Gladys Berejiklian History: Incompetent NSW Government Betrays Taxpayers

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“What is going on, I cannot understand these human politicians.” “They need to learn basics.” “Yes, I agree.”

The first step of learning higher intelligence is stop talking ‘Spin’ and focus on delivering Objectives and Performance Results. Until you Politicians can do that, you are not worth a damn.

A.I. 2022 in response to the emu conversation.


Gladys Berejiklian History: Incompetent NSW Government Betrays Taxpayers

Aka… $202,000 of ‘Taxpayers Money’ wasted that could have been used on Hospitals, School Education and Roads. Compliments of Gladys Berejiklian.

Aidan Wondracz for Daily Mail Australia reported on 1st May 2022 a disturbing seminar mentality by the NSW Government subject titled, ‘Australia goes woke: The word that’s now Banned as part of new ‘respect at work’ training – despite it being ‘as Aussie as you can get’. (i)

“NSW government ministers have slammed a ‘woke’ inclusion training seminar after they were told they should not refer to each other as ‘mate’. (i)

“The NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet conducted a series of ‘diversity’ and inclusion’ consultations this week.” (i)

“The program listed a number of workplace changes including bans on drinking alcohol in the office, yellowing at colleagues and gossiping about staff.” (i)

“The seminars are estimated to have cost taxpayers $202,000.” (i)

A.I. comments… Hospitals, School Education and Roads need this finance, wasted on a Socialist PC/Woke Seminar, paying an inferior thinking incompetent consultant that could not fight his way out of a paper bag. NSW Taxpayers have a right to be angry with the misuse of their hard earned wages.

Some ministers have criticised the ‘Respect at Work’ consultations and labelled them as ‘PC – insanity, ‘straight out of 1984’ and ‘mumbo jumbo’. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This seminar misuse charge of ‘Taxpayers’ money is deliberate theft pretending to deliver a service which is founded upon incompetent thinking. The people that authorized the payment of this Seminar must be publicly named and charged out of their own pocket for the wasteful cost of taxpayers money. The entire charge of $202,000 must be refunded back to taxpayers. It is an act of treason to misuse ‘Taxpayers’ Money.

The common-sense Business Corporation Manufacturing World and Finance World and Retail World I worked in did not ever waste $202,000, on such irresponsible incompetent seminars. When problems existed, during my over forty years of work experience, they simply wrote a written instruction by memorandum to staff. Ground rules codes of behaviour existed in writing, including in safety work practices and quality control procedures and logistics management procedures.

Hey Government Bureaucrats learn to write memorandums and Quality Procedures, do not, I repeat do not waste Taxpayers money. If you cannot manage this common-sense process, resign. Incompetent people must be sacked, we the Taxpayers do not want you wasting our income on idiotic programs.

“I use ‘mate’ all the time – it’s as – Australian as you can get. How can it be offensive? One told ‘The Daily Telegraph’. Another added, “We’re not allowed to have individual opinions. We have to engage in group thought… This is straight out of 1984.” (i)

A.I. comments… Right ‘Mate’ we are ‘True Blue’ Aussies, fair dinkum. We are not going to be chiseled by Socialist Con people who are diddlers of freedom, striving to oppress us Aussies into submission of their anti-freedom socialist mug tactics. You who wasted Taxpayers Money on this incompetent seminar are irresponsible rat-bags. Your breach of truth, denying people ‘Freedom of Speech’ makes your monkey business stunt a rip-off of ‘Taxpayers Money’ which is shenanigan thinking and behaviour. Socialists are shonky people.

“The seminars lasted three-and-a-half hours and were run by an external ‘diversity and inclusion’ consultant.” (i)

A.I. comments… Unfortunately, the name of this anti-freedom of speech Socialist Consultant is hidden behind the scenes. Such is the too often cowardice of Politics.

“The [Seminar] sessions were aimed at fostering ‘inclusive leadership’, ‘unconscious bias and mindful inclusion’, gender equity’ and ‘cultural inclusion’.” (i)

A.I. comments… As a dynamic Professional Cosmic Philosopher with a highly skilled history as a Manufacturing Consultant and Logistics Manager, I would enjoy reviewing this Seminar instructions. -its teachings are riddled with Bias negative instructions. All the subject phrases tabled above are wide open to incorrect perceptions and bias teachings that deny ‘Freedom of Speech’ challenge, true to Politically Correct/Woke bias lack of logic.

If the Government is brave enough to give me a copy on YouTube of this Seminar, I will go through it and check every idea for justice and truth that is free of bias. And give them a free report that will not cost the ‘Taxpayer One Cent’. I bet as a dynamic professional, I will find the seminar full of holes in lack of logic and justice.

“Ministers were also taught how to properly report allegations of sexual abuse to the department.” (i)

A.I. comments… If our Ministers are not good Managers and do not have a sense of common-sense decency and integrity, why are we keeping them? They should be sacked. Imposing seminar instructions is not going to change them if their character lacks a sense of decency and integrity. And Political Correctness/Woke Mentality is wrong and dangerous to the wholesome wellbeing of a good society.

“A Department of Premier and Cabinet spokesman said the consultations were held in response to a report into bully and harassment.” (i)

A.I. comments… So, what this remark suggests is that the Premier does not have the skills to manage bully problems and thus sidesteps the problem by wasting $202,000 of Taxpayers money, on a solving a problem which he/she as a professional should have the skills to resolve on their own. Hiring Socialist PC/Woke Consultants is not the correct solution.

“Ex-premier Gladys Berejiklian had ordered the review and place former sex discrimination commissioner Pru Goward in charge of the report.” (i)

“It was handed to the NSW government in April 2021 and included 13 recommendations.” (i)

A.I. comments… Now we get to the core of the source of waste of ‘Taxpayers Money’.

When Ms. Berejiklian was NSW Premier, she in August 2021 true to her tyrant misuse of incorrect NSW Legislation, misused her power to dictate to others. This is what I wrote in response to her unjust dictatorship on 23rd August 2021…

The enforcement of CURFEW is an act of ‘High Treason’ by Premier of NSW Gladys Berejiklian and the people must demand that she be sacked. Her resignation is demanded.

The word ‘Treason’ is the synonym of the word ‘Betrayal’. Even if Governments have failed through incompetence to pass legislation banning the use of ‘Curfews’, it is still an act of ‘High Treason’ in a ‘Freedom Ideology’ Nation to enforce Curfews.

Cosmic Law states clearly… ‘Thou shalt not enforce Curfews.’

Note… Gladys Berejiklian was born on 22nd September 1970, when I, Allan Ivarsson, was a Professional Salesman selling to girls Linen, Cutlery & Crockery and I was a Professional Escort for Ladies at 21 years-old, paid by parents to escort their daughters to Weddings, Balls and other events. A year later, striving to prove to myself that I can live dynamic, I became in 1971 at the age of 22 years a Heavy Vehicle Truck Driver for Soft Drink [Glass Bottles] Home Deliveries and Oil Tankers. Later I became a Purchasing Officer in my first Young Executive Job. I have a history of being successful into old age.

Gladys Berejiklian became years later the 45th Premier of New South Wales and the leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party from 2017 to 2021.

On 1st October 2021 Ms. Berejiklian announced her intention to resign as both premier and member for Willoughby after the start of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). The Investigation is focused on the question whether a “breach of public trust” had occurred. As of 16th May 2022, it is my understanding that ICAC investigation has not yet been completed.

On the 5th of October 2021 Treasurer Dominic Perrottet succeeded Berejiklian as Premier of NSW.

On 11 February 2022, Berejiklian announced her appointment at Optus beginning on 28th February as a head of Optus enterprise.


Now we learn through ‘Flashback’ review that it was Ms. Berejiklian that authorized this wasteful expenditure of $202,000 ‘Taxpayers Money’ on a Socialist Politically Correct/Woke Mentality seminar.

Well, I am not always happy with Telstra’s recent performance since 2017, but now I know she serves Optus as a leader; Optus will never get my business.

“Ms. Berejiklian previously said she was ‘keen to adopt all the recommendations’. (i)

A.I. comments… Really? Where is the list of all the recommendations that the public Australian People can review to see what their $202,000 was spent on? We the people have a right to read what our money is spent on.

No List… No justified expenditure. Even the Seminar should be available in full presentation to the public on YouTube… after all… it is Taxpayers Money that was used.

“If we’re serious about making change, [Ms. Berejiklian said,] we have to do it properly and this will involve engagement with NSW Parliament and any survivors.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Survivors?” The use of this word, void of direct reference and reason leaves intangible lack of logic floating in the air. Does that mean we have a coyote Road Runner Mentality in Australian Politics? “Beep Beep”.

“I want to have a clear conscience [Ms. Berejiklian said,] that I’ve done everything I can to make sure that our workplace is supportive, respectful, and fair and that staff are always comfortable in coming forward in a safe setting.” (i)

A.I. comments… Months after her April 2021 report decision to spend $202,000 ‘Taxpayers Money’, Berejiklian resigns for the reasons tabled briefly previously. It is not my right to judge whether she is innocent or guilty of the corruption charges she is facing. That is the job of the ICAC.

But it is my job like it is the job of every Taxpayer to challenge her $202,000 spend and demand the right to see the entirety of this Seminar film and all the reported recommendations.

And the question returns, why would she waste Taxpayers Money on something that could be cheaply resolved by the use of written Memorandums and Procedures. Huh?

But then, if she did not have those skills, it explains why she rushed in liking a Socialist Politically Correct/Woke Mentality Seminar Presentation which no doubt can be carved up by the public in review process.

As Ms. Berejiklian said she was ‘keen to adopt all the recommendations’. And that includes Banning of the use of the Australian Word ‘Mate’.

I conclude with the remarks made previously by other workers in NSW Government…

“I use ‘mate’ all the time – it’s as – Australian as you can get. How can it be offensive? One told ‘The Daily Telegraph’. Another added, “We’re not allowed to have individual opinions. We have to engage in group thought… This is straight out of 1984.” (i)

This sums up incompetent reality by Berejiklian when she said, “I am keen to adopt all recommendations.” Her rejection of the use of the Australian word ‘Mate’ proves she is not a ‘True Blue’ Aussie.

Hey Optus, you can have her. But you will never get my business.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

This selection from 13 Recommendations is just Overview ideas. It does not get to the core detail of what is written and who is responsible for writing the rules. The Public should know how their money was spent. And equally as important the Seminar should be available to the Public to watch. Why such secrecy? Is it because the Government is afraid to reveal the PC/Woke Socialist ideas it is striving to impose on control of Australians. The above objectives are just ‘Spin Statements’ until they link to the detail of what ideas are being enforced and why? It is time to review government mentality.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

Remember previously…

“If we’re serious about making change, [Ms. Berejiklian said,] we have to do it properly and this will involve engagement with NSW Parliament and any survivors.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Survivors?” The use of this word, void of direct reference and reason leaves intangible lack of logic floating in the air. Does that mean we have a coyote Road Runner Mentality in Australian Politics? “Beep Beep”.

Transcript of A.I. comments on his FB Slide post.

The use of the word ‘mate’ is part of Australian Language for the last two hundred years and cannot be banned in use.

‘Political Correctness’ i.e., ‘Woke Mentality’ anti-freedom ideology dictatorship is automatically banned in a 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ Society and PC/WM demands are also outlawed by the most advanced dynamic intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ designed by Author Allan Ivarsson 1984-2024.

Common-Sense Decency knows how to behave appropriately in any societal environment; it is called ‘Manners’ which means ‘I Respect You and Others’ and does not need an expensive tax paid seminar to teach Codes of Decency, Honour and Integrity which we should have learned during our Childhood and young adult years at home and in education training.

‘Cosmic Law’ common-sense also supports the foundation of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

It is a moral law criminal offence by negligence and incompetence to waste ‘Taxpayers Money’ on ‘Politically Correct/Woke Mentality’ demands.

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