It’s Okay to Disagree – No Offence Taken

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This ‘It’s Okay to Disagree – No Offence Taken’ online presentation was Published in 2018 Paperback book COMPENDIUM I printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book.

It is available as a free read for a limited time.

Atheism the Wanderer


Organised fixed dogma Theism in Conflict with each other

Who is right? They cannot all be right? Are they all wrong? Is there a higher, wiser, better ‘Cosmic’ Alternative?

‘Cosmicism’ deals with the why of problems and evolution of solutions, facing off against all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. To understand the evolution of ‘Cosmic Challenge’ read all ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ and learn the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

‘Cosmicism’ stands for 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’.

Security can only truly evolve and become strong when 100% ‘Freedom & Equality’ exists.

It’s Okay to Disagree – No Offence Taken


(Revision 1:2017)

By Author

I, Allan Peter Ivarsson, am not Atheist, Theist, Deist, Pantheist or New Age.

I am a Cosmicist, founded upon ‘Classic Libertarianism’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’.

‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is distinctly different to ‘Modern 20th Century Libertarianism’.

‘Modern 20th Century Libertarianism’ too often is like Atheism, running recklessly wild, lacking pragmatic common-sense house rules. But that is another subject, outside the scope of this current book.

I am a fan of Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Charles Darwin (1809-1882), and David Attenborough (Britain), and they and my other communication friends, including lifetime friends and family, may or may not agree with what I have written, but that’s okay, because it is called ‘Freedom of Speech’ and I welcome unemotional calm constructive ideas, even when they disagree.

I am a member and fan of the advanced thinking IPA the ‘Institute of Public Affairs’ in Australia, founded in 1943. However, it must be noted that ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ i.e. my writings, is not linked to the IPA in any way or form. I am an independent ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ and if I reference other people and organisations, I do so only as a “treatise” of ideas that I deem to be important references for ‘Philosophy History Books’. Members of the IPA may or may not agree with me, and that reality is okay, because it is called the human right to “Freedom of Speech” which no human being and no government has the right to outlaw.

And I know, the foundation philosophy of the IPA values ‘Freedom of Speech’ as an essential human right and opposes all legislation that denies people the right to speak freely.

Given that I am no longer a Christian, I expect disagreement. And to be honest for example, though I do respect genuine young Atheist Sam Harris, whom I began reading in 2015, I don’t always agree with all his ideas, and I have no doubt that he will not agree with me. That’s Life! That’s Philosophy!

Freedom of Speech is absolutely important because it keeps ‘Liberty Values’ alive and exposes insidious totalitarian tactics, and encourages us to exchange understanding, so that we can continuously improve the quality of life on planet earth and throughout the Universe. For if we want the job, we humans are the caretakers of the Universe, but that realization is only true, if we accept the responsibility, and to succeed and do our job well, we must first protect the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and we must strive using pragmatic common sense, to protect the non-human animals right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ to live true to their instincts, provided it does not endanger the wholesome wellbeing of the human species and other good non-human species. And that acknowledgement of some natural limitations, is just plain pragmatic safety survival, common sense.

I am not offended by challenge and disagreement, because that is how we learn and grow wiser, by exchanging ideas and sharing thoughts. Not one of us knows it all, only fools think they have complete understanding of reality. Even though Atheism ‘Belief System’ has far more credibility and accuracy than Theist and New Age Belief Systems, it will be centuries ahead, if ever, before Atheists, can sell their ideas to the people, receiving unanimous support. The problem with Atheism in this early 21st Century is that even when the ideas tabled are correct, they can’t sell it. The buyers of belief in a ‘God Creator’ of some kind, is still running at 96% of World Population. Even most Psychologists and Psychiatrists suffer from fixed dogma mentality. Yes, sad but true, degree qualified Muslim Psychologists exist that believe in the anti-freedom apartheid fixed dogma, of the Koran and Sharia Law… now that is a contradiction double standard in thinking. Clearly, Psychology and Psychiatry is not as good as most claim, they are too often, degree qualifications which are recklessly awarded with no good philosophical foundation standards criteria. I shall never trust Psychology or Psychiatry. A wrong belief system, can easily negate any common-sense values that psychology might table.

There is a significant difference between religious and irreligious beliefs, however the bottom line, is that 96% of the global population still believe there is a higher creativity power out there. This majority belief will no doubt decline in the centuries ahead as the end of faith evolves. Yes, even though fifty percent of Westerners now recognise that Evolution process is correct, the majority still believe in a God Creator, designed evolution process. Religious believers will not give up their ‘Security Blanket’ belief system, even though they reject each other’s beliefs, and are in constant conflict with each other. Only one religion can be right, which one? Then again, an Atheist will correctly argue all are wrong. What then?

There is one failing of Atheism, and that is they cannot answer a specific question, and I am not talking about whether God Creator exists or not, I am talking about something far more perplexing. I shall deal with that concern further down the track, in my philosophy subject about ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which shall be republished further along the timeline track.

It is incorrect to claim that Atheism is not a belief system as some have claimed. Whatever a person believes is their belief system, however simplistic or complex it may be. A person’s philosophy is their belief system, and every person including those that don’t like philosophy are philosophers, even negative couch potatoes are philosophers, even though their philosophy is founded upon laziness and negativity. A person’s belief system is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. It is not about psychology subconscious, it is about philosophical conscious thinking. Belief in the existence of a God Creator or not, believing in the existence of a God Creator, is still an integral part of a person’s belief system, i.e. their philosophy. Even ‘Faith based religion and cults, is a branch of philosophy, founded upon limited thinking fixed dogma ideas.

“Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply an admission of the obvious. In fact, Atheism is a term that should not even exist.”

Sam Harris

Letter to a Christian Nation

Section: The Goodness of God

I understand the Harris premise/conclusion, but what a person believes is their philosophy, it is their belief system, no matter how simplistic or complex may be that belief. ‘Atheism’ is not a philosophy in an organised format, like many other belief systems. And in a world that one hundred percent does not believe in the existence of a God Creator, the word ‘Atheism’ would cease to exist. But the word ‘Atheism’ must exist, whilst the words ‘Theist’ & ‘Deist’ are still actively operational as alternative beliefs.”

The other thing that disturbs me about Atheism is that whilst many believe in good secular values of ‘Liberty’, there exists another group of inferior thinking Atheists that believe in ‘Totalitarianism’, i.e. the way of anti-freedom Communism and watered-down version anti-freedom Socialism, and other backward Fascism thinking ideologies that represent dangerous ideas to a wholesome society that values ‘Liberty’.

Atheism tends to wander, like a drifter with no central focus, and jumps in an out of fires, often created by its own wrong thinking, and thus Atheism too often like Theism, creates unnecessary firestorms.

Atheists are planets, they cannot make up their mind as one united group, whether they are Socialists, Fascists, Communists, or Liberty lovers. Many New Age people are atheists, and many Buddhists are atheists, not all.

Atheists are what the original Greek word ‘Planets’ means… ‘Wanderers’. They have no absolute permanent direction and may change orbit according to the pressures of space, pushing them. Whereas, ‘Cosmicism’ is totally focused on the protection and preservation of ‘Liberty Values’ and on the dimension of thinking with open mind outside the square of the square.

The exact Greek Definition varies slightly in presentation of meaning, depending upon whom is tabling meaning… for example… Greek word “Aster Planetes” meaning “Wandering Star”; Asters Planetai = Wandering Stars; Middle English: planete “planet”; “planet” being origin of current English/Gaia spelling; Latin: planeta; Greek… German, Croatian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, spell the same as English. French is planete; Polish, Portuguese and Spanish are planeta; Italian is pianeta. Wouldn’t it be easier if all the world spoke one common Gaia Language? Read Gaia to understand where I am heading on this subject. Gaia understanding shall be republished further ahead.

‘Cosmicism’ is the bridge to change, even the end of ‘Blind Faith’ is a gradual process over centuries, change evolves, it can be encouraged and nurtured, but it rarely just happens. Revolution almost always fails, with rare exceptions, for as Dale Carnegie identified back in 1936, you can put people down, but their convictions right or wrong still stays the same. Galileo proved that was true, when the Roman Catholic Church dictated to him to abandon his beliefs, at the threat of killing him. He shut up but did not change his convictions and stayed true to his beliefs unto death. In the end, the evolution of science triggered change, and the Roman Catholic Church changed to a softer stance. And the truth of what Galileo said was finally acknowledged as being true.

I don’t suffer from ‘ignorance syndrome’, which can’t handle rejection and criticism of their belief system ideas and creed; such childish sensitivities of emotionally immature persons, whom are true fixed dogma believers, does not impress me. Their emotional overreaction is even more disgusting, when they start accusing a person of apostasy, blasphemy and heresy.

And this bully accusation tactic becomes downright evil, when they strive to sue someone for what they said, or even worse when they threaten or attempt to kill someone, simply because they rejected their belief system. Such evil thinking and actioned behaviour must not ever be tolerated, and a society that accepts and tolerates such insidious thinking and behaviour, is an evil cowardly society without honour, and that is hard core fact.

The existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’ which persecutes, punishes and kills people for rejection of a religious idea is heinous and any Government that accepts and tolerates such laws is an evil Government.

There is no acceptable place in the Universe for the existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’.

“Blasphemy Law” must be absolutely outlawed around the globe and any Politician that allows such evil laws to exist, must be ostracised.

As a Cosmic Libertarian, I am committed to protection of free will, freedom of speech, and freedom of choice’ the way of ahimsa free will. And for that reason, I strongly reject all forms of Totalitarianism, which includes Socialism, Communism, Fascism and anti-freedom apartheid Islam. Also, for that reason, I reject anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ and anti-Liberty ‘Sharia Law’ and will always reject such dangerous ideas, which can destroy the human right to live free. Loss of freedom is not acceptable, not now, not ever and for that reason all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be rejected by zero tolerance, if humanity wants to live happy and continue to enjoy the human right to live free of abuse and persecution.

Freedom of Religion does not work with Islam, because Islam rejects Freedom.

‘Cosmicism’ is more than just a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’… it is also an eternal forever expanding ‘Treatise about Existence & Ideas’… good & bad, right & wrong, true & false, just & unjust. The adventure of truthful learning demands an objective open mind. On a ‘Quest for Truth’ there is no other way to discover and learn reality, if we do not have an open mind and the persistent courage to strive to think outside the square.

There is no such thing as a perfect treatise, we are all still learning, we must help each other along this journey called life, freed from fixed dogma, forever exploring the way.

It has been said by a writer Paul Zanetti in the past, 11 December 2015 about a person…

“He sounds smart (he is) and he sounds like he tells the truth on air (he doesn’t).”

‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ teaches there is a difference between being clever and smart. A large percentage of people are clever, but not smart. A person can be clever and not smart. A person can be smart and not clever. A person who is both clever and smart has the higher advantage over people who are only clever or only smart.

Using ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ I make one slight correction in (bracketed words) to explain a rephrase of the above statement using P.I.

“He sounds smart (he is not, he is clever, not smart) and he sounds like he tells the truth on air (he doesn’t).”

Source: book ‘Flat Earth’ by Allan Ivarsson published in both Kindle & Paperback, in colour.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

What you read in ‘Insanity of Hate’ is equally as disturbing as what I previously published in ‘Combat Women’ & ‘Flat Earth’. This book completes the trilogy of hard core reality for 2017. Each book is independent, they don’t have to be read in any sequence. There is constantly more to learn, but that requires every person to open their mind and learn to think outside the square of the square. Learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Blue Light to be continued…

© Blue Light Publications 2003, Blue Light Medium 2003, Blue Light Freedom Watch 2013.

© Allan Peter Ivarsson


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