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Australian Flag Burning


 Allan Ivarsson comments…

On Australia Day 26th January 2017, a mass of protestors used violence, demanding that the date of Australia Day be changed. The violent madness increased when a few focused the demonstration on a burning of the Australian Flag on the streets of Sydney.

During the so-called protestors ‘Invasion Day’ march, violence erupted on Broadway caused by anti-freedom Socialist agitators. Police being abused and attacked by the crazy mob, naturally felt anger at being forced to have to deal with this insane socialistic crowd.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph posted a large range of photographs identifying the out-of-control bad behaviour of the inferior thinking crowd of people, men and women, both sexes equally as stupid as each other. One photograph revealed that a young woman, was injured, being knocked down in the street by clearly male socialist cowards. It was the police that came to her aid, giving her care and attention. The rabble anti-freedom Socialists, did not give a damn about the health and wellbeing of this woman. True to their indifference, socialist men, did nothing to help this female in distress.

Ian Paterson and Jack Houghton posted The Daily Telegraph story titled… “Australia Day: Left-wing protesters turn peaceful march into flag-burning disgrace.” In the opening paragraph introduction, the report said…

“The violent flag-burning protest that marred Australia Day celebrations yesterday was organised by a ragtag of far-Left agitators led by the Greens, unions and educational bodies.” (i)

In the second paragraph of the report, the core of the problem was tabled…

“The group, Fighting in Resistance Equally, includes representatives from The Greens NSW, Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, Maritime Union of Australia Sydney Branch, Socialist Alliance and the National Tertiary Education Union NSW.” (i)

This paragraph of information identifies subtle reality… anti-freedom Socialism the foundation of left insane thinking has infiltrated all the above organisations and established inside their groups, unpatriotic anti-Australian mentality. These dark ‘Mutual Admiration Societies’ are clearly hell-bent on destroying Australian Patriotism and seditiously ripping Australia apart.

The thinking and behaviour of these groups indicates clearly, they are not dedicated loyal Australian Patriots, but are in fact enemies of the state, focused on dividing Australia into becoming a land of conflict. Such insidious seditious behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever. These dangerous thinking enemies are misusing freedom of speech rights, focused on one mission to overthrow freedom of speech and freedom of choice rights of all good Aussies.

The Paterson/Houghton report continued…

“Intended as a protest against celebrating Australia Day on the day of the First Fleet’s arrival, the march that started out in Redfern quickly turned ugly when one demonstrator lit an Australian flag.” (i)

“Police moved in quickly to put out the fire but were confronted by an angry mob that pushed and jostled them.” (i)

“In the melee, one woman fell over and hit her head as police came under attack while trying to arrest a man who set off a flare. She was last night recovering at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown.” (i)

A police officer was also hurt”. (i)

A.I. comments… There are many good Aussies that respect the Police and support Police Courage doing a very difficult and often dangerous job. Vicious hoodlums like the violent Socialist mentality in this crowd, often injure Police. Critics of police, never have the courage to think about what it would be like, if they were being attacked by a crazy mob, which far too often, is what police face.

Police just do their job as instructed, if a law is wrong, it is the politicians that are accountable, not the police. Police are no different to military personnel, they do their job as instructed.

Enemy of Australia, David Shoebridge MP for the NSW Greens Upper House falsely accused the police of being “heavy handed” and true to his anti-freedom Socialist mentality, Shoebridge refused to condemn the violence of the protestors. “Silence is Approval”. Shoebridge by his silence, clearly approved of the mob violence and rejected police doing their job of protecting the right of people, including police, to walk down public streets free from violent behaviour attacks.

Shoebridge true to his limited mind thinking, falsely claimed that Australia Day celebrations were disrespectful, and that Australia Day celebration was a commemoration of the murder of indigenous people.

Shoebridge false knowledge attacks refuse to recognise the validity of the name ‘Australia Day’. This proves to me that the anti-freedom of speech Greens are a political outlaw organisation and are enemies of all ‘True Blue Aussies’. Shoebridge said… “Whatever we call it, we must not call it ‘Australia Day’”. Such is his seditious mentality.

Shoebridge is a liar. Australia Day is not about celebrating murder. It is a patriotic day for both Native Australians and Immigrants from around the globe, all races, who through gradual unification of common values, treasuring freedom, became one great society in a southern land, commencing its foundation with the arrival of the ‘First Fleet’ of 11 British Ships, in Sydney Cove, after rejecting a few days earlier the location of Botany Bay as being unsuitable, thus Captain Arthur Phillip rowed ashore with some officers, oarsmen and a few marines landing on the 26th day of January 1788 and took possession of inhospitable tough bush land environment, in the name of King George III to establish a penal colony.

Phillip also had to adopt a policy towards the Eora Aboriginal people, who lived around the waters of Sydney Harbour. Phillip ordered that they must be well-treated, and that anyone killing Aboriginal people would be hanged. Phillip befriended an Eora man called Bennelong.” #

# Source:

“The seat of Bennelong in the Federal Parliament is named after him. Bennelong was the first Indigenous Australian to be honoured in the name of an electoral division.”

## Source:

The electoral division of Bennelong was created in 1949, which proves, long before insidious anti-freedom Socialism invaded our shores, Aborigines were being recognised and respected. David Shoebridge is a liar. I will never support this creep.

The early Australian Aborigines did not think of the arrival of the ‘First Fleet’ as an invasion, they the few that witnessed the arrival of the ships and men in strange looking uniforms, simply were very curious and watched the behaviour of the creatures that arrived from across the waters.

The historical evolution of invasion process gradually happened during the next century around Australia, and such events were no different to the arrival of the British, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish and Asian people and other cultures that arrived in Canada, North America and South America. The lands of the native people had been discovered and were gradually invaded, in much the same way, thousands of years earlier, Native Americans migrated across America pushing south other tribes that did not have the strength to stop the invasion of their land.

In fact, in every part of the world for over ten thousand years of history, invasion migration process by civilizations has happened and it is idiotic to whinge and complain about a history, good or bad, that has passed. The reality of existence is now, and freedom is the foundation of a good society.

I doubt there are many whinging Aborigines that would want to go back to the way their ancestors lived, which was a tough life in the bush and desert scrublands, hunting and foraging for basic survival needs, void of clothing and medical support and all modern comforts and technology. So why are these Native Australians complaining? The truth is that now they, Part-Aborigine, have been educated to the benefits of a modern society, they want more power and money, they want to take over and force all others to submit to their will. In short, the whingers, the rebels are motivated by greed and want more and more, they have learned to believe in ‘Totalitarianism’ as taught to them by idiot Socialists that are using gullible Australian Natives to open the gate for Communism to invade and take over Australia. And Communism by its despot nature will not give anyone that opposes them any mercy, including Aborigine descendants.

The future survival of Native Australian descendants must be to merge as one united ‘Freedom’ Australian society of all Assimilated Races and Cultures. Dividing Australia into two to three conflict divisions is idiotic and insane.

“Others in the community call it survival day. Whatever we call it we must not call it Australia Day. We must demand an end to that,” Mr Shoebridge said. (i)

Thus, anti-Australian totalitarian dictator mentality Shoebridge has spoken. Yes, true to his unpatriotic rejection of Australia Day, Shoebridge made it clear in his opposition to Australia Day that he is a socialist enemy of all true Australian Patriots that are proud of celebrating ‘Australia Day’ and are moved by remembrance of ‘Anzac Day’ -lest we forget. Respect and love for his country, is clearly not in the mind of Shoebridge.

Shoebridge wants to dictate to all Australians that they must cease celebrating ‘Australia Day’ and true to his would-be Hitler mentality, Shoebridge is pushing to overrule the patriotic enthusiasm of the people.

Shoebridge claims as part of his argument… “This land was invaded, and our first people have suffered two and a quarter centuries of dispossession, violence, death and it still continues to this day.” (i)

Whilst there is truth that many natives were badly and wrongly treated, there is also truth that many Natives were nicely treated. And there has been throughout history around the globe in every culture good and bad people, right and wrong thinking and behaviour. No society throughout history is void of wrong behaviour. Even Natives have a 50,000 year plus history around the globe of being kind and cruel. It is time to stop whinging about ancestor’s history, good and bad and focus on learning from past mistakes and get on simply with the job of building a better-quality wholesome world for all assimilated people, from every culture. We around the globe are no longer one race, we are becoming one assimilated human culture, and nothing can change that human destiny.

There are good people and bad people in every race and culture.

In one of the photographs tabled by The Daily Telegraph, standing on the streets as a protestor is a young Native Australian wearing a pro-aboriginal shirt. He looks about twenty years, could be slightly younger, or a bit older. But that age variance is not the concern. His shirt displays the following words in front… “Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance”. No doubt he has been brain-wrecked by misguided socialism encouragement, which is focused on dividing Australia and destroying Australian patriotic unity as one Nation, rejecting assimilation of Native Australians with Immigrant Australians. He is so young, with no real experience in life, it is easy to understand this Native Australians naivety.

But anti-freedom Socialists are not naïve they are in fact cunningly manipulative, determined to bully rule others that refuse to give up their right to live free in speech and choice.

The thing that often catches my attention is that all of Aborigine descendants claiming Aboriginal special rights, like this descendent of Australian Natives in the photograph, is the fact that they are not full-blooded Aborigines. A large percentage of these descendants are less than half cast, being quarter cast, and even less than one eighth cast descendants. In short, many claimed Native Australian descendants have European Ancestors as well as Aborigine Ancestors. It is obvious, because real full blood Aborigines do look closely like their ancestors and don’t have genetic European looks.

Whilst it is reasonable to recognise one’s ancestors proudly, both inherited genetics DNA sides, must be recognised and it is dishonest to claim benefits on one side, refusing to recognise the other heritage side, which is not entitled to benefits. When will society draw a line in the sand and deny special benefits to Natives that are not full blood natives?

The good news is that…

“Indigenous elders who had helped to organise the march condemned the violence by the radical left-wing elements who, they said, had marred an otherwise peaceful protest.” (i)

Anti-Freedom Socialism is radical left-wing and is behind all extreme protest stunts.


The NSW Fire Danger for Sydney on the 26th January 2017 was rated as Low-Moderate, but this rating is unusual for ‘Australia Day’ because often in past years, the rating has been “High, or Very High, or Severe or Extreme”. Australia Day is celebrated in summer and ‘Fire Bans’ is often in effect, during hot weather conditions.

Further south in ACT territory, including Canberra Parliament region, the fire danger rating was “High”.

The ‘Flight Distance’ to ACT from Sydney is 247 km (153 miles). The Driving distance varies depending on road paths chosen, but 317 km (197 miles) is a reasonably accurate estimate.

Fire Permits are suspended on days in total fire ban.

A No Burn Day is when the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) prohibits the burning of fires in the open or in incinerators. [See Section 133, Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997]

Penalties in 2017… lighting a fire on a day of total fire ban attracts an on the spot fine of $2,200. If the matter goes to court, a person could be subject to a fine of up to $5,500 and/or 12 months’ gaol.

The question must be asked, when people burn flags in protest do, they have a fire permit, if not, why aren’t they automatically arrested?

I keep hearing of Australian and America Politicians that say it is legal to burn a countries flag in the name of freedom of speech. Even American judges have agreed with that idea.

But hang-on… it is not legal to burn books in a public place; it is not legal to build a bonfire in a public place and set it alight with flames. It is not legal to burn a pile of wood and paper in a public place, and it is not legal to burn a car in a public place, such wrong behaviour is deemed as a criminal action, it is called what every adult knows it to be… arson.

So therefore, burning a flag in a public place is in fact arson and is in fact a criminal action, punishable by the societal rules of legislation against arson.

Now why cannot degree qualified leaders recognise that reality? ‘Freedom of Speech’ may give a person the right to burn a flag safely in their own incinerator when there is no fire ban, but it does not give a person the right to commit arson in a public place.

Hence, a person that burns a flag in a public place is automatically guilty of deliberate arson. That is the crime, they must face the full penalty of the law.

The Aboriginal Demonstration was claimed to be a peaceful protest until left-thinking radical socialist mentality started violent action on Australia Day. But when one looks closely at the photographs of the claimed Aborigine people protesting, not many are full blood aborigines, they in fact have other cultures blood also flowing through their veins. The whole violent protest is a rigged protest focused on creating a civil war between Australian Aboriginal descendants and Australian Immigrant descendants. And clearly anti-freedom socialists are manipulating the creation of this rising conflict.

As well as a protest in Sydney, 3,000 people gathered outside Parliament House in Melbourne. Two protestors, in a photograph, (ii)held a banner, with a small aboriginal flag image in the bottom image of the banner, and above the image in large words was the statement… “You Are on Stolen Land” … “Always was Always will be Aboriginal Land”. The woman holding one side of the banner, not pure blood aborigine, wore glasses a product not invented by Aborigines, and had a large awful tattoo on her arm, again not aboriginal culture tattoo. The other guy holding the other side of the banner was of middle east appearance, not of aboriginal background. Clearly these two protestors are demonstrating just to stir up conflict and don’t give a damn about Aborigine rights. They are misusing freedom of speech, to satisfy their own mentally twisted thinking.

People keep calling them indigenous Australians, but in another image, once again they were not full blood aborigines protesting. Part aborigine women (ii) held signs reading… “Don’t Change the Date… Smash the State” alongside a picture of a fist in a yellow circle. What this seditious sign message was really doing is calling for violent civil war action against all immigrants in Australia that are not Aboriginal in heritage, and yes that demand for violence also includes planned violence against all ‘True Muslims’. And they call this a peaceful demonstration, when the words on the poster call for use of violence.

And interesting again, two of the female protestors were wearing glasses products of overseas invention/creation. This fact, verifies that these inferior thinking women are not prepared to give up all the benefits of technology, which arrived because of the so-called invasion. Not one of these part aboriginal women would be willing to go back and live on the land as real Aborigines did, living true to walk-about, without the benefits of modern civilisation backing them.

In a Brisbane protest photograph (ii) a man wore a shirt with an Aboriginal Flag on the front. There was nothing wrong with the shirt, but the man was not full blood Aborigine and he had a tattoo on his left arm, which is not of Aborigine culture. This movement by part blood aborigine’s rights to take land is a societal set-up and once again anti-freedom socialism is behind this manipulation.

“Protesters draped in Aboriginal flags marched through Ultimo, Sydney on Australia Day, labelling the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 as a ‘day of killing’. (ii)

That claim of a ‘day of killing’ is a deliberate lie… being sold by dishonest unscrupulous people, and most of those people are uneducated, and would not recognise truth if they fell over it.

“It is a national disgrace to have a holiday on Australia Day – a day which marked the beginning of genocide’, organiser Dave Bell told the crowd. (ii)

Australia Day is not celebrated and has not ever been celebrated as a day for cheering murder of aboriginals. We cannot change history, nor should we deny the dark side history of any culture, any Nation or any belief system. Dave Bell is a dishonourable disgrace, because he falsely claimed we ‘True Patriot Aussies’ were celebrating genocide of Aborigines. His claim is a lie, and people that lie marketing it as the truth, are low thinking individuals of the worse kind. If Australia truly practiced ‘genocide’ since 1788, no Aborigines, full blood or part blood would exist anywhere.

The word ‘genocide’ means the policy of deliberately killing a race/culture group. There is a big difference between the wrong behaviour of individuals in society, in any country, throughout global history motivated by treacherous hate, to that of a National Policy, like some despots have enforced, example Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Australia has never as one Nation, supported the practice of genocide. Individuals in history, may be accountable for wrong thinking and behaviour, but Australians as one Nation, have never approved of the practice of genocide. The ANZACS did not fight in wars to approve genocide, they fought to stop genocide, they fought for the values of freedom. What has these protestors, demanding abolition of Australia Day and ANZAC Day ever done for their country, except cause trouble?

The story tabled by Daily Mail Australia… titled… ‘Anti-Australia Day protestor charged with burning a flag – after violence erupted at ‘Invasion Day’ march in Sydney injuring a police officer’ by Lucy Mae Beers and Peter Devlin. (ii)

“Thousands rallied against 2017 Australia Day, calling Thursday Invasion Day.” (ii)

Yes, A.I. continues to comment, Australia Day 2017 did become ‘Invasion Day’ as many demonstrators invaded capital cities of Australia, demanding the abolition of Australia Day or the change of Australia Day date celebrations, demanding constantly the submission/surrender of all patriotic immigrants to the dictatorship of hoodlum part aborigines that want to rule Australia and force us into a phony ‘Treaty’ to give them the power to take over control of Australia. I saw no evidence of full-blooded Aborigines being involved in this socialist uprising. Most of the ignorant fools backing this insidious demand focused on dividing Australia are half cast or less, of Aboriginal heritage mixed with European DNA heritage. It is the European side of these claimed Aborigines that are causing all the trouble, for by nature with exceptions, most full blood aborigines in history of early Australia were good people, of course there are exceptions in every culture, but by and large the original Aborigine people were not vindictive like the part blood aborigines in these violent protests. The sign protests wording indicates the promotors are not as nice in character, as were their aboriginal ancestors, and therefore do not deserve respect by true Australian Patriots.

The bully demonstrations were a complete abusive misuse of ‘Freedom of Speech’ values and were focused on the enforcement of ‘Totalitarian’ anti-patriotic activity.

‘True Australians’ i.e. Native Australians and Australian Immigrants, will not ever tolerate the sacrifice of celebration of Australia Day or change the date, and certainly will not allow the cancellation of Anzac Day remembrance. If these fools continue their violent demonstration demands, civil war counter-action may sadly become essential.

‘Freedom of Speech’ must have one ‘House Rule’…Totalitarianism must not ever be tolerated and thus ‘Sedition and Treason’ must not ever be tolerated. Whilst ‘Hate Speech’ is not acceptable behaviour in societal protocol, nevertheless, it is acceptable in human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’, in much the same way ‘Coarse Language’ is accepted, even though ‘Foul Mouthed Swearing’ is bad mannered behaviour, as per valued good societal protocols.


In a report by Max Margan for The Daily Mail Australia, dated 26 January 2017, (iii) it was stated that Pauline Hanson spoke at the Buderim Tavern on the Sunshine Coast on Thursday, ‘Australia Day’. The heading jumped out at the top of the page…

“I don’t believe the true Aboriginal gives a damn about it”: Pauline Hanson hits back at Australia Day protests and claims a ‘minority’ is pushing Invasion Day agenda. (iii)

The report reaffirmed the above title heading with the following words…

“Pauline Hanson has hit back at the Australia Day protests and claimed ‘true Aboriginals’ do not care the annual celebration is held on January 26. The One Nation leader was speaking at the Buderim Tavern on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in front of more than 100 supporters on Thursday.” (iii)

“I don’t believe that the true Aboriginal gives a damn about it,” Ms Hanson told the audience to a round of applause, according to News Corp. “I really don’t think they really care about the date,” she added. (iii)

“It’s a minority pushing an agenda.” (iii)

The outspoken Senator asked the audience to raise their hands to show if they thought Australia Day should be changed to a different date. More than 100 raised for “no” and just two for “yes”, according to The Daily Telegraph. (iii) & (iv)

“That’s democracy. They lost,” she reportedly said. (iii)

Across the country, protestors took to the streets on Thursday, denouncing the national holiday as ‘Invasion Day’.

One public comment by penname ‘Space Ranger’ Australia said…

“So, few ‘full blood aborigines at these rallies. Are they picking just one side of heritage?” (iii)

One anonymous voice from London, United Kingdom, wrote…

“When I was young, my close friend had a significant portion of aboriginal blood. Observing others, they don’t give a damn, but that is through a fierce sense of independence, rather than ignorance. They know they were REALLY badly treated but chose to get on with life and enjoy. Their dream belief system is more intelligent than our religions. They are wonderfully well adjusted, but NOT to the Western way of life, which we impose on them and harms their culture. We could learn a thing or two from them about chilling and living… They don’t need our help to fit into our culture, we need to soften ours to fit theirs and we can all be free.” (iii)

These two above anonymous comments table valid truthful understanding.

Interesting is the accurate idea that… “we need to soften ours to fit theirs and we can all be free.” Problem is that the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an approved by many Australian Socialist Politicians, demands that all Muslims must not tolerate any unbelievers and that includes all Aborigines that value their cultural heritage and their ‘Dream Time’ beliefs.

So, the question stands out loud and clear, which many leaders are afraid to answer… “How can Islam meld with Aboriginal and other Immigrant Cultures and beliefs, when anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam has made it absolutely clear that every person including Aborigines must submit to Islam or be eliminated?

‘Jihad Muslims’ demand that ‘Sharia Law’ must replace all other laws, including the dream beliefs of Aborigines.

We know that when a politician approves of Muslim MPs and Judges swearing on the Qur’an, as first step part of political or judicial appointments that the leaders that see no wrong in this, are also the same leaders that support anti-freedom socialist mentality.



Let the buyer of anti-freedom belief systems beware… if there were no buyers of wrong thinking ideas, the sellers of anti-freedom of speech and anti-freedom of choice, would be out of business. Therefore, it is the buyers of anti-freedom dictatorship thinking that are the guilty enemies of ‘Liberty Values’.

Being naïve is no excuse, when such naivety sacrifices the right of humanity to live free from dictatorship, abuse, harassment, persecution and the ‘Habit of War’. There is no place in the Universe, not on Earth, not elsewhere in Space, for anti-freedom belief systems.

Author’s Note: ‘Australian Flag Burning’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 29th January 2017.

© Blue Light Publications 2003, Blue Light Medium 2003, Blue Light Freedom Watch 2013,

Allan Ivarsson NSW Australia 2017.

Marxist ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Australian Traitors Burn Australian Flag.





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