Blue Light the Way of Cosmicism


“To be persuasive, we must be believable,

To be believable, we must be credible,

To be credible, we must be truthful.”

Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)

American Journalist


Murrow’s words are accurately and philosophical correct, being true gems of wisdom. It is easy to be credible when evidence exists beyond all doubt, as being true.

Scientific proof makes it easy to be credible and truthful. On the other hand, philosophy the foundation of ideas, law and unproven scientific theory and ‘Belief Systems’, are not so easy to prove as being true, and thus are not as easy to discern, if they are credible and truthful.

All we can do in such situations is strive, to think, with open mind, very calmly, endeavouring to always think outside the square, always striving to the best of our ability to turn the search light inwards. That is easier said than done but is never-the-less a necessary practice of effort that becomes habit and finally instinct, that is, if we truly desire to understand which is truth and which, is false knowledge fiction.

When you learn ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ you shall be encouraged to think outside the square with open mind. To preserve credibility, the way of ‘Cosmicism’ is not locked into cement, all ideas are open-ended and are subject to change, as new discovered evidence tables’ truth. It would be stupid to reject significant evidence which is what all fixed dogma religions and cults do, as a constant practice. That is why as science evolves in strength, fixed dogma belief systems are gradually being weakened by lack of credibility, and consequently are slowly decaying, living a true state of decline.

As history has proven again and again civilizations, cultures and ‘Belief Systems’ that were in a state of decline before they collapsed and vanished, were not recognised by those persons that clung to their beliefs, living in that time, as being in a state of decline. Only those few wiser persons that turned the search light inwards, could identify what was happening, but alas even when these wiser individuals tabled warnings of inevitable evolving changes, most in their era of existence would not listen, and did not want to know until it was too late for corrective action. Only history looking back can recognise to some degree what happened, but even then, truth and credibility of history is often clouded, trapped in fog with insufficient evidence of all that once existed. Thus, the curious trying to understand, are forced to speculate and theorise about past probable events and ‘Band-Aid’ the gaps in knowledge as best we can. But bandaged as it sometimes is necessary to do, until more evidence is found…history is a great teacher of what not to do, and philosophy is a great tool to help us all in the getting of wisdom.

‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ is dynamic and pragmatic, it changes as required by new proven path discoveries, it knows no final truth, recognises no boundaries and is infinite in its quest for truth. ‘Blue Light’ uses the most advanced highest level of intelligence in the Universe that which is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. It is the duty of every person that has P.I. to always endeavour to be honest and truthful and thus live credible in behaviour. Honour and integrity is essential to a person with P.I.

It should be noted that I did not have P.I. in my younger years; I was near 35 years of age before I began to learn P.I. I was 46 years of age before I finally mastered ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. But I did not coin a name for this advanced intelligence level, which has existed in the minds of some, for over two thousand years, until 2007, at the age of 58 years.

Young people today can master P.I. at a younger age, but that is only true, if they make a lifetime commitment to live consistently true to the disciplines of P.I.

This ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy Record’ tabled by the writer, Allan Peter Ivarsson, gives people the opportunity to progress faster along the learning curve of life than the writer achieved.

I lived a journey of ‘Fixed Dogma, Empiricism, Rationalism and Pragmatism’ on a ‘Quest for Truth’ started in 1971, conceived in 1970 as an objective, before I completely escaped the bondage of societal inhibitions, finally learning the true meaning of freedom and inner peace, which gave me a sense of awe and wonder, a sense of beautiful experience that very few people have truly enjoyed throughout human existence.

This reading is the beginning of a journey into new awareness beyond self for those that have the academic courage to travel where no one has gone before…enjoy the challenge…there are no limits except those you impose upon your own self. Stay safe and wise in your decisions and final choices…this is your adventure.

Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy on ‘An Agree to Disagree Basis’ respects ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’…in fact, we ‘Cosmicists’ shall always defend to the death your right to disagree, if exercise in ‘Freedom of Speech’ is not seditious, totalitarian, or encased in abuse, threats and violent action.

We ‘Cosmicists’, do not recognise ‘Law Suits’ against ‘Freedom of Speech’ and Defamation, which is a favourite ‘Playtime Method’ of ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’ that likes to use ‘Law Suits’ as a form of threatening intimidation bully tactics, to silence freedom of speech criticism. Islam beyond a shadow of a doubt fears free speech, because it reveals the dark truth about Islam. The act of filing a lawsuit against ‘Freedom of Speech’ and Defamation is an act of dishonour. Have no fear- We that are ‘True Cosmicists’ shall never ever sue any person that speaks against us. We ‘True Cosmicists’ will never file a defamation lawsuit of any kind. We can defend ourselves calmly and confidently without the use of such lawsuits. Courage is not offended by criticism, only the weak-minded are easily offended. The use of lawsuits against freedom of speech, is a process used by cowards that do not have the ‘Emotional Intelligence’ to calmly handle criticism. If any person claims to be a ‘Cosmicist’ and files a defamation lawsuit they are liars, they are not a ‘Cosmicist’.

It should be noted that ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ does not believe in the childish bad behaviour antics of ‘Mockery’ and ‘Taunting’, P.I. simply says it the way it is, whether others agree or not. In other words, we focus on cutting through the crap to put the absolute truth on the table.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ does not condone vandalism of any kind for whatever reasons. The act of writing ‘Graffito’ is in fact an act of ‘Vandalism’ and like all forms of ‘Vandalism’ the act of writing ‘Graffiti’ is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ as a dishonourable act. I have a zero tolerance for ‘Totalitarianism’ all forms, but I would never ever stoop down to the low life behaviour of writing ‘Graffito’. I never did this as a child and have not ever done it. This does not make me a saint, on the contrary, I am not an angel, true to the Aussie spirit, and I have been a larrikin many times in my youth. It is the ‘ocker larrikin fair dinkum mate character’ which gave Australia its true she’s right mate spirit, something which is being lost as enemy anti-Australia Islam is striving to destroy Aussie life-style personality. I was taught by my parents, grandparents and teachers to respect other people’s property, including public property and that good teaching is right. In fact, the ‘Cosmic Law’ Tenth commandment states… “Thou shalt not covert another person’s house…” which means quite clearly and correctly, “Thou shalt not take or damage another person’s house.” And all public property is another person’s house; it is our duty as decent citizens to protect and preserve all public property and other people’s property to the best of our ability, within the boundaries of pragmatic common sense.

Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy the way of ‘Cosmicism’ makes no apologies for our commitment to a dynamic ‘adapt and change’ open mind exploration mission seeking out knowledge known and unknown.

We ‘Cosmicists’ are on a ‘Quest for Truth’ that knows no limits, no final truth and opens the door of humanity to cosmic travel where no one has gone before into the outer limits of current insight. This is a persistent constant journey, which reaches for the stars of eternal knowledge past enlightenment into the enjoyment of ascension where wisdom thrives happily with infinity.

Our vehicle is ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ which is so advanced in power thrust that it can link to the past, present and destiny. Philosophy is the ‘Key Stone’ for all knowledge, which began to evolve since the discovery of ‘fire’, but in the beginning early people did not have a word for what they felt and questioned. It took the Ancient Greeks to coin and identify that the word is ‘Philosophy’ which means ‘Love of Wisdom’. As stated earlier, Allan Ivarsson coined and identified the word ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007 as being the most advanced intelligence level, which has always existed in the minds of a few throughout human history. Without evolving P.I. …humans would never have progressed in science and wisdom past the level of fixed dogma religion. Allan Ivarsson coined the words ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ in 1988 to identify the path of enlightenment and ascension that philosophy must take, in harmony with its companion’s science, integrity and goodwill.

As I have stated previously, Albert Einstein (1879-1955) great genius physicist and mathematician, a proud Jew born in Germany, revealed through his philosophical ‘Belief System’ that he had evolving ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ this is evidenced by his quotations and ‘I Believe Statements’.

Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy also draws upon the well of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ knowledge and ‘Gaia’ knowledge and ‘Pragmatism’ knowledge. The words ‘Emotional Intelligence’ were used, researched and developed by Daniel Goleman in the 1990’s; but it was John Mayer and Peter Salovey that tabled the first formulation of the concept E.I. in 1990. And the ancient Greek word ‘Gaia’ originally spelt ‘Gaea’ was upgraded to self-realisation by James Lovelock ‘Originator of Gaia Theory’ in the 1970’s. The word ‘Pragmatism’ was first explained in depth by William James (1842-1910) in 1907. However, it was W.J.’s friend Charles Sanders Peirce that first coined the word ‘Pragmatism’ in the 1870’s. Many other philosophers throughout history from Socrates to present have influenced the evolution of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ the reader shall gradually identify those influences through progressive expansion of understanding about ‘Cosmicism’.

The process of ‘Evolution’ started out as a ‘Theory’ written by Charles Darwin in his book ‘On the Origin of Species’ published in 1859, the year Edwin Drake discovered oil in Pennsylvania U.S.A., however as science has learned more… the jigsaw puzzle of knowledge has gradually linked together to identify that evolution is no longer a theory, it is a fact- now a theorem. Foolish ‘Creationists’ cannot handle this dynamic discovery of truth and continue to cling desperately to their ‘God Creator’ beliefs and consequently have proven by their fundamentalist limited thinking mentality that they are intellectually incapable of comprehending the scientific truth about evolution process and chaos theory process of ‘order within disorder’. True enough a lot of questions and needed answers still exist, but that is to be expected during any scientific quest for increased knowledge and insight that solves the mysteries of the universe.

One of the most foolish identifying arguments made by some religious people is that it was Darwin’s theory of evolution that inspired violent fanatics like Hitler to kill in the name of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Darwin’s theory had nothing to do with Hitler’s behaviour. Hitler misused Darwin’s theory and would have killed even if he had never heard of Darwin. Genghis Khan, Alexander the ‘Not so Great’ and Napoleon Bonaparte had never heard of Darwin, and they still systematically murdered people in the name of obsession and greed for political power over others. Creationists really need to wake up and learn P.I.

If religious people were smart, they would recognise that God taught Darwin a Christian about evolution process, using a method called ‘Channelling’, because God deemed that mankind was now ready for more advanced education about life and the universe.

Recap: I began my quest for truth in 1971 at the age of 22 years nearing my 23rd year of life. I crossed the line between light and darkness venturing into experience and dimensions of knowledge along a path that most people will wisely never choose, but someone had to do it, to open doors of insight. I did not explain my mission to my friends or family; I did what I had to do to find the link to solving the mystery of life, how, what, where and why. At times my early empiricist experience received was more than I wanted, but because of my forty years plus journey from empiricism to rationalism to pragmatism to emotional intelligence to philosophical intelligence and beyond; I am now ready to share with the world the insight I gained. I do not believe in autobiographies [too many are verbose and lack philosophical belief system content], but I do believe in short stories that table a cosmic message and in overview profiles and resumes that give some character and skill insight.

‘Cosmic Philosophy’ is my space ship, I travel everywhere with my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ vision, in my mostly silent, quest for expanding truth. My space ship is in a sense, an eternal expanding knowledge library that knows no boundaries. ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ is my method and my ‘Belief System’… and ‘God of Creation’ is my guide and medium, connected through the channelling of wisdom and fact. To truly understand, thou must undertake thy own ‘Quest for Truth’ into the dimension of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ that knows no limits and travels beyond the stars into eternal infinity.

My 60th year motto in 2008: “We do not need organised religion or psychology to guide us, we only need ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ used in harmony with the love and peaceful medium guidance of God of Creation. That is all we need; strength and understanding comes through inner peace, calm courage and the commitment to persistently seek out truth and wisdom that knows no limits. This inner sense, forever exploring understanding, guides us towards our destiny, that which becomes our evolving karma.”

The purpose of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ on a constant eternal ‘Quest for Truth’ are recorded with the simple objective to be ‘Philosophically Entertaining’ backed by expanding insight and wisdom in a constant ‘Open Mind’ review and study process, to help new generations of Students learn ‘Higher Awareness’, which will give them the encouragement to explore ideas and expand their insight, thereby helping every new descendant generation to significantly ascend their ‘Consciousness’ in harmony with the companions ‘Philosophy and Science’.

With this forever evolving objective, the ‘Essence of Blue Light’ becomes a dynamic ‘Historical Series of Thoughts’ that knows no limits, no final truth and no end to learning in the ‘Quest for Truth’.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2012

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