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In God We Trust

Most of us around the globe generation after generation, believe that ‘There is a Higher Power’. Some believe this power is a God Creator. Others believe this power is simply an eternal spiritual guide. Some people believe that God is simply nature. And some believe God does not exist. Others believe it is extra-terrestrial advanced intelligence.

American dollar bill note currency, tables what most people believe…

“In God We Trust”.


American Atheists have in the past foolishly filed lawsuits to try and have the words… “In God We Trust” removed from all American currency…naturally they were rejected, their lawsuits correctly dismissed, because the printed statement on the notes had no impact on their lives, except in their own over sensitive minds, founded upon beliefs, which was hell-bent on dictating to the majority that they should not trust in God.

This silly Atheist dictatorship behaviour, Marxist Totalitarian mentality, is the flip side of silly Theist dictatorship behaviour, Fixed Dogma Totalitarian mentality that wants to force religion down our throats. Both ‘Totalitarian Behaviours’ are equally guilty of dictatorship tactics and must not be allowed to get away with their anti-Liberty tactics.

Society would sink fast in decline if we get rid of ‘Liberty Based Secular Government’. Marxism or Religion or Fascism or any other ‘Fixed Dogma Belief System’ must not ever be allowed to rule the people, for such a tyranny of locked ideas would destroy freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Majority rules, under a secular democratic freedom-based government, is the only justice law system that will ever work for the wholesome wellbeing of a society. This fact must be repeated, again and again, unto every new generation, with such monotony that society never ever forgets the true foundations of successful ‘Liberty’. If the individual disagrees with the majority, then they must simply calmly through ‘Freedom of Speech’ try to encourage others to think about what they believe. But until majority agrees to change in thinking and belief, right or wrong, majority rules… that is the foundation of a good ‘Free Society’.

Without this political societal system of ‘Freedom of Choice’, we can only experience unjust ‘Totalitarian Oppression’, and no person in their right mind would accept ‘Tyranny’ –only insane thinking stupid people prefer dictatorship instead of ‘Freedom’. Even the animal kingdom is not that stupid and does also treasure freedom.

Atheists are like Theists, neither are as smart as they think they are when they support ‘Totalitarian’ thinking and behaviour. It is one thing to disagree, it is another thing to try and force our ideas upon others. It is okay to use persuasion, it is not okay to use force. And far too many lawsuits used by Atheists and Theists alike are focused on enforcing dictatorship, and Islamic Leaders specialise in filing lawsuits to bully others into submission. The use of lawsuits for bullying dictatorship control over others, is evil process behaviour.

Blue Light believes that God is Love, God is Peace, God is Kind and therefore God is always ‘Non-Violent’. God is only within those persons that live the way of love and peace and kindness, by rejecting the way of totalitarian violence against others.

Blue Light believes that God is Good, Order and Direction.

You Must Decide on what you believe that maybe true; no one can do it for you. Exchange of beliefs and ideas simply helps us understand each other and come closer to the essence of ‘Cosmic Reality’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2008

Source: Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ …Essay ‘God of Creation’ Part One available at

DEMS ATTACK MAY 7 2018 001

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By Cillian Zeal
May 7, 2018 at 2:31pm

We knew it was only a matter of time before we were reporting this ridiculousness: Democrats are now openly saying “In God We Trust” offends them.

According to Fox News, two Minnesota state senators led a very public challenge against a bill that would let the national motto back into high schools, should the high schools choose to display it.

The bill was authored by Republican Sen. Dan Hall, who says he did it to bring respect back to the Gopher State’s public schools.

“I only assume that if you take those things out of government, if you take the things that are respectful out, you’re going to put in something different,” Hall told Fox News. “We need to bring respect back to our country.”

Apparently, respect isn’t high on the agenda of Sens. Scott Dibble or John Marty, at least when it comes to matters involving the G-word. Both are members of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, which is the Democrat Party’s weird off-brand Minnesota state affiliate. Even though the bill would only let schools display the motto, not mandate its display, and even though the displays were privately funded, Dibble and Marty led a charge to defeat the bill.

It ultimately passed 38-29, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, which means they were able to find 29 state senators to vote against displaying the national motto.

In fact, Marty went as far as to say the motto offended him.

“The money in my wallet has to say ‘In God We Trust.’ I think that’s offensive,” Marty said on the Senate floor.

“I’m wondering if Sen. (Dan) Hall would feel the same if students walked in and instead of the word ‘God’ the word ‘Allah’ — which is the word for God in the Muslim religion — welcomes students to their schools,” Dibble added.

Dibble is also the one who unsuccessfully tried to get a provision that would allow schools to display “In Yahweh We Trust” in place of “In God We Trust,” because apparently you can get elected to higher office in this country without realizing that neither Allah nor Yahweh is in our national motto.

“I just figured the opposition would be really short,” Hall told Fox News on Sunday.

“When I started hearing more and more of this I thought, really? They don’t want it that much in their schools?”

It’s worth noting that not every member of the DFL needs a trigger warning because the word “God” is in our national motto. Sen. Ron Latz of the DFL took to the Minnesota Senate floor to repeat the old adage that “(a)s long as there are tests in schools, there will be prayer in schools.”

However, Hall noted that opposition was part of a movement on the left “to suppress anything that is religious in any way and wipe it out.”

I’d like not to believe that. However, the American left doesn’t give much hope in that department, particularly given its drift toward socialism and reflexively anti-religious positioning in recent years.

Why should we be surprised that a movement whose flagship paper, The New York Times, published an Op-Ed this past weekend titled “Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!” is now offended by the mere mention of the word God?

When the Democrats (or their preposterously named affiliates) give me some reason to believe they aren’t reactively opposing religion, perhaps I’ll do so. Until then, I’ll remember them as the party whose members got offended by the national motto and suggested “In Yahweh We Trust.”

End of Report by Cillian Zeal

Allan Ivarsson comments… As I have recorded previously in my past writing, I am no longer a Christian with good reason. And I reject organised religion as I do reject Atheism. I have made no secret of the fact that I reject all fixed dogma mentality in Religious, Political, and Philosophical Belief Systems, be they Atheist or other.

There is no place in a better ‘Homo Sapien’ society for any form of fixed dogma dictatorship.

Philosophy is not dangerous as some fools claim. The way of Philosophy meaning the “Love of Wisdom” is used, can be dangerous, when such philosophy supports wrong thinking ‘Totalitarian Ideas’, including negative depressive violent ideas. It is not Philosophy that is wrong, it is the misuse of philosophy, which is wrong, when it is used as an oppressive anti-freedom doctrine. In reality, ‘Totalitarian Doctrines’ like Marxism and Islam and the Christian Inquisition and Ultra-Orthodox Judaism is not a philosophy, it is an insane dictatorship. For all persons that reject “Freedom Values” and the Spirit of Freedom, Quest for Truth and Wisdom, are Insane.

The words “In God We Trust” means to religious worshipers that they trust in a ‘God Creator’. Proof now exists that a God Creator does not exist. Science has clearly proven in countless ways by deductive evidence on planet earth and throughout the Universe that a God Creator has not ever existed. But that does not mean that the words “In God We Trust” are not valid words. A Spiritual God that guides our thinking by spiritual communication, which does not have any creative abilities in physical control, does not mean that we cannot communicate with a God We Trust.

Belief in an imaginary God Creator or not, is a matter of personal choice, just like belief in a Spiritual Communication God that is not a creator, is a personal choice.

Atheists are free by right not to believe in God period. Just like Theists are free to believe in a God Creator. Just like Cosmicists are free to believe in a Spiritual Guidance God of Creation.

The words in “God We Trust” is an important part of American History, and whether people agree with the words displayed on money notes or on business or education walls is not relevant to the human right to post “Freedom of Speech”. When we read words, or hear words, we are not bound to believe those words, if we truly don’t believe. That right to disagree is called “Freedom of Belief System” & “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Choice”.

No one has the right to deny others to disagree. But when people are childishly offended as many Atheists and Democrats have claimed to be offended, it reveals a very immature way of dealing with cultural disagreements.

There is nothing wrong with the words “In God We Trust” it is about choice and acceptance of different points of view. No one in a “Free Society” is forcing people to believe or not believe. Hence, the obsession to ban the use of the words “In God We Trust” is a “Totalitarian” thinking action and such behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever in a “Free World”.

‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ rejects all forms of fixed dogma dictatorship. A World without Open Mind working in harmony with Science and Philosophy as comrades on a quest for truth and higher understanding, is a very sad apathetic world, doomed to self-destruct in centuries ahead.

Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ humans will evolve into self-extinction.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

PS. There does not need to be laws for or against Schools posting the motto “In God We Trust”. If school leaders and committees choose to post the motto on their walls, so what? It’s no big deal, it is called “Freedom of Speech” and is not forcing students to believe. Creating government laws, for or against posting this motto, is idiotic and any bill tabled by politicians on this subject, simply proves that the politicians who wrote the bill and tabled it into Parliament or Congress, has nothing between the ears but sawdust.







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