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Philosophical Intelligence

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Philosophical Overview Introduction…

P.I. is the most advanced intelligence in the world. To understand why, the reader needs to study the complete collected works of I, the writer.

I, Allan Peter Ivarsson, coined the words ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007 C.E. to describe a rare intelligence that has always existed in a few people during past millenniums of history. There is no logical reason why this advanced intelligence cannot be learned and lived by the majority of people with exceptions. ‘Totalitarian’ and ‘Fixed Dogma’ thinkers have no chance of ever learning P.I. because to learn its powerful wisdom, a person has to practice its ideology and that means they must choose a lifetime path of being open-minded dynamic in thinking able to reject all fixed dogma and totalitarian ideologies.

That does not mean wrong thinking should be censored. I oppose censorship and support 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’. Censorship hides the problem and denies criticism and corrective action thinking. Ideas, need solutions and thus the only censorship that should exist is ‘Censorship’ of the idea of being allowed to ‘Censor’ ideas, good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust, true or false. Open-minded thinking is essential to identify problems and table corrective action suggested societal solutions as part of eternal ‘Think Tank’ concerns.

The only person that I have ever observed as having ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is ‘Albert Einstein’.

Recently in 2020 I was excited to observe that some people out there are now using the words ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ on the Internet with enthusiasm. The only problem with this enthusiasm is that they have not accurately understood what ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is and have developed wrong thinking ideas about its essence. To understand P.I. a person must read my collected works of societal concerns and should start with an overview understanding in my papers on ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, ‘Cosmic Law’, ‘God’, ‘Evolution’, Abortion, Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence, Cosmology, Gaia Language, Gaia Mother Earth, Borders, Domestic Violence, Draft/Conscription of Women into the Military Forces, and on my opposition to all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a variety of subjects.

And now without further ado begin with reading ‘Philosophical Intelligence’…

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