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Muslims have admitted in Australia that they follow ‘Sharia Law’ first and that loyalty to Australia comes second.

Meanwhile, 99% of Politicians in Australia have put this treasonous anti-Australian ideology into the too hard basket afraid to say “No” to these ‘Jihad Muslims’.

The truth is that Muslims that are loyal to ‘Sharia Law’ before Australia are enemies of ‘Australian Patriots’ that give their pledge of allegiance to the Australian Constitution and to the Australian Flag.

Therefore any Muslim that places loyalty to ‘Sharia Law’ before Australia should be denied Australian citizenship. And that ruling must also apply to any Muslim born in this country and any Australian that converts to Islam.

The human right to ‘Freedom of Religion’ does not work with ‘Jihad Muslims’ because anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ rejects ‘Freedom of Religion’. The proof of this truth can be observed in the heart of Islam, i.e. Saudi Arabia where ‘Freedom of Religion’ is banned.

It is an act of political cowardice to tolerate acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’ and to allow people that refuse to give their first allegiance to Australia the right to be citizens of Australia.

If a person refuses to give their allegiance to the Australian Constitution and the Australian Flag they should be denied the right to citizenship and if they make the decision as a citizen to reject loyalty to Australia then they should be stripped of their citizenship and permanently expelled from Australia.

Without Loyalty Australia is seriously vulnerable to being conquered from within by ‘Trojan Horse’ enemies that have infiltrated the country with one dedicated purpose to conquer Australia from within.

Political cowardice that accepts such enemies within are by their lack of courage to protect and preserve ‘Australian Patriotism’ also enemies of our Nation.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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