Why Sadly World War III is coming.

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Feature Image: Xi Jinping mission is to defeat USA so that he Can rule the World.

Why Sadly World War III is coming.

A large percentage of people in the world have failed to understand that it is Philosophy good and bad, which manages Societies Belief Systems. Anti-Freedom Ideology Philosophies sadly has often included dark Religions, which are a ‘Fixed Dogma’ form of philosophy. Tragically, some religious philosophies have a history of being too fanatical and as a consequence have even cruelly tortured and killed people, thus proving the hypocrisy of that religious belief system.

Hence, since 1970, I allocated part-time 37 years of my life searching for the best most advanced ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ in the world that has the ability by it competent pragmatic use to solve any societal problem of a philosophical nature that creates the wisdom and strength of protecting the essential eternal values of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’ which does not abuse ‘Freedom Privilege’ and deny others the same eternal right.

Such Freedom rights to survive peacefully and happily, must be founded upon Ethical and Decency Values of Codes of Honour, and Good Manners, that which we humans call ‘Moral Laws’. Good Manners simply says to others, “I Respect You.” Hence, ‘Cosmic Law’ evolved.

There is no place for Greed and Corruption and Treason in a good decent society.

There is no place for ‘Authoritarianism’ and ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies’ in a good decent society.

There is no place for Authoritarian anti-freedom individuals, they must be permanently expelled from a good decent society.

This advanced philosophy which has existed in the minds of a rare few for thousands of years in different cultures, did not have a name, until I Allan Ivarsson coined the name founded upon common-sense in 2007, thus I correctly called it ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the most advanced intelligence in the world and throughout the Universe.

The insane evil ‘Habit of War’ on our streets and around the world must be stopped. But sadly, that will not happen until society abolishes anti-freedom philosophy and ‘Authoritarian’ bully dictatorship.

Classic examples of Authoritarianism are ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Marxist Socialist Communism and Nazism.

Even ‘Net Zero’ in Panic Climate Change Targets have become out-of-control Authoritarian Bully Dictatorships inside Pro-Democracy once upon a time ‘Free Nations’. The forceful enforcement of ‘Renewable Energy’ has created persistent acts of ‘Green Murder’ which is destroying environment, thousands of hectares of Vegetation and Wildlife and the ‘Quality of Life’ survival of the people and increasing a great divide between rich and poor people in economics encouraging less availability of supplies. Look at the history of Venezuela a once upon a time prosperous country destroyed by Marxist Socialism and now the people suffer in misery. Ceylon is now called Sri Lanka. Once they enjoyed prosperity. Now the people suffer under the leadership of Socialism.

Classic examples of anti-freedom individuals that reject ‘Freedom Values’ are recorded throughout history too many times. Sadly, the list of evil dictators is too long, but everyone knows some of the treasonous individuals who cruelly oppressed others.

Right now, in the early 21st Century, my concern is anti-freedom dictators like Xi Jinping Communist Beijing China, Vladimir Putin of ‘Putin Russia’, The Kim family of North Korea, and ‘Jihad Imams’ that threaten all non-Muslims and those Muslims not deemed ‘Muslim Enough’.

There are also many Socialist leaders in the world capable, given the opportunity of becoming dangerous despots, if wimp apathy allows them to rise to a ‘Top Dog’ status.

We can identify which people are dangerous to society by their anti-freedom philosophy.

A classic example are those Authoritarian Creeps in Australia and USA and Europe that want to Ban the Sale of New ‘Fossil Fuel’ Combustion Engine Cars and refuse to allow the market over the decades to evolve by technology evolution process as correctly happened since the gradual phase out of horse and cart transport.

Many of these evil creeps also want to ban the sale of Petroleum, Diesel and Gas, and the use of coal as a source of energy. They are afraid like the cowards they are, to allow technology to naturally evolve by discovery and gradually change in marketplace.

‘Climate Change Activists’ are suffering from ‘Panic Syndrome’. Anyone with common-sense intelligence knows that ‘Panic’ causes accidents, injuries and kills people. We must as individuals ‘Think Safety, Think Survive’. That means we must always ‘Be the Eye of Calm in a Storm’.

‘Climate Change Activists’ in Panic Mode are persistently creating ‘Acts of Green Murder’ focused on destruction of our Planet. Their Thinking & Behaviour is reckless and stupid void of pragmatic common-sense. These idiots using ‘Authoritarian Mentality’ must be stopped.

Good progress in history was always achieved by ‘Free Will’ in an atmosphere of freedom. Technology created by forceful anti-freedom ideology is doomed to disintegrate until it gains the opportunity to live in a society of ‘Free Will’.

Xi Jinping has often laughed at ‘Free Will Values’. He considers every person that treasures ‘Freedom Values’ as being a joke. This is why I have nothing but contempt for Xi Jinping and am committed to fight him in academic battle until he obeys my ‘Cosmic Law’ dictated to me by ‘My God of Creation’. Not imaginary God Creator.

You can learn more in my Profiles and Philosophy collective records.

But I don’t expect Apathetic People to be able to keep up with me. They by their intellectual laziness are not smart enough to read and learn advanced wisdom.

Writing in a different person for a brief moment, “An Australia Engineering Friend wrote to Allan Ivarsson in comment, feeling justified frustration about the evil invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. He wrote…”

The Ukraine / Russia war is escalating in my opinion. The west now, backed by the USA, intend to send fighter jets to Ukraine to “train pilots”! There are already more than 200 US & British “specialists” in Ukraine embedded in the Ukraine military as “advisers”. This is how it starts!”

“Allan responded with more to say than his friend expected…”

Yes, true but remember Xi Jinping supports Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to test the resistance of the West. Jinping wants to rule the world and is using the invasion of Ukraine as a testing ground to see how much force he can use without resistance. If Jinping thinks he can get away with it by 2027 he plans to invade Taiwan and take control of the South China Sea and then invade Australia and the entire South Pacific, including encouraging North Korea to attack South Korea. Japan is now a Primary target by Jinping. Putin must be wiped out to send a terrifying message to Jinping. It is time for the West to get some ‘balls’ like our ancestors had in WWII. The West every Nation is now a bunch of wimps. To save our countries, we need to stop all the internal soft thinking crap and go back to basics, including bringing back Corporal Punishment. And if the LGBTQ Gays don’t pull their heads in, with their now authoritarian thinking out-of-control extremist demands, the law must bash them up.

There is no place for Socialist ‘Political Correctness’ often called ‘Woke’ in a ‘Free Society’.

The Muslims have a choice stand with us supporting ‘Freedom Values’ or fuck off. [I don’t normally swear. But this time I make a rare exception.] Stop fighting wars in Muslim countries. And stop accepting Muslim Immigrants that want to forcefully change us, like that treasonous Hamas based CAIR organization in USA. CAIR specialises in Anti-Freedom of Speech Lawsuits. Let the Jews & Muslims fight it out without our involvement. It has been their war for the last 1400 years since evil Muhammad. It is not a West fight.

I have had enough of all the wimps & traitors in the West.

Australians need to wake up. Our Politicians are all incompetent. Every one of them, Federal, State, Independents, Government & Opposition. It is time to slam all of them. It is easy to prove they are incompetent, and it is easy to prove which ones are cowards & traitors.

Use ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in writing to expose the incompetent weak thinking.

Too many Australians are becoming intellectually wandering apathetic wimps.

Our Australian School Education System needs a Patriotic Upgrade Teaching Self-Discipline, Codes of Decency and ‘Freedom Values’ which rejects all Anti-Freedom Ideologies’. In every country a Nations True History and Constitution and reasons for the Patriot Support of Self-Sufficiency should also be taught to the children.

Xi Jinping does not teach the Chinese Children ‘True History’ because its culture is founded upon quest for ‘Freedom Values’ despite its Emperor History.

German Marxist Socialist Communist Philosophy does not belong in Chinese People’s Culture.

‘Free Trade’ with other countries should only begin when a Nation does not have the resources to create something or has too much of something which they can reasonably share by sales, provided they do not neglect in trade the priority needs of their people.

The Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, is the toughest Ambassador that Xi Jinping has ever appointed. He has the ability to walk over the top of all leading Australian Politicians, including our Wimp Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Look at what we have got a wimp Albanese Prime Minister. An idiot President of USA Joe Biden. Weak leaders in PNG & Solomon Islands in bed with Xi Jinping. I can prove that both Xi Jinping and Xiao Qian are cowards and that their tough stand only makes them brave when the Communist PLA Military will fight for them, with them hiding safely behind the military in war. I have had enough of all the wimp incompetent crap in the entire Western World.

I did not say it all. Because I could write a huge list about Internal Australian Incompetence in our once upon a time ‘Lucky Country’ now suffering from serious political mismanagement caused by incompetence, greed, cowardice, and even instances of corruption and treason.

Australian Engineer replied, “I agree, but unfortunately Western Governments are out there by the majority vote and it’s the voters that are at fault. They can’t see past themselves, and all want to live in a free welfare society. It will be far too late for them when the tide actually turns.”

Thus, World War III is coming launched by Anti-Freedom Enemy Marxist Socialist Communist Xi Jinping who reveres Mao Zedong, who rejected Chinese Freedom Culture and chose to impose German Karl Marx Communist Culture upon the Chinese People. And the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, agrees 100% with Xi Jinping objectives.

This is why we cannot trust Xiao Qian, for same reason we cannot trust Xi Jinping, they both support Anti-Freedom Ideology and support the elimination of ‘Freedom Values’.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 21st of May 2023 (74 years of age on Boxing Day 26th Dec 2022.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

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