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Walk through the door into 1981… “A True Story”

Recorded shortly after the enlightenment experience by the author.

Author’s Note: I wrote this before 1984 enlightenment, as I worked hard towards ‘Ascension‘. I began to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and trained myself in learning advanced written ‘Communication Skills’. By 2007 at the age of 58 years, my sense of direction and understanding in foundation was complete, thus I coined the name ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to identify the most advanced intelligence in the Universe. I interfaced with ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ which for simplicity, I called ‘Cosmicism’ in 2007.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.



[I was 32 years of age, when I wrote this true story experience.]

The Scholar’s consciousness drifted into the mood of soft music as his spirit felt the inspiration of ‘James Last’. Whilst he listened to the tune of ‘Moon River’ his thoughts floated further back to his experience at the Les Girls bar in Kings Cross, Sydney, on September 1981. On this night, enlightenment aroused within his soul.

A city that never sleeps, the Red-Light district is active twenty-four hours a day. As the sun rises, the mood changes to a different pace. The real life of the Red-Light area thrives at night. A fast-moving pace of wine bars, discos, hotels, motels, massage parlours, restaurants, strip clubs, musical entertainment shows, food take-a-ways, amusement centres and sex shops.

Nightlife, a multi-lit city, reflects thousands of various advertisement signs, many of artistic design, all individually projecting a business location, an idea or commodity for sale. People from all walks of life; gather at the Red-Light district. Professional Businessmen and Women, Office Girls, Truckies, Builders Labourers, Dancers, Singers, Police, Politicians, Military Defence Persons, Army, Navy, and Air force, men and women, of various races, black, brown, and white. A multi-coloured, multi-political, and multi-religious variety of people; Bikies, Hookers, Heterosexuals, Bisexuals, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Transsexuals and Transvestites, Gamblers, Power Drinkers, Smokers, Non-smokers, and Drug Addicts, to name only some types, all thrive in this fast-moving environment of temptation. Many persons entertain each other in various exchanges of service for cash or advantage.

Along some streets there are mainly trannies. On other streets, the hookers are mostly straight girls. Some street girls escort male customers to flats for exercise in pleasure and satisfaction. Other girls, wilder, bolder and more reckless, risk themselves for car job action. Many hookers wiser and more cautious do not solicit customers in the street. These wiser girls operate in parlour houses. The parlour girl usually endeavours to maintain stricter, higher levels of hygiene than the street girls.

Few trannies have had nip’n’tuck. Strange as it seems unto many heterosexuals, sex-change operations have been successful. Homosexuals and bisexuals sometimes seek new experiences with trannies. True heterosexual males avoid trannies… but the unsuspecting naive young male eager for experience, often trips, discovering male tackle reality, diverted by tucking. True trannies are the bisexual’s fantasy. But do not allow this realisation to stir your own personal fantasies, for the dangers of declining health are very real. Let the buyer beware, lest experience aids you towards a nasty life’s end, which you shall not want.

The one thing that many people wonder about: How can a prostitute suck so many strangers’ dicks? F—ing is one thing, Sucking is another. Many hookers work because they cannot get ordinary work. Some are addicted to drugs an expensive habit. Other girls like the big bucks the trade offers. Others believe there is no other alternative – it’s just a matter of survival necessity. Some girls work the streets and in the massage parlours, to finance a university education. You would be surprised at the number of doctors, solicitors, and teachers who were once call girls. Some girls work in the sex markets to support their children, desiring to give their kids a better chance. But one thing is certain, in an age of sexual freedom, only an ignorant, narrow-minded, person would condemn the prostitute.

The fact, which I observed with interest, was that many visitors to the Red-Light area were friendly in manner. Each person is there for a moment of time, seeking entertainment, experience and companionship. Many persons leave this city never to return. Other persons trapped by the illusion of the activities come back, again and again.

Many of the people who regularly thrive in the heart of the Red-Light district are of a different breed. Their values are uncertain; their attitude is hard, aggressive and indifferent. Suspicion, distrust and fear dominate their mind. Some of these persons are loners with artificial friendships. Hard minded groups drift amongst themselves rarely revealing their inner most feelings and sensitivity. Burying their fears, tragedies and heartaches in the bottom reaches of their soul; they fail to try and see that their life could be better if they changed their convictions. They do not seem to comprehend that all they have experienced is not the total reflection of life. Lacking vision, they miss the far-reaching horizons in which they as human beings could project themselves. Sadly, failing to give themselves a chance, often bitter and cynical, they believe that being hard is good.

The ‘out of towners’ casual gesture of friendship and conversation is often rejected by regulars of the Red-Light district- a friendly gesture from a stranger is considered a sign of weakness, or a sign of evil intent. The person who is nice is after something. He has a hidden motive. Trust barely exists.

Abuse, bad language, obscenity, and violence are a way of life in the Red-Light area. Many of the regulars’ act as though they are losers with nothing more to lose; hence they believe they can afford to be ruthless and reckless. Living for the moment, they avoid thinking about tomorrow and seem to fear discussing the past. Some of these people reach out for gain today not considering the far-reaching implications of their actions, on themselves, other people and the world around.

Tragically, a problem common to both the Red-Light district and all of society around the globe; many persons fail to honestly soul search their true self, and thus fail to uplift their true potential. Sadly, they do not recognise their own insecure feelings, fears and negative obsessions, which make them spiritually ill. Hence, they fail to initiate corrective actions for gradual self-improvement. They are afraid to face their own fears and often blame other persons for their own problems. Worse still they are afraid to believe in a better way of life which is founded upon truth.

A large percentage of the regulars in the Red-Light district band together in small ‘click’ groups as friends, outsiders are not welcome. However, even amongst themselves, friends though they may seem, there is still an element of conflict and distrust. Very few individuals give total trust to others.

In this mood of understanding, experience unfolds…

A veil of darkness surrounds Sydney’s flowerbed of city lights. Human insects dart to and fro, reflecting the insignificance of mankind’s ego when compared to the majestic heaven above. Near the end of night, a plane heading towards Mascot flew past. As it moved away, the Red Light upon the wing reflected its star like presence. The quiet distant sound of its motor seemed to be in harmony with the early hours of the morning. The time is 4 am…

Seeking refreshment in a place of lost souls, a short man, stood near the bar. His brown hair had receded down the centre of his scalp, leaving a trench like appearance upon the top of his head. A light wrinkle, a shallow furrow flowed a third of the way across his hairless vacant scalp, in a slightly almost diagonal direction. His distinguishing brown moustache defined his round face, and cynical distrusting eyes. Wearing a light lemon open-necked shirt, casual light brown trousers and tan shoes; the five feet seven inches tall, tubby build, forty-three-year-old man, stood sharply in contrast to the six-foot three inches’ height of the thirty-two-year-old Scholar of Life, who stood beside him.

Attired in a three-piece light grey silvery faced suit, white business shirt, light grey tie and black shoes, the Scholar felt overdressed. He noticed that most of the people in the room wore casual open-necked shirts or blouse, whilst some gamer still, wore styles of outrageous dress when compared to the conservative taste of the Scholar.

The cynical looking, heavily intoxicated short man stared at the Scholar. His plump body wobbled as he changed his stance to face illusive reality. Armed with certainty, his silence shattered… “You must be a copper,” he remarked.

“No, I am not a policeman,” the Scholar answered in a quiet tone. The sound of his voice ceased whilst he looked directly into the eyes of the semi-bald man. “I wonder if his nickname is Furrow?” the Scholar thought, “if it isn’t, it should be.”

“Yeah,” another stranger commented, “I’d have thought by the way you’re dressed, that you’d be a plain clothes copper for sure.”

“No, I’m not,” the Scholar replied.

“Yes, you are!” the Furrow retorted, “You’re watching everyone in this room, and what they are doing.”

“Your right! I am watching everyone in this room. I observe people and environment, because I am a Scholar of Life. I study human nature, philosophy, universal existence, religion, tyranny, violence and love.”

“No!” the Furrow bellowed, “You’re a bloody copper!”

Another taller thin built young man, in his early twenties moved into the debate. “He’s not a copper,” he said, “they always move around in pairs.”

“He’s a bloody copper for sure!” the Furrow insisted.

“I am the son of a copper, but I am not a copper,” the Scholar answered, feeling somewhat irritated.

The Scholar began to sense that this debate was fast becoming an uncontrolled argument. He retreated by stepping back one step. The semi-bald man moved aggressively towards the Scholar pointing his finger at his face.

“Bulls—!” the Furrow yelled, “you’re a bloody copper!” His tone grew more abusive, “you bastard, you look like a f—’n copper, you dress like a plain clothes copper, you are a f—’n copper.”

Starting to feel angry the Scholar responded with calm resolution.

“Why are you so persistent with this ridiculous point of view? You seem to be afraid.”

“Shuv off copper!” the Furrow exclaimed.

“It never ceases to amaze me,” the Scholar thought, “how people make wild conclusions and fire allegations about each other with no evidence of fact. Worse still, they convince themselves that they are right, sometimes to such a degree that they will argue and fight in defence of misguided assumption. Such is the tragedy of people who wallow in their own disordered imagination, never consolidating their thoughts with fact.”

“Too many people constantly fail to understand… ‘Things are not always what they appear to be, sometimes they turn out to be something entirely different’ …the art of understanding needs a constant special effort. This effort is not easy but is essential to develop wholesome existence. Each individual person should endeavour to travel one step beyond his or her instincts. They should not be cynical or bitter about their past or present experiences. The adage is true: ‘Live and learn,’ but its advice needs qualification: ‘Live and learn inspired by Calm Carespirit.’ Wiser person’s by-pass the limits of their finite mind and strive constantly to expand their perception by understanding other points of view, not for judgement, but for insight. There is one exception to this latter statement, acts of violence, cruelty, and tyranny must be condemned.”

“Daring to know thyself and the realities of life takes great courage, determination and effort. A road that the lazy, cowardly and indifferent, will not follow, a road of continuous adventure with a difference, fraught with many dangers of trial and error, a road in which the adventurer will pay a high price for experience and insight. Pain and agony becomes reality, but the suffering is worth the eternal gain. If the adventurer, researcher, and scholar are true to themselves, they will never regret or feel ashamed of what they have done, subject to the fact that the experience was of non-violent honest action. The wiser person will not choose to repeat an activity, which they now realise, was a foolish exercise. When recognised by self-honesty, mind-honesty, erroneous experiences can lead to a new and positive better way of existence. But once again this latter statement is subject to the fact that it was a non-violent error.”

“Life is a series of levels, infinite in potential. Life is a circle within a circle, within a circle. The triangle of awareness joins inside each circle and outside the circle. Rolling endlessly, the geometry of existence spins slowly in the three dimensions of space-time. The corridor of relativity flows through the heart of motion. The eye is calm. The power is Constant – Creative – Change …such is the way of Three-C movement in the universe.”

Leaving behind his state of brief meditation, the Scholar decided it was wiser to walk away from the Furrow and his self-imposed misery. Moving further down along the bar, the Scholar stopped and began talking to another stranger. As time passed their conversation became quite deep and philosophical in content. A tall six-foot Fijian moved close to the Scholar’s left side and began to listen. A few minutes passed…

“Hey!” the Fijian said, “I like your ideas. You seem to be a man of great insight. You say too many people live in silent fear, your right! Are you of a religious sect?”

“No,” the Scholar replied, “I am a believer in the eternal power of the spirit within me, whatever I conceive and believe, I can achieve. I do not accept fear, for though I have experienced its uncomfortable feeling, and though I do accept the emotional mechanism of fear as being necessary to life’s self-preservation, nevertheless, I reject its negative weakness by fighting its excess with constant resistance. Choosing the way of Spiritual Love and Calm Conviction, I face all fear the best I can. By coming to terms with reality, I move cautiously forward. And I pray I don’t have to keep facing the test. I seek out fellow comrades to share brief moments of communication, until destiny leads us to travel in different directions. Such is life we are here for a moment to enjoy sharing experiences, and we must part. It is not our destiny to be physically together forever, but in spirit our bond of love and peace, will live for all eternity. We are all brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and lovers of each other, of one great family, humanity. All colours are equal. All persons around the world are but parts of one sempiternal rainbow, we are of each other; separated we are lost pieces wandering aimlessly; together, united, we are beautiful. God truly becomes great when we become one in harmony with each other through the power of love and peace.”

“So, what is motivating you right now?” the Fijian asked.

“Well,” the Scholar said, “I desire to communicate in an attitude of trust. Some of the people here in this district abuse each other without justifiable reason. These aggressive persons fear for their very existence. It is obvious by their lack of calm, that they are insecure in their feelings and beliefs. Far too many persons treat everyone with suspicion; even I sometimes am guilty of this excess. This attitude is all wrong. We should all reach out to each other in an attitude of friendship. We should open our hearts in an attitude of trust. We should seek to share with others. Life is a state of mind; you are what you think you are. I come from a different world, where trust and love dominate. Here in this territory, suspicion, fear and hate controls life.”

“Where is this world that you come from?” the Fijian asked.

The Scholar cleaned the lens in his glasses for a few seconds, whilst he contemplated his answer. He neatly folded his clean handkerchief and returned it to his left trouser pocket.

“It’s not another place,” the Scholar answered, “it’s another type of people. Some of these people are here in this room. Some are walking down the street just a block away. These types of people are friendly and trusting towards their fellow man.”

The Fijian stepped one pace backward. He raised his right hand and directed the Scholar’s attention to his left-hand side. “I want you to meet my sister,” he said. A brief smile flashed across the Scholar’s face as he received the introduction. “Hello,” he responded, “nice to meet you.”

“Huh!” she responded. The scowl on her face indicated distrust. She ignored the introduction. Loaded with indifference and hard-core disbelief she just stared in silence. Feeling the rejection, the Scholar turned away and continued to speak to her Fijian brother.

“Are you religious?” the Fijian questioned.

“No,” the Scholar replied, “I was Christened Church of England, and raised as a good Christian, attending Sunday school from the age of six years, until I entered High School. Then I went to Church every Sunday, and joined the Christian Church of England Fellowship, attending regular Friday night meetings. So, I became a dedicated Christian from the age of thirteen years till my seventeenth year, when I joined the work force. Raised as a Protestant, at the age of eighteen years, I seriously considered becoming a Minister in the Presbyterian Church. Between my Eighteenth and Twentieth year, I began with my friends of many religious denominations, attending a variety of Church services, Catholic, and Protestant, the High Church of England, Presbyterian and Baptist services. At the age of twenty-five years I became involved with the Salvation Army. I attended their services weekly, most Sundays, morning or evening. Once per month I attended the Sydney City Salvation Army service on Thursday night. I did charity work for the Salvation Army. I remember being heavily criticised by my father for my involvement with the Salvation Army, and by my first wife Robyn who refused to come to the meetings or have any association with the Salvation Army. So, it was my father criticised me, my first wife condemned me, and my male friends laughed at me. But the dedicated stubborn will power and conviction within me refused to give up my commitment to the Salvation Army. In fact, a strange twist occurred, my father was a Police Sergeant in the Sydney Water Police and Flood Rescue, and 25 years later transferred to the Rescue Squad. Well he had to attend the Granville train disaster. As a result, he witnessed firsthand the courage and dedication of the Salvo’s as they helped victims and rescuers. From that day forth my father never criticised the Salvation Army ever again. Respect won. Now I am no longer a Christian. I am not of any religion. I drifted from the Salvation Army, in 1976, after my accident in October 1975. My involvement was finally destroyed when I separated from my first wife in 1977. How can a person give allegiance to a no divorce creed, when he is guilty of divorce? I refuse to be a hypocrite. How can a person maintain constant religious commitment, when their partner refuses to share, practice, or even tolerate such conviction? So, I drifted, changing direction I searched for truth, and enlightenment, wandering down a different path. Did I say wandering? Believe it, I wandered aimlessly and still in this year of 1981, have not found the ultimate truth. But I sense with positive faith, that I will find it before I leave this planet.”

“That’s quite a drift,” the Fijian remarked. “Are you now an Atheist?”

“No, but whilst I do have the highest respect for the Salvation Army over all other religions…simply because they are doers more than talkers…Giving more than taking, and caring more than demanding,” the Scholar answered, “but nevertheless…most religions throughout history have caused too much conflict in the world, and have brought to their society endless suffering, and too often violence, cruelty and even murder. Millions of people have been executed in the name of religion. So, you see the problem is basic. When you have two or more religions each saying, I am the true path to God, Salvation and Paradise; each religion rejecting the other, then you will have conflict, and sadly too often violence, initiated by fanatics. In the past, it was the Evil Christian Inquisition, who murdered innocent people, now it is the Evil Muslim Inquisition who murders innocent people. There will never be peace whilst people foolishly follow the path of religion.”

“So, there you have it. On the other hand,” the Scholar continued, “when you ask the question, what is right? And align this question with commonly known values, the essence of common philosophy in all purported to be non-violent religions, then you come to realise that truth stands alone above all deification, above all traditions, habits and ceremony, above all man-made laws, for Truth is the Supreme Eternal Law.”

“To see the ‘Light of Spiritual Revelation you must clear the cobwebs away, which cloud the essence of truth. Remove the dark shadows of misguidance, eliminate the confusion, identify the real key to truth and you will discover things which you have always known to be true, but you previously did not confidently comprehend the full potential, of that which is the revelation- the way of calm, the way of non-injury, the way of love and inner peace.”

“In the first steps of right direction, we must learn to be kind to each other, and reasonably help each other, whenever time and opportunity allows. Such training and education begins with our children.”

“We must be a friend to our self, before we can be a friend to others. Before we can truly be a friend to ourselves, we must be a friend to other people. Thus, the essence of truth is circular, dependent upon its own realisation.”

“How do we begin to develop an understanding of truth?” the Fijian asked.

“Well,” the Scholar answered, we must begin by establishing a conviction which bases our life on positive values of Ahimsa.”

“Ahimsa?” the Fijian curiously questioned.

“Yes,” the Scholar answered, “Ahimsa means non-violence, non-injury. When we accept that truth, then we are ready for the next truth.”

“And what’s that?” the Fijian asked.

“The way of Spiritual Love,” the Scholar answered, that which is caring, not only about one’s own self, but is also genuinely feeling caring concern for all other people, our environment, and universal existence.”

“Well, maybe you’re right,” the Fijian said, “but how are you going to convert others, if you refuse to use force?”

“Simple,” the Scholar replied, “by the power of conviction. There is only one way to beat an idea, and that is with a superior idea. Fear not- if an idea is wrong, it will simply pass away.”

“Many evolutionary ideas served a good purpose; they helped build a better world. Progress cannot and should not be stopped. Having served its purpose, an outdated idea will pass away, to be replaced by a better idea. This is for the best. But an idea of Cosmic Truth will never pass away.”

“When a new idea is not for the best, for example Communism, it will not survive. All false ideas will perish. Truth shines above all else, and nothing can destroy truth.”

“Freedom is the right to live thy own truth, provided it is an Ahimsa Truth, and does not deny anyone else the same right to freely live their own truth, however different it maybe to your truth.”

“Ahimsa Freedom Strengthens Truth. Ahimsa Freedom inspires the establishment and evolutionary upgrade of Justice for all existence. As Caretakers of the Universe, we have a responsibility to each other, to God, Gaia, and all of Humanity, to preserve Truth and Justice, in the only way it can eternally last, through the way of Ahimsa and Carespirit, the way of Cosmic Calm.”

“Whilst I was in hospital in December 1975, a spiritual friend, a voice of silence said unto me, these are the ‘Eleven Noble Truths,’ remember them well, for they are the beginning of changing your understanding…

Truth does not fear persecution.

Truth is not hurt by insults.

Truth welcomes constructive criticism.

Truth is not violent by nature.

Truth has no desire for revenge.

Truth feels no hate.

Truth feels no envy.

Truth feels no jealousy.

Truth feels no greed.

Truth rejects tyranny.

Truth is a Reckoning.”

“These are the ‘Eleven Noble Truths,’ which is the essence of cosmic expansion of revelation, the way of inner peace. Such Calm can only become true when we believe in these ‘Eleven Noble Truths,’ and when we live its realisation, through ‘Desirelessness,’ and faith in the ‘Eternal Power of Spiritual Love.’ This conviction is the dawn of self-awakening.”

“What is your spiritual friend’s name?” the Fijian asked.

“I do not know,” the Scholar replied, “but one day I will find out, his name.”

“That’s a strange answer,” the Fijian commented, “well it’s easy to talk of love, but living it, that’s something entirely different.”

“Your right,” the Scholar said, “but when you are confronted by conflict, as much as possible; you must try to walk away.”

“But!” the Fijian responded, “what if you cannot walk away. What if you are badly hurt, emotionally, or physically? How can you forgive and forget?”

“Well,” the Scholar answered, “obviously, you have heard stout teachers say: ‘Forgive and Forget,’ but I say this as God has taught me. ‘There is nothing to forgive, nothing to hate; there is nothing to revenge, nothing to forget. There is only life. Walk the way of inner peace, be the eye of calm in a storm, learn to let go, and walk away. Every person must face The Reckoning- retribution for his or her own actions. Everyone is accountable. Reality travels full circle and nails all transgressors who disobey Law.”

“As decreed by ‘Gaia Jungle Law’ you have the right to defend yourself, but that is all. You have no more right than basic survival self-defence against attackers. We are all accountable for our actions, and we must face reality. If we are caught by our wrong actions, we must pay the price, and suffer the penalty. We must face ‘The Reckoning.’”

“The Reckoning?” the Fijian quizzed.

“Yes,” the Scholar said, “The Reckoning is not about justice, it is not about punishment, it is not about hate and revenge, it is not about forgiveness, it is not about rehabilitation, and it is not about salvation. The Reckoning does not recognise excuses of diminished responsibility. The Reckoning does not recognise excuses of insanity claims. The Reckoning does not recognise excuses of hard luck stories.”

“The Reckoning is simply, ‘Total Accountability for one’s own actions and subsequent results.’ Such Accountability is defined: First by Cosmic Law, Second by Moral Law, Third by Legislated Law.”

“The Reckoning is no excuse, no exceptions, no variance in discipline, no special consideration, and no judgments allowing deviation from accountability for one’s own actions. Justice is only served when one rule exists for all life, which is honestly and truthfully served as one rule for all existence with no variance in penalty, and no deviation in degrees of imposed discipline. The Reckoning recognises that one standard universal rule must exist and be enforced for each singular concept. All transgressors of a law must pay the same price for breaking that law, no variance, no exceptions allowed, no special circumstances, and no extra consideration. The Reckoning states: ‘for every Law, there is one rule, one discipline, and one enforcement- No variance, no exceptions and no excuses.’ How you act returns what you deserve. This is The Reckoning.”

“So, the wiser recognise, if we do not like someone’s aggressive attacks, we must simply walk away. Try to turn the other cheek. Walk Away. As forms of existence changes with the transition of moving time, memories will dim, wounds will heal, but scars will never completely be erased. After bad experiences, we can heal in many ways. But first we must learn to live calmly with hurtful scars. And accept the reality that a distant stressful, sad feeling will always linger, and resurface sometimes. In this moment of calm acceptance of reality, this self-realisation, truth is ready to recognise that we can rise above our past dilemma, by learning to live with such memory in an attitude of inner peace.”

“We must believe beyond all doubt, in the highest truth, and base our existence upon that value which strengthens our present destiny. Such is the spirit of truth by conviction.”

“Well mm…” the Fijian responded, “you have aroused my thirst to know more. You sure have strong conviction.”

“Yep,” the Scholar said, “my conviction is eternally strong and is growing stronger every hour, day by day. I have but one obstacle to overcome. I must increase my confidence to discuss it with others. In this way, I tend to be reticent.”

“You’re doing okay, right now,” the Fijian said.

“Yeah,” the Scholar agreed, “but I’ve had a couple of beers, I am relaxed, and you’re receptive. I do not always feel so comfortable in discussing my feelings with others. I guess trust is one reason, and confidence that people really want to share understandings is the other reason. I find too many people are intolerant of other points of view and are impatient listeners. I will not waste my time and effort with people who do not want to know. Intolerance prefers ignorance. There is nothing more you can do for such persons until they are willing to be receptive.”

“True enough,” the Fijian agreed.

“The reality of conviction reveals one critical understanding,” the Scholar said.

“What’s that,” the Fijian asked.

“When we choose a direction, we must remember well– in every decision, there is on the scale of reality, one loss, and one gain. We should not expect total gain, nor should we be complacent with total loss. We should simply choose the balance between gain and loss and select that gain which best serves the positive values of Ahimsa and Spiritual Love. This is the beginning of inner peace and true gain.”

“What of loss?” the Fijian queried.

“To handle loss,” the Scholar answered, “you must feel inner peace. Loss of material things is not tragic it is simply inconvenient. Loss of companionship for whatever reasons is sad, but often we have no choice, we must learn to let go with calm acceptance.”

“So then,” the Fijian remarked, “if all that you have said is true, what are we all unto each other?”

“Good question,” the Scholar said, “we are what truth teaches us…we are all brothers and sisters of one large family, humanity. We should share experiences, share moments of peace, and give joy unto each other. Whenever opportunity allows us reasonable time, reasonable economics, and reasonable ability to help, we should give that which we can best give. Let us all stand united for the common cause of Universal Love, Freedom, and Peace. We are all brothers and sisters, but this is only true when we believe it is true…and I believe.”

A big man taller than the Fijian, taller than the Scholar, stepped forward. He was broad in the shoulders, six-foot four inches in height. Dressed in a dark blue three-piece suit, he was the only man in the room who wore similar attire like that of the Scholar. He stood proud and dignified, an African American Engineer from the USA, a solid man, tough in manner, a direct no punches pulled type of guy.”

“Hey!” the Engineer said, “you’re doing a lot of talking, where do I stand with you!” …In response, the Scholar immediately offered his right hand. They clasped in a handshake. The Scholar spoke as he felt the power of strength in the Engineer’s grip. “Brother, you are my friend, if you want to be.”

Fortified by a few too many beers, the slightly wobbly Scholar began to speak in repetition. (Such is the power of repetition…in training repetition adds strength in body, endurance, and memory, but in social conversation, repetition is monotonous, a problem common with drinkers and poor communicators).

“I don’t accept fear,” the Scholar said, “People who live in fear should abandon those walls which they have built around themselves and seek out a better life. No fear is the only way.”

“No fear?” the Engineer challenged, “that’s garbage, anyone with no fear is an idiot. I agree we should not live in a perpetual sea of fear; we should try to rise above fear and get on with doing the best we can. But to have no fear, that’s dumb, plain stupid. No fear is a misguided idea sold by clowns, and backward would be bravados, who would shake in their boots if they had to face death head on with very little chance of escape. No fear, rephrase, No garbage.”

“I stand corrected,” the Scholar responded, “it was a stupid statement. # But that does not alter all the truth which I have previously said. I stand by what I said, and if you want to take me head on, I’ll fight you with whatever it takes to win.”

# (When we are corrected by truth, the wiser learn by their errors, and quickly accept this self-realisation).

“Lighten up,” the Engineer said, “you’ve had too much to drink. I agree with most of what you said. But no fear, you tripped yourself with too much false courage. Ease off the booze and get back balanced perspective. Man, I like your style, you’ve got guts, even though you have now, had too much to drink.”

“Man, that’s what life is all about!” the Scholar ardently replied, “having a go, giving people a fair shake, trusting and believing, not only in yourself, but in other people.”

The Scholar finished the last drops of his beer. He gave his Sterling business card to the Engineer. “Anytime you need a friend, call me,” he said.

“I’ll remember,” the Engineer said, “good luck, it has been interesting.”

The Scholar left the bar of ‘Lost Souls,’ and headed towards home. He slowly walked through the doorway of experience into the streets. Daylight momentarily blinded him. As his pupil adjusted to the change of light, his vision regained perspective, and highlighted a different scene. Gone was the magical illusion of artificial lights and dim almost dark atmosphere.

Glancing at his watch, he noted the time, 7-30 am… “What a night!” he thought to himself. Though he felt exhausted, a sense of peace, and new understanding filled the Scholar’s heart and mind. The Scholar walked down the street feeling exhilarated. Joy radiated from his soul onto his face. The Scholar smiled as people passed. He greeted strangers as though they had been his friends for many years. Some returned a smile; others looked at the Scholar with a perplexed expression, whilst others straight-faced ignored the joyous gait of the Scholar, as though he never existed.

“Is it not sad,” the Scholar thought, “that so many people live a complete life and yet never really see the natural beauty of existence? Is it not sad, that so many people live and never feel the peace, love and wisdom which comes from good eternal revelations? Is it not sad, that so many people never sense the wonderment, the awe-inspiring consciousness of the Universe, Gaia, and the nature of existence? Goodness, Beauty, and Truth will always hold to be the best for me.”

The Scholar stopped walking for a moment and in an excited tone spoke to an attractive girl who was trying to open the door to a small shop. “What a beautiful day,” he said, “isn’t this day glorious?”

“Fine,” she replied in a distrustful and wisely cautious manner, “my fiancé would not appreciate this conversation.”

“Lady,” the Scholar replied, “you don’t have any worries, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Take care of yourself; life is too short to be unhappy.”

The Scholar walked down the road, feeling really content. Through last night’s experience, he gained a new understanding of himself, and the world around him.

“Today,” the Scholar thought, “I am older, wiser, and perhaps stronger in mind. I wonder what adventure is waiting for me tomorrow.”

“Life is a series of experiences,” a voice of silence answered, “through gradual insight; Mankind will come to understand the right and wrongs of co-existence. The written record helps new generations to gain higher depths of understanding. To learn from each other is the greatest gift people can share.”

“Events are not important, even when true. The understanding and insight behind past occurrence is the true value gained.”

In the regions of time and space, the Scholar of Life saw the essence of that which is … Revelation is unfolding, in a way least expected. Instinct reverses itself.

The Power of Love and Peace is within you- simply, believe this is true.

Gaia Sex Dictionary


Heterosexual – (English) (Noun) – A person who instinctively likes natures encouraged procreation process, and thus enjoys natural sex with a person of the opposite sex. Heterosexuals do not like sex with people of their same sex. Many heterosexuals are intuitively repulsed by the idea of same sex relationships.

Lesbian – (English) (Noun) – A homosexual female who instinctively likes natures alternative to the procreation process, and thus enjoys different natural sex with another female. Lesbians do not like sex with males. Many Lesbians are intuitively repulsed by the idea of opposite sex relationships.

Homosexual – (English) (Noun) – A person who instinctively likes natures alternative to the procreation process, and thus enjoys different natural sex with someone of their own same sex. Homosexuals are either male or female. Homosexuals do not like sex with the opposite sex. Many homosexuals are intuitively repulsed by the idea of opposite sex relationships.

Whilst female homosexuals tend to be described by society as being lesbians, males are nearly always described as homosexual. Some rude words to nastily describe homosexuals are used by intolerant heterosexuals; such words are not worthy of publication. Male homosexuals tend to receive the highest level of criticism from other heterosexual males. Whilst female heterosexuals are generally more tolerant of male and female same sex relationships. The irony of male intolerance, an absolute contradiction, is that watching lesbians enjoying sex turns on a large percentage of males.

Bisexual – (English) (Adjective) – A person who instinctively likes natures encouraged procreation process and also likes natures alternative to the procreation process, and thus enjoys a variety of natural sex with a person of the opposite sex and/or different natural sex with someone of their own same sex. Bisexuals are less likely to become bored with sexual adventure but are also in conflict with the idea of monogamous one partner for life sex.

Transvestite – (English) (Noun) – A person, male or female who prefers wearing clothes usually attired by the opposite sex. Whilst past ‘19th & 20th Century Society’ frowned upon such dress behaviour, transvestites generally feel more comfortable in alternative sex clothing. Some are sexually turned on by such dress choices, whilst others yearn to become what they feel they truly are…a transsexual. Sometimes this style of dress is simply described sexually as ‘kinky’.

Transsexual – (English) (Noun) – A person, male or female, who lives a permanent lifestyle, of identifying themselves by behaviour, sexually and socially, as being the opposite sex to their physical appearance at birth. Transsexuals believe their body was born at variance to their real self. Many transsexuals desire and do action, sex-change operations to alter external sexual functions to the opposite of their birth sexual inheritance.

Trannie – (English street jargon) – A Transvestite or Transsexual Hooker.

Hooker – (English street slang) – A Prostitute.

Prostitute – (English) (Noun) – A man or woman, who sells their body, given for hire, for an agreed fee. The prostitute gives mutually acceptable sexual favours often including intercourse. Usually the fee is simply an exchange of sexual service for money. Most prostitutes are descent caring people who have simply chosen sex work as their career choice for a wide variable range of reasons. Those persons who condemn and criticise the prostitute for their choice of work, are shallow by nature and have no true decency, understanding or real honour.

Parlour Girls – (English street jargon) – Are prostitutes who sell their services, located at a fixed address. The locations are sometimes referred to as a ‘Massage Parlour’ or a ‘Relaxation Centre’. Generally speaking Parlour Girls are cleaner in habit and more caring, kinder and nicer in attitude and character than their competitors the ‘Street Walker’. Of course like all aspects of life, there are always exceptions.

True Trannie – (English street jargon) – A transsexual male now living as a female. A true trannie takes female hormones creating chemical change to their body. Muscles tone down; breasts grow which can be inflated with silicone implants.

Nip’n’Tuck – (English street jargon) – A sex- change operation, which changes a man into a woman. Strange as it seems, a sex-change operation from male to female can result in a natural normal vagina with inner and outer lips and a clitoris that can excite an orgasm.

Car Jobs – (English street jargon) – Hookers who give their sexual intercourse service to clients in a car- an unsavoury not wise practice.

Male Tackle – (English street jargon) – For Penis, scrotum and testicles, i.e. in rude slang, ‘Cock and Balls’.

Tucking – (English street jargon) – An unsavoury not wise practice by some trannies. They routinely apply sticky tape or other such types of material to their male tackle. Thus immobilising their sexual organs, which have become almost useless, by their consistent consumption of female hormones. ‘Let the male buyer beware!’

Straight Girl – (English street jargon) – A heterosexual prostitute.

Author’s 2007 Note:

Gay – The word Gay began to start being regularly used in the 1980’s in Australia and thereafter as replacing the word homosexual, to give a nicer happier name for men. The word Gay is often applied to females as well. By the 1990’s the words, like bisexual, transvestite, transsexual, intersex and other names become identified in broad use as members of the ‘Gay’ community. In some parts of the world, the word ‘Gay’ evolved in use in the 1920’s to 1950’s as meaning homosexual men. Back in the 17th Century in English speaking locations, a prostitute was a Gay woman and a womaniser was a Gay man and a brothel was called a cathouse or a Gay house. Gay originally meant happy, joyful and carefree. I guess that is why the meaning of Gay eventually evolved by association to homosexuality, to encourage a nicer way of suggesting that such people feel happier being Gay.

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