Aboriginal Senator ‘Jacinta Price’ wiser than PM Anthony Albanese rejects Referendum Mission

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(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11069205/Aboriginal-senator-Jacinta-Price-slams-Indigenous-Voice-referendum-Q-A.html?

Aboriginal Senator ‘Jacinta Price’ wiser than PM Anthony Albanese rejects Referendum Mission.


Aboriginal Senator Jacinta Price is a Caring Good Australian Rejecting Albanese Wrong Thinking.


Battle of Aborigines supporting and opposing Australian PM Anthony Albanese

Sam McPhee for Daily Mail Australia published on the 2nd of August 2022 the following important news post titled, “Aboriginal senator Jacinta Price slams idea of an ‘Indigenous Voice’ in parliament as ‘just another layer of bureaucracy’ – as she explains why it won’t help ‘First Nations’ people.” (i)

Subtitle…Senator Jacinta Price believes Indigenous Voice referendum would not work.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Jacinta Price correctly said, the ‘Indigenous Voice’ referendum would not work. And she correctly said, the mandate would do nothing but add another layer of bureaucracy.

We have an excessive amount of bureaucracy in Australia, which does more harm than good. Bureaucracy has a bad habit of being wrapped in ‘Red Tape’ which blocks the professional achievement of common-sense logic and right thinking performance, keeping process flowing smoothly, promptly, accurately, efficiently, effectively and justly in wisdom and codes of ethics and decency, void of corruption and bully authoritarianism.

Before we move on further into this concern… I will flashback to my previous comments… in the below link article.

“Were the Aborigines a First Nation? Or was their migration to Australia 70,000 years ago just a collective ‘Tribal History’ Culture of Native people who migrated to every part of Australia including Tasmania, before the land bridges disappeared under water? It is clear that all of the Aborigine Tribes wandering around the Australian Continent for over 50,000 years were independent tribes and most did not know each other or the history of each other. The 70,000 years of Aborigine Culture was not a United First Nation. They did not fly flags of any kind. Their love of the Australian Earth was a wonderful natural way to live. But they were not all united as one ‘Tribe Culture’ called ‘One Nation’ or called ‘First Nations as one united Country. Every tribe lived independent of every other tribe. They all were professional wanderers who loved ‘Walkabout’. It was a good way to live.” (ii)

“The Aborigines were not ‘First Nation Australians’. They were ‘First Australians’. Please speakers and writers choose your words correctly. The First Australians – the Aborigines were not united as a Nation. As I wrote previously, the Aborigines were independent tribes of people, who migrated to every part of Australia during their ‘Walkabout’ exploration adventures. They were not ‘First Nation Australians’. They were ‘First Australians’. (ii)


The Australian Continent for 70,000 years, before the Caucasian discovery of the Island, did not have an Aboriginal Name. The ‘First Australians’ were actually the ‘First Natives’ the original explorers and discoverers of the Red Earth in part, land now called Australia.

Allan Ivarsson continues… So why am I, by nature a gentle person, so aggressive in my writing style against the demand to divide Australia through a change by the Prime Minister Albanese in the Australian Constitution? Because people forget that human nature around the globe has a history habit over the last 20,000 years plus, of starting out with good intentions and then changing to an authoritarian nightmare dictatorship.

Albanese Referendum planned change to impose a ‘Voice in Parliament’ which has not been voted in by Democratic Process must be stopped!

Wrong laws are hard to repeal; and wrong words in a Constitution is seriously very dangerous and can destroy a society from within. The consequence of an internal conflict is not only unjust violence but it can explode into a ‘Civil War’, which destroy the lives and homes of people and the society from within.

We cannot allow such a dangerous risk to exist because of some misguided dream thinking words that can open the gate to corrupt injustice.

Such a conflict can be triggered by any new generation that becomes obsessed with greed and lust for power and that tragic consequence is not acceptable, not now, not ever, and and for that reason Anthony Albanese objective to change the Australian Constitution by ‘Blank Cheque’ Wording is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated.

The ‘Voice in Parliament’ must be through voted in Representatives and Senators true to democratic principles.

There is nothing to stop people Aboriginal or Non-Aboriginal delivering Petitions and Proposals in writing to Parliament and to their local MPs; it’s called ‘Freedom of Speech’. The ‘Voice to Parliament’ belongs to every Citizen in a Nation. It does not belong just to the ‘Indigenous Voice’ or just to the ‘Non-Indigenous Voice’ it belongs to all citizens in a Nation.

I make no apology for my aggressive style writing when I am dealing with the danger of ‘Authoritarianism’ conquering a society from within or from without. My words are essentially strong and absolute when I am facing off against the danger of anti-freedom ideology tyranny.

We do not have to always agree with each other but we must in calm discussions solve problems which are fair and just and does always protect every persons right to ‘Live Free’ in speech, choice and equality, provided such freedom does not abuse ‘Freedom Privilege’ and deny others the same freedom privilege. Only convicted criminals must forfeit their freedom for the term of their punishment by the justice law and order system. If a law is wrong then we are ’Duty Bound’ by ‘Code of Honour’ to change it and have it repealed or rewritten correctly.

Previously I posted in… (ii)

“The question likely to be put to the public is: “Do you support an alteration to the constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?” (ii)

And my answer is… “No way!” I will not allow a ‘Blank Cheque’ Authority to rule as a Supremist Organization overruling the rights of all Australians, which includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and all Non-Aboriginal Australians. We are One People, One Nation, and shall not be divided by Authoritarian changes to our Australian Constitution.

The Prime Minister is concerned that giving too much detail would mean people voting ‘no’ if they ‘disagree with one out of 50’ clauses put forward. (ii)

‘We’re not doing that, we’re learning from history,’ said Mr. Albanese – referring to the failed 1999 referendum on Australia becoming a republic, which many voted down not because they were against it in principle but because there was conflict over how the head of state would be chosen.” (ii)

Albanese refused to allow people to vote on the exact wording to be inserted in the ‘Australian Constitution’ he indicates clearly, he shall authorize the exact wording not the Australian people. This authoritarian decision by Anthony Albanese is an act of ‘High Treason’ and cannot and must not be tolerated, not now, not ever.

And now I continue to review Sam McPhee’s important news report. (i)

“Anthony Albanese announced… the country’s first referendum in 20 years… exact details of how the historic change will work are still yet to be ironed out with the Prime Minister saying he didn’t want Australians to get bogged down in the fine print of the amendment.” (i)

A.I. comments… What Albanese is really saying to Australians, is that he does not want their opinion or approval of the exact words to be recorded in the amendment of the ‘Australian Constitution’, Anthony Albanese demands his ‘Authoritarian Right’ to make the decision and every Australian must obey his new amendment to the Constitution.

My response. “No Way!”

As I wrote previously…

“We the Australian Non-Aboriginal People respect the rights of all Aborigines as Australians to live Free with the same Equality rights of all Australians, but we will not tolerate or accept an unjust divided society created by an unjust corrupted Australian Constitution.” (ii)

“I warn Anthony Albanese do not make the mistake of corrupting our Constitution with words that incite injustice. Remember, if you do the wrong thing by the Australian People, you will be Charged with ‘High Treason’.” (ii)

I am banning this Referendum as unjust and deceitful and not right for the Australia People. Albanese’s fear of tabling the exact proposed words for amendment must be tabled three months in advance for public review, discussion and debate. To do less is an Act of Treason’. (ii)

The Prime Minister will ignore my ‘Ban’ and I will fight back with whatever degree of action is necessary to stop ‘Authoritarianism’ from ruling our Nation. I will not tolerate loss of ‘Freedom Values’. I shall keep turning up the pressure against Anthony Albanese. He has gone too far, in his planned dictatorship of the Australian People.

Allan Ivarsson 2nd of August 2022. (ii)

“Fellow Q & A panelist [Aboriginal] Linda Burney also took aim at [Aboriginal] Ms. Price’s remarks.” (i)

“What it means going forward, everyone, is that this is not just about symbolism, the Minister for Indigenous Australians said.” (i) [A.I.: I don’t care about symbolism… I care about communication facts of truth and justice founded upon honorable philosophy.]

This is final – This is, finally, our people being able to advise the parliament on whether or not the parliament is getting it right.” (i) Said, Aboriginal Linda Burney Minister for Indigenous Australians.

A.I. comments… It is not final. It is just the opposite; it is the beginning of a cold war in which enemies of Australians like Linda Burney will be tossed out of political power denied the right to dictate using authoritarian bully tactics, to oppress the Australian Non-Indigenous People. Where is the ‘Voice in Parliament’ representing the Non-Aboriginals that can also say whether the parliament is getting it right? This strategic battle of two voices in Parliament will destroy our democratic process.

A.I. continues to comment… Linda Burney said it wrong because her ambition is to see the ‘Indigenous Australians’ rule all ‘Non-Indigenous Australians’ by Authoritarian Rule. To her, this not about just getting a reasonable voice to parliament, it is about dictating to Parliament what Aborigines expect and demand. In other words, all Non-Aboriginal Australians must submit to the dictatorship of all Aboriginals. But not all Aboriginals want to rule Non-Indigenous Australians. Many are loyal to Australia and happy to be a loyal patriot to Australia. But people like Aboriginal Linda Burney a Minister for Indigenous Australians want supreme power to rule all Australians, her ambition is to become the first Female Aboriginal Australian Prime Minister and that motive is a fact. She has an Authoritarian Mentality and does not respect true Democratic Principles.

Burney does not respect the right of ‘Non-Indigenous Australians’ to have an equal right to a ‘Voice in Parliament’ and for that reason she does not respect the right of all Australians to be deemed as equal. Trust Linda Burney? No Way! Trust Anthony Albanese? No Way!

We cannot allow in our ‘Australian Constitution’ the acceptance of an Aboriginal Voice of Parliament and reject the acceptance of Non-Indigenous Voice of Parliament.

Anthony Albanese is planning an ‘Act of Treason’ and if he changes the ‘Australian Constitution’ rejecting Non-Indigenous Australians right to equality, I will charge him with ‘High Treason’ and establish a ‘Civil War Council’ to remove him from his position of Prime Minister. I will also strip him of all retirement political entitlements paid by all Taxpayers.

If you Politicians are naïve enough to think I can’t do it, challenge me; I can and will smash the credibility of every one of you fools.

I am a best friend of good honourable freedom loving people but I am the worst nightmare of the corrupt and dishonourable and supporters of anti-freedom ideology.

I have a ‘Victory or Death’ mentality. Either I live Free or I die in battle fighting for my right to live free. If you are a good decent honourable person, you have nothing to fear, but if you are corrupt, dishonourable and anti-freedom, in speech, choice and equality, be afraid, very afraid, because I am hunting all of you one by one, and I am one of many thousands that will not tolerate your treacherous greedy crap.

Linda Burney says… “Is it going to address child abuse? Is it going to address women’s domestic violence? Is it going to address educational outcomes? Is it going to address the issues that affect our daily lives?” (i)

A.I. comments… Child Abuse? Women’s Domestic Violence? Educational Outcomes? Issues that Affect our Daily Lives? What makes ignorant vain Linda Burney think that these problems are only about Aborigines? Non-Aborigines experience the same problems.

Both Aborigines and Non-Aborigines are guilty of Child Abuse, amongst some bad thinking people. Both Aborigines and Non-Aborigines are guilty of Domestic Violence Abuse. What makes this ignorant Burney female character think that Aborigines are any different to Non-Aborigines? Human Nature is the same in all races and cultures. Educational Outcomes? The problem of Educational Outcomes applies to all races and cultures no exceptions. Aborigines do not have any entitlement to special rights. Do they think they are superior to Non-Aboriginals? Answer: Some do, some don’t.

A.I. comments… Linda Burney thinking like a wimp complains, “Unless We have a voice, then it won’t be there.” But what about the voice rights of Non-Aborigines? She does not care about them, she only cares about her own lust for power. Respect her? No Way!

Anthony Albanese has not finalized the timeline for the referendum, planning for a vote next year. If he foolishly goes ahead with his objective, he is facing a high probability of being charged with ‘High Treason’ and if he alters the ‘Australian Constitution’ using wording not approved by the people, including even one word variance, he will be charged with ‘High Treason’ and orders for his arrest by the people shall be enforced.

In a recent speech Aboriginal Senator ‘Jacinta Price’ criticized and rejected the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s mission to introduce a ‘Voice to Parliament’ enforced by an amendment to the ‘Australian Constitution’. The PM is supporting proposals by Indigenous groups that want the ‘Authoritarian Power’ to rule all Non-Indigenous Australians.

Country Liberal Party Senator Price recently said to the Senate, “We hear the platitudes of motherhood statements from our now Prime Minister, who suggests without any evidence whatsoever that a ‘Voice to Parliament’ bestowed upon us through the virtuous act of symbolic gesture by this government is what is going to empower us.” (i)

Senator Price remarks were a valid concern.

“Anthony Albanese said the Aboriginal ‘Voice of Parliament’ would be an opportunity to ‘uplift our nation.” (i)

A.I. continues to comment… That Albanese Idea is a lie. It will do the opposite and divide Australia into an evolving conflict forcing a ‘Cold War’ between Australian Indigenous Aborigines and Non-Indigenous Australians. A conflict that over one generation of twenty-five years could expand to a ‘Hot War’ conflict.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

One Voice in Democratic Parliament for all Australians, Aboriginal and Non-Aborigine.

We refuse to allow Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to Divide our Country by a reckless change to our Australian Constitution.

Allan Ivarsson 6th August 2022

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