Allan Ivarsson Author… Slams Joe Biden, Scott Morrison, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin Attacks Children


Allan Ivarsson Author… Slams Joe Biden, Scott Morrison, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

Published by The Guardian, Julian Borger World affairs editor, in Washington, wrote on March 18, 2022, the following title, “China’s decisive turning point: will it side with Russia and divide the world?” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… “Dividing the World?” I have written many times during the past few years since all the Communist Countries united together in the United Nations against the ‘Free World’ that the world was now divided in two… Anti-Freedom Marxist Communist Ideology against ‘Pro-Freedom Ideology’. In other words, Elected Leaders in Democratic Process versus Despot Dictatorship Leaders that make the history of Monarchy look like angels compared to the history of Marxist Communist Leaders.

Why are Journalists still writing will the world be divided? When it has been obvious that the world has been divided in two when Mao imposed Communism in 1949 oppressing the Chinese People during a time when Stalin oppressed the Russian people.

It is incomprehensible that so-called educated Journalists still have not recognised that the world has been divided in two since 1949, the year Communist Chinese took control of China and oppressed all of the Chinese People, most of whom were and still are pro-freedom.

“Joe Biden is due to make a phone call to Xi Jinping on Friday at a potential tipping point in China’s role in the world as it decides how far to go in backing Russia’s war on Ukraine.” (i)

A.I. comments… You mean to say the melting butter fingers Biden thinks he can make a difference? Illusions drip all over the place. Biden is too gentle to deal with hardcase Xi Jinping.

“While China has abstained on United Nations security council resolutions on the invasion, it has sided with Moscow rhetorically echoing Russia talking points blaming NATO, and recycling conspiracy theories, and the Biden administration believes it has already decided to bail Russia out economically.” (i)

“At a meeting in Rome on Monday between the US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, and his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, the Chinese delegation stunned US officials by echoing debunked Russian claims that the US and Ukraine had been pursuing a secret biological weapons program together. The Americans came away from Rome more pessimistic than ever about Beijing intentions.” (i)

A.I. comments… Only gullible fools believe in ‘Conspiracy Theories’. Vladimir Putin has once again proven himself to be a liar. And Xi Jinping has desperately proven he wants to conquer the World and Space and will use ‘Putin Russia’ as a power tool to achieve his goals. Jinping does not care about Putin, because he wants to also conquer and rule Russia using Communist Chinese Personnel. By giving Putin economic support Jinping will succeed in his objective.

“There are lots of indications that the Chinese are doing more behind the scenes to support Russia, in every sector: financially, economically and militarily,” one official said. “And that’s deeply troubling. If they continue on this path, it will be a decisive turning point that will likely lead to much deeper anxiety in Europe about China and a more profound schism between Washington and Beijing.” (i)

A.I. comments… Anxiety? Why does it take so long for people and politicians to wake up? It has been clear for over a decade since Xi Jinping gained power in Beijing that dictatorship under his rule was increasing. Idiot Australian Politicians did a ‘Trade Deal’ in 2015 with Xi Jinping foolishly believing they were going to enjoy increased wealth and prosperity founded upon their gullibility and naivety.

These inferior thinking Politicians neglected our Self-Sufficiency and Self-Defence to the point where their negligent decisions were actually acts of ‘High Treason’ against the people.

And these incompetent Politicians retire on ‘Fat Pensions’ plus excessive Travel/Accommodation Benefits, meanwhile Aussies Pensioners most of whom have worked equally as hard as Politicians and often harder are struggling on poorly paid pensions. And now the buying power of Pensions is shrinking because of the deliberate economic tactics of Putin and Jinping since 2020. But the retired Politicians are not losing they are laughing all the way to the bank, whilst Aussie Pensioners are struggling to survive. Remember it was Aussie Pensioners and the young ones who paid the excessive financial benefits that Politicians now enjoy at Taxpayers expense. It is unjust that Politicians get more income in retirement than people pensioners who often worked harder than Politicians throughout their life.

An Australian Engineer friend of mine recently said, “I laugh at the hypocrisy of our government, committing to net zero by 2030 or 2050 on one day and investing millions in 7 new LNG projects the next!”

“Committing millions to protect Koala’s and their habitat one day and investing millions in urban expansion & land clearing the next!” End of his brief correct comment.

I have previously published reports about the treacherous Australian Politicians that leased Australian Property, including Darwin Port and Barrier Reef Islands and even signed a ‘Belts and Road Initiative’ deal without plebiscite approval of the Australian people, and gave Xi Jinping Communist China ownership of our environmentally destructive ‘Wind Farms’. Not one of these Politicians has ever been arrested and charged with ‘Treason’ or ‘High Treason’. Such is the Political Cowardice of all Australian Politicians many of whom are guilty of betrayal since 1975 Whitlam rule.

The United Nations should have tossed out ‘Communist Nations’ when they became Communists. Anyone with Common-Sense can recognize that ‘Freedom Values’ are automatically in conflict with ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies… that reality has been true for the last 100,000 years. People are as thick as a brick if they think anti-freedom individuals can be friends with pro-freedom peaceful people. I have no respect for people that naively believe they can be friends with ‘Totalitarian Mentality’ people.

Gentle Caring People need to learn to be ‘Hardcase’ when dealing with enemies of freedom.

Members of Congress have warned that if there is evidence of Chinese military aid to the Russian campaign in Ukraine, they will impose punitive economic measures. Corporate leaders are also likely to reassess their business with China, along with European governments.” (i)

A.I. comments… This drama queen tactic is typical of weak Politicians in USA & Australia and other Countries that threaten Putin and Jinping with weak minded Sanctions desperately trying to frighten the ‘Iron-Souled’ determination of Putin and Jinping to rule the World & Space North and South. Openly in public Jinping and Putin shook hands many times in agreement of their agenda to rule North and South of the World. Only fools cannot recognize their unity agreements over the last four years.

The only way too deal with Marxist Communism is to 100% Close Down all trade, import and export with Communist Nations no exceptions. If Politicians and CEO’s do not have the guts to do that, they as individuals man and woman, are not worth much as human beings. I have no respect for cowards and traitors. And I have no respect for ‘Greedy’ creeps and their power hungry obsessions.

Decades ago, as a young adult in the 70’s, I divided the world into two types of characters, those who have courage and those who do not. Those who have caring Decency and those who do not. Those who respect people’s right to live free in peace and those who do not. Those who have manners, including consideration and courtesy and those who do not.

Manners means, “I respect you.”

I support those who have courage, caring Decency, respect people’s right to live free and who have manners, consideration and courtesy. I have no respect for the opposites. My rule is simple be honest, nice and caring towards good people and give the selfish no quarter using ahimsa methods, except in self-defence against violent oppressive people. Remember, I only respect Decency. Courage, Honour and Chivalry is my guiding rule of life.

That is why I am both Gentle and Hardcase, and why I do not fear fighting anyone that strives to dictate to others using forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

“In his phone call with Xi, Biden will reprise some of the arguments Sullivan made in Rome: that the Chinese leader has been wrong about Vladimir Putin, about Russian intentions towards Ukraine, and the strength of its military. He will argue that it is not in Chinese interests to double down on a mistake and to back a loser.” (i)

A.I. comments… Now we know why Joe Biden is a weak leader, a wimp. If Biden had any strength, he would not waste anytime ringing Xi Jinping who has openly decided that he stands united with Putin.

Biden should simply make a Public Statement that Yang Jiechi is a liar true to the dictatorship of Jinping orders.

Biden is wasting his time trying to convince Jinping that it is not in China’s Interests to back Putin. Jinping made the decision to support his objective to ‘Rule the World and Space’ and he refuses to dump that agenda objective. Jinping openly refuses to call Putin’s attack actions into Ukraine an invasion, because Jinping is planning to invade Taiwan. And Jinping wants to weaken NATO to make Europe more vulnerable to invasion. Jinping will support Putin economically because it gives him the opportunity to eventually gain control of Russia, a steppingstone to gain control of Europe.

If Joe Biden had any Iron-Souled Guts he would not pussyfoot around like Scott Morrison with some weak-minded sanctions. He would shut down 100% all Trade in Imports and Exports, no exceptions, to all Marxist Communist Nations, openly not as a threat, but as a directive that ‘Marxist Communism’ will not any longer be tolerated and that he is committed to supporting the right of all people to live free around the world, including in Communist Socialist Nations. The only way to defeat ‘Communism’ is to close down its economic strength, in much the same way the Soviet Union, fell apart. And people in Russia were gradually freed until treasonous dictator Putin gained control of Russia and deliberately connected with Xi Jinping.

We the good people of the world must have the eternal courage to focus on ‘Freeing all the People of the World’ from every form of ‘Totalitarianism’.

“Adding to the downsides, the UN’s international court of justice on Wednesday ordered Russia to halt its military operations in Ukraine. The Chinese judge voted against the ruling, but under the UN Charter, China is legally bound by the decision.”

A.I. comments… Putin and Jinping being ‘Communist’ have no respect for the UN International Court of Justice. They deliberately secretly stick their fingers up in the air against the ‘Free World’ and the United Nations. They have no intention of backing down on the invasion of Ukraine and the planned invasion of Taiwan.

When is the OIC and the ‘Free World’ in the UN going to wake up and expel all Communist Nations from the UN? The World is now divided in two. Communism must be stopped first by 100% economic close down. And if they wage war by 100% Military counter aggression. If Putin and Jinping refuse to withdraw their invasion support actions against Ukraine and Taiwan, then Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping must be charged as War Criminals and executed without hesitation. Xi Jinping is a War Criminal Accessory to Vladimir Putin’s crimes against the Ukrainian people because he refused to oppose Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for the reason Jinping is planning to do the same thing like Putin and invade Taiwan.

It is time for USA & Australia to wake up close down 100% all economic trade with all Communist Countries and set a tough courageous example for all other ‘Free Nations’ to follow. There is no room for cowards and traitors in a strong decent ‘Free World’.

“China may be tempted to support Russia in its conflict with Ukraine,” Oona Hathaway and Ryan Goodman, both former Pentagon legal counsels, wrote in the Just Security blog, pointing out that supplying weapons” would implicate China directly in Russia’s illegal war” and could expose Beijing to sanctions. “China cannot provide military aid to Russia and still remain on the legal sidelines,” they argued.” (i)

A.I. comments… The latter sentence is no argument. It is a fact. But Jinping has no intention of not helping Putin he has made that clear by his evil support policy acceptance of Putin’s evil invasion of Ukraine, murdering innocent men, women, children and babies, whose only falsely called crime was to want to live free in an independent democracy, free of the tyranny of Marxist Communism.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin jointly do not care. They want to rule the world. Jinping gave no mercy to the people of Hong Kong who wanted to simply continue to live free.

Wake up Politicians the World is now Divided in two. Communism versus Freedom.

“There is still a window before China loses its wiggle room.” (i)

A.I. comments… No there is not. Xi Jinping Communist Beijing is not wiggling he is dictating in support of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine because he plans to do the same invade Taiwan and Murder, Men, Women, Children and Babies just like Putin did.

Wakeup United Nations and the Free World. Jinping wants to control the World and Space and he is not backing down. He used Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to test the ‘Freedom Resistance’ to determine what he must do to invade and conquer Taiwan.

“The Chinese ambassador to Ukraine assured his hosts: “We will always respect your state.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Communist Chinese Ambassador lied.

“Chinese state-run television channels began to show footage of the devastation wreaked on Ukrainian cities, though they have yet to call it a war or an invasion.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Chinese people are denied ‘Freedom of Speech’. The penalty for criticizing the Communist Beijing Government is life imprisonment of well-known names and execution of unknown citizens. Beijing authorized propaganda television operates for entertainment as untruthful television. The Chinese People are denied free access to the ‘Free World’ Internet. Xi Jinping refuses to allow the Chinese people to know the truth.

The Chinese people are told on deceitful Communist television that Putin was right to attack Ukraine because they threatened Russia with NATO and other violent activities. “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” Xi Jinping will not criticize Putin’s attack in the Ukraine because Jinping is planning to do the same thing cruelly invade Taiwan and refuses to call his plan an invasion but will justify his military campaign to reprimand the Taiwanese people for betraying Communist China (a false Republic).

Xi Jinping made a pact with Putin during the last nine years, meeting each other 38 times pledging that their relationship would have “No Limits” thus Putin was emboldened to attack Ukraine. It was all about timing to test the USA in preparation of Jinping’s planned invasion of Taiwan, Australia and the South Pacific.

When Donald Trump was sacked by ignorant stupid American people, who voted in weakling Joe Biden, Xi Jinping was happy by the dopy American people’s decision and took advantage of the new American leadership weakness and chose to work with Putin with “No Limits” to get ready for invasion of Taiwan. But first he and Putin agreed to test the UN and NATO and the Biden US Government by jointly agreeing to the invasion of Ukraine. Jinping supported Putin’s invasion by ulterior motive agenda. Jinping was not afraid of the Australian Government because they had been so greedy weak since the 2015 Trade Deal, taking all, they could get, void of thinking about consequences of their idiotic deals. Jinping was only afraid of the Military Might of the USA. But he was confident that he could in decisions outperform wimp Joe Biden.

Journalists & Politicians “Stop calling China China”, it is ‘Communist China’. Ninety percent of the Chinese People want to live free and are pro-Democracy. Only 95 million people are Communist traitors out of 1.4 billion Chinese people. That 95 million traitors must be overthrown.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The fight for Freedom to be continued…

Transcript of A.I. comments in above slide.

We are all aware there is a dangerous high risk of Xi Jinping Beijing backing ‘Putin Russia’.

If he, does it may lead to WWIII a significant tragedy. And if he does, he and Vladimir Putin will be defeated and the fall of ‘Marxist Communism’ is inevitable. But it will be a sad terrible way to defeat Communism. We lost 50 million lives in WWII, this time the death toll will be 150 to 200 million lives.

Certainly, in such an insane war Putin and Jinping would perish.

It would be wiser to trade out the existence of anti-freedom ideology ‘Communism’ by evolution process without firing a shot. It is Jinping that will decide World War or Peace for Earth.

And if Jinping invades Taiwan, World War will tragically follow.

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