USA: Civil War? Negative Americans are Thinking Dangerously Wrong. Guns? War Against Each Other? “Nuts!”

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Feature Image: American Civil War… the way Warriors Fight in the 21st Century is Different but the dying in war is cruelly the same, suffering and unjust death.

“Lest We Forget.”

Gettysburg Cannon replaced by Missiles in the 21st Century.

What next? More Memorials because of more Wars inside our Country?

A Courageous Nurse who lived a fortunate life for 91 years.

Not everyone was that lucky.

The solution to stop loss of life is to oppose wars and it begins by opposing ‘Civil War’ and Secession.

Allan Ivarsson 2022.


USA: Civil War? Negative Americans are Thinking Dangerously Wrong. Guns? War Against Each Other? “Nuts!”


As a ‘True Blue’ Aussie and a loyal ally of ‘True Blue’ Americans I am opposing ‘Civil War’ Mentalityto help guide Americans to a wiser safer society of ‘Freedom and Peace’. Those who follow my ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ mentor guidance will increase their opportunity to live wiser safer lives. The only danger within America is excessive ‘Gun Obsession’ and ‘Unjust Internal Political Hate’ of each other. Such hate and wrong thinking is not acceptable behaviour.

Wrong Violent Thinking by Minority of Misguided Americans.

These logistics are from a small sample of negative thinking people.

A survey of 8,620 adults across the country of 334,805,268 American Population which is 0.00257463093% of American Population surveyed by California University as negative.


To Save the ‘Free World’ from self-destruction within, major changes in attitude are urgently needed, in USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Britain.

In order to inspire changes in Europe, bogged down in too many different languages, we must establish an upgrade in ‘Freedom Values’ in all ‘English Language Nations’ that with good reason I call ‘Gaia Language’ since 1991. The reason for that encouraged change in thinking is posted again at end of this overview presentation today.

For the moment, I shall proceed with today’s short post, on delivering another jigsaw puzzle piece of insight in our ‘Fight’ to ‘Protect all of our Nations’ from the self-destruction of ‘Freedom Values’ and threatened invasion by ‘Communist Beijing China’.

‘Communist Party’ in China wants to invade all of our Nations to conquer us. Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades, believe that our ‘Free Nations’ are disintegrating from within. And they are partially correct at present.

If USA falls through internal conflict, the entire West will fall and ‘Communist China’ will achieve its aggressive objective to rule the world as a ‘Superpower’ of Earth and Space. Such an existence will be cruel dictatorship and over three billion people will be killed and more will be enslaved. Do not be stupid and underestimate this serious danger.

There is no place for internal conflict with each other in our ‘Free Nations’. We must protect the right of every person to live free including 90% of the Chinese People who are Pro-Democracy, Pro-Freedom, currently physically oppressed by armed military Communists, the PLA. i.e., The Communist ‘People’s Liberation Army’ a phony name title, because the ‘Belief System’ of anti-freedom ideology ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ is not a ‘Liberation Army’ it is a violent Oppressive Army, Navy, Airforce, ruled by the President of Communist Beijing China.

And now to overview the disturbing danger within America being stirred up by misguided younger generation fools obsessed with their own vanity and lust for power to rule others. Negative Populism amongst naïve followers of internal Marxists… desire to rule others. They must be stopped by smashing the credibility of all Socialist leaders. It is my duty to pass forward for free the wisdom I possess.

The smartest thing every Australian and American can do is read my collective works and extract the wisdom and pass it forward to others for information sharing guidance. I ask all the caring altruistic people of the world to be my volunteer helpers by teaching what I teach and by sharing such insight with others. Friendship Sharing helps others learn, including most important Children’s Education.

May Peace Be With You Always,

Sadly, in this early 21st Century the negative mentality of wrong thinking is expanding. Far too many young people are being misled by oppressive anti-freedom wrong ideas. This negativity must be reversed using ahimsa courage backed by positive mental attitude and commitment to wisdom as a guide. Read below ‘Cosmic Law’ for more wisdom guidance.

Now we must in overview explore the ‘Dark Wrong’ thinking of ‘Negative Americans’.

In the beginning there was peace in ‘Western Societies’ now internal conflict is increasing… such ‘Negativity’ must be stopped not by Revolution, essentially by ahimsa common-sense pragmatic evolution process.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

James Reinl, Social Affairs Correspondent, for DAILYMAIL dated 21st July 2022, tabled an opening subject concern, titled… ‘Half of Americans expect a second U.S. civil war within Years, more than 40% agree with ‘great replacement theory’ and nearly a fifth expect they will choose to bring a gun to a violent political row, alarming poll shows.’ (i)

Subject: Subtitle serious concerns, tabled by James Reinl, which I shall deal with head-on, again and again, during decade ahead, until such naïve negative thinking ideas is decimated during century ahead. There is no place for negative violent stupidity in a wholesome ‘Free World’ Society. Being born is a privilege… live life wisely… live kind.

“50.1 percent expect to see a second American Civil War within years.” (i)

“More than 40 percent favor a ‘strong leader’ over democracy and adhere to immigrant takeover belief.” (i)

“One fifth expect to be gun-toting at a January 6 Capital riot-style melee in the coming years.” (i)

“California university researchers say results ‘exceeded our worst expectations’. (i) A 42-page document.

“Study follows mass shootings and comes amid controversial Washington hearings into January 6 insurrection.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Before I walk through the rest of James Reinl report, I shall start this time with Brief Overview Comments.

1. We need to be alert about the dangers of wrong thinking obsession with supporting ‘Civil War’ objectives. We must strive to fade out this wrong thinking dark negative mentality.

2. Anyone who favours a strong leader despot who rejects democracy is an idiot. Other countries like Russians supporting Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan people supporting Socialist Despots, one after another, in Venezuela, to name just two countries have paid the price for their stupidity and now live misery. Karma Result/Consequence defeats any person that rejects Democratic Freedom Values.

3. Every person that goes gun-toting in rebellion riots is an inferior thinking idiot and deserves to be executed on the spot for their aggressive anti-American stupidity. Such dangerous mentality people must not be tolerated. They must be eliminated by American Military in Defence of the Right of Americans to live free from such vanity motivated treasonous thinking Americans.

4. California University Researchers are irresponsible to publicly post such negative reports, which incites many immature ignorant young Americans into more unstable negative thinking. I denounce the California University for being so irresponsible and stupid. It suggests that Marxist Mentality has infiltrated the California University.

5. The Washington Hearings Controversial study needs independent investigation; I suspect that the hearings included illogical analysis remarks.

Three concerns must be on the table upfront.

1. The crazy thinking belief that a strong ‘Despot Leader’ is better than a weaker Democrat Leader, is dangerous intellectually lazy thinking. Remember, weak leaders in a democracy can be replaced whereas in a ‘Despot Regime’ it is the people who can be replaced by elimination.

2. This California University Research Logistics is Poll Survey information and does not accurately reflect the thinking of all Americans in 50 States of USA. There is a high risk that the negative survey has been rigged by ‘Marxist Socialist Communists’ to weaken the mentality of all Americans into submission of ‘Despot’ agenda tactics.

3. Every person armed with a gun who is not military trained shall easily be wiped out, no exceptions, by trained American Military Forces who stand for a 100% Loyal United America. Today’s foolish women in the name of equality have chosen to support the existence of ‘Combat Women’ and these women will also be trained by American Military to wipe out all rebellion citizens armed with gun, male or female. ‘Civil War’ Activist support thinking and behaviour is MAD ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’.

The days of successful ‘Civil War’ are over. Technology is so advanced, no one can win a ‘Civil War’… the idea is ‘Self-Destructive’. The Confederation Forces started the American Civil War (1861-1865) and they lost. Over 600,000 people died in the American civil war; what a waste of human life and the loss of potential citizens who were never given the right to life, by being born. A Civil War today in USA would wipe out a minimum of twenty percent of the population and that figure would be understated. Those who incite ‘Civil War’ shall be the first to perish. The rest of the population will be collateral damage.

USA Population in 2022 is 334,805,268 and increasing. Currently in a ‘Civil War’ 67 million people would perish, including all of the unborn children who would not be born. Twenty percent of deaths with all current Technology is no doubt an understatement.

Every American needs to unlearn acceptance of ‘Civil War’ ideas and focus on opposing all ‘Civil War’ encouragement. And every American needs to unlearn ‘Gun Obsession’ and focus on creation of tighter ‘Gun Laws’.

Think back to the fiction America World War II 1944 movie ‘The Fighting Seabees’ Starring John Wayne, Susan Hayward and Dennis O’Keefe and another favourite actor of mine, William Frawley. The film sends one philosophic message for our understanding. In the story, foolish untrained Construction personnel including Engineers grabbed their guns to fight the Japanese invasion on a Pacific Island, they were easily killed, because they were not military trained, and the Japanese were Military Trained. The common-sense message here in this story is that people who think guns can protect them are naively lying to themselves. And death will be their reward for their stupidity.

Always say, “No” to ‘Civil War’ ideas. Anyone who wants to protect the ‘Freedom Values’ of their country should join the Military for training. But remember, do the right thing when you retire from the Military, defend peacefully the right of every person to live free. Always say, “No” to all persons wanting to be ‘Despot Leaders’ rejecting Democracy.

Teach every generation in education the same message… reject all anti-freedom ideologies and defend the eternal human right of every person to live free in peace.

I repeat… “Every person armed with a gun who is not military trained shall easily be wiped out. No exceptions. People who carry guns and are not military trained will be easily killed.”

It is suggested that… “According to an alarming new study about the nation’s deepening divisions.” (i)

Alarming?Researchers at University of California, … uncovered worrying levels of ‘alienation’, ‘mistrust’ and growing tendency to turn to violence in their …survey of 8,620 adults across the country of 334,805,268 American Population which is 0.00257463093% of American Population surveyed by California University as negative.

The University of California are ‘Drama Queens’.

“… ‘native-born white people are being replaced by immigrants – a racist belief known as the ‘great replacement theory’. (i)

The ‘Replacement Theory’ is negative panic by people that cannot comprehend the process of evolution is by majority rule, a natural intermarriage process like nature always encourages. The colour of our skin evolved over three million years, we homo sapiens in origin were ‘Black Skin’ and as we migrated North then West and East and South again along Continent trails the colour of our skin changed by evolution process by Ultraviolet Light and Temperature Changes. The process evolved to White in the cold North and Darker colour in the warmer South. Nature through evolution process evolved the colour of our skin. Stop the Panic. Protecting ‘Freedom Values’ is more important than worrying about the colour of our skin.

If whites were so concerned about their colour, why would they sunbake to become brown in skin and become frustrated when their tan is not good enough? Wake up people dump fear of great replacement theory into the garbage bin. PS. The replacement theory is not great… it is panic stupid.

It is inevitable that global population by skin will become darker during centuries ahead by intermarriage of races of people. So, what! We that live today will have died, it will not impact upon us. Stop worrying about cultural evolution. Focus on doing the right thing, focus on protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ for every generation for centuries to come. Focus on the cessation of all anti-freedom ideology political philosophies as absolute unjust rulers. There is no place for Despots, which is rule number one.

Internet information verifying what I learned years ago before the Internet existed“The world-wide distribution of human skin colour is highly correlated with the intensity of incident UV radiation. Thus, in places where the irradiation is very high, darker colours have been favoured, while at higher latitudes, where the irradiation is lower, lighter skins are predominant.”

It was reported that “Researchers also uncovered a growing inclination to settle political rows with violence.” (i)

These researchers are true ‘Drama Queens’. The entire human nature around the globe in every culture has been founded upon violent thinking and behaviour. We are still struggling to escape this crazy mentality. New methods include teaching ‘Anger Management’ which is the ‘Art of Calm’ using ‘Emotional Intelligence’, should be taught in every ‘High School’ as mandatory education.

The violent people have one thing in common, they are ignorant and lack the persistent drive to learn better wiser education and advanced thinking wisdom. Ignorance is Evil. Why? Because Ignorant People allow Evil to Exist.

Violent people are cowardly weak because they refuse to learn ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

There is nothing brave about being violent because any fool can fight. It takes calm courage to live a life of peace even when facing abuse.

As for those who would arm themselves with a gun at protest meetings it proves they are cowards. Only ‘Criminal Cowards’ use guns or other weapons against unarmed people. These same coward creeps would never go up against American Military who are duty bound to kill them.

Those who say they would ‘shoot someone with a gun’ should be arrested in much the same way as those who make ‘Death Threats’ should be arrested.

There has always been through ‘Gun Culture’ history, people that rejected guns, even fictionalized romantic style Westerns, reveal that reality in thinking.

One thing that disgusts me is the excessive horror films and violent criminal terror movies, void often of intelligent story, focused only on violent action being promoted just to make money watched by gullible young people. I consider such films as irresponsible written by incompetent writers and published by greedy producers and second-rate directors.

Read Allan’s comments in the below links about horror after finishing your read of this treatise concern.

It was quoted, “Still there was ‘ground for hope’ as most respondents ‘rejected political violence altogether,” (i) said Garen Wintemute. (i) A.I. continues to comment… Ground for Hope? The majority of people throughout history want to live a life of non-violence, that objective has never changed. Most people over thousands of years don’t want war. Nothing has changed that vision still thrives.

Garen Wintemute, a so-called university public health expert is not an expert if he thinks a primitive sample survey warns of dangerous thinking which has always existed in USA and other cultures around the world. As for his claimed ‘pretty grim’ findings out of 0.00257463093% of USA Population, his thinking is not very intelligent. He thinks these discoveries exceeded their worst expectations’; such thinking proves all the University Researchers have lived a life wrapped up in cotton wool. I did Boxing and had to learn street fighting on the streets of Sydney back in the 1970’s and Sydney was a peaceful place then compared to now in early 21st Century. I sense that these California university researchers, have never fought in the boxing ring or on the streets, if they had, they would not be writing all of this ‘shock mentality’ overreaction comments.

It should be noted, I avoid using the word ‘expert’ because it too often makes wrong claims that people are experts when they are not. A person may be clever in skills but it takes far more to become smarter and without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ not one of these University Researchers can achieve the status of being smart. There is a difference between being Clever and Smart.

As for Garen Wintemute’s fear of growing gun ownership rates… the population of USA is also increasing. The real issue, what is he doing to increase tighter ‘Gun Laws’? Answer: Nothing! Fear rules his inactive mind. Panic does not create common-sense solutions.

He remarked… “The study was a wake-up call for people to ‘recognize the threat’ and respond, he added. (i) Really? And then what? Throw it in the too hard basket and do nothing because the problem is too onerous for these University Researchers to do more more, by starting with persistence fighting to establish tougher more disciplined ‘Gun Laws’. It is easier for University Researchers to drop the ball, run for cover and dump the problem in the too hard basket.

Negativity wrong thinking exists in every culture including USA, but nothing will change well until people have the persistent courage to learn the most advanced intelligence called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and the wisdom to teach P.I. at University Level and High School Level as Mandatory Education.

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Ps. If you study my work, write a ‘Philosophical Intelligence Text Book’, extracting my wisdom quotes for others to learn. Condense my work to Text Book Educational Standard. It is not that hard, if you have the persistent will to learn my guidance. [You have my authorized approval to quote my copyright work for your books.]