Abortion versus Gestation Period

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Abortion versus Gestation Period


(Revision I: 2020)

By Author

Aka… ‘Cosmic Law on Abortion’

The issue of ‘Abortion’ is a very complex controversial subject and shall not be dealt with, in-depth, in this brief treatise. However, a ‘Cosmicism’ summary statement must be tabled for the Philosophical History Books. Abortion laws vary around the Western World in every country and often in different states.

The concern about abortion should focus more on the ‘Gestation Period for Human Beings’. For the gestation period, i.e. pregnancy time frame, is the concern. The decision as to when one cannot abort a child is centred around the physical concern of the embryo or fetus/foetus and when it becomes fully developed in the uterus, into a full-grown baby. In other words, where is the line that protects the rights of the unborn child as opposed to the rights of the mother that cannot adequately care for the child? Who takes responsibility for all children born in circumstances, where they may suffer neglect and cruelty after birth?

This subject of serious concern must be dealt with using calm emotional intelligence. Immature young Christians that radically oppose abortion, do not have the calm logical analytical skills to resolve these serious concerns, and I doubt that judges and politicians have these skills. This is a very hard time-consuming review subject and needs the contribution of doctors, specialists in the subject of pregnancy and birth control, before humanity can by common sense define a drawn line in time ruling, as to when abortion is permissible or not. And such a standard should evolve to a global International Standard, which should not vary from country to country, state to state. Certainly, no political belief system, or religious belief system or philosophical belief system, should be allowed to impose its fixed dogma upon the issue of abortion. The decision as to when a life form can be justifiably aborted, must be a decision by mother and doctor, founded upon the guidelines of the gestation period when the rights of the unborn child must be protected.

Fathers demanding that their girlfriend, de facto wife or legal wife must have an abortion is not acceptable behaviour.

The Gestation period suggests that the abortion process must happen during the first four weeks of pregnancy. For during the second month of pregnancy the growth of new life starts to grow into human form, with head and facial features taking shape, including muscles and feet, by the eighth week. By the third month, fingers, toes and sexual organs grow, growing stronger by the 12thweek. By the end of the second month of pregnancy, eight weeks, it can be justifiably argued that the unborn child now has rights by human and eternal law.

‘Cosmic Law’ states…

“Men shall not demand their sex partner to have an abortion.”

“Thou shalt not abort a child at the age of 8 weeks or more in the womb/uterus.”

“Thou shalt allow a doctor to override this ‘Cosmic Law’ after eight weeks, when the health of the mother is in serious danger of permanent disability or loss of life.”

“Thou shalt allow a doctor to override this ‘Cosmic Law’ after eight weeks, when the survival health of the child faces permanent danger of extreme disability and suffering.”

“Thou shalt allow a doctor to abort a child after eight weeks, during pregnancy when the mother has been identified as a victim, of rape by a father, step-father, brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather or stranger. Allowance of such a necessary abortion decision by exception, must also include that the rapist is being charged with rape, when such evidence exists.”

Here’s the treatise problem… Abortion is legal in England for example, up to 24 weeks, as per the 1967 Abortion Act. This law goes way past the line of human rights for an unborn child. Fair enough there should be no time limit when a women’s life is in danger, or when there are clearly dangerous foetal abnormalities.

And there should not be an age limit for abortion treatment of women and young girls. Victims of rape sexual abuse deserve special consideration. It is reasonable to suggest that every woman that wants abortion should have good counselling, by mature highly skilled experienced people over the age of thirty-five years of age, before they proceed with the abortion. It is not a father’s decision, the mother has the right of decision, not the father. That must be defined as pragmatic common sense.

In NSW Australia medical abortions maybe performed up to nine weeks. And surgical abortions may happen between 7 to 12 weeks. Services for abortion may be used when necessary up to 18 to 20 weeks during pregnancy. Thus, it can be correctly argued that the gestation period timeline as to when an abortion can be legally performed in the name of human decency is the key concern. The issue is not whether abortion should be illegal. The concern is when during the gestation time frame, the abortion process should not be legal, and that the rights of the unborn child should have precedent. But even then, the health and well-being of the mother must always have first-priority rights. This complex difficult review process is not for religious people, who are radically biased and intellectually immature in their thinking. The opinion of mother and doctor must always be considered in any planned abortion action.

Obviously, life begins at the point of conception, but the definition of when meaningful life begins is another subject of its own. The reckless argument that abortion must be illegal, because the rights of the unborn fetus is weak and vulnerable, is equally as wrong as the argument that abortion must be legal, to blindly protect the rights of the mother. The human rights of both life forms must be considered, and the Gestation Period is a key concern as to when life is deemed to have the right of protection over the other, mother or child, or both.

In USA most states do ban abortions after a defined gestational timeline period. This may vary from 20 weeks to 24 weeks. Childbirth is roughly 40 weeks after conception, i.e. 280 days, 9 months.

Regardless, of variations in abortion laws in different Western Countries, we come back to the question of ‘Gestational Period’. When should we say no to abortion, in what time frame? And under what circumstances is it justice that the life of the mother is more important than the child? These are not easy answers. But it requires the use of pragmatic common sense and emotional intelligence, there is no room for the injection of fixed dogma religion that demands banning of abortion, because their imaginary God Creator demands it. We only need to look at religious history, all creeds, monotheistic and pantheistic, and the madness of Aztec beliefs, as a classic example, to see how all religions lose common sense, by blindly fearing their non-existent God Creator.

The young American people in the ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ movement, are intellectually weak and immature, and need to leave the question of ‘Abortion’ in the hands of professionals, who understand the issues and concerns far better than these ignorant irresponsible Christians who are marketing false knowledge propaganda, founded upon incomplete understanding and lack of intelligent logic.

It is reminded that Christian Charles Darwin (1809-1882) had the courage, in opposition to religious fanatics, to reveal the scientific truth in 1859 publication ‘Origin of the Species’ by ‘Natural Selection’ that life did evolve naturally and was not created by a God. For this reason, decisions about right and wrong thinking, and life must be founded upon logical common-sense decency, and not because some imaginary God Creator tells us what do. Our guide in understanding must be ‘Cosmic Law’, ‘Immutable Law’ ‘Eternal Law’, ‘Natural Law’, which is founded upon science evidence and pragmatic common-sense decency.

For this reason, ‘Freedom of Religion’ does not give religion the right to interfere with the humane common-sense decisions about when abortion is legal or not legal along the line of the ‘Gestation Period’. This decision is a societal decision and not a religious decision. It needs to also be reminded that in a true ‘Liberty Based Society’, ‘Separation of Religion and State’ is essential, when wholesome decisions are made. No imaginary God Creator has the right to dictate to the people how to think and live. The argument ‘God says so’… is mandatorily rejected, because Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’ has been proven to be a scientific fact, and is no longer a theory, and is now a theorem. God has no authority in the process of human decisions.

Author’s Note: ‘Abortion versus Gestation Period’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 14th August 2017. Republished on allanivarsson.com blog on 22nd January 2018.

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