USA: Inhumane Bola Wrap an Irresponsible Weapon Invention

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USA: Inhumane Bola Wrap an Irresponsible Weapon Invention

It is not a Humane Restraint.

Too many approval comments indicate that people have failed to think outside the square of the square and have failed to recognize how such a weapon can easily be used in an inhumane way.

This weapon should be banned. In the wrong hands it will be misused. It is capable of being a cruelty inhumane weapon. I noticed several public approval comments with not much thinking between their ears. Imagine when ‘Communist China’ gets access to such a weapon. Or Fascists or Criminals gain access to such a weapon. There is nothing humane about this weapon. There are good cops and bad cops. Such a weapon in the hands of bad people increases the cruelty of human abuse. There is such a thing as being clever is not always smart. The inventor clearly thinks it is a great idea. Wrong! …it is an inhumane idea. Being frozen alive, unable to move, is worse than being shot dead.

When will the world start to understand the difference between humane and inhumane thinking and behaviour?

Allan Ivarsson 2021

This Bola Wrap has been banned by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Master Philosophical Intelligence

Master in Summary Philosophical Intelligence

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