‘Totalitarianism’ is now fighting to takeover control of the United Nations and the World.

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Vladimir Putin

‘Totalitarianism’ is now fighting to takeover control of the United Nations and the World.

‘Communist China’ and ‘Putin Russia’ backed by North Korea and Iran are leading the planned control of the globe.

Before we start, one interesting note in difference between ‘Putin Communist Russia’ and ‘Communist China’ is that the ‘Communist Chinese’ hate Muslims and persecute them, whilst ‘Putin Russia’ welcomes Muslims. It will be interesting to see how this difference fans out in decades to come.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

A disturbing anti-freedom breakdown of the United Nations caught my eye in a brief news report by Tom O’Connor on the 12th, March 2021. Titled… ‘China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and More Join Forces in Defense of U.N.’ (i)

Thus, the global conflict stage has now been set. The World is now divided in two… “Freedom versus Totalitarianism”. Who will win? The answer is that ‘Totalitarianism’ will impose bloody cruel violent carnage upon the unprepared free people who have taken their freedom too much for granted.

Out of the ashes will rise a ‘Freedom Resistance’ so aggressive and persistently determined that no matter how many perish in battle, all ‘Totalitarian’ leaders and their followers will learn to fear them. This global ‘Freedom Warrior’ organization shall become known by many names, in different countries. Why? Because like the Ancient Vikings, they live free and would rather die in battle than surrender to tyranny. Rising from the underground using small group ‘Guerrilla Warfare’. Living dynamically, they operate independently of each other around the globe as ‘Freedom Warriors’ determined to wipe out by total force all ‘Totalitarian’ enemies. The message around the globe became clear, ‘Freedom Warriors’ will never submit to the dictatorship of oppression and are determined to live free. “Victory or Death”.

Watch the ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Despite the bloody cost… “Freedom will Win” and all the leaders of the ‘Totalitarian Group of Friends in Phony Defense of the Charter of the United Nations’, will perish because there is no place for Despots in a ‘Freedom World’.

By the creation of this ‘Totalitarian’ Group of Nations the United Nations must be closed and a new ‘United Nations of Liberty’ must be created which bans all ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’ both Political and Religious which are focused on destruction of ‘Liberty Values’.

The world is now divided in two and it is time for the billions of people who want to live free to unite and declare ‘Cold War’ against every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and prepare for ‘Hot War’ against ‘Communism’ and ‘Jihad Islam’ wherever it threatens to strike.

We that want to live free must ‘boycott’ ‘Free Trade’ with all ‘Totalitarian’ Nations. There is no place for ‘Authoritarian Governments’ in a ‘Free World’.

The days of living free in peace are over. The ‘Habit of War’ shall continue its insane objective to deny people the right to live free. When we look at the Nations in this despicable group of ‘Authoritarian Political Mentality’ remember that there are many people oppressed in these Nations that want to live free in a pro-democracy capitalist world of free trade.

The leaders of these ‘Totalitarian Nations’ are justified despot targets. Remember our enemies in ‘Communist China’, Putin Russia, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Laos, Nicaragua, North Korea, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, Syria, Venezuela, and Palestine. All these Nations have banded together to wipe out the United States, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, India, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the Third World that wants to live free.

If Vladimir Putin does not have this ambition, which I allege, he needs to withdraw from this insidious league of Group of Friends and unite with the United States of America in opposition to ‘Communist China’. At this point of time, I cannot see any evidence that he will do this.

The ‘Totalitarian’ Nations inside the United Nations have chosen to oppress ‘Freedom Values’ and now we must fight to stop their evil insanity. There is no place for ‘Totalitarianism’ on this planet these radical anti-freedom despots must be stopped.

The original historical goal for establishing global peace by the United Nations has been terminated by this political group of Nations that want to oppress the world and destroy freedom values.

We that live free cannot and shall not tolerate such a group of tyrants.

The claim that these group of Nations want to promote multilateralism and diplomacy over the use of force is a lie. Inside their countries, violent force is being used to silence those that want to live free. Communist China’ leading this group has a history of using violent force against peaceful freedom loving people. The same is true of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Palestine, Syria and Putin Russia, Cambodia, and Venezuela.

Putin has been denying Russians, freedom of speech. And freedom to explore the Internet. That anti-freedom restriction must be eliminated. We expect this coward mentality by Xi Jinping but not from courageous Vladimir Putin.

“Their March 10 concept note, obtained by Newsweek, said the group [of Totalitarian countries] will strive to preserve, promote and defend the prevalence and validity of the UN Charter.” (i) [That idea is a lie. Marxist history proves it.]

Many of these Nations are liars. They have imposed the scourge of war inside their own Nation cruelly murdering their own people and denying them the right to live free in speech, choice, and equality. Remember the United Nations was founded in United States of America and this new group of Authoritarian Nations rejects the USA. And ‘Communist China’ is rapidly building a military force capable one day of attacking the USA, Australia, and every Nation in the South Pacific. Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades have already demonstrated their intention to disobey the United Nations Charter and declare war against free nations.

Representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco in 1945 to draw up the United Nations Charter at a United Nations Conference on International Organization World Peace Objectives. The United Nations, established on October 24, 1945 was Headquartered in New York City.

The United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the name “United Nations” in the Declaration by United Nations of 1st, January 1942, during the Second World War, when freedom dedicated representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers.

Earlier delegate representatives of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States had met at Dumbarton Oaks, USA in August-October 1944 to work out proposals for a United Nations. In 1945 50 countries deliberated upon those proposals.

It seemed like a ‘Great Idea’ but in 1949, China under the rule of Mao Zedong converted China away from a freedom country to an anti-freedom ‘Communist Country’ and over many decades murdered millions of freedom-loving Chinese imposing oppression. Thus, Mao betrayed the UN Charter by rejecting the UN Commitment to stop the scourge of war. China should have been expelled from the United Nations, but instead other Nations ran for cover and let this now ‘Totalitarian’ Nation to grow stronger, cruelly oppressing the Chinese people and then the Tibetan people in 1950. This cowardice by delegates in the UN became the first step towards weakening the United Nations 1945 commitment to establish a successful ‘World Peace’ objective.

Joseph Stalin who ruled the Communist Soviet Union from 1927 to 1953, was like Mao Zedong (1893-1976) an evil man. His alliance with other allied Nations against Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was only an enemy of my enemy is my friend war strategy. After World War II when the ‘Cold War’ between USA and the Soviet Union escalated, the pretend friendship vanished. Thus, through his aggressive continued persecution of Russian people, Stalin also like Mao betrayed the objectives of the UN Charter. And again, the delegates of all Nations failed to expel the Soviet Union from the United Nations. Since the creation of the United Nations more smaller wars were fought from 1950 to 1953 in Korea through the decades into Vietnam 1954-1975 Cambodia Communist ‘Killing Fields’1975-1979 triggered by ‘Marxist Communism’ and the UN failed to expel the ‘Communists Nations’ responsible for the creation of these anti-freedom wars. As the decades passed more small wars continued moving into battles in the Middle East against anti-freedom ‘Jihad Muslims’. Most of the conflicts in the world have since World War II been initiated by ‘Communism’ and ‘Jihad Muslims’. And still the United Nations fails to protect ‘Freedom Values’ and oppose those ‘Rogue Countries’ that are focused on cruel oppression of people that just want to live free in peace.

And now beginning two years ago, ‘Rogue Nations’ want to form and expand a ‘Totalitarian Friendship Club’ independently and inside the United Nations to take down all ‘Liberty Treasured Nations’. Thus, the United Nations is being split down the center into groups of Nations representing ‘Freedom versus Totalitarianism’. How is the anti-freedom mission of many Nations, going to stop the ‘Habit of War’? Thus, the UN Charter rejecting the scourge of war has been betrayed.

‘Communist China’s involvement in this league of ‘Totalitarian Nations’ explains why in 2020 ‘Communist China’ became more aggressively bolder under the leadership of Xi Jinping to increase military exercises in preparation for war against the USA and to bully harass Australia to submit to the dictatorship demands of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades. Thus, the bullying of Australia began by attacking the 2015 ‘Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China by denying a continuation of the 2015 deal. Xi Jinping basically tore up the deal, boosted by his confidence in becoming a member of the new league of ‘Totalitarian Nations’ inside the United Nations. The ambition of ‘Communist China’ to become the world leading Superpower thus strengthened.

When ‘Communist China’ succeeds in becoming the Superpower Master Race, it will not need the other ‘Rogue Nations’ and will begin its attacks starting with Russia to conquer it.

When the UN Charter was signed China the first victim of aggression by Japan, gained the honour of signing first. At this point of time, China was free until gangster Mao at war with his own people betrayed the good Chinese people that valued their right to live free.

“The Charter of the United Nations which you have just signed,” said President Truman in addressing the final session, “is a solid structure upon which we can build a better world. History will honour you for it. Between the victory in Europe and the final victory, in this most destructive of all wars, you have won a victory against war itself… With this Charter the world can begin to look forward to the time when all worthy human beings may be permitted to live decently as free people.” (ii)

Thus, the dream of peace began.

“Then the President pointed out that the Charter would work only if the peoples of the world were determined to make it work.” (ii)

Sadly, during the decades that followed many Politicians around the globe failed to have the courage to make this dream work.

“If we fail to use it, he [President Truman] concluded, “we shall betray all those who have died so that we might meet here in freedom and safety to create it. If we seek to use it selfishly – for the advantage of any one nation or any small group of nations – we shall be equally guilty of that betrayal.” (ii)

‘Communist China’ since 1949 true to the evil of ‘Marxism’, chose the path of betrayal of the United Nations Charter.

The excellent wisdom and truth were tabled by President Truman of the United States of America as a shining light for the world to live by with honorable commitment. Sadly, many Nations have betrayed that United Nations excellent mission.

(ii) https://www.un.org/en/sections/history-united-nations-charter/1945-san-francisco-conference/index.html

Excellent essential words by the United Nations… “Peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet”.

Sadly, many leaders of Nations and many people inside ‘Totalitarian Nations’ and even inside ‘Liberty Valued’ Nations have betrayed those essential words striving persistently to oppress others in the name of ‘Insanity of Greed’ and lust for power and domination of others. Such is the evil of totalitarian thinking people.

As stated earlier, the UN was Founded in 1945 to stop the ‘Habit of War’ since World War II. Sadly, many wars have raged around the world cruelly killing millions of people and one of the worst political belief systems responsible for such wars is Marxism Communism.

These Communist Nations belong to the United Nations, they hate the United States and want to wipe out the USA. Whenever they claim they agree with the UN Charter, they are liars, pretending to support the UN Charter, until they have the power to control the world and thereby eliminate the incompetent UN that has foolishly allowed these Nations to join the UN, failing to challenge their aggressive deliberate building of a war military machine focused on oppression of others and currently in the early 21st Century, the worst threats are ‘Communist China’ and North Korea backed by unstable Putin Russia. The latter must change his thinking and stand for ‘Freedom Values’, if he does this, he will become a greater man.



“The group said that the charter, first signed during the final months of World War II, today “has a renewed and even more important value and relevance, particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, while providing a platform for, among others, promoting the prevalence of legality over the use of force and for both discussing and coordinating possible joint initiatives for fostering the respect to the purposes and principles enshrined in the UN Charter.” (i)

A.I. comments… Some members of the ‘Totalitarian Group’ are no doubt politically naïve leaders, but other Nations wanting to conquer other countries know exactly what they are doing, like North Korea who wants to conquer South Korea, and like Iran who wants to conquer, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and like Palestine that wants to also wipe out Israel. And like ‘Putin Russia’ who wants to expand his power base to gain more economic advantage.

But the most dangerous deceitful Nation on the World Stage is XI Jinping and his Communist Comrades who want to rapidly expand their domination control of the ‘South Pacific Nations’ and want to become a Superpower capable of overthrowing the United States by ‘Hot War’ force so that ‘Communist China’ can begin its agenda ambition to rule the world and eliminate ‘Freedom Values’ true to madman German Karl Marx teachings.

Among these principles are “non-interference in the internal affairs of States, peaceful settlement of disputes and to refrain from the use or threat of use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, as enshrined in the UN Charter.” (i)

A.I. comments… How far does ‘Freedom Nations’ stay apathic and quiet when for example a country like ‘Communist China’ invades Tibet and murders over a million people and executes pro-democracy Chinese in 1989 at Tiananmen Square and continues to kill citizens because they refuse to submit to oppression in their State/Province. When does the UN have the right to challenge such evil behaviour inside the country guilty of waging war against their own citizens? How are we stopping the ‘Habit of War’ when citizens are being killed that just want the eternal human right to live free?

“The group said it will also more broadly defend “the values of dialogue, tolerance and solidarity, mindful of the fact that these are all at the core of international relations and remain vital for the peaceful coexistence among nations.” (i)

A.I. comments… Words rolling out of the mouths of ‘Totalitarian Nations’ to beguile naïve fools. ‘Communist China’ Beijing is a classic example of ‘Intolerance’ who during 2020 into 2021 has bullied and harassed Australia, is threating Taiwan a currently free country, has bullied and harassed Hong Kong with oppressive tactics and still refuses to give Tibet its freedom. And is focused on becoming a Superpower in Military Strength so that ‘Communist China’ can conquer the South Pacific and defeat USA in war.

All this wrong thinking bad behaviour since 1949 reveals that ‘Communist China’ constantly disobeys the ideality of the UN Charter and is focused on expanding its agenda ambition to rule the world by the enforcement of oppression.

“The note was included in a letter addressed to ambassadors of prospective nations interested in joining the group, which was first established two years ago. It requested a response be given by April 9 of this year.” (i)

A.I. comments… It will be interesting for survival reasons of ‘Freedom Values’ to see how many idiot Nation’s join this ‘Marxist Communist’ authoritarian organization focused on oppression of its citizens.

China and Russia quickly supported by North Korea and Iran are the founders of this ‘Totalitarian’ Organization in February 2019. Notice the key founders are Marxist Communist Mentality.

“It described the format of the ‘Group of Friends’ as having an “open-ended nature, and, accordingly, its composition shall be regularly updated, as Member States, Observers and UN entities indicate their willingness and interest in joining it, subject to the approval of its membership.” (i)

A.I. comments… If the UN Charter 1945 was such a great organization, why are ‘Totalitarian’ Nations now creating another organization within the UN? Answer: Because these ‘Totalitarian’ Nations want to defeat and overthrow all ‘Liberty Based Nations, starting with Australia and the United States of America.

Once again, they lied, there is nothing “open-ended nature” about this ‘Group of Friends’, it is just the opposite, they are a “close-ended nature” of Authoritarianism, focused on oppression of ‘Freedom Values’ using whatever violence and cruelty is deemed necessary to control people.

This ‘Totalitarian’ Group of Friends will meet independently of the UN every three months with the agenda mission to gain control of the UN and overthrow all ‘Free Nations’. Only ‘Totalitarian’ Nations will be accepted as members of this insidious organization. The foreign minister of member countries in this ‘Totalitarian’ Group of Friends, will also join on the sidelines of the annual U.N. General Assembly gathering in New York, the heart of USA, which ‘Communist China’ wants to conquer.

Only stupid politicians cannot discern the deliberate engineering of the creation of this ‘Totalitarian’ Group of Friends. They the founders want control of the UN and the world. Marxist Communism wants to rule the world and deny every person the right to live free. The first rule of Communism as established by Karl Marx is to take every person’s property including their home and make them all submit to working for the State.

“One country will serve a one-year term as coordinator, after which the position will be transferred on “the principle of geographical rotation.” (i)

A.I. comments… This sounds encouraging for the members of this group, but ‘Putin Russia’ and ‘Communist China’ will control the strings of the other puppet totalitarian countries. And North Korea and Iran will string along because they have their own ambitions to gain.

(i) China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and More Join Forces ‘in Defense’ of U.N. (newsweek.com)

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