The Decline of School Education in NSW Australia

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The Decline of School Education in NSW Australia

‘American Alert Intelligence’ is currently Higher than ‘Australian Alert Intelligence’

Allan Ivarsson comments…At the end of the Music I made a truthful statement that may shock the alert who can figure out the implications. Others will just go back to sleep.

As of 28th April 2022, ‘Australian Alert Intelligence’ is running at only 47% of ‘American Alert Intelligence’ in reading ability. This degree of intelligence is monitored by Allan Ivarsson via his website.

I cannot yet comment about the educational standards of Education in all States of Australia, but I do know that in the State of New South Wales, education standards have declined since I was a boy in Primary School in the 1950’s and as a teenager in the 1960’s.

All ‘Baby Boomers’ of my generation could read and write and do basic mathematics well. There was no calculators or computers, we learned to do all math’s in our head and reading and writing skills were mandatory in our first year of High School. Hence, during our Primary School years we were drilled in learning manual mathematics, including times tables 1 to 12 x 12 in our head. We learned to calculate accurate additions and subtractions and multiplications and division in our head, necessary for even shopping activity. On both sides of the retail counter there was no such thing as a calculator. Both the retail check out person and the customer could calculate accurately in their head. It was our highly disciplined culture.

Mathematics and English Communication were both Mandatory subjects in Primary and High School. Hence, all of us ‘Baby Boomers’ grew up with fundamental survival skills.

It has been reported that over the years, the new inferior thinking ‘Degree Qualified Education Guidance Decision Makers’ have abandoned the common-sense education system that existed during the age of the ‘Baby Boomers’. Consequently, the children coming out of Primary and High School often are weak in basic mathematics and cannot calculate in their heads and cannot read and write at a high level standard. There are always exceptions, but that is more about their parents encouraging them to learn more and about the willpower and interest of the child to become better skilled.

In today’s society in NSW Australia, many children come out of Primary School that cannot read well.

Worse Children in High School can choose Mathematics or English Communication as a subject. It is no longer mandatory for children to learn both subjects in High School. Hence, many children dump Mathematics and just wade through English Language Communication. Children either leave High School weak in Communication or weak in Mathematics. The days of them sharing both skills is vanishing. I hope the other States of Australian Education system is not as incompetent as NSW.

Fifteen years ago, in 2007 I was briefly talking to a 16 year old girl at a Woolworths checkout. After she keyed in all the items purchased, the machine told her the amount purchased and the cash change due. Yes, at that time cash purchases were still happening more than card payments.

I said to her “Times have sure changed”. When I was working in Retail during the 1970’s we had to calculate the costs of purchases in our head or write down a long list on paper and then add them all up using our head. And then when we received the cash payment, we had to calculate in our head the change due. There was no such thing as calculators and there was no such thing as check out machines that could calculate change due. Both Customer and Retailer could calculate amount purchased and change due.”

She said to me, “I couldn’t do that.” And I replied, Yes you could, you just have not been trained.

Back in 2014 my wife Jan and I were watching a television competition show and there were three 19 year-old girls who were asked a simple add subtract calculation question which required mental arithmetic. Not one of them could do the mental arithmetic. And one replied, “That question is too hard.” My wife and I smiled; we both calculated the right answer in our head in an instant. Why could we both do it? Because as ‘Baby Boomers’ in Primary School we were taught mental arithmetic.

I remember when I owned an Education Book store a Parent came into my store in 2008 and asked me for a copy of Roman Numerals for his child to study. I didn’t have one at the time, later I purchased some Math’s books with Roman Numerals for sale. But at the time, I apologized and said I don’t have one. Then I said, “Why don’t you write them all down and give your child the paper to study.” The person left quietly and then it dawned on me… my mistake was that I assumed the parent knew Roman Numerals. I made that thinking mistake because us ‘Baby Boomers’ all knew Roman Numerals. For over eighty decades, even the American film industry used Roman Numerals to publish the date the film was made.

Imagine the chaos the world will experience if electronics crashes due to a ‘Magnetic Storm’ or a World War. The only way to survive is by manual skills. There is no guarantee that the electronic world will survive forever.

Let us pray that Australian Intelligence lifts its game. In Education Training of Children, training process is not good enough. And our Politicians all parties are weak in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and Project Management skills. Very few Politicians have worked tough years in the workforce ‘White Collar’ and ‘Blue Collar’ world. Hence, all they know is how to spin illusion statements, knee jerk reaction statements and incompetent results.

We need a new breed of tougher more highly skilled ‘Project Management’ Politicians to lead our country. The ‘High Level of Political Incompetence’ since Whitlam 1975 must be replaced by a new breed of better skilled politicians. We do not need ‘spin’ we need common-sense objectives and performance results which the public can overview and question. The people of every society have the right to question ‘Project Objectives and Performance’. We need leadership not ‘shoot from the hip’ knee jerk reaction.

It is time for Australians to lift their game and it all starts in better Education Standards in Primary and High School Years. Mathematics, including manual skills and Communication Reading and Writing skills is Mandatory for every student forevermore.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

I find it disturbing that all Australian Politicians and ASIO have been asleep and ignorant of the anti-freedom ideology danger expanding, which began years before Xi Jinping came to dominant power in 2012.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

To Be continued…

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