. My childhood ailment was cured by my eighteenth year, and no doctor told me. They just kept writing out prescriptions without question and failed to check my progress. Anyway back to the story. Disappointed I decided to do boxing. I told my parents I was going to the library, which I often did in the past to study the history of Sydney. Instead twice a week I went to the gym. Well as the weeks rolled by, I came home with black eyes, bloody lips and my parents nailed me with a barrage of questions. I said “I didn’t tell you because I did not want a conflict when you tried to talk me out of doing boxing. I have been going for the last four weeks.” They asked me why and I said, “to learn how to defend myself.” I said to Dad, “you never taught me, I didn’t even know basics.” But the real driving reason inside of me was I went to learn how to take a physical hiding. I knew I had to eliminate my fear of getting hurt. I knew if I could take a beating, I could also with confidence fight back hard in self-defence. When I went to the boxing ring on the first night, I stood with my arms stiff as I had seen in old bare fisted pictures of eighteenth century boxers. The trainer said, “What are you doing? Are you afraid of getting hurt?” “No,” I lied feeling embarrassed. He said, “this is how you stand.” He showed me, after that I got the picture. The first time I went into the sparring ring I was afraid. As the weeks rolled by, I grew more skilled, fitter and confident. The trainer would weeks later say, “fight him tonight.” And I would say, “No, I can beat him. I can’t beat the big guy. I want to fight him.” Twice a week I went into the ring fighting Alan, by coincidence that was his name and he was equal to my size and height. Actually I think he was one inch shorter. I was six foot three inches in height. Anyway Alan was a good fighter, far superior to me; he bounced me around the ring like a rubber ball. In the beginning he dropped me in the first round. As the weeks passed, I got better in skill and I was able to survive more time in the rounds, before I went down. I remember hitting him hard the first time I was in the ring with him. I stopped and said, “Sorry did I hurt you?” He answered, “no keep going.” I laughed at my own stress and fear of hurting others years later, but at the time my innocence and artless beliefs aroused in me too much concern. I knew I could not beat him by counter punch. He was too good. So I developed a hammer head style. In short, I just went in slamming punch after punch. It used up my energy levels a lot faster, but as my fitness strengthened so did my staying power. This attack method in the short run exposed me to a more frequent volley of punches, but I did not care. I just wanted to prove to myself, that I had the staying power, that I could give good account of myself, and most important that I could take the punishment. In the end I could stay six to seven rounds before tiredness wore me down. I never fell once I learnt how to hold my own, and I left him sometimes with a bloody face in return for my bruises. After nine months, of boxing I was happy. I now had confidence. I did not really like fighting and I was starting to experience headaches, so I decided to give up further boxing- a decision which at the time I did not know, years later when I raised my own children, I would regret. In my twenties and early thirties I started to venture alone into back alley streets of Kings Cross, Redfern, Surry Hills, all of Sydney, and many other rough areas. I regularly walked into bars, pubs, and back streets… conflict came my way. I never started troubled, but I never ran. I stood my ground and fought when I had to fight. I never lost one street fight even when two attacked me. And once I called out all six starting with the leader. I was probably lucky they turned me down but that is another story. The point of this story is simple… I faced my fear of getting hurt. I conquered my fear and, in the process, learnt the basics of how to fight. A confidence I have never lost. I now have only one fear and that fear is the fear of failure. Which is why I have worked so hard over the years, to be the best in myself of everything I can give in diligent effort to maximize results. This is my challenge. This is my motivation. This is my feeling of importance. I live for the challenge- it enlivens me. Confidence grows with effort. There is no other way.”

“Well,” the Messenger said, “you learnt the hard way. But your road ahead unbeknown to you was to be very rocky, uncertain and forever changing destiny. But you learnt. And there was a good reason why you experienced so much.” The Scholar looked at him with a slight smile on his face. “You know the reason,” the Messenger remarked, “there is no need for me to say more.”

“Yes,” the Scholar agreed, “over the years I learnt, a wiser person has total control over their emotions. They only use anger as a controlled weapon for reasons of self-defence, and even then, they are slow to anger and are very controlled in the output of their response.”

“The wiser always remember that aggressive people who attack you verbally, are your friends. Aggressive abusive persons teach you what not to do, and they inadvertently help you to train yourself in the art of being the eye of calm in a storm. By your attackers’ erroneous emotional aggression, they become unwittingly your silent friend… because by their uncontrolled outburst they serve to make you stronger in your skills. You learn how to deal with unproductive emotionalism. People who are hypercritical and abusive are in fact insecure weaker persons in communication skills. They overreact in frustration. Calm conviction always stands stronger regardless of who in truth is really right in their statements. When you are under attack by an abusive person remember calmly, they are your best asset. They are totally disadvantaged by your calm, patient serene nature. In the face of conflict always channel calm through your mind. If your spirit is calm, so too will your mind be free from anxiety and thus shall feel tranquil. Practice every day of your life through conscious effort to always be calm even when challenged head-on and confronted by sensitive issues to the soul. This is not easy to master but it can be done. I learnt this reality slowly the hard way through trial and error. Luckily, I monitored myself, by self-evaluation. If I had not checked my own attitude and response over the years, through a learning curve, I doubt I would have made good improvement progress. Learning to be calm all the time is for most of us the toughest challenge we will ever face. When you achieve calm in the face of conflict. When you can stay cool whilst others are losing control of their minds. When you can live as the eye of calm in a storm, then you have achieved a monumental greatness within yourself. Inner peace is growing within you. Combine your tranquillity with ahimsa karman and carespirit karman and your life will evolve to attain true meaning and purpose. Your highest karma shall come to you. Your destiny shall be fulfilled. This is the road of never ending enlightenment. You will have proven to your inner self- truly the abusive person, however wrong they may be, is your friend. The challenge is there before you. Meet it, handle it, and live it.”

“The wisdom taught two thousand years ago by Jesus upon the planet earth, still holds true,” the Messenger said. “Give kindness and goodwill, walk an extra mile, turn the other cheek, but when that does not work, and you are physically attacked you do have the right to defend yourself by whatever degree of force is necessary to protect yourself and stop the attack.”

“While this is true,” the Scholar remarked, “turning the other cheek is very difficult to practice. Over the years, especially in my twenties, I found it difficult to control my anger against people who are uncaring with a “I’m all right Jack” mentality “that’s their problem,” and idle gossip and hypercriticism. I do not like gossip. To me gossip about people’s personal lives is their business, not mine. Besides you cannot believe gossip. Too many times gossip bares false witness to the truth. Gossip is a total waste of time and effort. Gossip only serves brainless data for scatter-brained entertainment. Likewise I feel a deep repugnance and burning anger towards persons who use cruelty, torture and violence against other persons. I would defend myself, and fight to the death, but I would never torture my enemies. Only dishonorable people deal out cruelty. I have over the years, learned inner peace and to control this flame of anger. Through my spiritual self-realisation I have developed the skill through affirmation self-training to be calm in the midst of conflict.”

“Yes you have,” the Messenger agreed, “by talking to me, and using me as your spiritual guide you have travelled full circle and experienced the way of living in the light.”

In Memory



The above ‘Allan Ivarsson I to VII’ online presentation was Published in 2018 Paperback book COMPENDIUM III printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book. amazon.com

To be continued… with short stories of experiences which shaped my understanding of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ that has become an eternal part of that which I am.


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