Energy: Electric Vehicles II Danger

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Feature Image: 100 Vehicles Catch Fire in Delhi’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station June 10, 2022.

Energy: Electric Vehicles II Danger

The purpose of this series is to reveal why people who buy Electric Vehicles are Naïve idiots.

If you are Intelligent stay alert and read every ‘Electronic Vehicle’ Treatise I post. I shall reference other great writers as well.

In Electric Vehicles I Insight I started this collective series in August 30, 2022, starting with first posts in June 2022. I instinctively knew using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ that the ‘Electric Vehicle’ invention fad was the wrong investment in Global Society Health and Wellbeing. I had no facts at the time to prove my instinctive feelings, but I knew this objective was wrong for humans and was an enemy of the wholesome wellbeing of Planet Gaia that which humans call Earth.

At first my posts started slowing looking at news EV decisions on global stage, searching for news information on Political & CEO Investment thinking. I was so concerned about the serious danger of Xi Jinping Communist President of Beijing China that I correctly gave that priority one. But as my time and work priorities began to move forward, I observed how incompetent and stupid people’s fad obsession on Electric Cars was expanding threatening to destroy the wholesome wellbeing of every society around the world, by direct and indirect methods. Because buying EV’s is contributing to the final destruction of earth.

Hence, I decided to start exposing more the dangerous stupidity of investing in Electric Cars. What you will read in the months ahead will give you absolute evolving proof that the objective of buying Electronic Cars is stupid, beyond all doubt.

If you see someone buying an EV, you can be sure they lack ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. As for the Greed Corporations that are investing in Manufacture of Electric Cars, their motive is ‘Pure Greed for Profit’ they are not producing these vehicles because they care about our Planet. If they cared about Planet Gaia/Earth they would stop making them.

Volumes of Fact Information is out there revealing the truth of why the Manufacture of Electric Vehicles is harming Planet Gaia/Earth. As for ‘Climate Change’ Green Activists raving about how great EV’s are… ignore their inferior thinking incompetent wrong thinking.

As for those ‘Authoritarian’ treasonous thinking people that demand the banning of the sale of all new ‘Fossil Fuel’ Combustion Engine Vehicles, reject them with contempt and fight back hard against these creeps, who are enemies of society.

I am committed to fighting an academic ahimsa war against Electric Vehicles.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 11th of May 2023 (74 years of age on Boxing Day 26th Dec 2022.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

A.I. comments… The 2019 Conclusion “Despite all these EVs are the best convenient way for transportation” is wrong and not good for our Planet.

People need to do their homework more about why Buying an Electronic Vehicle is the Wrong Thing to Do.

Danger: Electric Vehicles: Collective Wrong Thinking Naïve Craze Harming Planet Gaia/Earth.

To Be Continued…

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