Cosmicism: Borders & Migration

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From Pre-Ancient Greece to Modern Times Borders are Essential


Borders & Migration


In a Borderless World… Pets cannot be closed in and protected, they can wander anywhere, get lost and fall victims to other aggressive creatures, human or not. Wild animals can wander freely and kill any creature, human or not that is unfortunate enough to cross their path.

It has been claimed by some Member States of the United Nations that Migration is a “Human Right”. It is not a human right as the history of man has revealed around the globe in all cultures, primitive and advanced, for the last one hundred thousand years plus.

The idea that it is a human right is a deliberate deceitful manipulative claim to help ‘Totalitarian’ belief systems, like Socialism, Communism & Islam invade and conquer other lands void of resistance and objection.

Those persons who claim that Migration is a Human Right are liars, no exceptions.

It is a natural instinct for all life to migrate when seeking to survive when their current environment becomes unsustainable in food supply and climate conditions. In the case of humans it is not a “Human Right”. In the case of all other animals it is not their animal right to invade other territories.

Migration is invasion of other lands or waterways, i.e. movement to new environments in the struggle to survive.

Animals and creatures occupying those lands, including humans, do have the natural instinctive right to fight back against invasion of their home territory.

The entire history of homo sapiens has been a conflict struggle to survive. If a person is truly honest about reality and the history of human beings, they can observe that the entire history of human beings has been about migration conflict against those who arrived in a land before a new wave of invasion. People do have the human right to fight back to protect their homes when others are invading their territory.

In every continent the trail of migration conflict and rise and fall of tribes and civilizations is an amazing story for those that bother to read it, from Ancient to Modern Times. 13,000 years before the Vikings landed in America is an amazing tale from the North to the South of high migration conflict which forced people to move south.

People do have a human right to fight to protect ownership of the territory they were born into against migration invasion forces. The Degree Qualified fools that falsely claim Migration is a Human Right, proves by their naïve stupidity that their degree qualifications are worthless, lacking common sense and therefore belong in the garbage bin.

Humans like animals are instinctively territorial and will naturally fight intruders. The insidious intellectually backward United Nations does not have the right to demand that all Nations sign a Migration Pact and to criminalize criticism of migration.

No Person, no Nation, no Organisation, has the right to demand that other Countries must tear down their borders, nor do they have the right to stop a country, building border walls to help stop invasion.

No one has ever demanded that China tear down the Great Wall of China which was built to stop invasion.

No one that is in bed with Islam has ever bothered to identify the migration force used in Saudi Arabia after the conquest invasion of Muhammad. All Christians, Jews, Atheists & others were killed or in the case of women… raped. And even today Saudi Arabia rejects equality and demands the execution of all Gays. Is this invasion by Dictatorship Islam a ‘Human Right’?

True to form the United Nations runs for cover and hides rather than recognise the dark truth about the anti-freedom apartheid belief system called Islam.

Such is the hypocrisy of the fanatical crazies that demand people remove borders and open the gates to create a borderless world, which would inevitably encourage the violent constant return of the habit of war on a larger scale and would cause the decay and breakdown of every country, casting human beings around the globe into a perpetual existence of famine, violence and misery.

Gone would be any chance to build ‘Quality of Existence Societies’, in a Borderless World.

Anti-Freedom of Speech Socialism is the ‘First Cause’ which began in the 1920’s in Europe that is working hard to destroy ‘Freedom Values’ and anti-freedom Islam is the 7th Century ignorant fanatical catalyst seeking to remove freedom values and replace it with dictatorship ‘Sharia Law’. Anti-freedom Communism is the “Cleaner” waiting for its opportunity to invade and wipe out Islam, Socialism and ‘Freedom Values’.

To protect “Freedom Values” we must defeat Socialism. And to stop the aggressive dictatorship demands of Islam we must first defeat Socialism. The Socialists must be challenged head-on.

There shall not be any peace until all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ are defeated.




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