‘Communist China’ Military Threat

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As an important process of ‘Freedom Watch’ we are all ‘Duty Bound’ to stay alert and keep an eye on the dangers of ‘Totalitarian’ Nations threatening us with War.

Xi Jinping current President of China has instructed all of his Military Forces to prepare for war. He is not pushing training of China’s Military Forces for Defence; he is pushing training of his Military Forces for deliberate ‘First Strike Offence’.

Xi Jinping is preparing his Nation for War motivated by the ‘Communist Chinese’ agenda to dominate the world. Whether they can finance such an insane objective is another question needing attention down-the-track. But think about this… if a small Nation like Imperial Japan could cause so much death and destruction during World War II, imagine the misery that ‘Communist China’ can impose upon the world.

Stay alert, share what you learn with others in your circle of friends and family. Keep an eye on the decision making of our politicians.

Be Careful who you call friend. Remember ‘Trust is Earned, not given’.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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