Steel is the Strength of our Australian Nation

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Steel is the Strength of our Australian Nation.

This presentation is in Memory of my Father, Svend Aage Ivarsson (1927-1999) known as ‘Swanny’.

Career… Navy, Coalminer, Sydney Water Police and Flood Rescue throughout NSW. My father showing Tom Richards Matlock TV Star, the ropes aboard a Police launch in 1974.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

Aussies do not ever neglect the Australian Steel Industry. Focus on making our Industry persistently stronger. Become a World Leader in the Supply of Steel to all ‘Free Nations’. Do not supply steel or iron ore or coal to ‘Communist China’ until Beijing frees the Chinese people from the oppressive dictatorship of ‘Marxism’ and gives the Chinese people the right to live in a Democracy.

Steel, Iron Ore and Coal is the backbone of Australia’s construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing Industries. We Aussies that have a will to win can make any product we need for our own local use and for exports around the globe.

We use steel in our areas of work, play and wherever we live. Bridges, Motorways, Stadiums, Towers, Antennas, Shopping Trolleys, Tools, and a vast range of products all use steel. Why would we import steel products when we have the iron ore and coal to make our own steel products? Answer… “We would not if we have the courage and persistent determination and will to win, to be completely self-sufficient. We do not need trade with bully dictator Beijing. Reject all business with ‘Communist China’ until they free their people and allow Democracy to thrive like it does in Taiwan.

If gangster Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades attack Taiwan, I will authorize the complete destruction of Beijing.

A ‘Steel Industry’ report states…

“With two steel producers, and over 300 steel distribution outlets throughout the country and numerous fabrication, manufacturing and engineering companies, the Australian steel industry generates $29 billion in annual revenue and is an essential part of the Australian economy.” (ii)


Our Australian Iron Ore export business to ‘Communist China’ is currently worth about $100 billion dollars per year. But this supply of iron ore is simply helping ‘Communism’ in China to become stronger and more oppressive, not only on its own people but also on the world stage. Beijing wants to rule the world as the number one Superpower and to achieve that target, it is desperate for iron ore. Australia has foolishly in the name of naïve greed helped ‘Communist China’ become the biggest exporter of steel in the world. And has helped China become a stronger military dictatorship force, focused on conquering, and ruling other Nations. Meanwhile, Australia has foolishly neglected the rapid growth of strength needed in its own Military Defence to stop ‘Communist Chinese Aggression from invading Australia and oppressing our Nation.

To slow down China’s persistence to rule the world, we must stop supplying ‘Communist China’ with iron ore.

Imagine if we used all the iron ore we are supplying ‘Totalitarian Beijing’ in our own steel industry. We need to increase the number of our steel producers and focus on making steel products for local use and export. In other words, we Australia, needs to become the number one biggest exporter of steel in the world. Beijing’s totalitarian mentality does not deserve the right to become a dangerous bully Superpower. And does not deserve the right to be the biggest exporter of steel in the world. Australia must lift its competitive game and focus on becoming the biggest exporter of steel in the world. We have the iron ore and coal; we must use it to become the world leader in steel exports and manufactured steel products. We are idiots when we import steel products that we have the ability to manufacture in Australia for our own use and for export. We must stop ‘Communism’ from getting control of Space and Communication and Energy. Aussies need to lift their game.

I have posted previously Beijing’s mission to conquer Africa and establish military bases around the African Country. As part of their strategy, “China is working on a major African iron ore mine that would add 150 million tonnes to global supply.” (iii) [This will strengthen ‘Totalitarian Beijing’s Mission’ to rule the world.


With the current economic climate, it is important now more than ever before, to support your local steel industry. It’s helped our economy when times have been tough by creating jobs and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the industry employs 110,000 Australians.” (ii)

“When you support the Australian steel industry and local steel production by purchasing Australian steel you know where your product comes from, and you know local resources are used in its production.” (ii)

“Australia is recognized as a world leader in the use of high-tensile materials and coating technology.” (ii)

A.I. comments… The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-2018… tracked that approximately 5.3 million tonnes of steel are produced in Australia annually. We need to quadruple those logistics by increasing our export market in steel and steel products to freedom based democratic countries.

Never sell to totalitarian countries, we must put their anti-freedom ideology out-of-business.

“The Australian steel industry is a vital and sustainable source of innovation, employment and capability in our cities and regional communications.” (ii)

“It is now more important than ever to stand behind Australian industries.” (ii)

“Across the private and public sector, cities, and regional communities, we ask you to continue to support Australian steel. In doing so, you are supporting Australian jobs, communities, and safeguarding our future. We are a resilient country and united, we will get through these challenging times.” (ii)

History Videos about Australian Steel

If you want to learn more about Australian Mining here is the link…

Allan Ivarsson comments… Tarric Brooker a freelance writer wrote… “Despite Beijing’s ongoing threat’s that Australian iron ore may find itself a target of China’s growing ire, China’s insatiable appetite for iron ore will ensure it cannot act on those threats without severely damaging its own economic growth prospects in the long run.”

Brooker’s comment may be briefly true for this year and perhaps year 2022, but do not be naïve. Xi Jinping is not naïve he knows his economic position. Right now, Beijing is exploring other supply sources of ‘Iron Ore’ including currently in Africa.

It would be foolish to underestimate the persistent aggressive objectives of Beijing, they do want to conquer Australia and rule us. They will not backdown until they are defeated in war or by controlling us.

To slow Beijing aggression down to buy time, we must cancel all export and import trade with ‘Communist China’ no exceptions. Every Aussie must change the way they think and become tougher and more self-reliant in self-sufficiency in Manufacturing, Food, Clothing, Technology, Communications, Energy and Water and focus on persistent upgrade of our Australian Defence Force strength and capabilities. Never Trust a Marxist Communist. Not now, not ever.

We stand correctly for ‘Freedom Values’. Communists stand for Despotic Oppression their greedy vanity must be stopped.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Don’t You Worry About Me

“I shall continue to stand up strong against the bully dictatorship of Xi Jinping Beijing ‘Communist China’. I am duty bound true to my Aussie Patriotic Spirit to fight to protect all Aussies and all Australian Industries, including our ‘Steel Manufacturing’ Industries, which are the foundation of everything we do in a good quality life.”

Allan I.

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