Posted Again in Response to Climate Change Activists

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The featured image is a creative artist’s impression of an apocalyptic climate change process. Given the 4.5 billion years history of planet earth and all of its natural earth movements, and constant changes in climate, and extinction processes, including changes in evolution development, this image is a reasonable speculation interpretation of climate change consequences. If a nuclear war occurred the ‘Liberty Statue’ would not exist. If ‘Islamization of USA’ succeeds as planned by anti-freedom enemy CAIR, the ‘Liberty Statue’ will be destroyed by Islam, before dry sands interface temporarily with water, during climate change evolution.

Remember during earth’s past history of climate change, the Sahara Desert was once rich fertile land covered in vegetation and the tropics were once cold regions, and the Antarctica was once a warm land of trees and vegetation.

Human beings cannot control climate, they can only adjust and adapt to climate change. The one thing humans can control is pollution levels and wrong behaviour, which destroys environment. This control process is called “Gaia Management”. A.I. 2018


There are only three things that can cause this fireball across planet earth.

First is a Supernova, but humans don’t have to worry, no life will exist on planet earth when that happens.

Second, Solar Wind and Solar Flares bombarding earth, after the protective ‘Magnetic Field’ vanishes. But again, it is unlikely life will exist during that ‘Cosmic Attack’ because water will evaporate into space as the ‘Magnetic Field’ vanishes and earth will look like Mars.

Third, and this is the one we must fear, premature self-destruction of earth, caused by a global Nuclear War. No one will survive such an insane holocaust.

And as usual in the daily activities of our ‘Imaginary God Creator’ humans will not be rescued, protected or saved by ‘God Creator’. And as much as we humans like to have fun in fantasy land, myself included, Superman will not be there to save us.

A.I. 2018

Climate Change


(Revision 1: 2017)

By Author

And other interfaced subjects…

Retirement Entitlements

Social Capital


Jurassic period






Who is Allan Ivarsson?

There is no doubt that ‘Climate Change’ is a current event on planet Earth/Gaia, but to blame the total cause of this Climate Change on humans, is idiotic and wrong. Humans may have some impact, but emotional believed corrective action by blind thinking, political bully tactics, is not acceptable behavior.


People protesting inaction of Governments failing to stop Climate Change.

These Socialist Protesters are illogical thinkers. Only vain thinking humans believe that Homo Sapiens can change climate process. There is no place for vanity in a logical common-sense world.


Human beings in a ‘Climate Change Protest’ create illogical false knowledge formula. These people need to do intensive Science, Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics & Chemistry Study to understand reality and why their knee jerk reaction, shoot from the hip, lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ logic makes their Socialist protest look completely stupid.


This artists creative impression is logically wrong. If a fireball enveloped earth, the planet would not be immersed in water. Even art gets a bit carried away with misguided image. Be creative, but keep fantasy grounded in some common-sense logic.

Volumes can be written on ‘Climate Change’, the trick is to separate ‘False Knowledge’ from ‘Fact’ and that begins with identifying accurate proven path science.

A ‘Carbon Tax’ in Australia is irresponsible, when all other major Nations including China, India, Russia, USA, Canada, Europe and South America and Africa, are not all united as one equal corrective action standard. One Nation alone cannot improve Gaia’s wellbeing, by corrective action to protect Gaia, if other key player Nations refuse to maintain the same standards of behavior. If one Nation does the right thing and other Nations do the wrong thing, Gaia is still being hurt by contra action- majority behaviour good or bad wins. If the majority chooses wrong behaviour, then Gaia will drive that majority towards extinction.


Gaia is not a ‘God Process’…Gaia is simply a ‘Natural Process of Quality Existence in Balance’. When that natural balance is weighed down by wrong activity, Gaia becomes sick and all life suffers.

A level global playing field demands that the ‘Economic Standards of all Nations’ are equal, when imposing ‘Gaia Protection Taxes’.

Likewise, a level global playing field demands that all wage standards are equal, and if a Nation pays lower wages compared to other Nations, then it follows that higher wage standard Nations, must protect their competitive wage levels, by imposition of ‘Tariff’ import taxes for goods, from lower labour wage countries. This standard is essential to protect a Nations industries, their employment needs and job opportunities for the population.

It is not a level playing field, if one Nation can undersell another Nation, because they pay lower wages. It is not a level playing field, if workers in some Nations are underpaid, and forced to live in poorer life standards.

All workers in all Nations are entitled by codes of decency, goodwill and ethical commitment, to enjoy the same quality of standards in work wages, safety and health protection, and in retirement income and health care. One standard for every Nation and Australia currently sets the best values and standards, which all Nations should observe.

However, having made that statement, Australia should wisely explore other Nations thinking and experiences, and use the best proven path ideas, in other Nations and add this good thinking and behaviour and technology, to their own evolving culture.


‘Cosmicism’ sets the policy that retirement entitlements begins at the age of 65 years. Those whom choose to work longer deserve the freedom of choice, subject to their physical and mental ability to work. Many over 65 years of age persons, in retirement as volunteers by their choice and skill, do serve the community and such volunteer service is an important contribution to the community. It is common sense that not all persons in old age are fortunate enough to stay fit and healthy in mind and body past 65 years. In fact, sadly, many persons don’t even live to 65 years of age.

Employment opportunities belongs to the young, and capable retired seniors can best serve the community in their own way, as a volunteer by freedom of choice. This volunteer choice, by the retired individual is a form of ‘Social Capital’. People don’t contribute to society, their goodwill, for personal financial gain, they do it simply because they care. That caring process is an essential aid to society, given by the elderly, to help improve life in general for all. I don’t write in my retirement, for financial gain, as I will never live long enough to benefit. I am crippled in my left leg from an accident in 1975 when I was only 26 years of age, which caught up with me in old age. But I have a lot of valuable knowledge and experience to pass forward to new generations, so I write it down as a mentor, to help generations to come, to protect and preserve quality of life and “Freedom of Speech”.

Mark my words ‘Politicians’ lift your game, because if you don’t ‘Cosmicism’ shall be breathing down your necks.


This is not ‘Rocket Science’ we don’t need to be experts in Economics and ‘World Trade’ to understand this ‘Quality of Life Survival Principle’. Without ‘Freedom’ in speech, choice, security and safety, we have nothing.

It is the duty of every Nation, to protect and maintain for their people, a high standard of self-sufficiency success in Primary Industry and Manufacturing. To do less is irresponsible and void of patriotic duty. Each nation has its skills variances and product output abilities, thus import/export trade may be negotiated at fair exchange prices. A good buyer and good seller always respect each other’s right to reasonable profit.

Every family needs to learn to grow their own vegetables and fruits within the environmental conditions in which they live. It is foolish to simply depend on supermarkets for supply of all food. It is reasonable to buy those items, which we cannot produce in our climate location, and it is reasonable to buy additional food supplies, when we experience crop failure or shortage in yield production for whatever natural reasons.

Just as families must learn to become more self-sufficient in food production and in when possible, home manufacture, like sewing and craft and carpentry etc. it is also true that all Nations must be self-sufficient and trade only in the things they are incapable of producing in food and manufacturing. Australia is a country that has proven that it is capable of high levels of self-sufficiency in Primary Industry and Manufacturing, but our fool politicians in the misguided name of level playing field, have sacrificed our self-sufficiency ability. These Politicians can be summed up in one word… “Stupid”.

The wiser families use Three ‘B’s…

Budget wisely, don’t waste money on extras, we cannot afford. Focus on buying good quality wholesome food… is priority one. Never waste good food. Buy only what is needed and strive to always use it out.

Bargain hunt, stay alert for opportunities, strive to buy essential items at good prices, but only buy what one can afford, and don’t buy a bargain unless you genuinely need it. Buying something at a low price, is not a genuine bargain, if you do not need it. Buying something we don’t need is a waste of money.

Bulk buying of essential survival items is a wise savings process, provided expired dates and perishable considerations are taken into consideration. For example, besides always checking expiry dates on food, and learning how long different natural foods can be stored before write off, I always label all tin food with the month/year and rotate stock to save money. Good bulk management, can help you save huge sums annually, by wise bulk buying. But all of this only works in families that can trust each other, and do work together as a team, always doing the right thing by each other. Watch out for invasion of user so-called friends that visit you, to take and take. Be careful whom you call friend, “Trust is earned not given”.

Finally, one can add another good ‘B’…

Barter wisely, by swapping food supplies grown in your vegetable garden for something different, someone else has grown. Focus on exchange of quality food, be nice and respectful of each other, and always do the right thing by those with whom you barter. If you cannot trust a person never barter with them, simply go without.

Good teamwork using the ‘B’s’ helps make the economic struggle of life a lot more easier and strengthens the potential of quality of existence for all. Lazy people don’t win, they are the losers.

Workers as a team, help improve the quality of life collectively for all members in the team. Being united in cooperative harmony with each other, improves quality of life for all. Even ants and bees understand that reality.

It is time for the world to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and think smarter than just clever. Without unity, human corrective action is doomed to failure, if one Nation strives to do the right thing and all other Nations refuse to co-operate.

The protection of ‘Planet Earth’ is not just about greening of the planet. To succeed every person must use pragmatic common-sense ‘Emotional Intelligence’ backed by sound true scientific knowledge and understanding of ‘Gaia’s nature, character, composition and cycle of life.

The secret of understanding ‘Mother Earth’ Gaia, begins with calmly learning ‘Gaia Management’.

The ‘Green Movement’ has a history of being far too emotional, far too over reactive and too bully political in its actions, which too often are hypocritical and destructive of wholesome wellbeing, and even criminal in some actions. Such wrong behaviour, sometimes being treacherous and totalitarian, is not acceptable.

‘Corrective Action’ of wrong behaviour, demands that people be the eye of calm in a storm and use pragmatic common sense. Being clever does not mean a person is smart. Clever and smart are too different levels of skill. The person that is both ‘clever and smart’ armed with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ strengthened by high IQ, backed by excellent communication skills, has the decisive advantage over others, including the writer.

We are not all born equal in IQ and natural talent in specific skills, but we can all upgrade our ability by learning PI.


“At the end of the Jurassic period, world temperatures began to rise again and by the middle and end of the Cretaceous there was a return to the very hot desert conditions which had existed during the Triassic period. The result of this rise in land temperature meant that there was a corresponding increase in sea temperature. The whole of the Chalk seas were in fact warm and shallow, probably not exceeding 183m. (100 fathoms) in depth. By this time the fringe-finned fish and coelacanths had dwindled to near extinction. Their ecological niche was now being occupied by more and more bony fish similar to herrings and eels, which became numerous and varied.” (End of first extract) #

“With the general rise in temperature towards the middle of the Devonian period, lakes and rivers began to dry up. Such conditions produced an added problem of survival for some of the freshwater fish faunas. Many species succumbed to the rapid change in conditions and died out altogether. Others began to adapt themselves by using their fleshy fin bases as a means of locomotion from one muddy pool to another. In other words, fish were beginning to walk. The ‘fringe-fins,’ as they are generally known, were the earliest example of a group, which eventually gave rise to the amphibians.” (End of second extract) #

Ellis Owen 1975

# Source: Illustrated Book: ‘Prehistoric Animals- The Extraordinary Story of Life before Man.’ By Ellis Owen 1975. ISBN 86136 073 7 Published by Octopus Books Limited 1975. Later published in 1988 (this extract source) by Gallery Press, an imprint of WH Smith Limited. An excellent book. First read by Allan Ivarsson in 1989.

Extract Date/Temperature Notes: The Devonian period 420,000,000 years ago. (Widespread volcanic activity; warm temperatures; arid desert conditions). The Triassic Period 250,000,000 years ago. (Little earth movement; sea flooding; desert conditions continue; alternating wet and dry seasons). The Jurassic Period 200,000,000 years ago. (Little earth movement; warm temperatures; humid swampy conditions). The Cenozoic Era 65,000,000 years ago. (Renewed widespread volcanic activity; warm temperatures at beginning of era, then suddenly cooling to Ice Age conditions). #

Humans alone are not causing global warming. We humans may have some minor impact like all past, present and destined new species, but we are not alone causing global warming. The climate change process of global warming and global freezing has been happening on planet Gaia for over 2 billion years, since Earth’s birth 4.5 billion years ago. A lot of humans have failed to understand this reality.

Dimwitted politicians, greenies and journalists overreact running to battle stations fighting for false knowledge ideas void of complete understanding. A few misguided scientists overreact and failed to understand the true nature of Gaia. Other scientists are smarter and are not bullied by erroneous conclusions. Many members of the public caught up in peer pressure fashionable ideas are equally dimwitted. Panic and overreaction only serves to create reams of false knowledge and bad reckless decisions.

The ancient Greeks once had a good society; they became reckless, overreactive, murdered Socrates and inevitably gradually self-destructed 2,500 years ago. Their once wholesome society eventually was conquered by outside invaders, but first they disintegrated from within, obsessed with religion and intellectual apathy. The same fate through the rise and fall of a civilization befell the ancient Romans. Only vanity, panic, apathy, naïve ignorance and overreaction can destroy a society. The entire ‘Western Free World’ is now in serious danger of disintegrating faster than ancient civilizations. And a lot of people sadly cannot recognize the current dangers. The reason? …they are disinterested, they don’t want to know, they live in a comfort zone, feeling naively invincible, they think it cannot happen to them- such is their misguided vanity.

We humans in reality are still learning, we know very little about Gaia’s climate change cycles, which are part of the cosmic chaos process of order within disorder. We may have collected reams of accurate scientific knowledge, but we are still very limited in our understanding of the big cosmic picture. For reasons of survival we have to try and learn quickly about hard reality and apply our knowledge pragmatically. Humans are damaging the ecological balance of Gaia. Humans are polluting the planet by our increasing population explosion. Our expanding cities, highways, motor vehicles together with agriculture, mining and manufacturing industry are the accumulative biggest single destroyer of Gaia.

But ‘Climate Change’ is not in response to only human activity, our impact on ‘Climate Variation’ is minimal, our impact on ‘Ecological Balance’ i.e. ‘Organism’ is major severe; primate humans and our near upright primate ape type ancestors, have only existed, we currently believe, based upon science discoveries, for approximately 3 million years and ‘Climate Change’ has been happening for over 2 billion years.

[I tend to think that the primitive origin of the human species in evolution process, goes back seven million years.]

Our problem is not just about global warming; our concern is about survival of the human race and our methods of survival. As proven by five past mass extinctions, Gaia does not need us; we need Gaia to survive. Gaia does not need the existence of any mammal to survive. Gaia did not need the large Dinosaurs to survive. Gaia only needs the small things to survive on land and in the sea and those creatures are insects, mollusc and small aquatic vertebrates etc. and small reptiles including the bird family. To preserve Gaia’s balance, large of any creature is not required. Preservation of Biodiversity is the only justification reason, humans fight to protect larger life forms like all mammals. Gaia only needs biodiversity of the small creatures. The rest of the creatures from Gaia’s point of view are expendable, including us. We humans have become during the last five thousand years Gaia’s temporary virus. We have become the corruptive destructive enemy of Gaia. To the best of our ability we must change our methods, and our thinking, calmly, pragmatically and with focused commitment to save Gaia. This is not being a dimwitted over-reactive greenie. This is being a common-sense survivalist that recognizes that Gaia will expel us through evolutionary process of elimination, if we humans do not lift our game. In short, Gaia will demand our expulsion and final extinction. And cosmic process will take over and send humans on their way into non-existence, as has been the past fate of other ignorant creatures.

To become smarter without being alarmists, reactionaries, and extremists, humans need to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. We must change the way we think and unlearn inhibitions, false knowledge and the habit of violence, or we shall perish. Too many politicians are short on philosophical intelligence, consequently they make constant bungling mistakes, which destroy the wholesome wellbeing of society. Opinions are useless, if they are not pragmatic and are not tabled by a person with some degree of philosophical intelligence.

Everyone has a slight element of philosophical intelligence through the process of common sense and experience. But this slight P.I. element is bashed down constantly by a person’s false knowledge belief system, which tragically too often wins the day and defeats common sense. Consequently most people never truly learn philosophical intelligence. And as yet have not truly become aware of its cosmic existence.

In the corrective action struggle to fix Gaia’s survival problems, all nations must share joint responsibility and work together as a team, sharing cost impacts. One or two countries fighting a corrective action battle is an almost useless action. ‘All for one and one for all’ must become the Gaia protection war cry. Our universal cause is not global warming, our pragmatic essential cause is to protect Gaia.

Humans cannot stop the climate process of warming and freezing, we can however, learn to manage Gaia better in a more pragmatic wholesome way. We can around the globe, in a spirit of international teamwork repair a lot of the damage, we humans created. The damage to Gaia actually began when human hunters became farmers. Agriculture became the first stage of Gaia’s decline in health.

Learn ‘Blue Light Essence’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…Learn it as a majority. If the majority refuse to learn ‘Blue Light Essence’ and the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…it is guaranteed the human race will eventually become extinct.

‘On February 6, 1851 when artist William Strutt landed in Melbourne (population 22,390) the temperature was 45.4C and a devastating bushfire swept through the state. Thick smoke hung over Melbourne as Strutt travelled making notes of survivors’ experiences and making sketches. His painting ‘Black Thursday’ is in the Latrobe Collection at the State Library of Victoria. Greenhouse effect– there were no power stations, no dams, no cleared land just “the wide brown land, her beauty and her terror.”

ANDY FERGUSON Kurri Kurri NSW Australia 2009

Source: Your Say- Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper New South Wales Australia Wednesday, February 11, 2009 CE.

It is obvious that the high temperatures in 1851 Melbourne, NSW Australia were not caused by human creation of global warming. The natural process of Gaia global warming caused the 45.5 centigrade temperatures. Humans like all mammals have only a very small impact on global warming. Humans real failing is pollution and destruction of Gaia environment- this is what we must strive to fix. The scientific analysis of Gaia climate process is a detailed subject. And humans still have a vast amount to learn. Avoid fashion peer pressure, false knowledge ideas- deal in facts and hard reality.

One of the major problems with ‘Your say public comments’, in newspapers and magazines is that some people write very well, tabling pragmatic good constructive suggestions, opinions and accurate comments. Others are too emotional and record unjust remarks, which lack pragmatic thinking and are tabled by emotional response shooting blindly from the hip without any consequence thoughts. Like politicians, others put the boot into each other, in response to comments, sometimes correctly, but often unjustly. When criticizing…target the idea, not the person.

As a consequence of very tragic high loss of life, frightening holocaust bushfires in Victoria Australia, February 2009 CE; countless good, valid, erroneous and unjust comments were tabled through the media. Many ‘your say,’ writers linked the bushfires to climate change global warming. Others recognized that this was not true. In reality most of the bushfires were identified as having been started by evil uncaring arsonists without honour. These firebugs are the lowest of the lowest. The conditions were basically the same as the 1851 Melbourne bushfires, except in 2009, a higher population spread existed. Many claimed that global warming was not the cause; others claimed that these people had blinkers on, and that global warming did cause the conditions for the fire. In reality, the allegation that either party had blinkers on was incorrect. Both opposing parties did not actually explain clearly their global warming beliefs; they left their comments often-ambiguous open to various perceptions and assumptions of meaning. Global warming caused by humans is not true. Global warming caused by Gaia process is true. The hot dry conditions as any professional fireperson knows, was a dangerous tinder box, which could be fired by nature or worse by irresponsible human beings. The latter proved to be the real cause of disaster. When you collect jigsaw pieces of information and opinions, and put them together as one, a person with philosophical intelligence can identify valid considerations seemingly in opposition, but in reality, are linked in harmony as one bigger picture. Emotional people cannot see the link between two or more seemingly opposing ideas; whereas calm philosophically intelligent people can often discern the unity link. Of course, there are times when the ideas tabled are not in harmony with each other. But the smarter calmly check out alternative points of view, before rejecting a concept. Emotional response is a loser’s method.

It must be said again and again…Science, history and philosophy along with mathematics and communication skills must always work together as a team. One cannot survive well without the interface of knowledge from the others. Dump religion, cults and psychology, they feed upon false knowledge and mislead human minds.

People with philosophical intelligence use the teamwork of ‘CHAMPS’ that is, Communication, history and mathematics, philosophy, science…as one. One working without the other creates a high risk of error. ‘Philosophically Intelligent’ people understand this reality. Since the writer Allan Ivarsson is not very good at mathematics, it is clear that ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ needs more evolutionary development interfaced with accurate mathematics. Albert Einstein would have understood this.

There are a lot of claimed experts on ‘Climate Change and Global Warming’. They may have higher than average skills and understanding, but they are not necessarily accurate experts. Even claimed experts on a subject, often disagree with each other. In this field of knowledge there are still many gaps of unknown knowledge to be discovered and solved; hence, it is not likely that a true expert exists as a Master of Understanding. We all have a huge amount to learn about Gaia process and its link to Cosmic process and the way of chaos, order within disorder. Increasing our understanding and finding solutions is easier said than done.

The first step in all Gaia analysis is to create A to Z branch subjects linked to Gaia organized into a constant forever expanding comprehensive encyclopedia linked to the cosmic reservoir of knowledge that knows no limits and is infinite. We need to also learn about Gaia links and impacts with the Cosmos. Use ‘God of Creation’ as your spiritual guide using the channelling process. Use light messages only, which have been checked for accuracy. Dump into the garbage bin all dark messages, and false knowledge suggestions, they did not come from ‘God of Creation’.

Share and exchange ideas, good, bad, right and wrong. Table all ideas; pragmatically sort them into fiction and fact, illusion and reality, false knowledge and truth. The correct picture then evolves forever expanding upon itself knowing no limits, no final knowledge- no end. There is a vast difference between fantasy dreamtime and hard reality. Too many humans live in a comfort zone of dreamtime thinking, afraid to face hard reality. It is time to change our philosophy and the way we think. It is time to awaken and rise higher into a new level of intellectual maturity. We all are currently very immature in our knowledge, when compared to what actually exists in the cosmic reservoir.

As said earlier, we humans around the globe as one team must unite to protect Gaia. Perhaps this teamwork, in much the same way as the ‘Olympic Games’, will encourage a growth in world peace. To eliminate the habit of war, the majority of people around the globe, all nations, must learn philosophical intelligence.

It has been said in different word mix by the writer previously…

Gaia did not need the ‘Age of Dinosaurs’, to survive; and Gaia does not need the ‘Age of Mammals’, including human beings, to survive. It’s the opposite, all creatures need Gaia to survive. Gaia only needs plant life, insects, birds, fish, and small reptiles to survive. Gaia does not need Crocodiles, Alligators, Sharks, Whales and many other large creatures to survive. Only human vanity thinks we are needed. We humans are the worse viruses of Gaia, and if we do not change the way we think, Gaia will get rid of us- permanently. Many mass extinction’s have occurred during the last four billion years, all eliminated by Gaia process.

And I love Dolphins and Whales, but Gaia does not need any of us to survive.

 One of the most humourists your say comments I read in 2009 CE is the following…

“We wipe out kangaroos without thinking about how beneficial they are for the ecosystem. Did you know that kangaroos eat dry grasses and thereby prevent bushfires? And now we are paying the price. If you want a future for the planet, become vegan. It’s the single most important thing you can do.”

The author’s name and the source of publication have been withheld by me, because the immature person who wrote these misguided comments deserves the peaceful courtesy to mature gradually in knowledge. The aborigines lived in Australia for 70,000 years, as hunters and gatherers. The kangaroo was sacred to them, as an essential source of food in much the same way as the buffalo was important to the Native American plains Indians. The kangaroo and wallabies prefer moist green new vegetation when it is available. Based upon the comments above, if kangaroos can prevent bushfires, perhaps we should encourage them all to participate in hazard reduction by joining a local fire brigade? Gaia will have natural bushfires, even if all mammals were extinct- now that’s hard reality.


It has been suggested by so-called food nutrition experts that a vegan diet, void of meat, causes the human body to age faster. It is known that a high meat diet, without vegetables and fruit is also harmful to the body. Unfortunately, the nutrition experts don’t agree with each other. Clearly, we need science, not nutrition belief systems to identify the truth. The common-sense golden middleway in all things is a wise way in decisions, which also listens to the music in the body, and avoids things taste buds reject, and avoids foods which create allergic reaction.

The backward mentality of human beings is such that if Jesus said, “I am back to fulfil prophecy as recorded in the bible,” not one Christian would believe he was Jesus. The paintings and statues of Jesus are useless. For they are invented artistic impressions of what Christians like to believe was the physical form of Jesus. In reality the man Jesus did not look anything like these artistic mythical dream-state impressions. ‘God of Creation’ has the knowledge of what happened and what Jesus looked like. But human beings do not know the facial features of Jesus, nor do humans know the stature of Jesus. And God of Creation has not been forthcoming with this information- the reason is obvious, you figure it out. God does not move in mysterious ways; this old day adage is total nonsense. A surprise is coming, in a way human intelligence least expects. At this stage, I cannot say anymore.

Thought for the day…

There are two kinds of people those with common sense and those without it. Problem is that those without common sense cannot recognize that they do not have it. They walk around like an ostrich, cannot think clearly, because they are intellectually lazy; they act instinctively and emotionally, and when hard reality pragmatic reason is required, they always put their head in the sand. In short- they don’t look, don’t see, and don’t want to know. This negative attitude is called ‘dimwitted intelligence’.

Climate change is not created by humans. Climate change is a natural process, and those Australian persons who in the early 21st Century, claimed that they could alter climate change, by imposing carbon tax were inferior thinking fools, who did not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The wiser simply focus on Gaia Management, which includes the reduction of pollution and waste and other common-sense things.


During the last days of Roman control of Britain, around the time of 380 A.D./C.E., parts of northern Europe including regions of Germany experienced serious floods which caused havoc and disaster. Saxon territory suffered badly, caused by climate change. And carbon management or lack thereof was not the cause of this change in climate.

As a consequence, Saxon villages were washed away, lives perished, and the surviving Saxons were forced to move. Saxon refugees on the move soon joined forces with others in the same predicament. These Saxons gradually strengthened their forces into a group hell bent on survival. In exile, forced upon them by the no mercy laws of nature, the Saxons endured constant unrelenting hardship and were forced into warrior battles against enemies. By survival necessity their sedentary peaceful style skills on the land converted to unsurrendering formable warrior skills. Seeking a new promising land of opportunity the Saxons invaded Britain, ruthlessly destroying all resistance, killing men, women and children.

The Romans and history called the Saxons… ‘Barbarians’, but in reality, they had a culture of intelligence, restricted in thinking only by their religion. Pagan priests ruled the guidance belief system of all Saxons. Like most tribes of Europe and Middle East, the Saxons believed in the cruel violent practice of animal sacrifice rituals. They believed animal sacrifices encouraged the Gods to help them crush their enemies. This old familiar idiotic thinking by all religions, is still a clearly common pattern of naiveté in which religious people believe that their God will lead them into victory. Even today, the Abrahamic creeds, Judaism, Christianity and Islam still believe in this nonsense. And pray in war to their God for victory against their enemies. Religious and cult people are still as dumb as they were thousands of years before the 20th Century C.E. And Islam still cruelly kills animals and humans in the name of ‘Halal’. And Western Politicians say nothing… “Silence is Approval”.

Blue Light reveals that ‘God is Love’ and does not approve or condone war and every text that claims a God Creator approves of killing is a lie and is in fact a ‘Satanic Verse’.

For four hundred years the Romans had ruled Britain. During the last stages of the fall of the Roman Empire, thousands of Roman troops were called back to their homeland to defend Rome, and the surrounding territory from other hordes of barbarians. History records these aggressors against Rome as being the Goths, the Vandals, and the Huns. Other groups also fought against the Romans, including the Franks and the Lombards. The recall of Roman troops from Britain left Britain in an almost defenceless state. As a consequence Picts from the north attacked Brits in the south penetrating deeper into unprotected territory. Whilst the Romans ruled Britain, the Picts only conducted border raids unable to raid further south- but now the undefended door was open. Irish raider’s descendants of the Celts also attacked taking advantage of Britain’s poor defenses. The world seemed to be ending for Brits. Without Roman support their survival was on the line. In desperation a British leader invited three ships of Saxon warriors to help them against the Picts and other raiders. In 449 C.E. the Saxons landed. The Saxons defeated the Picts and pushed them back into the highlands. After successful battle, the Saxons were rewarded with wealthy gifts and land. The culture of the Brits who had been influenced by Roman culture, conflicted with Saxon rougher style behaviour. The idea of salvation from raiders backfired.

In 452 C.E. a new invasion of Saxons came, including women and children. They successfully conquered the lands of Kent in the far south. A flood of blood spread across the lands of Britain, Saxons expanding their dominion by violent force, eventually took control of over half of Britain. The Brits under Saxon rule lost their way of life, just as their ancestors centuries earlier had been conquered by the Romans. The Saxons using ‘Gang fighting tactics’ spread violence across the land, giving no mercy to Brits, man, woman or child. Decade after decade the Saxons raided and invaded… key dates rolled forward… 452 C.E. Kent, Britain… 491 C.E. Pevensy, Britain… 615 C.E. East Anglia, Britain… 633 C.E. Northumbria, Britain.


During this period of time, the myth of ‘Arthur resistance’ arose becoming a legend of opposition against the Saxons. This brief historical reflection is dedicated to the Brits led by Arthur who made a last stand in an old Roman hill fortress, the time… 500 C.E. the place ‘Mt. Badon,’ now known in the early 21st Century as ‘Bath’. We shall remember the valiant courage of these Brits, lest we forget. The Brits successfully drove the Saxons away, and thus stopped the Saxon expansion of Britain. The Island was now split in two. The Welsh lands of Britain in the west stopped the Saxon invasion. But the lands of the east were held under Saxon dominion. And though the majority of Britain was now Saxon, peace was not forthcoming. Saxon warlords took to fighting each other for ambitious control of the Saxon empire.


The Vikings invaded Britain. The first raid landed on the 8th day of June 793 C.E. on Lindisfarne, a tiny island off the North Sea coast of Britain. The monks of an abbey were brutally slaughtered, given no mercy. Over the 9th Century, the Vikings savagely continued their raids attacking Ireland, and vast regions of Britain.


Alfred Statue

Alfred the Great (849-899 C.E.) king of Wessex (871-899) and overlord of Britain defeated the Vikings. As a child Alfred was not healthy and consequently, he died at 50 years of age. Nevertheless despite this great handicap, which is an inspiration of guidance to us all, Alfred recognised hard reality and fought the Vikings, to save his ravaged country terrorized by these invaders. Alfred was an educated man of peace and would have rather read a book than fight a war. He faced reality and did what he had to do- he fought with courage and conviction against a tyrannical enemy. After the defeat of the Vikings, Alfred turned his attention to strengthening his country. Alfred ordered important Latin texts to be translated into English. He himself translated five texts; and created a system of Education for children to upgrade their knowledge skills, in writing and learning using English language.

William the Conqueror (C.1027-1087 C.E.) and the Norman invasion, introduced Norman culture, but the foundations of Alfred’s education and culture contribution did survive. Not even the Normans’ could eliminate this Saxon culture. The Saxon English language kept evolving over the centuries to become what it is today.

The purpose of this paper is not a history lesson. For more detailed understanding you are encouraged by Blue Light to study history. This brief insight simply reveals…that Knowledge is the true treasure. And that supreme strength comes from knowledge. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ is the way of always keeping an open mind on a quest for truth. The more knowledge we have on all subjects, the smarter we become, and the better is our opportunity to become wiser and pragmatic.

For the dim-witted 21st Century climate change fanatics who think they can control climate, it should be noted that during the ‘Age of the Vikings’, Scandinavia was several degrees warmer than earlier or later times. Many areas only used for summer grazing in cooler climates were farmed year-round during the ‘Viking Age’. Gaia has its own agenda for climate control. And humans cannot change Gaia’s objectives.

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Author’s Note: ‘Gaia/Gaea & Climate Change’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 6th November 2015. Source: Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

Both subjects were republished in 2018 COMPENDIUM III with Colour Illustrations

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