8th Century Vikings versus Christians

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The failing of fixed dogma religions and cults is that people build a comfort zone of false knowledge beliefs to shield them from getting hurt, but hard reality does not give any person any quarter and not even a religion can give a person inner peace, if they cannot comfortably communicate with all persons outside their particular belief system reality, hence when abuse and violence comes knocking whether it is inside the home or outside on the streets or elsewhere, their religion fails to give them true happiness and inner peace, because they are not prepared for hard reality. All they can do is tenaciously cling to their blind beliefs, pray and hope the misery being thrust upon them will go away, but it will not, because without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ they are poorly prepared on how to deal with their reality.

A mutual admiration society in agreement does not mean that society is founded on complete truth, too often mutual admiration societies cheering each other on, are founded on collective false knowledge ideas and thus such people are very vulnerable.

After the barbaric Vikings attacked the one of the considered holiest sites, the Christian Monastery in Lindisfarne, a flat island, Northumberland Britain in January 793 A.D. it was often said by some Christian leaders that the Vikings were sent by God to punish the British people for doing wrong. Such is the false knowledge mythical thinking created by misguided Christian people that could not grasp the reality that the Vikings attacked Monasteries because of the wealth and treasures they possessed. Monks thereafter in many Monasteries felt vulnerable fearing attacks from the Vikings.

Pious Christians in the far past, often linked this raid to biblical prophesies, even today Christians do the same thing and invent interpretations to the bible to the expansion invasion of anti-freedom Islam. False knowledge interpretation is often created and clung to in mutual admiration belief system societies, void of common-sense truthful analysis.

The vicious cruel slaughter attacks of the North-men gave no quarter. They killed many, carried off others in chains, probably to be sold as slaves, and drowned others in the sea. And stripped many naked before completion of terror treatment, which did include random rape. God Creator did not step in to protect the victims and never has over the centuries, and still does not protect anyone even in the 21st Century, as ‘Jihad Muslims’ in the West rape and kill innocent peaceful victims that do not harm anyone. Whether people are victims of barbaric attacks or natural disasters by the fury of nature, God Creator never steps in to protect people. We are on our own in this solar system on planet earth, and thus we must change the way we humans think to build a better-quality existence for all human and non-human society. This reality is pragmatic common-sense survival cosmic law.

Go to your history books and study what is taught about the ‘Viking Age’ [over three hundred years, 8th to late 11th Century], compare understandings, for different scholars disagree on different thoughts, but in overview the violence of the ‘Viking Age’ was real like the violence of the ‘Nazi Regime’ and like the violence of ‘Islamic/Sharia Law’ doctrine teachings and its enforcement dictatorship. History may involve disagreements in detail thoughts, but the overview broadbrush truth about historical thinking and behaviour cannot be denied, because all of history thinking and behaviour is founded upon one reality and that reality is that all thinking and behaviour is the karma/result/consequence of our ‘Belief System’ our philosophy so-to-speak, be it good or bad, right or wrong, true or false, just or unjust.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicles recorded many entries about Viking raids.

The Christians often prayed seeking help and aid, the French reciting… “From the wrath of the Northmen, Oh Lord, deliver us”. And the British reciting… “From the fury of the Northmen, God deliver us.” Others used the words, “Oh Lord, protect us from the wrath of the Northmen” or “Protect us, Oh Lord, from the wrath of the Northmen.” Celtic monks in Ireland, prayed, “From the fury of the Northmen, Oh Lord, deliver us”.

It has been suggested by Christians that the reason God did not protect people from the slaughter imposed by the Vikings was that God had other ideas and was focused on sacrificing people so that the Vikings would gradually convert to Christianity, which indeed, many North persons from Scandinavian lands did eventually convert to Christianity. But, this conversion process was not God’s will, but simply evolved as people, including the Vikings got sick of war and looked for a better way to live in peace and thus Christianity was their first choice, because it was Christian belief system that dominated many of the European lands north of Rome and Jerusalem. True believers in fixed dogma, invent false knowledge ideas to satisfy their own belief system convictions. In sections of Indian and Chinese history, before the invasion of violent Islam, Buddhism was often introduced to eradicate violence in a region, by evolution process, teaching society better ahimsa ways to live.

When the Vikings attacked, all Christian prayers did not save them, they were killed anyway, if they were not prepared to fight back using counter-violence. And that reality exists even today, for the truth is that all ‘Jihad Muslims’ living true to Qur’an and Hadith teachings, true to example of their deemed infallible prophet Muhammad, do think/believe that all non-Muslims in the West during the early 21st Century are weaklings and deserve no respect. Just like the Northmen had no respect for passive Monks and other Christians during the time of their ruthless raid attacks against Christians.

We often Fear what we do not understand. Our Best Defence is Knowledge”. (xx)

(xx) Source: Star Trek Voyager 1996 Episode: ‘Innocence’, Star Date: 49578.2

God Creator has never protected anyone. We humans are alone in this Universe. Fixed Dogma restricts our thinking. Only dynamic open mind thinking backed by wisdom and wholesome self-discipline with respect for the values of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Decency’ and ‘Codes of Ethics and Honour’ will serve us well. Our Karma is the result consequence of our Belief System and the subsequent way we think and behave.

Freedom does not exist by ‘Praying for it’. It exists by always defending and protecting yourself against bullies and dictators. Walk the way of ‘Peace & Love’ but remember, whether we like it or not, sometimes we must defend ourselves and fight.”

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Those with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ never give up, no matter how weary of life they feel, strengthen by ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ rejecting ‘Depression and Negative Optimism’ they focus as ‘Can Do’ People even through hardship and suffering, to never quit the struggle of life and like the ‘River of Life’ they just keep rolling forward.

Allan Ivarsson 2022

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