Australian Politicians Since Whitlam PM 1975 now under Investigation for Treason

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Australian Politicians Since Whitlam PM 1975 now under Investigation for Treason

As to who is guilty of what is not yet completely clear.

The unjust demise of Australian Self-Sufficiency and Military Strength is a Consequence of incompetent negligent political agenda policies; hence the historical investigation is now on the table.

Using Ahimsa Methods, No Quarter shall be given when evidence and facts become discernible.

It is also clear far too many people gain Political Seats who do not have Executive or Project Management skills and have no skills in negotiation and are weak on written communication skills. We need competent leaders not incompetent ignorant fools. Degree Qualifications are not worth a damn if Politicians do not have advanced skills in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

It is the Urgent Priority One Duty of all Aussies to work hard to upgrade Australian Self-Sufficiency and Military Strength.

Allan Ivarsson is committed to the investigation of Australia’s Betrayal of Self-Sufficiency and Weakening of Australian Military Strength.

Allan Ivarsson commentsI am passing forward the following important document statement published by the Australian Conservative Coalition. I do not know anything about this organisation yet. But I was impressed by what I believe is a truthful statement in overview about the Lima Declaration. Certainly, like all reports, including all of my personnel collected writings over the years, every record needs further investigation. But in overview the ‘Truth is Tabled’ and only detail needs checking for verification.

As I have indicated in my past records, I work for ‘Free’ as an Australian Patriot and hence to find the truth, I will cross the line when necessary to bring concerns to not only the attention of all Australians but to also the over seven billion people around the world. The bottom-line motive of all of my activity is to ‘Free’ the World from the oppression of every evil anti-freedom ideology and to help every free Nation become a Self-Sufficient Nation by its own common-sense commitments.

Now I move forward and recommend every person Australian and Non-Australian do read this to understand how political negligence can do so much harm to any nation. And I use Australian Political Incompetence as evidence of negligence and consequent stupidity, often motivated by greed for money and power.

The Lima Declaration – destroying Australian Manufacturing and sending jobs overseas.

What is The Lima Declaration? Any why has Australia lost 98% of its Manufacturing?

Although signed in 1975 by Labor Senator Don Willesee, the Lima Declaration has had far reaching effects, and can clearly be seen as the blueprint for the disastrous policies embracing the bizarre philosophy known as “Globalisation”. (i)

The Second General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) met in Lima, Peru, during the period 12-26 March, 1975. The resulting declaration had disastrous ramifications for Australian industry. The basic reasoning behind the Declaration was that the drastic plight of the Third World was the result of the rapacious policies of the advanced industrial nations. Australia listed as one of these. The only way to rectify the situation was to transfer industrial resources from advanced countries like Australia to the Third World, then to provide markets for Third World exports by buying products once produced locally. [A.I. comments Whitlam was supporting this deceit.]

Both major parties are equally to blame for betraying the nation. The Fraser Government took over where Whitlam left off, Hawke and Keating increased the tempo of the programme with Mr Hawke, Keating, Button and other senior ministers telling unsuspecting Australians they were working to ‘internationalise’ the Australian economy. The truth is, they were sowing the seeds that has almost decimated Australian manufacturing and industry and has seen Australian jobs disappear overseas.

More than half of Australia’s manufacturing capacity has been destroyed since 1974 and the economic carnage continues while Australia imports vast quantities of goods once produced locally. While we’re ploughing oranges into the ground, we’re buying concentrate back from Brazil. Our car industry has all but disappeared, steel making is on its knees and our petroleum industry is under severe threat of being moved overseas. If a situation arises where there is a serious threat in the region, we will be unable to defend ourselves. The Declaration will leave Australia short of technology, tools and jobs and we can thank scores of useless and short sighted politicians for that – on all sides of Parliament.

In 1970 estimates numbered Australian farmers at around 300,000, the number is now below 125,000.

​A call for change was made in March 1975 when the Second General Conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), meeting in Lima, issued a Declaration and World Plan of Action.

The Lima Declaration and Plan of Action called for the redistribution of world industry so that developing countries would have 25% of it by the year 2000. Now in Australia we have lost more than 98% of our Industries to third world countries – along with our jobs. To achieve this, radical changes in traditional concepts and practices are recommended. Economic growth in poorer countries could no longer be seen as the “trickle down” benefit of growth in rich countries. To close the gap between rich and poor nations the developing countries would have to grow faster than the developed countries. With this end in mind, the Lima Declaration sets out the “main principles of industrialisation” and defines the “means by which the international community as a whole might take broad action to establish a New International Economic Order”.

Wonder why we’re importing so much fish and seafood from countries like Thailand and Vietnam – when we are surrounded by vast oceans? Look no further than Resolution 27 “Developed Countries such as Australia should expand its imports from developing countries.”

Are you puzzled why so much industry and jobs have moved overseas? Maybe look at Resolution 35 “Developed Countries (Australia) should transfer technical, financial, and capital goods to developing countries to accomplish resolution 28 above.”

(35) “That special attention should be given to the least developed countries, which should enjoy a net transfer of resources from the developed countries in the form of technical and financial resources as well as capital goods, to enable the least developed countries in conformity with the policies and plans for development, to accelerate their industrialisation.”

(41) “That the developed countries should adhere strictly to the principle that the Generalised System of Preferences must not be used as an instrument for economic and political pressure to hamper the activities of those developing countries which produce raw materials”

(43) “That the developing countries should fully and effectively participate in the international decision making process on international monetary questions in accordance with the existing and evolving rules of the competent bodies and share equitably in the benefits resulting therefrom”

(52) “That the developing countries should devote particular attention to the development of basic industries such as steel, chemicals, petro chemicals and engineering, thereby consolidating their economic independence while at the same time assuring an effective form of import substitution and a greater share of world trade”.

The UN is a giant unregulated Non-Government Organisation with its sights set on a one world government, where people in power have no loyalties to countries like Australia. The Lima Agreement has the potential to turn developed countries like Australia into non developed countries – no wonder so many Australians are worried for their children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

Like most Australians, you’ve probably never heard of the Lima Agreement. Some information is available on the buttons below. There is a vast amount of information available on the Internet. (i)


The End for the Moment.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

We the Australian People have more homework to do to topple the political treasonous incompetence that has been allowed to flourish since 1975.

It is time to rebuild Australia and Make it Strong Again and get rid of Marxist Socialism, The Threat of Chinese Communism and the incompetent ‘Greens’ who have by their history of thinking and behaviour proven that they are all enemies of Australia and their destructive agendas must be shutdown.

Any person who supports the ‘Greens’ cannot be trusted.

Ps. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has betrayed Australians by submitting to the Dictatorship Demands of the enemy Greens closing down all fossil fuel to achieve a Net Zero Target, thus destroying further Australian Self-Sufficiency.

“The ALP has promised to set targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 43 per cent by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050. However, the Greens want a 75 per cent reduction by 2030 and to hit net zero emissions by 2035.” (i) The Morrison Liberal Party set the net zero emissions target to be achieved by 2050. (ii)

A.I. comments… These net zero emission objectives are destroying the Australian economy and are stopping Australia from becoming a stronger self-sufficient Nation. China is beating us because Communist China is using fossil fuel to rapidly make its self-sufficient economy and military force stronger. (ii)

China, India and Russia have no intension of striving to lower emissions, which proves that Australian Politicians including the Greens, are naïve fruit loops thinking that Australians will make a difference to global emissions reduction. All that the Zero Net Target is doing for Australia is helping Australians to live poorer by enduring more expensive cost of living and higher rates of unemployment. (ii)


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Mining and export of coal, iron, uranium and other minerals keeps Australia solvent. If green activists want to maintain a society that supports social security, subsidies and green schemes, they must be loud public supporters of mining and emission-free nuclear power. Otherwise, they are hypocrites.” #

“Australia has 24 coal-fired stations compared to the planned and existing plants in China (3,543), India (1,036), and the EU (495).” #

# Geologist Professor Ian Plimer Author of book ‘Green Murder’, and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

# Source of Plimer quote in book ‘Green Murder’ and IPA REVIEW quarterly magazine on Politics and Culture Volume 73/4 Summer 2021/22

Allan Ivarsson comments…

Xi Jinping Beijing Communist China has no intention of refusing to use ‘Fossil Fuel’ which negates the global Zero Net Target. By supporting forced ‘Net Zero Target’ and the insidious Greens, Scott Morrison is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against all Australians.

Wind Farms are destroying Australian Environment read my reports…

Transcript of above Slide Statement by A.I.

This Lima Agreement since 1975 appears to be the foundations stones of the beginning of betrayal of Australians, by Politicians, Liberal, Labor & Greens one government & opposition after another.

I have commented in my past collected writings that the decline of Australia started in 1975 since Whitlam, with the phase out of ‘Australian Self-sufficiency’, accelerated at rapid speed since the ‘Trade Deal’ with ‘Communist China’ Xi Jinping Beijing in 2015, who reneged since 2020 and has been threatening us ever since.

China in 1975 was designated as a ‘Third World’ Nation that is how stupid our inferior thinking politicians have been since 1975.

Unfortunately, we did not have the Communication Tools of the Internet during those years, and Media Information has always been weak and not alert during those years, hence politicians secretly got away with a lot of political deceit that we the people did not know about.

Betrayed is the right word, which means ‘Treason’ and in the case of negligence of allowing our ‘Self Sufficiency’ to crumble the Politicians all, in major parties, are guilty by negligence of ‘High Treason’ against all Australians.

It is time to clean up the Politics of Australia and get rid of the ‘Greens’ and allow the use of ‘Fossil Fuel’ to strengthen our Nation to what once existed before 1975.

The Labour Party needs to divorce the Greens & Marxist Socialists and become once more a ‘Workers Party’ and the Liberals need to toss out Corruption and Socialism and become once more a pre-1970 strong party.

As for weakling Scott Morrison PM the Liberals need to remove this ‘Spin Doctor’ politician, who is not a leader but is a specialist in submitting to ‘Green’ demand and saying like children often do, what he thinks people want to hear to save his seat, rather than lead with courage and wisdom.

We need leaders not weak-minded cowards like Scott Morrison.

Scott and I are both sons of cops. And I have written in the past that the Ivarsson’s have a tougher history than the Morrisons, our past generations did not allow softness of mind to exist including in street fights with hoodlums.

My Grandfather made it clear to me when I was 18 years of age (1966) that I had to toughen up… and I did.

I thank my good Aussie Engineer friend Lew Carmichael for bringing this ‘Lima Agreement’ history to my attention.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. Australian Energy Notes for more investigation down the track…

A.I. comments…

Australian Political Problems Costing Taxpayers unjust increase in Energy Costs, Directly and Indirectly, paid for by Subsidies, Taxpayers cannot afford such increasing Australian Debt.

The Treasonous Culprits responsible are the incompetent inferior thinking Marxist Socialist ‘Greens’; Backed by weak-minded spin doctor Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his incompetent naïve foolish objective of Net Zero Target, which is designed to weaken the economics of Australian Self-Sufficiency and make Australia subservient to the Dictatorship of Communist Beijing.

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