Feature Image: Putra Mosque faces the scenic Putrajaya Lake.

Malaysia has beautiful country. The sad history of Malaysia is that the Nation is an Islamic Nation. Religion is strictly controlled by the State. The Constitution includes a clause which says all Malaysians are Muslims.

Don’t be silly enough to believe that Malaysia is a good place to retire. That is only true for Muslims. Whilst ‘Freedom of Religion’ is enshrined in the Constitution, there are ‘Fundamentalist Muslims’ that are striving to change the freedom of religion allowance and impose a stricter harder form of ‘Sharia Law’.

The official religion is Islam because 61.3% of the population practices Islam. 19.8% Buddhism; 9.2% Christianity; 6.3% Hinduism; and 3.4% traditional Chinese religions. [As at 2010 Population and Housing Census.]

Atheists are few because atheists are constantly discriminated by Islamic believers. I doubt it is a safe place for Gays and couples who are not married and are engaged in a de facto relationship. Islamic beliefs object head-on to such free spirited thinkers.

It is a sad history that anti-freedom Islam succeeded in brain-wrecking the thinking of the people because originally Buddhism and Hinduism were the core religions and a Nation of Buddhism as the majority would have been a peaceful spiritual belief system in a wonderful scenery country.

On behalf of DAPSY, I express our deepest concern over the landmark decision of the Federal Court in holding that two young people accused of kissing and hugging in a public park can be charged with indecent behaviour under Section 8(1) of the Parks (Federal Territory of Putrajaya) By-Laws, 2002 as the said By-law does not infringe Article 5(1) of the Federal Constitution guaranteeing freedom of life.

Section 8(1) of the By-Laws provides as follows:

“(1) No person shall behave in an indecent manner in any park.”       

And the interpretation clause defines “Park” as follows:

“parks” includes public gardens, water bodies, recreation or pleasure grounds, public squares, boulevards, promenades, interchanges, cycle tracks, pedestrian walks, central dividers along roads, sides of roads, road reserves or any other grounds maintained or under the jurisdiction of the Perbadanan.

Penalty (Section 10):            two thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both and in the case of a continuing offence to a fine not exceeding two hundred ringgit for every day during which the offence is continued after conviction.

This law against indecency covers almost every open public places under the jurisdiction of DBKL.

Freedom is not truly free in Malaysia the dictatorship of ‘Sharia Law’ rules but it is claimed that it only applies to Muslims. But non-Muslims need to stay alert because ‘kissing and hugging’ in public is a crime.

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Trust Malaysia as being a safe place to visit or retire to? Not wise. Islamic Nations have a dangerous history of becoming more fanatical when ‘Fundamentalist Jihad Muslims’ seize power without warning.

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