Homeless Australia: Who is at Fault?

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Feature Image: Living Homeless in a Station-Wagon is not true Homeless existence.

This Lady is in this position because of her own fault caused by her incompetent mismanagement of her money. She receives $1,060 Welfare Pension per Fortnight from Australian Government. She is not making much effort to do the right thing by herself by using her Welfare income wisely, like other pensioners have to do. She is not what I call a genuine homeless person. She just feels sorry for herself and whinges to the Media, who can’t tell the difference between genuine homelessness and whingers.

Overseas: Genuine Homeless who does not own a vehicle and has no welfare payment being received. There are a lot of variable reasons why people are homeless. It maybe their fault or a crisis in their life made them victims of events, of numerous types. But one thing is sure, these people need genuine help. People on Welfare who own a vehicle do not need help. We must get our caring priorities right in helping genuine homeless people.

Homeless Australia: Who is at Fault?

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/a-housing-crisis-means-thousands-of-australians-are-living-in-their-vehicles-this-is-what-van-life-is-really-like/ar-AA1cZlKh?

One of my sons who owns a Kombi and travels around three states NSW, Victoria and Queensland working as a builder’s laborer, warehouse forklift driver, fruit picker, or on road works, doing any job to survive, said to me on FB Messenger… “She might prefer living in her car.”

And I replied to my son who loves travel and always lives in different camp sites, paying rent for the night…

We of the last of ‘The Baby Boomers’ and their parents & grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins had to endure economic struggle paying rent and we got no welfare. We had to work doing any job available to survive. And we paid our rent first.

The Truthful Answer depends upon the Attitude and Thinking of the person who is the ‘So-Called Victim. A lot of naïve people feel sorry for people who are their own enemy and created their own misery by mismanagement of their income, by refusing to use tough common-sense budget management. Many people specialize in collecting welfare, refusing to work for a living.

I have walked through economic hell myself, and I was never defeated. I lived tough like millions of people around the world, and I gradually built a better economic life for myself just like millions of people have also done, generation after generation. It is not easy, it’s a challenge, but like the correct adage says, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Now for the truth.

Allan Ivarsson 28th June 2023.

Social affairs correspondent Norman Hermant wrote a Media News Report Published on Sunday 25th June 2023 a ‘Homeless’ subject titled, “A housing crisis means thousands of Australians are living in their vehicles. This is what ‘van life’ is really life.” (i)

Wrong Media Messages challenged by A.I.

Allan Ivarsson comments… Naïve people believe every headline plugged by media journalists and fail to question is that true? Or part truth? Or false Claims?

When I read this emotional message, I took a step back because I care about ‘Homeless’ people but only about the genuine cases that are true victims of circumstances beyond their control. I don’t care about all the stupid irresponsible homeless people that have chosen to be a selfish burden on society because they refuse to work for a living and because they refuse to establish budget common-sense and live intelligently living within their means by using wisdom money management.

Journalist Norman Hermant played upon people’s naïve emotions to sell his false knowledge promotion and failed to criticize this woman playing homeless victim, feeling sorry for herself, because she created her own misery by irresponsible mismanagement of her financial income.

First, I start with the words used by the Media promoting ‘Housing Crisis’. This Media Stunt is often irresponsible in its claims that a Nation is experiencing a housing crisis. If we look back at history decade after decade, century after century, there has always been a housing crisis. There is nothing new about this. If a person wants to own their own modest home and cannot afford it, that is a ‘crisis’ struggle in their life until they succeed in owning their own home after mortgage is paid out. The question of what is ‘Modest’ is the real concern. Some people are too greedy and want more than a ‘Modest Home’ start.

You want something in life, work for it, earn the right to what you own.

One of the biggest copouts by people is the claim when people do the wrong thing, is that ‘They have mental issues’. This is an excuse idea to allow undisciplined people to do what they like to impose misery harassment upon others. Such undisciplined uncaring bad behaviour is not acceptable and must be stopped by counterforce.

I support arresting every bad behaviour type and putting them into Army Reserve Boot Camp for five years to straighten them out. Hard Labor and discipline is the best solution for dealing with most people inside their country, except the evil ones who are true enemies of society, the minority that belong in prison.

Conscription/Drafting Citizens to fight in overseas wars is not acceptable. But training wrong thinking citizens to respect their society and to learn to defend it against invasion is essential training. Being paid to help build a better society is rewarding for the individual in Boot Camp and for the creation of a wholesome society. Anyone who does not believe this, does not have much between the ears.

“When you’re living in a mini-van, it pays to blend in. Mandy Weber learned that lesson the hard way.” (i)

“Park where you won’t be noticed. And whatever you do during the day, don’t get in the back.” (i)

“You can’t sort of get too comfortable laying in the back… because people will approach your car, they will bang on the window. It scares the hell out of me,” she said. (i)

“You get the odd aggressive person who says, you know, ‘Eff off, what are you doing, go get a job ya loser’.” (i)

A.I. comments… Clearly Mandy Weber has failed to comprehend that people rightfully do not want strangers sleeping in their car outside their homes, for essential security reasons.

Journalist Norman Hermant failed to advise Mandy Weber that people have the right reject people sleeping in their car outside their home. I bet Hermant would not like it either.

And her car is not a mini-van as Hermant described it, it is a car, a station wagon.

“The 51-year-old has been living in her 2008 Kia Carnival mini-van since February. She became homeless after failing to make payments on her rented house in Geelong. (i) [It is not a mini-van, it is a car, a station wagon.]

2008 Kia Carnival

A.I. comments… The journalist failed to ask her what rent she was failing to pay. Was she choosing a rent too excessive in amount, or did she just fail to pay it because she failed to always pay rent first. I sense the latter is the reason for her misery, founded upon her own foolishness.

“Her set-up is simple. The back seats are now in a storage locker with what’s left of her household possession. In their place is a foam mattress, a doona and some pillows. There’s more than enough space for Mandy and her dog Diesel, a Staffy Labrador cross.” (i)

A.I. comments… I could argue that this is a cruel set-up for her dog. And that she should find it a better home for people who are kind and pay their rent. I feel sorry for the dog, not her. There is no excuse for incompetence in money management.

As I wrote previously on my Facebook Slide Transcript…

“She relies on the Disability Support Pension that pays her about $1,060 per fortnight.” (i)

She receives more than Pensioners. Maximum Pension $802.00 per fortnight. This homeless lady gets $258.00 per fortnight more than battling Pensioners.

A lot of people don’t know how to manage money that is why they are homeless. And there are many working people that live for travel living in their Vans, moving around different States. There are social activity clubs founded upon people’s love of travel and working.

Sorry but I don’t feel responsible for caring about homeless people that don’t manage their income wisely.

Ps. I feel sorry for the dog not her.

Mandy Weber speaking to Journalist Norman Hermant said…

“People have actually said to me this is the cream of the crop for living homeless,” she said. (i)

“I’m just lucky enough that I have a car to sleep in. I don’t have to sleep it rough on the street.” (i)

A.I. comments… 38 years ago in early 1985, I had to sell my car and house to clear my debts related to previous marriage and start again with custody of two young infant sons. My first rule I kept my job, travelled back and forth by train and bus for three years until I could afford another car and always paid rent and my sons never suffered from deprivation. I never wasted my money on alcohol, smoking or gambling or drugs. I was struggling but I still ate at home well and never wasted my wages on takeaway food. By end of 1987 I built a new start for myself. But I had to work and pay my rent first as priority one.

“Mandy spends most days in Geelong, but also travels to Melbourne, [A.I. comments: 77 kilometres distance; like living in the Far Western suburbs of Sydney and travelling to other Suburbs of Sydney by train or car.] and nearby Bacchus Marsh. Parking safely at night is a work in progress.” (i)

“I’m still learning. It’s ongoing,” she said. (i)

At first, I thought it’d be safer to park in streets, you know, where people are around. But it’s not really safer because they don’t want you in the area.” (i)

A.I. comments… How does a person, male or female get to 51 years of age and not understand that people correctly do not want others sleeping outside their homes in the street threatening the safety and security of the street and their homes. I understood the streets by the time I was 16 years to the age of 21 years in the 1960’s to 1970.

Her real solution would have been to sell her car and pay her rent. Many Pensioners have to do that, and they only receive $802.00 per F/N, and she receives $1060.00 per fortnight. And she now wastes money paying for her weekly storage of her personal things, including the backseats of her car. How stupid is that?

She claims Pension Payment of $1,060 is quickly eaten by costs. But many of her costs are founded by her irresponsible incompetent mismanagement of her funds. She is her own enemy of self.

“Mandy worked as a crossing guard for most of 2022 but had to stop when a heart condition made it impossible for her to stand on her feet for long periods.” (i)

“She relies on the Disability Support Pension that pays her about $1,060 per fortnight.”

“But she doesn’t see all of that money. She’s paying off several road fines and tolls, and she still owes for unpaid bills at her old property. She also pays $175 a fortnight for her storage locker.” (i)

A.I. comments… All this tells me she is mismanaging her money. There’s $175 that could go towards rent and she can save money by doing the right thing to avoid road fines and tolls. There are better economic solutions. How can a person get to 51 years of age and not understand common-sense money management?

“By the time all the deductions come out of her account, Mandy has about $550 to last two weeks. Out of that comes $70 for her mobile plan, and $75 for her Geelong Cats membership – an indulgence she says brings her life great joy that she’s unwilling to give up.” (i)

A.I. comments… This does not make sense and the Journalist did not question. $70 for a Mobile plan a fortnight? That’s ridiculous, she is either lying or she is stupid and paying far too much for her mobile phone. And paying $75 a F/N for her Geelong Cats Membership is idiotic. The Journalist is either misquoting her and failed to question her statements or she is stupid. Which is it?

“Within hours of her Centrelink payment going into her account, Mandy is already on fumes.” (i) The Journalist Hermant promotes her mismanagement of funds sob story. And he does not even bother to challenge her wrong thinking. Hence, this article hides the truth about the reason for this woman’s misery is created by her own mismanagement. And she can apply for ‘Rental Assistance’ but she would mismanage that too. Feel sorry for her? Why should I? Stupid is as stupid does.

People who are too lazy to learn survival common-sense are their own enemy and create their own misery. We can’t help people who refuse to do the right thing.

“I’ve only got $156 now… and that’s going to last me another 13 days,” she tells the ABC as we spend some time on the road with her.” (i)

“By the evening, after she’d bought petrol and some basic supplies, just over $100 remained.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thus, Mandy complains to the ABC about her financial difficulties caused by her wrong thinking incompetent budget management.

As I stated previously, “She receives more than Pensioners. Maximum Pension $802.00 per fortnight. This homeless lady gets $258.00 per fortnight more than battling Pensioners.

“She relies on the Disability Support Pension that pays her about $1,060 per fortnight.” (i)

And still, she fails to manage her money wisely. Her income could be doubled, and she would still waste it and be short of money. Her problem is her own fault. Why are journalists failing to reprimand her about her mismanagement of money? No one helps Pensioners struggling on $802.00 a fortnight, $258 less than Mandy is receiving. We Pensioners have to manage on less than her and we are not all by the thousands, all running to the newspaper complaining about our economic struggles, we just deal with it and manage our money more carefully than whinging Mandy does.

The Media posts headline…

Housing crisis pushes more people to live in wheels.

Journalist Norman Hermant states… “Mandy is far from alone. Homelessness services say the number of people living in cars has been soaring as rents and the cost of living keep rising.” (i)

A.I. comments… But hang on Media stop sensationalizing a Generalized Drama Statement. Mandy is not like some homeless people she has a good fortnightly income $258 better than Pensioners. Her problem was not caused by a Housing Crisis. She is in trouble because she failed to pay her rent and mismanaged her money.

I have met people who choose to live in their cars and travel around great Australian country. Some choose cars, many live in vans. I don’t call them Homeless.

“Figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare suggest thousands of Australians were living in their vehicles last financial year.” (i)

“The data shows about 5,400 clients of homeless services were sleeping in a motor vehicle because they did not have a home.” (i)

“It’s definitely what the frontline services are seeing,” said Deborah Di Natale, CEO of Council to Homeless Persons in Melbourne.” (i)

The lived experience volunteers here at Council to Homeless Persons… the overwhelming majority of those have lived in their car for long periods of time.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This report is flawed with overview generalizations and does not table the whole truth nothing but the truth about the economic management by these people. How many of them are incompetent in money management like whinging Mandy? How many of them genuinely want a job? What is the age and sex of all these people? How many are receiving welfare? How much dollars are they receiving? What do they spend their money on? How many are genuine victims of homelessness? Remember many people like the life of travelling and living in their car or van. How many are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling? So far, I have not seen reports in detail about these so-called homeless people.

Contrary to what people claim a person who owns mobile transport, car, van or truck is not homeless. Many choose that lifestyle. It is not the publics concern except when they park their vehicles outside people’s homes threatening security and safety of the people.

Real Homeless people don’t own a vehicle and have nowhere to live, they are the ones that need help, not the ones who choose to live in their vehicle.

Australia is not like overseas. Australians have the opportunity to get welfare support to help them get established to escape homelessness. How many falsely called homeless are living in their cars like Mandy that are incompetent in money management? Versus those that simply love to travel and live in their cars and use charity aids when wanted.

The real truth is not on the table, because every individual case has its own story and media specializes in too much sensationalism and fails to analyze the whole truth and nothing but the truth about who is genuine victims of homelessness and who is simply incompetent with money management and are simply victims of their own foolishness.

Australians don’t face the Homelessness problems that citizens overseas face that don’t have welfare support. Welfare is available to genuine Australians to help them get a start.

A person who owns a vehicle is not homeless.

“Mandy’s been in this situation before. Eight years ago, she and her two daughters lived in a car and couch-surfed before finding housing.” (i)

“Another daughter, who is 19 couch surfs with friends.” (i)

Like mother, like daughter they prefer ‘couch surfing’.

“Mandy’s 18-year-old daughter has landed a road works job, and Mandy hopes they’ll be able to find a home together later this year.” (i)

A.I. comments… Good news for the daughter, I hope Mandy does not drag her daughter down to Mandy’s incompetent level. This girl needs the right to live her own life to stand on her own two feet, avoiding supporting her incompetent mother.

There are many other comments by Mandy in the report, but it is all about Mandy’s Wishlist. She will never think budget management competence because its not in her philosophical thinking to make the effort to be smarter in money management, hence statements accepted by the journalist will always be a wimp thinking Wishlist.

“It’s not a whinge. The government just needs to step up and let people live out of poverty and have a normal life,” she [Mandy] said. (i)

A.I. comments… But the government cannot be held responsible for people like Mandy who mismanage their income. Fact is the government has been giving Mandy Weber more money than what Pensioners receive. And they have to manage on less.

I can rightly argue that the Pensioners should receive the same money that Mandy receives i.e. $1,060 per fortnight.

And thus, I return to leaving the balloon floating in the air, if Pensioners have to live on less, why does Mandy’s whinge have priority rights over Pensioners, most of whom worked hard all of their life?

Remember as I stated previously, “She receives more than Pensioners. Maximum Pension $802.00 per fortnight. This so-called homeless lady, living in a car gets $258.00 per fortnight more than battling Pensioners.

“She relies on the Disability Support Pension that pays her about $1,060 per fortnight.” (i)

Below are genuine overseas photograph images of homeless people living on the streets with no welfare support. That is Homelessness, not even having a car to live in or a welfare payment to live on.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 30th of June 2023 (74 years of age on Boxing Day 26th Dec 2022.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

Genuine Homeless People void of Welfare Income and Do not Own a Car.

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